Genetic diversity in Tepary bean (Phaseolus acutifolius) landraces grown in Botswana

Journal of Plant Breeding and Crop Science

J. Plant Breed. Crop Sci.

A field experiment was conducted at Department of Agricultural Research in Sebele in the 2012 to 2013 season using nine accessions that were sourced from the National Plant Genetic Resource Centre (NPGRC), Gaborone, Botswana. Multivariate statistical procedures such as clusters and principal component analysis were used on 15 selected characters to assess agro-morphological variability among tepary bean landraces collected in Botswana. Few... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 12

Education nexus politics in Agame Awraja during the imperial regime

African Journal of History and Culture

Afr. J. Hist. Cult.

During the imperial regime of Emperor Haileslasie, there were only three secondary schools in Tigray Province. These were Atse Yohannis of Enderta, Nigiste Saba of Adwa and Agazi of Agame Awrajas. These secondary schools were centers of dissent. Linguistic oppression, maladministration and lack of adequate social institutions created very strong dissatisfaction among the people of Tigray Province. As what was happening in other parts of the... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 9

Migration, disillusionment and diasperic experiences in Segun Afolabi’s Goodbye Lucille and a Life Elsewhere

International Journal of English and Literature

Int. J. English Lit.

This paper ‘Migration, Disillusionment and Diasperic Experiences in Segun Afolabi’s Goodbye Lucille and A Life Elsewhere’ centres on the issues that have defined Nigerian migrants abroad. The paper seeks to identify the various regrets that have attended Nigerians’ quest for greener pastures abroad. It also focuses on the abandonment syndrome that has characterized the lives of Nigerian professionals abroad. Many Nigerian... Read more

Vol. 5 Num. 9

PBC- A commission for hegemonic peace building?

African Journal of Political Science and International Relations

Afr. J. Pol. Sci. Int. Relat.

The United Nations’ (UN) organ, the Peace-building Architecture (PBA) directed by Peace-building Commission (PBC) is yet to become a distinct player in peace-building. Arguments articulate well how it continues to find it difficult to tackle challenges that mar world wide support for peace-building. It seems to display behaviours that are assumed in the modernization theory and has a vague approach to the concept of peace-building. According... Read more

Vol. 8 Num. 8

Social determinants of health and inequity among people with disabilities: A Brazilian experience

Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology

J. Public Health Epidemiol.

This paper presents a discussion concerning the results of research conducted between 2011 and 2012 in the city of Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brazil, in which the general objectives were to understand the socio-familial inclusion of people with disabilities and their daily living needs. The methodological approach was qualitative and the data collection techniques were open life history interviews. The research subjects were ten people with acquired... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 11

Comparative economic analysis of tomato (Lycopersicon esculenta) under irrigation and rainfed systems in selected local government areas of Kogi and Benue States, Nigeria

Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics

J. Dev. Agric. Econ.

The study compared the economic performance of tomato (Lycopersicon esculenta) under irrigation and rain fed systems in Bassa and Makurdi Local Government Areas of Kogi and Benue States of Nigeria, with the aim of assessing the determinants of its profitability. Primary data obtained from a sample of 120 farmers by stratified and multi-staged random sampling from four villages were analyzed using percentages, means, gross margin, net profit,... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 11

EFL teachers’ self-initiated professional development: Perceptions and practices

Educational Research and Reviews

Educ. Res. Rev.

This study assessed perceptions and practices of secondary schools (Grade 9-12) EFL teachers’ self-initiated professional development. A questionnaire of likert scale items and open-ended questions was used to gather data from thirty-two teachers. The teachers were asked to fill out the questionnaire at Bahir Dar University during their registration for pursuing their second degree in English education. The collected data were analyzed in the... Read more

Vol. 9 Num. 21

Management of major diseases and insect pests of onion and garlic: A comprehensive review

Journal of Plant Breeding and Crop Science

J. Plant Breed. Crop Sci.

Onion (Allium cepa L.) and garlic (Allium sativum L.) are the most important commercial crops grown all over the world and consumed in various forms. In India, onion and garlic have been under cultivation for the last 5000 years. It is generally used as vegetables, spices or as medicines. India ranks second to China in area and production in both onion and garlic, but ranks 102nd for onion and 74th for garlic in terms of productivity. These crops... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 11

Women’s role and their decision making in livestock and household management

Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

J. Agric. Ext. Rural Dev

Rural women play a key role in the livestock management and household activities. However, it is often argued that their contributions are undermined and their decision making power is highly limited. This study was carried out in Yilmana Densa district in Amhara Region, Ethiopia with the objectives to investigate the role of rural women in livestock and household activities, and to examine the level of rural women participation in decision making.... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 11

Status of modern contraceptive use among married women in Debre Birhan District, Ethiopia

Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology

J. Public Health Epidemiol.

  Unless evidence based decisions are made based on local contexts, the low prevalence level of contraceptive use and the corresponding higher total fertility rate will make Ethiopia to remain the most populous country in Africa. The purpose of this study was to assess the status of modern contraceptive use among married women in Debre Birhan district, Ethiopia. A community based cross-sectional study was conducted among married women of... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 10

Institutional factors as predictors of students’ academic achievement in colleges of education in South western Nigeria

International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies

Int. J. Educ. Admin. Pol. Stud.

The enhancement of the academic achievement of the Nigerian students has continued to engage the attention of educational practitioners and policy makers.  This paper investigated institutional factors as predictors of students’ academic performance in Colleges of Education in South-Western Nigeria.  The study employed the ex post facto design using a survey design and a multiple regression model.  The samples used for the study... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 8

Which change, what change? Glamourising social misfits in selected Nigerian home movies

International Journal of English and Literature

Int. J. English Lit.

Nigeria is Africa's most populous nation with a vibrant emerging theatre culture; the home movies. Currently, Nigeria is ranked the second largest producer of films in the world. Nollywood, as the home movies industry is called, has produced films in their thousands reflecting various aspects of the Nigerian culture and tradition. Prominent amongst such pre-occupations of directors and producers of Nollywood is the presentation of a class of... Read more

Vol. 5 Num. 8

The changing global Public Administration and its theoretical and practical implications for Africa

Journal of Public Administration and Policy Research

J. Public Adm. Policy Res.

‘Classical’ public administration theories, principles and paradigms continually fascinate scholars given their relevance to government practices especially in Africa. As used here, ‘public administration’ (in lower case) denotes government activities whereas ‘Public Administration’, often associated with Woodrow Wilson’s renowned 1887 essay, refers to the subject matter. However, New Public Management (NPM)... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 4

Elaborated and restricted codes of pluralism - Entangled manifestations in natural resource-dependent African countries

African Journal of Political Science and International Relations

Afr. J. Pol. Sci. Int. Relat.

Africa's re-democratization project set in motion more than two decades ago has produced varying outcomes. Factors such as political character of the state, cognitive resources and intervention strategies of core elites, commitment to democratic stewardship, social cohesion, diversity of resilience-resources, tolerance may combine to produce hybrid outcomes. This piece explores the state of democracy and appropriate governance in natural... Read more

Vol. 8 Num. 7

Contributions of Ilorin scholars to Arabic and Islamic studies in Yoruba land: Focus on Shaykh Adam Abdullah Al-Iluri

African Journal of History and Culture

Afr. J. Hist. Cult.

Ilorin, the haven of Arabic and Islamic scholars, is multi-lingual and multi-ethnic community popularly known to some people as “GerinAlimi” (the town of Alimi) and to many others as “Ilorin Afonja” (Ilorin of Afonja); it has contributed and still contributing in no small measure to development of Arabic and Islamic studies not only in Yorubaland but also in Nigeria and beyond. As one of the Arabic and Islamic Centres in... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 8

Nigeria and the crisis of cultural identity in the era of globalization

Journal of African Studies and Development

J. Afr. Stud. Dev

This paper examines the crisis in the Nigerian cultural environment as a result of globalization. Globalization, referred to as the inter-dependence of countries, peoples, races and institutions in politics, economics, arts, science and technology, is equally responsible for inter-cultural exchanges and the coming together of people of diverse persuasions. In place of previous prejudices, biases and misunderstandings, globalization has led to... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 8

Origin and development of ‘Directing’ in juju music performance

Journal of Music and Dance

J. Music Dance

Juju music as a unique Nigerian popular genre has so many African phenomena inculcated into its performance though it has some western touches in its scale and some other features. Hence this paper examined one of the African phenomena – directing, in the performance of juju music. This write up was based on the conducted research and in order to present a genuine report, live performances and the recordings of juju exponents such as King... Read more

Vol. 4 Num. 3

A survey on the present status of engineering college libraries in Sri venkateswara University area, Andhra Pradesh, India

International Journal of Library and Information Science

Int. J. Lib. Inf. Sci.

The data collected from 29 librarians of engineering college libraries in S.V. University area, Andhra Pradesh, India indicate that all the engineering college libraries work from 9-11 h a day during working days. Most of the librarians (75.9%) possess M.L.I.Sc degree along with post-graduate degree in arts, science or commerce.  A high percentage of them (41.4%) get UGC Pay Scales. Most of the libraries (86.2%) follow open access system.... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 4

Value creation: A catalyst to job satisfaction of vocational educators in tertiary institutions in selected states of Nigeria

International Journal of Vocational and Technical Education

Int. J. Voc. Tech. Educ.

The study assessed the influence of value creation on job satisfaction of vocational educators in tertiary institutions in Edo and Delta States. One research question was raised and one hypothesis was formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. The study adopted a survey research design. A sample of 189 (one hundred and eighty nine) vocational educators was used for the study. The instrument was validated by three experts. Cronbach Alpha... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 3

Ethno- medicine of Bhotia tribe in Mana village of Uttarakhand

International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology

Int. J. Sociol. Anthropol.

The present paper is based on field work conducted in village Mana in Joshimath subdivision of the District Chamoli, Uttarakhand, among Bhotias. The group of Bhotias residing in this village belongs to the Marcha Bhotia category and is transhumant in nature. The paper gives an ethnographic background of the Bhotias and then focuses on the major ethno-medicines which are used by these people. These medicines have been in use through the ages. This... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 10

Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in cane rat (Thryonomys swinderianus) in Ogun State, Nigeria

Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences

J. Toxicol. Environ. Health Sci.

Wild animals have provided complimentary protein for human populations across the world over the centuries. This study investigated on bioaccumulation of heavy metals in different organs of cane rat (Thryonomys swinderianus) and the health implications of its consumption. Four carcasses were collected from each of the four ecotomes (Mosinmi, Agbara, Omo forest reserve and Ibese) and concentrations of 7 heavy metals (Fe, Cu, Cd, Pb, Mn, Cr, Zn) were... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 8

Effect of orally administered bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) extract on the growth performance and haematological parameters of broiler chicken

Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health

J. Vet. Med. Anim. Health

The effect of administering graded concentration levels of Vernonia amygdalina (bitter leaf) extract to broiler birds for growth performance and health promoter potential (haematological parameters) was evaluated. The birds were randomly distributed into six treatments with three replicates per treatment, each replicate having 10 birds. Treatment 1 is the control treatment given only water, treatment 2 were given Neocyrl® antibiotics (1.5 g at... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 10

Environmental and rural livelihoods implications of small-scale gold mining in Talensi-Nabdam Districts in Northern Ghana

Journal of Geography and Regional Planning

J. Geogr. Reg. Plann.

Small-scale mining (SSM) continues to pose complex environmental, health and livelihood problems among rural folks in mining communities. One of the most subtle impacts of SSM activity on the environment is its implications on rural livelihoods. However, most studies regarding SSM activity and the environment sideline their implications on rural livelihoods of residents mining communities and how the affected communities cope with such effects. The... Read more

Vol. 7 Num. 8

Millenium development goals and combating agricultural child labour in Nigeria

African Journal of Marketing Management

Afr. J. Mark. Manage.

A simmering crisis in the Nigerian agriculture today involves labour and the crisis manifests itself in the degree of labour availability, labour demand and labour productivity. One of the major products of this crisis is the increased participation of children in paid, non-familiar agricultural jobs. They are frequently employed as farm labourers, bird scarers, food crop harvesters, processors and hawkers. More than 132 million children work in... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 6

Hard Ticks of Camel in Southern Zone of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Journal of Parasitology and Vector Biology

J. Parasitol. Vector Biol.

This cross-sectional study was carried out in Raya Azebo district with the objective of determining the prevalence and species diversity of hard ticks encountered in camels. During the study period, a total of 384 camels were examined and 96.6% of them were found infested with ticks. A total of 15,723 ticks were collected from half body regions of infected camels during the study period. The average tick burden from half body region of camels was... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 10

Effectiveness of chlorhexidine and sodium hypochlorite to reduce Enterococcus faecalis biofilm biomass

Journal of Dentistry and Oral Hygiene

J. Dent. Oral Hyg.

Bacteria present in biofilm show an increased resistance to antimicrobial activity of endodontic irrigants, and the persistence of these microorganisms after chemomechanical preparation may lead to endodontic treatment failure. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and chlorhexidine (CHX) to reduce E. faecalis biofilm biomass. Biofilms built by Enterococcus faecalis ATCC 29212 in polystyrene... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 6

Real-time operating system (RTOS) with application to play models

International Journal of Computer Engineering Research

Int. J. Comput. Eng. Res.

It is very important to improve the design of the real-time operating system (RTOS) especially if we want to use it in some special devices. Numerous researches have accepted conventional RTOS as being the customary approach for designing devices used by children. This is because these are able to facilitate the implementation different criteria such as clustering, stability and alternate programs. In this paper, numerous publications have been... Read more

Vol. 5 Num. 2

Development of simple correlations to evaluate the petroleum potential of Quseir - Safaga oil shale, Egypt

Journal of Petroleum and Gas Engineering

J. Petroleum Gas Eng.

The specific gravity of oil shale can be used as a practical tool for estimating total organic carbon (TOC) and the oil yield of shales from a given source. Sixteen random oil shale samples, mostly from the Upper Cretaceous Duwi Formation in Quseir - Safaga district in the Eastern Desert of Egypt, were collected. Experiments were conducted to determine the density, TOC and oil yield of such samples. The study has developed empirical correlations... Read more

Vol. 5 Num. 4

Effect of banana leaf pruning on banana and legume yield under intercropping in farmers’ fields in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Journal of Horticulture and Forestry

J. Hortic. For.

Banana-legume intercropping systems are commonly practiced in the highland zones of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to maximize land use and intensify crop production. However, banana leaves are pruned during legume intercropping to improve sunlight penetration for the legume. On-farm experiments were conducted in South Kivu province to determine the effect of banana leaf pruning on banana (Musa sp.), bush and climbing beans (Phaseolus... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 9

Performance of reactive powder concrete slabs with different curing conditions

Journal of Engineering and Technology Research

J. Eng. Technol. Res.

In this paper, the material performance of Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) with two different curing conditions, water-curing of 25°C and heat-treatment of 90°C and 95% relative humidity was experimentally studied. An experimental investigation is carried out to study the influence of using steel fiber and heat-treatment on RPC slab specimens. All the slabs are simply supported along the four edges and loaded concentrically by a square plate... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 6

Effect of dioctyl phthalate (DOP) modified matrix on the thermal stability of glass fiber reinforced composite

Journal of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

J. Chem. Eng. Mater. Sci.

Unsaturated polyester was modified with dioctyl phthalate (DOP) and used as matrix in glass fiber reinforced composite. The effect on the thermal stability of the composite was studied in this work. The results of the modification showed that modified matrix had the best thermal stability at 5 wt% DOP with temperature of 373°C at 20% weight loss as compared with unmodified of temperature of 346°C at the same weight loss. The analysis of the... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 6

Effects of fuel injection discharge curve and injection pressure on upgrading power and combustion parameters in heavy-duty (HD) diesel engine with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation

Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research

J. Mech. Eng. Res.

In this study, the effects of fuel injection discharge curve and injection pressure onpower upgrade of heavy-duty diesel engine by simulation of combustion process in AVL-Fire software are discussed simultaneously. Hence, the fuel injection discharge curve is changed from semi-triangular to rectangular which is usual in common rail fuel injection system. Injection pressure with respect to amount of injected fuel and nozzle hole diameter are changed.... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 2

Community participation in teenage pregnancy prevention using the community-as-partner model

International Journal of Nursing and Midwifery

Int. J. Nurs. Midwifery

The study explored community perceptions and experiences of the stakeholder’s role in teenage pregnancy prevention, using the community-as-partner model. The study was contextual with an exploratory strategy. The research design is both qualitative and quantitative designs. The sample size for the study was determined by saturation of data and consisted of 75 participants who were teenagers, parents, teachers, professional nurses and community... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 6

Somatic embryogenesis in two Nigerian cassava cultivars (Sandpaper and TMS 60444)

Journal of Evolutionary Biology Research

J. Evol. Biol. Res.

The embryogenic ability of two cassava cultivars (Sandpaper and TMS 60444) was investigated by culturing their young leaf lobes on an induction medium (DKW2 50P). The explants formed organized embryogenic structures regardless of the concentration of picloram in the medium. Organized embryogenic structures induction was enhanced by increasing the concentration of picloram in the induction medium for both cultivars. The optimum level of picloram at... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 3

Use of simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers to establish genetic relationships among cassava cultivars released by different research groups in Ghanaian

International Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology

Int. J. Genet. Mol. Biol.

Cassava (Manihot esculenta) is an important staple crop widely cultivated in Ghana. The crop also has diverse industrial applications including starch, beer and alcohol productions. Knowledge about the state of the Ghanaian cassava genetic diversity and population structure is paramount in breeding programmes aimed at cultivar improvements or breeding of new cultivars for specific purposes. This study focused on the use of 36 simple sequence repeats... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 3

Effect of family control and internal auditor on conservatism behaviour

African Journal of Business Management

Afr. J. Bus. Manage.

In this study, we deal with the effect of internal auditor and family control on operational accrual items measurements across the Tehran Stock Exchange registered firms. The operational accrual items of the Giuli and Hin Model have been used to measure the conservatism level. In comparison with other models, including Basu’s model, the above-mentioned model is more reliable. "Herfindal-Hirschman Model” has been used to measure the... Read more

Vol. 8 Num. 20

Survey on honey production system, challenges and Opportunities in selected areas of Hadya Zone, Ethiopia

Journal of Agricultural Biotechnology and Sustainable Development

J. Agric. Biotech. Sustain. Dev.

The study was carried out in Hadiya zone to asses honey production systems, challenges and opportunities in the study area. A total of 196 farmers were selected randomly and interviewed using semi-structured questionnaires. The result shows most (90.7%) of the beekeepers in the study area have owned only traditional beehives. The average honey yield from traditional, transitional and frame hive was 3.04 ±0.92, 4.9±1.12 and... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 6

Morphology and molecular taxonomy of Hymenagaricus mlimaniensis species nov: A new Basidiomycota mushroom from Mlimani main campus, Tanzania

Journal of Yeast and Fungal Research

J. Yeast Fungal Res.

Hymenagaricus mlimaniensis Mwanga & Tibuhwa sp. nov. is described from Dar es Salaam Mlimani Main Campus in the semi protected natural tropical forest left in the Dar es Salaam city. The species superficially looks like Agaricus and its difference to the closest taxa in Hymenagaricus genus is both morphologically and genetically presented. The species is distinctively characterized from the closest H. pallidodiscus Reid & Eicker and H.... Read more

Vol. 5 Num. 8

The relationship between anxiety and attitude of students learning Turkish as a foreign language and their achievement on target language

Educational Research and Reviews

Educ. Res. Rev.

The purpose of this study is to assess the anxiety connected with target language of the high school students learning Turkish as a foreign language. In this study, descriptive relational screening model was used. Two scales were used for collecting data. First scale was FLCAS - Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale; it was developed by Horwitz et al. and its validity and reliability was done by Horwitz. Alpha reliability coefficient of this... Read more

Vol. 9 Num. 20

Determination of some mineral and heavy metals in Saudi Arabia popular herbal drugs using modern techniques

African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Afr. J. Pharm. Pharmacol.

  The contents of 22 essential mineral elements and trace, heavy and toxic metals in 14 herbal drugs collected from the local markets of the western province of Saudi Arabia have been determined. All investigated elements were detected using inductively coupled plasma–atomic emission spectrometer (ICP-AES) after pretreatment of the tested samples with microwave digestion system. The levels of the most dangerous heavy metals Cd and Pb... Read more

Vol. 8 Num. 39

Towards the development of sweet potato-based couscous for human consumption in Benin

African Journal of Biotechnology

Afr. J. Biotechnol.

Sweet potato processing and consumption patterns are very limited in Benin. The present study aimed to suggest a new utilization of the crop as food. Roots from a white flesh variety were processed into flour and later into couscous. This couscous was steam-cooked following the same procedure as a wheat-based couscous purchased in market. The foods obtained were submitted to panellists’ appreciation. Although significant differences were... Read more

Vol. 13 Num. 43

Intermittent leaching of copper from copper based fungicide through a saturated soil profile

Journal of Soil Science and Environmental Management

J. Soil Sci. Environ. Manage.

Copper is a micronutrient required for plant growth. However, it can have negative effect on plant growth if the concentration is too high. The aim of this study was to examine copper concentrations of leachate from soil columns treated with copper based fungicide. A 2 × 4 factorial arrangements consisting of two soil types (0 to 60 cm sample depth) and four rates of copper based fungicide concentrations (0, 1.88, 3.75 and 7.50 g/L ) was used... Read more

Vol. 5 Num. 7

Towards a theoretical framework for sustainable smallholder irrigation farming: A case study of Lusip smallholder sugar-cane farmers in Swaziland

African Journal of Agricultural Research

Afr. J. Agric. Res.

The government of Swaziland has fully recognized the role of smallholder irrigation development in poverty reduction hence intensive investments have been made to empower rural smallholder farmers through irrigation. The Lower Usuthu Irrigation Project (LUSIP) is one of the projects which strive to empower 2600 rural poor households to attain an improved quality of life and be able to sustain it. The study sought to interrogate the development model... Read more

Vol. 9 Num. 43

Evaluation for nutritive values and antioxidant activities of Bang Chang’s Cayenne pepper (Capsicum annuum var. acuminatum)

Scientific Research and Essays

Sci. Res. Essays

This objectives of this study were evaluated nutritive values of Bang Chang’s Cayenne pepper (Capsicum annuum var. acuminatum) and investigates its biological characteristics on health promotion, such as, antioxidant activities. The research was conducted by collecting sample, separating dried edible parts, which were determined nutritive values, including proximal analysis of water content, crude protein, crude fat, dietary fiber, total ash... Read more

Vol. 9 Num. 19

Effects of Salicornia herbacea L. supplementation on lipid peroxidation and antioxidative protein expression in rat skeletal muscle

African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Afr. J. Pharm. Pharmacol.

Effects of Salicornia herbacea L. supplementation on lipid peroxidation and antioxidative protein expression in the skeletal muscle of rats was investigated in this study. Sixteen 6-week-old Sprague Dawley male rats were randomly divided into a control diet group (CG, n = 8) and an experimental diet group (EG, n = 8). The rats were given a high-fat diet (CG) or the 5% S. herbacea L. supplemented high-fat diet (EG) for 8 weeks. The results showed... Read more

Vol. 8 Num. 38

Assessment of over time changes of moisture, cyanide and selected nutrients of stored dry leaves from cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

African Journal of Biotechnology

Afr. J. Biotechnol.

Most fresh agricultural products are quickly perishable and various methods of preservation are necessary. Cassava leaves from different types of cassava (bitter, sweet and wild) were (1) dried un-pounded and (2) dried pounded in a tunnel solar dryer, filled in high density polyethylene material, sealed and placed into opaque cartons. The packing materials were purposively chosen to limit water, oxygen and light access. The complete drying was when... Read more

Vol. 13 Num. 42

Metal and antibiotic resistance among heterotrophic bacteria inhabiting hospital waste water and polluted sea water

African Journal of Microbiology Research

Afr. J. Microbiol. Res.

The pollution of marine environment with heavy metals, antibiotics, dyes and surfactants may possess a serious threat to human life and the other organisms because of their toxicity and ability to persist for long time. The metals and antibiotics resistance of 48 heterotrophic bacterial isolates from hospital waste water and polluted sea water were studied. The minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) of heavy metals were different for each isolate.... Read more

Vol. 8 Num. 42

Can training and career development be considered best practices using the universal and contingency approaches?

African Journal of Business Management

Afr. J. Bus. Manage.

  Because human resource management is a challenge for mostorganizations, many companies seek practices that will enable them to compete with other companies. In our work, we examine the study of training and career development and their consideration as high-performance practices by considering the universal and contingency approaches for a sample of 560 companies. If practitioners know the effects of these practices, they can apply it in... Read more

Vol. 8 Num. 19

Efficiency impact of the agricultural sector on economic growth in Togo

African Journal of Agricultural Research

Afr. J. Agric. Res.

The fundamental idea of this article is to study the efficiency of the Togolese agriculture and its relationship with economic growth on the basis of economies of scale. We tackled efficiency, in its input and output orientations, using parametric and non-parametric methods in which an annual product analysis is carried out. In this context, agriculture is modelled by the usual Translog and Cobb-Douglas functions and efficiency estimating... Read more

Vol. 9 Num. 42

Molecular profiling of different morphotypes under the genus Rhynchophorus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Central and Southern Philippines

Journal of Entomology and Nematology

J. Entomol. Nematol.

Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Olivier and Rhynchophorus schach Olivier have long been reported as the two most common species of palm weevils in the Philippines. In 2008, surveys conducted in Agusan del Sur, Davao del Sur, Davao City and Cebu revealed more erstwhile unreported palm weevil morphotypes which led to perplexity in taxonomic classification. This study was conducted to determine and ascertain the genetic variation and phylogenetic... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 9

Examining the role of college student's approach to Math

Educational Research and Reviews

Educ. Res. Rev.

Many educators posed in class why students lack interest in learning mathematics. Regularly this lack of interest in learning is accompanied with difficulties and is perceived by teachers, in general, from the basic stage until the adult stage process. The study seeks to explain the strength of association or correlation between social psychology, and analyse the interrelationship between attitude toward mathematics and academic performance of... Read more

Vol. 9 Num. 19

Creating animal welfare assessment method for backyard goat production in the Philippines using stockmanship competence as proxy indicator

International Journal of Livestock Production

Int. J. Livest. Prod.

Measuring animal welfare is a newly emerging area of research and it needs a multi-disciplinary approach do it. Due to the diversity of what constitute the definition of animal welfare, different methods and models were developed, and mostly were implemented in semi-intensive and commercial farms in developed countries. There are hardly any studies of animal welfare assessment conducted in developing countries and in backyard livestock operations.... Read more

Vol. 5 Num. 10

The effect on potency of adding (-)-epicatechin to crude extracts of Elephantorrhiza elephantina and Pentanisia prunelloides

African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Afr. J. Pharm. Pharmacol.

  Elephantorrhiza elephantina (Ee) and Pentanisia prunelloides (Pp) are two medicinal plants which are widely used by traditional healers to remedy various ailments including diarrhoea, dysentery, inflammation, fever, rheumatism, heartburn, tuberculosis, haemorrhoids, skin diseases, perforated peptic ulcers and sore joints in Southern Africa (South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana and Zimbabwe). Often, decoctions and infusions from these two... Read more

Vol. 8 Num. 37

Control of root-knot nematode by using composted sawdust in tomato root

African Journal of Biotechnology

Afr. J. Biotechnol.

The effect of composted sawdust at different concentrations (0, 10, 20... 100% v/v in soil) on tomato plant growth and pigments were investigated with or without the presence of root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne javanica at different inoculum levels (0, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000) in clay pots (having diameter 30 cm and depth 60 cm). An increase in the composted sawdust concentration in the field soil progressively increased the availability of... Read more

Vol. 13 Num. 41

Chemical characterization and bioactivity evaluation of bacteriocin from marine biofilm-forming bacteria

African Journal of Microbiology Research

Afr. J. Microbiol. Res.

The marine biofilm bacteria were isolated on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet immersed from offshore platform of Central Electrochemical Research Center (CECRI), Tuticorin, Tami Nadu. The isolated marine biofilm bacteria such as Pseudomonas sp., Aeromonas sp., Enterobacter sp., Bacillus spp., Flavobacterium sp., Microccocus sp. and Cytophaga sp were identified up to generic level. The Pseudomonas sp. was the dominant, primary biofilm forming bacteria.... Read more

Vol. 8 Num. 41

Sources of resistance in mungbean genotypes to Cercospora leaf spot disease and its management

African Journal of Agricultural Research

Afr. J. Agric. Res.

Sixty-five mungbean genotypes were screened for resistance against Cercospora leaf spot under disease epiphytotic condition. The disease symptoms initiated on the lower side of the old leaves of susceptible genotypes and progressively spread all over the plant. Considerable variations among the genotypes were observed with respect to disease reactions. Among the sixty-five genotypes, one genotype LGG-460 was found highly resistant while GM-02-08,... Read more

Vol. 9 Num. 41

A study of some systems of nonlinear partial differential equations by using Adomian and modified decomposition methods

African Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science Research

Afr. J. Math. Comput. Sci. Res.

In this paper, we introduce the solution of systems of nonlinear partial differential equations subject to the general initial conditions by using Adomian decomposition method (ADM) and Modified decomposition method (MDM). The proposed Adomian and Modified decomposition methods was applied to reformulated first and second order initial value problems, which leads the solution in terms of transformed variables, and the series solution will be... Read more

Vol. 7 Num. 6

Phytochemical screening and study of antioxidant and analgesic potentials of ethanolic extract of Stephania japonica Linn.

Journal of Medicinal Plants Research

J. Med. Plants Res.

The present study was conducted to evaluate the possible phytochemicals present, antioxidant activity and analgesic potential of ethanolic extract of leaves of Stephania japonica (Linn.). For investigating the antioxidant activity, four complementary test systems, namely 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) free radical scavenging, reducing power assay, Fe++ ion chelating ability and total phenolic content were used. Analgesic activity of the... Read more

Vol. 8 Num. 37

Transhumant migration of Baruwal sheep (Ovis aries): A case study from the Kanchenjunga conservation Area of Nepal

African Journal of Agricultural Research

Afr. J. Agric. Res.

The transhumant sheep production is traditional farming system adopted by the herders of the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area (KCA) of Nepal. A rapid field survey by was organized in the KCA of Nepal in order to know the basic of transhumant sheep production in the focus group discussion (FGD), it was learned that the current number of herders and sheep population were sharply declined since the last two decades in KCA. Among the problems identified,... Read more

Vol. 9 Num. 40

Combining ability and heterosis for different agronomic traits in maize (Zea mays L.) under drought stress in the Sudan Savanna of Borno State, Nigeria

Journal of Plant Breeding and Crop Science

J. Plant Breed. Crop Sci.

Combining ability variances were estimated for grain yield and its related traits in maize (Zea mays L.). Nine maize varieties consisted of five IITA open pollinated varieties (OPVs) and four local varieties were crossed in line x tester mating design. During the 2007 cropping season to determine the general combining ability (GCA), specific combining ability (SCA) effects and heterosis. Parents and hybrids were evaluated in Damboa during the... Read more

Vol. 6 Num. 10

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