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  • ISSN: 1991-637X
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
  • Start Year: 2006

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Development of efficient agro-techniques for ex-situ conservation of Dactylorhiza hatagirea (D. Don) Soo; an important orchid species growing in Kashmir Himalaya-India

Development of agro-technique is one of the basic conservation strategies for sustainable development and use of plant wealth. Keeping in view the immense importance of agro-techniques the present study was carried out to develop agro-techniques for an important orchid species (Dactylorhiza hatagirea (D.Don) Soo.) so as to conserve this prized plant species under ex- situ conditions.Present study revealed that mixture of...


Article in Press

Cultivation of common bean under application of biochar of ouricuri endocarp

Biochar has attracted the attention of the scientific community due to its promising applicability in contributing to the elevation of soil chemical and biological aspects, directly influencing the microbiota, fertility levels and yield of agricultural crops. The objective is to determine the chemical and biological attributes of an acrisol cultivated with beans and submitted to the application of ouricuri biochar. The...

Author(s):Felipe Alexandre Tenório, Abel Washington De Albuquerque, Tania Marta Carvalho Dos Santos, João Inácio Soletti, Ferdnando Mariano Brito Silva, Karoline De Melo Padilha

Article in Press

“Climate change perception and adaptation strategy associated with farming techniques in Tamou district wester Niger” farmers

The variability of climate parameters in most of agricultural areas in Niger represents a major risk for farmers. This work is aimed at analyzing farmer’s perception and adaptation to climate change parameters in Tamou district. The study was conducted on seventy three (73) millet farmers from seven villages in Tamou, namely Allambaré, Bani Guiti, Guieme, Tollondi , Moli Haoussa and Welgorou. The sample was random and...

Author(s):Mamane Baragé, Baragé Moussa, Jacques Comby

Article in Press

Use of millimeter ruler as an alternative tool in the phenotyping of potential descriptors of soybean

The soybean stands out in the Brazilian agribusiness and part of this success stems from the development of improved cultivars. One of the requirements for the concession of protection to a given cultivar is that it should be distinct from others cultivars. Potential additional descriptors of soybean have been studied. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the performance of the millimeter ruler in the measurement of...

Author(s):Ronaldo Machado Junior, Guilherme Ferreira Alves, Victor Afonso Reis Gonçalves, Sylas Clemente Oliveira, Ronaldo Silva Gomes, Paulo Roberto Cecon, Silvana da Costa Ferreira, Eder Matsuo

Article in Press

Screening of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) Lines for Resistance to Three Aphids (Aphis craccivora Koch) Strains in Burkina Faso

Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) is an important cash, food and nutritional security grain legume crop in the semi-arid regions of sub-Saharan Africa. However, its productivity is hampered by several biotic stress factors including numerous insect pests that infest and damage the crop at all its development stages in the field as well as during storage. This study sought to identify new sources of resistance to cowpea...

Author(s):Pingdewinde Adelaide Ouedraogo, Jean-Baptiste Tignegre, Benoit. J. Batieno, Fousseni Traore, Bao-Lam Huynh, Philip A. Roberts, Timothy Close, Tinga Jeremy Ouédraogo

Article in Press


Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp) is important in semi-arid West Africa. Yields are low due to inadequate water and nutrient availability and other constraints. Grain and fodder yield responses to nutrient application were determined from 21 site-years of research conducted in the Sahel and Sudan Savanna. The incomplete factorial treatment arrangement varied by country but included: four levels each of P and K in 7.5...

Author(s):Charles Wortmann, Abdoul Gonda, Idriss Serme, Nouri Maman, Korodjouma Ouattara, Maman Garba

Article in Press

Hydraulic Performance Assessment of Mychew Small Scale Irrigation Scheme, North Ethiopia

Performance assessment of irrigation schemes network is very essential in taking different water management strategies. However, the performance of Mychew irrigation scheme was not assessed and hence, this research was undertaken to assess the hydraulic performance of Mychew small scale irrigation scheme. Moreover, identification of the cause and effect for mal-functionality of irrigation structures was also another...

Author(s):Efriem Tariku Kassa, Mekonen Ayana

Article in Press

Evaluation of Canal Water Conveyance and On-Farm Water Application for a Small-Scale Irrigation Scheme in Ethiopia

The study was conducted to identify and understand the current level of canal water conveyance and on farm water application efficiency of Lemchek-Sewur small-scale irrigation scheme in Ethiopia. The water conveyance efficiency of canals was determined by estimating discharge at different segments. On farm water application efficiency was evaluated from the amount of water actually applied and from soil moisture...


Article in Press


A field experiment was conducted at the experimental area of Nuclear Institute of Agriculture (NIA), Tandojam, during the year 2015-2016 in order to check yield potential of advance lines, which obtained from International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA) along with one local check variety (Khirman) under drought condition. The experiment was laid out in a complete block design with three...

Author(s):Naveed Yaseen Sial, Zahoor Ahmed Soomro, Mahboob Ali Sial, Abdul Jabbar Chandio, Shah Nawaz Mari and Ghulam Mustafa Bhambhro

Article in Press

Morphological and reproductive characterization of developed mutants in groundnut

Twenty eight established groundnut mutants and two check cultivars were studied during Kharif-I (March-July) season of 2012 and 2013 to find out their variability and distinct character(s) as identifying keys. All the mutant lines showed erect type sequential branching habits with two seeds in each pod although they had shown significant variability in all vegetative and reproductive structures. According to cluster...


Article in Press

Watershed level modeling of Forage production in Debrekidan basin, Hawuzen district Eastern zone of Tigray, Ethiopia

The study was conducted in Debrekidan basin, Debrekidan watershed Hawzen district, and eastern zone of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia, to identify bio-physical and socio-economic factors that affect forage production at watershed level and develop System dynamics modeling software (STELLA) at basin level. Individual interview, group discussions and visual observations were used to collect livestock feed resources assessment of...

Author(s):Abrha Gebru, Hailai Hagos, Mulubrhan Balehegn, Kahsa Tadel

Article in Press

Production performance evaluation of koekoek chickens under Adami Tulu research center

A study was conducted to evaluate the production performance of koekoek chickens under Adami Tulu Research center. Feed consumption, age at point of lay, annual egg production, mortality, and egg quality parameters were used as evaluation parameters. Mean feed consumption of starter, grower and layer koekoek chickens under Adami tulu research center was 56.4±4.6, 84.3±6.3 and 124±8.6 g/day, respectively. Koekoek chickens...

Author(s):Tesfa Geleta, Usman Abdulkadir

Article in Press

Climate change Scenarios and Cattle Production Interactions in Mixed farming Highland Areas of Bale Zone, Oromia Region, Southeast Ethiopia

Cattle are one of the limited resources that lead to an increase in the wealth of the farming community to sustain their livelihoods in the study area. However, there is a complication between climate attributes frequent change and existing cattle production systems. The study was conducted to assess climate change scenarios and cattle production interaction in mixed farming areas Bale highlands. Field observations and...

Author(s):Girma Defar, Ashenafi Mengistu, Gebreyohanes Berhane

Article in Press


Onion thrips, Thrips tabaci (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), is a major insect pest constraining onion production in Central Zone of Tigray Region. Onion growers rely on synthetic insecticides for managing thrips as no other options are recommended for use in the study area. Therefore, a field experiment was conducted at Axum Agricultural Research Center from November 2015 to April 2016, to encourage the number of banded thrips...

Author(s):Gebretsadkan Zereabruk, Mulatu Wakgari, Gashawbeza Ayalew

Article in Press

Assessment of Papaya Post Harvest Loss in Jimma Town at Wholesaler and Retailer Level

Papaya is one of the most important tropical fruit consumed as fresh product in juice form. Due to its perishable nature, papaya has high post harvest loss and limited shelf life under ambient temperature. Assessment of papaya postharvest loss was conducted in Jimma town at wholesaler and retailer level by using semi-structure questioners followed by interview and personal observation. Twenty one respondents were...

Author(s):Dadi Tolessa Lemma, Habtamu Gudisa Megersa, Dejene Taddesse Banjaw

Article in Press

Effect of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) Grain on Growth Performance of Cobb 500 Broiler Chickens

A total of 300 day old Cobb 500 broiler chicks were distributed randomly in to 20 pens with 15 chicks per replication with a total of 5 different feed treatments to evaluate the growth performances of Cobb 500 broiler chickens fed different inclusion levels for the lifetime of 49 days. The research was conducted using completely randomized design (CRD). The cowpea treatments were 0% (T1), 5% (T2), 10% (T3), 15% (T4) and...

Author(s):Tsigab Nirayo Embaye, Negassi Ameha, Yisehak Yusuf Mummed

Article in Press

Effect of moisture content on physico-mechanical properties of some wheat varieties for post-harvest processing or designing grain storage bins.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of moisture content and wheat variety on some engineering properties of wheat grain widely cultivated in India. In the present investigation, three varieties of wheat namely MP-1106, UP-2554 and WH-542 with moisture content ranging from 8 – 14% (w.b) were selected. The length, width and thickness of wheat varieties were in the range of 5.19 (UP- 2554) to 6.80mm...

Author(s):Arjoo, Santosh Satya, K.K.Pant, S.N.Naik

Article in Press

Evaluation of herbicides for the control of turmeric weeds at Teppi, Southwestern Ethiopia

The experiment was conducted during the year 2016 at Teppi National Spices Research Center with the objective to evaluate registered herbicides for their efficiency of turmeric weed control. The experiment was designed in RCBD with three replications. Six treatments were used:-Fenopax + hand weeding, Fenopax + 2-4,D , 2-4,D + hand weeding, Fenopax, 2-4,D, Glyphosatewas used as the treatment with weed free check plot and un...

Author(s):Wakjira Getachew, Merga Jibat, Habtewold Kifelew

Article in Press

Effect of Fertilizers amendment On Yield and Yield Components of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) On acidic soil of Tsegede Highland, Northern Ethiopia

A field experiment was carried out during 2012/13 on acidic soil of Tsegede highlands, Northern Ethiopia to evaluate Wheat crop response to different Fertilizers and Liming with four treatments (1) (No fertilizer), (2)64 kg/ha Nitrogen+ 150 kg/ha Minjingu organic hyper phosphate fertilizer,(3) 64kg/ha Nitrogen &20 kg/ha Phosphorus, and (4)64 kg/ha Nitrogen &20 kg/ha Phosphorus + 4.17 t/ha lime were arranged in RCBD deign...

Author(s): Gebremedhin Berhe Zenebe, Birhane Hailu Hadera

Article in Press

Effect of Pooled Fertilizers and Compost on Flax Yield and Yield Parameters

A study was conducted in Tigray region northern Ethiopia during the years 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 to see the effect of combined fertilizers and compost application on the yield and yield parameters of flax (Linum usitatissimum L.). The experiment was laid out in randomized complete block design with three replications and five experimental plots treated with (N-P-S-Zn), (N-P-S), (N-P), compost and control with unit plot...

Author(s):Abraha Gebrekiros, Yirga Weldu, Solomon Habtu, Mengsteab Hailemariam, Assefa Redae

Article in Press

Role of Public and Private Sectors in Smallholder Agricultural Mechanization: Evidence from Eastern and Southern Africa

Agro-food chains in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) are going through revolutionary changes with the farming sector becoming increasingly market oriented. This shift towards commercialization offers the impetus for smallholder mechanization through the introduction of 2-wheel tractor (2WT) based technologies and their supporting services. The government has a definite role to support the supply chain by promoting policies to...

Author(s):David G. Kahan, Moti Jaleta

Article in Press


Field experiments were conducted at four locations with the objectives to formulate and evaluate a new micronutrient fertilizer mixture and/or for the improvement of the existing mixture aiming at balanced fertilization to cotton. The experiments were conducted two locations of rainfed cotton at Aruppukottai, Kovilpatti (variety) and two locations of irrigated hybrid at coimbatore during 2010-11 in Randomized block design...


Article in Press

Development of a modified axial flow paddy thresher

An axial flow thresher was modified to maintain the seed quality in terms of broken grains. The machine got fabricated from local market and its performance was studied on paddy PR-118 to ascertain the effect of cylinder speed, louver angles and feed rate on threshing efficiency, cleaning efficiency, broken grains, grain output, rate of crop flow, non collectable loss and power requirement. The louver angles, cylinder...

Author(s):Desai Kishor Waman, Ritu Dogra, Baldev Dogra, Ajeet Kumar

Article in Press


The study was conducted with the objectives of assessing the current camel milk production, determining the prevalence, major Bacterial pathogens and associated risk factor of camel mastitis. For this study 100 households and 384 camels were selected randomly. Questionnaire survey was administered to camel holder households to collect data on management practices, knowledge of camel mastitis, treatment attempts and...

Author(s):Shishay Grmay, Mulugeta Ftiwi

Article in Press

Morphological traits based diversity in selected clones of Sugarcane (SaccharumofficinaruL.)

Genetic diversity is indispensable to sustain genetic gain in breeding programmes. Present investigation in search of genetically diverse clones was conducted in Randomized complete block design (RCBD) with two replications at Zonal Agriculture Research Station (ZARS), Vishweshwaraiah Canal Farm, Mandya, Karnataka, India. Based on Mahalanobis D2 statistic thirty five clones were grouped into eight clusters of which,...

Author(s):Guruprasad Hiremath, Nagaraja T.E

Article in Press

Response of maize to applied phosphorus under rotation and intercropping with white lupine in Northwestern Ethiopia

White lupine (Lupinus albus L.) is the commonly grown crop in degraded acidic soils of Northwestern Ethiopia where phosphorus is one of the limiting factor for maize production. Information is scarce to improve phosphorus availability to maize crop in maize (Zea mays L.)/lupine cropping system of Northwestern Ethiopia. Therefore, the objective of this study was to assess the response of maize to phosphorus application...

Author(s):Alemayehu Assefa, Tamado Tana, Nigusie Dechassa, Yigzaw Dessalgn, Kinde Tesfaye, Charles S. Wortmann

Article in Press

Maize-lupine intercrop response to applied nitrogen and phosphorus in North-Western Ethiopia

Maize (Zea mays) is a major staple crop in North-Western Ethiopia. Narrow leaf lupine (Lupinus angustifolius) grain is commercial concentrates for livestock feed. Maize-lupine intercropping is a sustainable and emerging crop production approach for the resource poor smallholder farmers of North-Western Ethiopia, however, there is no recommended fertilizer rate for the intercrop. Therefore, field experiment was undertaken...

Author(s):Alemayehu Assefa, Charles S Wortmann, Yigzaw Dessalegn, Kinde Tesfaye, Tamado Tana and Nigussie Dechassa

Article in Press

Mutation breeding in different crop plants with special reference to pluses and cereals: A review

Current world scenario of hunger and malnutrition problem is posing a great threat to the human civilization. Millions of people are undernourished globally according to the reports of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO, 2015). Pulses and cereals have been used for their high percentage of proteins and carbohydrates in seeds. Pulse crops also have the ability to enrich the soil fertility due to their nitrogen fixing...

Author(s):Shahnawaz Khursheed, Aamir Raina, Kouser Parveen, Samiullah Khan

Article in Press

Soil physical and hydraulic properties as influenced by cattle treading in Abeokuta Southwestern Nigeria

Compaction has been a major challenge facing farmers involved in agricultural farming due to its negative effect on soil structure, texture, root development and water movement in soils. Hydraulic and physical soil properties could be adversely affected by compaction due to cattle treading. The aim of this work is to study the effects of cattle treading on soil physical and hydraulic properties on a typical cattle farm in...

Author(s):P. O. O. Dada

Article in Press

Handling and utilization pattern of cattle milk and milk products in Northern Ethiopia

A study was carried out in Enderta district, Northern Ethiopia, with the objective of investigate traditional cattle milk and butter production off take and traditional handling and utilization pattern of bovine milk and butter. Respondents who have milking cows and experience of dairying were purposively selected for the study. A semi structured questionnaire and checklist were prepared to collected the data through...

Author(s):Tsadkan Zegeye, Gurja Belay

Article in Press

Performance Evaluation of Improved Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Varieties and Production Technologies in Central high lands of Ethiopia

A study was carried out to evaluate the performance of five improved varieties of bread wheat and production technologies in Becho district of Oromia, Centeral Ethiopia, Sanate (T1), Mada-Walabu (T2), Hobora (T3), Hogana (T4) and Hidase as standard check (T5)) arranged in a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with six replications using six farmers’ fields. Yield and yield related parameters were analyzed using SAS...

Author(s):Bekele Gemechu, Amha Besufekad

Article in Press

Characteristics of three morphotypes of Solenostemon rotundifolius [(Poir.) J. K. Morton] based on qualitative morphological traits

Solenostemon rotundifolius [(Poir.) J. K. Morton] (Lamiaceae) is a tuber crop cultivated in many countries in Africa and Asia. Commonly called Fabirama, Frafra potato or Innala, its tubers contain significant rate of carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, vitamins and antioxidants. Besides its nutritional attributes, S. rotundifolius has also strong agronomic and economic potentials and could be financially rewarding to the farm...

Author(s):Romaric, K. Nanema

Article in Press

Line x Tester Analysis for Combining Ability and Standard Heterosis in Mid-Altitude Maize (Zea Mays L.) for Grain Yield and Yield Related Traits at Haro Sabu, Western Ethiopia

A field experiment was conducted to estimate combining ability and to identify direction and magnitude of standard heterosis in mid-altitude maize test crosses for grain yield and yield related traits. Eighteen inbred lines and four single cross testers were crossed in line x tester mating design during the 2014 main cropping season. The resulting 72 F1 crosses and three standard checks (BH543, BH546 and BH547) were...

Author(s):Dereje Abera

Article in Press

Correlation and Path Coefficient Analysis for Green Pod Yield and Yield Attributing Characters in Chilli (Capsicum annum L.) Accessions in Ethiopia. Tadesse Tilahun1* 1Department of Applied Biology, College of Natural and Computational Science, Debre Tabor University, Debre Tabor, Ethiopia. Email: [email protected] Phone: 0913932716/0948734700

A field experiment was conducted to study the association of characters among green pod yield and yield-related traits in chili (Capsicum annum L.) accessions in Ethiopia, during the off-season period from December 3, 2015 to June 15, 2016 under flood irrigation at the Adet Agricultural Research Centre. The experiment was conducted using randomized complete block design with three replications. The correlation and path...

Author(s):Tadesse Tilahun

Article in Press

The Complex Distribution of Plantain Cultivars (Musa sp., AAB subgroup) in the Bas-Uele Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Plantain is one of the most important sources of food in the African lowlands stretching from the lowlands of Guinea and Liberia to the central basin of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). Because plantain cultivars do not produce seeds, plantain cultivation is based on vegetatively transplanted lateral shoots/suckers. The way by which plantain reached the African continent is still under speculation. The aim of...


Article in Press

Review on land management practices on the provision of ecosystem services: the case of Ethiopia

Abstract The influence of land management practices on provisioning, regulating, supporting and cultural/societal ecosystem services were identified through appraises and synthesis of previous research results. Implemented land management practices in the country have positive influences on the majority of ecosystem services except provision services on crop productivity. This might be due to, physical soil and water...


Article in Press

Analysis of technical efficiency and determinants for technical inefficiency of wheat producers in Ethiopia using a one-step Stochastic Frontier Analysis with a Translog form of production

Improving technical efficiency of smallholder farmers is one of the options to increase wheat yield in developing countries. This paper assesses technical efficiency, factors for inefficiency and the yield gap due to technical inefficiency in major wheat producing regions of Ethiopia, where the support to agricultural research for development of strategic crops (SARD-SC) wheat project has been implemented using a primary...


Article in Press


Different categories of wastes and residues generated during cassava processing must be properly managed so as not to constitute environmental hazard. The huge cost of treatment and disposal create avenue for alternative uses to be explored. This study reviewed the various value added products which can be produced from cassava wastes substrate as feed-stock for bio-energy. Theoretically, it was estimated that one kilogram...

Author(s):Ekop I. E.

Article in Press

Public spending and agricultural growth in Nigeria: Evidenced from the southwest region

Over the years sustainable budget has been a contentious issue in Nigeria economic development. Few have argued that the concept of budget is associated with sustainable development because the coverage of sustainability related concepts is also in the purview of government expenditure. This study examines agricultural public spending in Nigeria and its significance to agricultural growth and development, using Ondo State...

Author(s):Apata T. G.

Article in Press

Appropriate planting dates and plastic mulch for increasing common tomato varieties yield in South Texas

Under the elevated temperatures and solar radiations of South Texas, most of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) crops are produced on plastic mulch, which are widely used in vegetable production and contribute significantly to the reduction of yield losses. The objectives of this study were, to determine the suitable planting dates for increasing tomato varieties production under different planting dates in early...

Author(s):Elsayed-Farag S., Anciso J., Marconi C., Avila C. Rodriguez A., Badillo-Vargas I.E., Enciso J.

Article in Press


Humic acid and brassinosteroid applications may be an alternative to decrease the pineapple plantlet acclimatization in in vitro cultivation, since promising results have been observed when these substances were independently applied in other propagation methods. In this sense, the aim of the present study was to evaluate the effects of humic acids and brassinosteroid application on 'BRS Vitória' pineapple plantlets grown...

Author(s):Paulo Cesar dos Santos , Almy Junior Cordeiro de Carvalho , Mírian Peixoto Soares da Silva , Diego Alves Peçanha , Aurilena de Aviz Silva , Tiago Massi Ferraz , Marta Simone Mendonça Freitas ,

Article in Press

“Effect of Organic, Inorganic and Bio-fertilizers on Yielding and fruiting Traits of Okra [Abelmoschusesculentus (L.) Moench]”

The present experiment was carried out at the Horticulture Research Farm of the Department of Horticulture ,Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India during the year 2016-1017. The plant to plant and row to row spacing were maintained at 30x60 cm respectively. The experiment was carried under Randomized Block Design (RBD) with three replications. A single standard variety (kasha Pragati) released...

Author(s):Singh Smriti, R.B Ram

Article in Press

Cultivation of watermelons submitted to water deficit in the experimental area of Brazilian semiarid

The culture of watermelon is most responding to technological advancement, having results, your majority, analyzed in the production and quality of fruit. Among the factors involved the production the irrigation is very important, however, must be well managed, there are phases of the culture that requires greater or lesser amount of water available, for a maximum productivity and high quality. In this context, the present...

Author(s):Naviltas Veras Nascimento, Vera Lucia Antunes de Lima, Manoel Valnir, anivan Suassun, Viviane Farias Silva

Article in Press

Response of Maize (Zea maysL) Inbred Lines to Different Herbicide Combinations

A field experiment was carried out at Agricultural Seed and Services Research Station in Zimbabwe to evaluate the response of maize inbred lines to different herbicide combinations. The trial was laid out in a 5×12 split plot design replicated three times. Herbicide combination was main plot factor with five levels; Hand-hoeing;metolachlor+ atrazine;metolachlor+ atrazine+ nicosulfuron; metolachlor+ atrazine+ halosulfuron...

Author(s):Nyasha Sakadzo, Kasirai Makaza, Ignatius Chagonda, Jimmy Shanangura

Article in Press

Herbicidal effects of Datura stramonium (L) leaf extracts on Amaranthus hybridus (L) and Tagetes minuta (L)

Evolution of weeds resistant to herbicides demands new solutions to cope with the problem since economic losses generated by weeds can be higher than those caused by insect pests. Bioactive compounds known as allelochemicals have the potential to act as natural herbicides in weed management in agro-ecosystems. Laboratory, pot and greenhouse experiments were carried out to investigate the herbicidal effects of Datura...

Author(s):Nyasha Sakadzo, Innocent Pahla, Simbarashe Muzemu, Ronald Mandumbu and Kasirayi Makaza

Article in Press

Performance Evaluation of Improved Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Varieties and Production Technologies in Central high lands of Ethiopia

A study was carried out to evaluate the performance of five improved varieties of bread wheat and production technologies in Becho district of Oromia, Centeral Ethiopia, Sanate (T1), Mada-Walabu (T2), Hobora (T3), Hogana (T4) and Hidase as standard check (T5)) arranged in a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with six replications using six farmers’ fields. Yield and yield related parameters were analyzed using SAS...

Author(s): Bekele Gemechu and Amha Besufekad

Article in Press

Co-Fungal biotransformation of corn cobs into a protein enriched substrate

Escalation in the price of feed ingredients in developing countries has necessitated the exploitation of readily available agricultural waste for feed formulation. The aim of the study was the bioconversion of corn cob into a protein enriched substrate by fungal fermentation. The chemical composition of mono and co-fungal treated corn cob was determined by standard chemical methods respectively. In mono and co-fungal...

Author(s):Oladipo Oladiti Olaniyi

Article in Press

Effect of different levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium sulfur fertilizers and plucking interval on yield and yield components of tea Camellia sinensis (L) O. Kuntze

The effect of different plucking interval of 7, 10, and 14 days and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur (NPKS) fertilizer rate of 0, 50, 75, 100 and 200 kg ha-1year-1 on tea, Camellia sinensis (L) O. Kuntze was studied. Regardless of the fertilizer rate, all the fertilizer treatments produced significantly higher mean yield and table rise as compared to no fertilizer application. Results also showed that the largest...

Author(s):Langat, Charles

Article in Press

Screening for Resistance to Striga gesnerioides and Estimation of Yield loss among Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) progenies in the Upper East Region of Ghana

Parasitic weed Striga gesnerioides (Willd.) is one of the major constraints of cowpea production. Host-Plant Resistance seems to be efficient and economical in controlling the pest. The objectives of this study were to evaluate recombinant inbred lines developed between IT97K 499-35 (Striga resistant parent,) and Sanzi (susceptible parent), by Single Seed Descent (SSD), for Striga resistance in Northern Ghana. The study...

Author(s):Leandre, S.P, Francis, K, Richard, A, Joseph, B, Jean Baptiste T, Jeremy T. Ouedraogo, Patrick A.Timothy J. Close and Philip A. Roberbs

Article in Press


This study assessed the impact of climate change and climate variability on food security in Kenya based on a sample size of 270 farmers randomly selected from semi-arid agro-ecological zones in Kenya. Both primary and secondary data was used in the present study. Data analysis was conducted using descriptive statistics and regression models. The results revealed that increase in temperature and reduction in rainfall had...

Author(s):Irene Nambuya Musebe, Abdi-Khalil Edriss, Beston B. Maonga and R.O Musebe

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