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December 2014

Viability loss and ultrastructural changes on protoscolices of human hydatid cysts induced by retinoic acid

Surgical removal of intact hydatid cyst is the most effective treatment for hydatid disease. Recurrence of hydatid cyst is mainly due to dissemination of protoscolices (PSCs) rich fluid during the surgical operation. Therefore, preoperative instillation of a scolicidal agent into the cyst is a common practice with adverse side effects of the used drugs. All-trans retinoic acid (atRA) is the physiological mediator of...

Author(s): Doaa Abdelhafeez Yones, Enas Abdelhameed Mahmoud, Ragaa Ali Othman, Mohamed Korany and Tarek Hassan El-Metwally

December 2011

Molecular cloning and characterization of a pathogen-related protein PR10 gene in pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium) flower response to insect herbivore

In this study we successfully constructed a full-length cDNA library from open flower of pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium), the most well-known natural source of insecticide. By random sequencing, a gene coding pathogen-related (PR) protein PR10 was identified and characterized. It was designated as CcPR10, encoding a protein of 157 amino acids. The calculated molecular weight of...

Author(s): Wei Deng, Wan Ping Bian, Zhi Qiang Xian, Ying Wu Yang and Zheng Guo Li

July 2009

Socio- demographics, life event stressors and psychosomatic disorders among public servants in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria

  This study aimed at relating socio-demographics of people and their life event stressors to psychosomatic disorders or symptoms they have experienced or suffered during their day to day living. The respondents were 1631 public servants systematically sampled in Nigeria’s oil rich Niger-Delta region of the Federation which has nine out of the thirty-six States. Their socio-demographics included: sex,...

Author(s): C. Ewhrudjakpor

  • Article Number: CE0957E700

June 2013

Mass, energy and momentum of photon in medium

When photon travels in a medium where the velocity is lower than the speed of light, the photon possesses both the kinetic (Ek) and the potential (Ep) energy. We proved that the energy of photon (E = nEk), where (n) is the refractive index, and the effective mass of photon in medium (m' = nm), where (m) is the effective mass of photon in vacuum. Also we proved that the momentum of photon (p = E/c) inside...

Author(s): Adnan Salih

February 2012

Numerical simulation of dynamic pore water pressure using wave theory concept

  The seismic force on structure causes instability and could overturn or create unacceptable differential settlement. This paper presents and discusses experimental, theoretical and numerical methods for the study and evaluation of interaction between sandy saturated subsoil and embankment in presence of confined sandy dense column. It is very important predicting structure differential settlement due to...

Author(s):   Numerical simulation of dynamic pore water pressure using wave theory concept    

  • Article Number: 0CED56628172

August 2009

Business strategy- youth subculture relationship: An investigation of free gift combinations

  Adolescents easily shift their attentions to popular goods on the market; therefore marketers are used to providing lovely free gifts as their marketing tools to attract the adolescents’ attentions. This study based on the means-end chain (MEC) methodology tends to reveal adolescent perceptions toward the “dollar-quantity” combinations of free-gifts provided by the convenience stores....

Author(s):   Lin, Chin-Feng and Liao, Yu-Ni        

  • Article Number: 488767717685

July 2011

A new alkaloid-aluminum glycoside isolated from Rhizoma Sparganii (Sparganium stoloniferum Buch. -Ham.)

Rhizoma Sparganii is a traditional Chinese medicine for bad stomach. A new N-heterocyclic Al complex glycoside was isolated from aqueous extractive of dried rhizome ofSparganium stoloniferum by column chromatography, and its structure was assigned by spectroscopic methods. The new alkaloid glycoside was named Grailsine-Al-glycoside, yield 5.99% (dry weight / dry rhizome weight). Grailsine-Al-glycoside is the first...

Author(s): Jie Sun and Ya-Hui Wei

  • Article Number: 52E453618959

November 2013

A pilot study on the novel effect of Neu-P11 on reducing the intraocular pressure in normotensive rabbits

Melatonin is involved in the regulation of intraocular pressure. To evaluate the effect of a melatonin receptor agonist (Neu-P11) on intraocular pressure, a multiple-dose study was performed in 30 ocular normotensive rabbits by regularly measuring the intraocular pressure within 7 h. The results indicated that topical applications of Neu-P11 and melatonin could both produce dose-dependent reductions in intraocular...

Author(s): Shou-min Xi, Ping-yuan Gong, Shi-peng Li, Wei-dong Yin and Moshe Laudon

February 2017

In vitro antifungal effect of potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate on the growth of fungi causing sinusitis

The study involved 70 nasal swab collected from people suffering from sinusitis and consulted the Ear, Nose and Throat Unit in Al-Diwaniya Teaching Hospital, Iraq during the period from 12 June to 12 August 2016 with ages ranging from 0-65 years old. The results showed that the number of nasal swabs that gave fungal growth was 36/70 (51.428%); highest percentage of fungal infection was recorded in ages ranging from...

Author(s): Ali. A. Alsudani

December 2013

A study on evaluation and characterization of extruded product by using various by-products

Broken rice flour was added in proportions (75%) to equal amount of dehydrated pineapple waste pulp powder and red gram powder (12.5%) were extruded in a twin-screw extruder. The formulation was extruded at different moisture content (17-21%), screw speed (260-340 rpm) and die temperature (120-140°C). The lateral expansion, bulk density, water absorption index, water solubility index, hardness and sensory...

Author(s): Anjineyulu Kothakota, Navdeep Jindal and Thimmaiah B.

May 2011

Apemanship: A critique of the modernization theory in Ngugi’s selected works and Clement Chihota’s ”Shipwreck” in No More Plastic Balls

  The paper critiques the Modernization Theory through an analysis of three of Ngugi’s selected works and Chihota’s short story “Shipwreck”. The paper contends that no society has ever developed on the basis of being copycats or following the philosophy of catching up. Development is inextricably linked to that society’s history, culture and the envisioned future. This paper argues...

Author(s): Thamsanqa Moyo and Jairo Gonye

  • Article Number: 0DD23F21063

August 2011

Transient trifascicular block in severe hyperkalemia: A case report

  Hyperkalemia is a commonly encountered electrolyte abnormality that can significantly alter normal cardiac conduction. Potentially lethal dysrhythmias associated with hyperkalemia include complete heart block and Mobitz type II second-degree atrioventricular (AV) block. We report a case of trifascicular block, due to hyperkalemia. The patient's symptoms and electrocardiogram (ECG) evidence of...

Author(s): AGARWAL Navnit, SINGH Anurag, GABA Ripudaman, SHUKLA Ranjeet, AGARWAL Mandavi and JAISWAL Pankaj

  • Article Number: A75D6DA518

December 2014

Phytoextraction potential of cadmium and lead contamination using Melia azedarach and Populus alba seedlings

Vegetative growth, biomass, chemical content and uptake of cadmium (Cd) and lead (Pb) in Melia azedarach L. (chinaberry) and Populus alba L. (white poplar) seedlings were investigated using a 2-year pot experiment. The results indicated that P. alba and M. azedarach are tolerant to contaminated soil by Cd or Pb without any toxicity symptoms. Vegetative growth and chemical properties of M. azedarach are negatively...

Author(s): Khamis, M. H., El-Mahrook, E. M. and Abdelgawad, M. A.

May 2011

Systematic studies (morphology, anatomy and palynology) of economically viable grass Brachiaria mutica (Forsskil) Stapf in Eastern India

Poaceae is the one of the largest family among the monocotyledons in the world. Plants of this family are very frequent like other grasses. Brachiaria mutica, an economically important plant is considered as one of the best tropical grass for general purposes. The species were commonly used as green foliage, grazing and local resources for animal fodder. The present study deals with few systematic parameters viz....

Author(s): Saurav Dwari and Amal Kumar Mondal

  • Article Number: DEDD7F59633

August 2007

Isotherm and thermodynamic studies of the biosorption of Cd(II) from solution by maize leaf

The removal of Cd(II) from dilute solutions using maize (Zea mays) leaf as the biosorbent was studied. The effects of pH, contact time and initial metal ion concentration on the biosorption were monitored. The residual Cd(II) in solution was determined using atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The biosorption was found to be pH-dependent and the optimum pH for the biosorption was pH 3. The biosorption was also...

Author(s): N. A. Adesola Babarinde, J. Oyebamiji Babalola and S. Olalekan Sanni

  • Article Number: D8CAE9213239

October 2014

An Interaction of learning and teaching styles influencing mathematic achievements of ninth-grade students: A multilevel approach

The purposes of this study were to explore students’ learning styles and teachers’ teaching styles and study the effects and interaction effects of learning styles and teaching styles on mathematics achievements. The subjects were 3,382 ninth-grade students and 110 mathematic teachers. The main results revealed that most students were categorized in the reflector style (26.11%), whereas most teachers were...

Author(s): Suntonrapot Damrongpanit

December 2013

Optimum sowing dates and varieties for seed productivity of pole Frenchbean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) under north western Himalayas

Optimum sowing time and a promising variety are of prime importance to harness potential yield of any crop. Pole frenchbean is cultivated as a potential off-season crop in north-western hilly areas where information on these important agronomic aspects is lacking. Keeping this in view, a field experiment was conducted for two consecutive years during June to September 2007 and 2008 by following split plot...

Author(s): Akhilesh Sharma, G. D.Sharma, Yudhvir Singh, Munish Sharma, Viveka Katoch and K. C. Sharma

June 2012

Improving adventitious shoot regeneration from cultured leaf explants of Petunia hybrida using thidiazuron

The effect of various concentrations of thidiazuron (TDZ) with or without 2.7 μM of α-naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) on adventitious shoot formation of two Petunia hybridacultivars was studied. Seeds from ‘Daddy Blue’ and ‘Dreams White’ cultivars were germinated in vitro. Expanded leaves from both seedlings and regenerated shoots were taken as explants. Explants were placed on...

Author(s): Hassan Abu-Qaoud

December 2011

Entrepreneurial orientation and competitive advantage: The mediation of resource value and rareness

  This study examines how entrepreneurial orientation (EO), resource attributes, and the competitive advantage of firms are related. Resource attributes refer to the value and rareness of resource–capability combinations, and are proposed to mediate the relationship between EO and the competitive advantage of firms. Based on data collected from 201 public firms in Taiwan, the statistical results show that...

Author(s): Ting Ko Lee and Wenyi Chu

July 2011

Vulnerability poverty analysis in Moyamba District: The PAR approach in three chiefdoms

Participatory action research (PAR) techniques were used to research application of vulnerability poverty analysis (VPA), specifically to identify farmers’ exposure to health risks in the farming season and their levels of coping ability in three chiefdoms in Sierra Leone. This research also provides an understanding of the long-term factors affecting farmers’ ability to respond to coping mechanisms and...

Author(s): Koroma, B. M., Alpha, R., Kaimbay, R., Koroma, I. H. and Minah, A. B.

  • Article Number: D3B862813499

December 2016

Sheep and goats pasteurellosis: Isolation, identification, biochemical characterization and prevalence determination in Fogera Woreda, Ethiopia

A cross sectional study was carried out on pasteurellosis of small ruminants in Fogera Woreda, Ethiopia. The objectives of this research were isolation and characterization of the bacterial species by culture and biochemical testes, and determining the prevalence in apparently pneumonic small ruminants. Out of the total 988 samples examined, 322 were detected positive for pasteurella with an overall infection rate of...

Author(s): Tewodros Alemneh and Annania Tewodros

January 2012

Organisation of petroleum importing countries: An idea, whose time has come

  The author has been advocating for Organization of Petroleum Importing Countries since almost a decade. The argument is simple – OPEC; Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, forces up oil prices by restricting supply. It is intuitively obvious to a layperson as well as economists, that by restricting demand, oil prices should come down. It is especially important to remember that even a small...

Author(s): Prabhakar Deshpande

  • Article Number: FFD71479108

October 2013

Genetic similarity among Caesalpinia echinata trees and their ex situ conservation

  Brazilwood (Caesalpinia echinata Lam) is a tree native to the Atlantic rainforest. It has been exploited since the Brazilian colonial period and the remaining natural populations of C. echinata have been reduced to small forest fragments, or are conserved in arboreta and ecological parks. This study aimed to identify the degree of genetic diversity present within brazilwood trees from three...

Author(s):   Fernanda Barbosa Cupertino, Sônia Cristina Oliveira Melo and Ronan Xavier Corrêa  

July 2017

Semen characteristics and fertility assessment of Sennar jackass (Equus asinus) in Ethiopia

The aim of this study was to evaluate the semen characteristics and fertility of Sennar jacks. Semen was collected between January and March using Missouri AV model and was subjected to gross and microscopic evaluation. Fertility was evaluated from pregnancy rate after AI was carried out with fresh semen on 12 Abyssinian jennies, 5 Sennar jennies and 17 local mares. Mean (±SD) total and gel-free volume; and...

Author(s): Alemayehu Lemma

December 2017

Response of summer pulses (mung bean vs. mash bean) to integrated use of organic carbon sources and phosphorus in dry lands

Pulses play an important role in addressing hunger, food insecurity, malnutrition, environmental degradation, climate change impacts and human health, thereby supporting the overall achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Pulses yield is very low under arid and semiarid climate. Field experiment was conducted to evaluate the impact of phosphorus (0, 30, 60 and 90 kg P ha-1) and organic sources [sole animal...

Author(s): Amanullah, Saifullah, Khalid Nawab, Asif Iqbal, Shah Fahad, Muhammad Jamal Khan, Habib Akbar, Ikramullah, Iqbal Hussain and Akhtar Ali

December 2014

Mathematical representation for effect of temperature on mycelial growth of Calocybe indicia

Mushroom is characterized by having white sporophore, large sized fruiting bodies and delicious flavor. The temperature tolerance has been found to be high, with moderate protein content and good biological efficiency with long shelf life. There is mathematical model to describe mycelia growth on effect of temperature. The maximum mycelial growth rate (1.12 cm/day) at 30°C was observed in the strain Cl-7 at 8.0 pH...

Author(s): Shubhra Shukla, Shiv Dayal and A. K. Jaitly

May 2013

Effect of monthly precipitation on the radial growth of Pseudotsuga menziesii in northern Mexico

Distribution and abundance of plant species. Pseudotsuga menziesii has been reported as a highly sensitive species to climatic variation and is regarded as a genetic resource of invaluable importance. The objective of this paper was to evaluate the specific effect of precipitation on radial growth throughout year for this species. From historical climate records and tree ring cores collected in Mexican...

Author(s): Pompa-García Marín, Rodríguez-Flores Felipa de Jesus, Cerano Paredes Julián, Valdez Cepeda Ricardo David  and  Roig Fidel Alejandro

March 2014

Toxicity and repellent effects of some botanical insecticides on the egg-larval parasitoid Chelonus oculator Panzer (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Chelonus oculator Panzer is an egg-larval parasitoid of the cotton leaf worm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) with a broad geographical area. Four botanical insecticides - azadirachtin (Neem Azal), pyrethrum (Spruzit Neu), capsaicin (Hotpepper wax) and d-Limonene (Orange guard) - were investigated regarding their side effects on C. oculator. Sub-lethal concentrations (LC25 and LC50) were determined for azadirachtin and...

Author(s): TUNCA, Hilal, KILINÇER, Neşet and ÖZKAN, Cem

February 2010

Semi-random PCR markers for DNA fingerprinting of rice hybrids and theirs corresponding parents

  Molecular markers technology provides novel tools for DNA fingerprinting of rice hybrids to assess hybrid seed purity. Semi- random PCR primers targeting intron-exon splice junctions (ISJ) were used to analyze the rice genome with the aim of evaluating potential of these markers for identification and classification of rice hybrids. A total of 21 primers were tested for screening eight hybrid combination...

Author(s): Seyyed Hamidreza Hashemi-Petroudi, Seyyed Ali Mohammad Mirmohammadi Maibody, Ghorban Ali Nematzadeh and Ahmad Arzani

April 2012

Cytotoxic and renoprotective flavonoid glycosides from Horwoodia dicksoniae

Three flavonoid glycosides and one aglycone were isolated from the ethanol extract (EE) ofHorwoodia dicksoniae (Brassicaceae), for the first time, and their structures were established from negative ESI-MS, 1H-, 13C-NMR and DEPT as luteolin 7-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (1), luteolin 6-C-β-D-galactopyranoside (2), apigenin 6-C-β-D-galactopyranoside (3) and luteolin (4). The SRB cytotoxicity assay...

Author(s): Ghada Ahmed Fawzy, Areej Mohammed Al-Taweel, Nayira Ahmed Abdel Baky, and Mohamed Sobhy Marzouk  

June 2010

Health care service quality: A comparison of public and private hospitals

  The aim of this paper is threefold: to test the dimensionality of the SERVQUAL instrument in the Northern Cyprus health care industry, to assess the service quality provided in public and private hospitals in Northern Cyprus and to identify the service quality dimensions that play important role on patient satisfaction. Data were collected in two phases from the same sample, which consisted of 806...

Author(s):   Figen Yeşilada and Ebru Direktör        

  • Article Number: 3F06DCA23828

December 2016

Spirulina protects against tacrolimus-induced hepatic and renal toxicity in rats: A biochemical and histological study

Tacrolimus is a powerful immunosuppressive agent with hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic effects. It has a protective role against many toxicants. This study was conducted to evaluate the possible protective role of spirulina against tacrolimus induced hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity. Forty adult male albino rats divided into 4 groups. Group I, control group, Group II, spirulina group (received spirulina 500 mg/Kg body...

Author(s): Zakaria A. Elzawahry, Marwa A. Abass, Manal R. Abd El-Haleem, Reda A. Abdel Hamid and Hebatallah H. Atteia

November 2009

Modulation of arsenic induced genotoxicity by curcumin in human lymphocytes

  Arsenic contamination of ground water is a vital health concern in West Bengal, India, where nine districts were affected. Oxidative stress created by arsenic may lead to genetic instability which may in turn lead to initiation of carcinogenesis. Management of arsenic problem at the preclinical stage by utilizing natural compounds could be a preventive strategy. The present study aims to bio-monitor the level...

Author(s): Dona Sinha, Sutapa Mukherjee, Soumi Roy, R. K. Bhattacharya and Madhumita Roy

  • Article Number: 61878501358

August 2015

Audiovisual translation as a tool for teaching English Language to French-speaking students in Cameroon

The process by which people acquire the capacity to perceive and comprehend language as well as to produce and use words and sentences to communicate is known as language learning. The present study aimed at assessing whether intralingual subtitling can be used to effectively improve on the learning of English language by French speaking Cameroonian students in the country. It involved exposing French speaking students...

Author(s): Ntowa Tchuingoua Rachelle Nely and Ayonghe Lum Suzanne

April 2014

Antifungal activities of Bacillus subtilis isolated from some condiments and soil

Bacillus subtilis are beneficial organisms that can be used as biological control agents. A total of 62 species of Bacillus were isolated from four condiments (Ogiri, Iru, Okpehe and Dawadawa) and soil samples. The isolates were identified as Bacillus subtilis (44%), Bacillus megaterium (16%), Bacillus licheniformis (14%), Bacillus pumilus (23%) and Bacillus cereus (3%). Nine strains of Bacillus subtilis were selected...

Author(s): Oyedele, Adedayo Omowumi and Ogunbanwo, Temitope Samuel

August 2013

Application of numerical modeling for optimization of selective hot water extraction of taxifolin from ‘milk thistle’ seeds

The term flavonoid is used for a class of plant chemicals known for their activity as highly potent antioxidants and accordingly their ability to protect the body against oxidative and free radical damage. Taxifolin has attracted our attention because it constitutes the flavonoid moiety in ‘milk thistle’ seeds. In this research, a novel optimization-extraction method of taxifolin from...

Author(s): Hala El-Adawi, Yasser Abdel-Fattah and Abeer Abd El-Wahab

December 2011

Myogenic conversion of bladder fibroblasts by construction and expression of eukaryotic expression vector of myod1 gene

Gene therapy of detrusor underactivity, by autologous cells transplantation, is limited by the number of primary myogenic. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether Myod1 could induce primary bladder fibroblasts to undergo myogenic conversion. Primary bladder fibroblasts from Sprague-Daley rats were cultured. The eukaryotic expression plasmid pEGFP-Myod1 carrying both a rat Myod1 cDNA and a green...

Author(s): Hongfei Gao, Bingsheng Liang, Dongwen Wang, Weibing Shuang, Xuezhi Liang, Zhifang Ma and Li Zhang

November 2006

The merits of the proposed constitutional changes in South Africa

  Since it was passed in 1996, the Constitution of South Africa has been amended on several occasions. However, this time around there is mounting resistance against its reform. The proposals tabled by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development relates to these aspects:    ·     The authority of constitutional court will be increased with a...

Author(s): Dumisani Nyalunga

  • Article Number: 45A32752161

July 2010

Are REITs defensive? Evidence from the U.S.

  Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are regarded as defensive assets with low risk and returns in the real world. The dynamic conditional correlations bivariate threshold GARCH (DCC-TGARCH) model is employed to test for the defensive property of REITs. The data are collected at daily intervals covering the time period from January 3, 2005 to December 31, 2009. Evidence indicates that, the betas work...

Author(s):   Ming-Che Wu, Yung-Shi Liau and Yung-Chang Wang    

  • Article Number: 01B9D8B26110

February 2012

The effect of personality on impulsive and compulsive buying behaviors

This study investigates the impact and effect of personality (Big Five Personality Traits) on buying behavior (impulsive and compulsive buying). The participants (N=640) are students from a public sector university. Moreover, the influence of individual personality traits, that is, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness and neuroticism on impulsive and compulsive buying has been analyzed. Moreover, the...

Author(s): Asad Shahjehan, Jaweria Andleeb Qureshi, Faheem Zeb and Kaleem Saifullah

November 2009

Prevalence of toxigenic traits in native food isolates of Bacillus cereus in the city of Mysore, Southern India

In the growing concern for microbial food safety of traditional foods, the present study has attempted to characterize toxigenic profile of native food isolates ofBacillus cereus. In a total of 65 traditional foods, 26 isolates were characterized by morphological, cultural and biochemical attributes as B. cereus. Of these, 12 isolates (46%) were confirmed as B. cereus by PCR...

Author(s): Shivalingsarj V. Desai and Mandyam C. Varadaraj

  • Article Number: B9757829602

September 2013

The pathogenesis and pathophysiology of type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus

The aim of this paper is to review the information on type 1 and type 2 diabetes with emphasis on its etiology, pathogenesis and pathophysiology via literature review. Diabetes is a group of metabolic disorders characterized by a chronic hyperglycemic condition resulting from defects in insulin secretion, insulin action or both. Type 1 diabetes is the result of an autoimmune reaction to proteins of the islets cells of...

Author(s): Ozougwu, J. C., Obimba, K. C., Belonwu, C. D., and Unakalamba, C. B.

November 2012

Common causes of small businesses failure in the townships of West Rand district municipality in the Gauteng Province of South Africa

  The study examined the high failure rate of the small business in the West Rand region of the Gauteng Province, South Africa. The purpose was to investigate reasons for lack of sustainability of the small businesses of this region. The study was qualitative, characterised by exploratory and descriptive modes. Fifteen small businesses were interviewed using an interview guide (at Appendix). The reasons for...

Author(s): Solly Matshonisa Seeletse

February 2011

Association between milk protein polymorphism and milk production traits in Black and White dairy cattle in Turkey

  Milk protein polymorphism such as as1-casein (as1-Cn), b-lactoglobulin (b-Lg), b-casein (b-Cn) and k-casein (k-Cn) of Black and White dairy cattle were investigated in this study. The genetic structure of herd was examined for these loci. At the sametime the relationships between milk protein types and some milk production traits were determined. Milk production traits were chosen as milk...

Author(s): Eser Kemal Gurcan

August 2017

Balance of elements and tolerance of the Terminalia catappa L. to seawater salinity

The Terminalia catappa L., popularly referred to as Indian almond, adapts to different soil and climatic conditions. It is a fast growing tree and has been widely used for ornamental and medicinal purposes. This plant might also be used as a carbon sequester in areas subject to soil and water salinity problems. This paper aims at studying the balance of salts among parts of the Indian almond tree under different...

Author(s): Francisco Alves da Silva, Marcos Eric Barbosa Brito, Pedro Dantas Fernandes, Elisandra Ribeiro de Lima Pereira, Camilo Alisson Simões de Farias and Marcos Barros de Medeiros

October 2011

Management of surgical wounds using crude neem oil in one year old ram: A successful report

Wound healing effect of crude neem (Azadirachta indica Juss) oil, processed locally from the seed kernel was assessed on septic surgical wound in a one year old Uda ram. A wound approximately 7 cm in diameter created as a result of surgical drainage of abscess on the left caudal part of the elbow joint was flushed with the crude neem oil. A single application of the crude neem oil to the sutured wound resulted in a...

Author(s): Bwala D. G., Elisha I. L., Habu K. A., Dogonyaro B. B. and Kaikabo A. A.

  • Article Number: 923FBE73626

May 2011

A study into the levels of decision making and coping wıth stress of the students of physıcal education and sports college

The purpose of the current study is to investigate the levels of decision making and coping with stress of students of physical education and sports college. The research group was made up of 413 girls and 590 boys (age=21.4607±1.8792), 1003 in total, studying at the physical education and sports colleges of Gazi University, Selçuk University, Kocaeli University, Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University...

Author(s): Murat Tekin

October 2007

Factors influencing adoption of stress-tolerant maize hybrid (WH 502) in western Kenya

  Non-adoption of suitable maize varieties was identified as the second most important constraint responsible for low maize yields in western Kenya. In order to increase adoption of suitable varieties it is important to know the factors that influence the choice of variety and adoption. This study aimed at identifying varietal, socio-economic and institutional factors that influence adoption of the maize...

Author(s):   Beatrice Salasya, Wilfred Mwangi, Domisiano Mwabu and Alpha Diallo   .    

  • Article Number: B4610B934395

December 2014

Effect of three types of composts of olive oil by-products on growth and yield of hard wheat "Triticum durum Desf.”

The extraction of olive oil generates colossal by-products quantities; generally unexploited and causes serious environmental problems in Algeria. In tackling this problem, we performed three types of composts (C1: 50% cows manure, 50% olive husks and olive mill wastewaters; C2: 50% olive husks treated by the lime, 50% cows manure with fresh urea and olive mill wastewaters; C3: 50% olive husks, 50% cows manure and...

Author(s): MEDJAHDI Nadjet, DJABEUR Abderezzak and KAID-HARCHE Meriem

December 2010

Endophytic Pestalotiopsis species associated with plants of Palmae, Rhizophoraceae, Planchonellae and Podocarpaceae in Hainan, China

  A survey of the endophytic Pestalotiopsis associated with 27 plant species belonging to four families in Hainan Province was carried out from 2007 to 2008. Colonization frequencies of endophytic Pestalotiopsis species varied in the host plant’s tissues, sites and natural environmental conditions. Species composition of endophytic Pestalotiopsisvaried in different families of...

Author(s): Liu, A. R., , Chen, S. C., Lin, X. M., Wu, S. Y., Xu, T., Cai F. M. and Raesh Jeewon  

  • Article Number: 363CF3916748

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