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July 2014

Evaluation of the fixed oil of two commonly consumed spices, Monodora myristica and Myristica fragrans, as adjunct in food formulations

The seeds of two commonly consumed spices; Monodora myristica (Mm) and Myristica fragrans (Mf) were separately defatted with n-hexane and the resulting oils were analyzed for their physicochemical properties and fatty acids profile with a view to assessing their nutritional potentials. Results revealed that Mm and Mf had respective percentage oil yields of 25% and 37.7%; free fatty acid of 32.52 and 1.71%;...

Author(s): Bello, M. O., Adekunle, A. S., Oyekunle, J. A. O. and Yusuf, T. A.

October 2011

Chemical composition and evaluation of antimicrobial properties of Rosmarinus officinalis L. essential oil

Preservatives used in the food industry are undergoing increasing scrutiny and reappraisal. There is therefore a renewed interest in the antimicrobial properties of herbs and spices. Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) belonging to the Lamiaceae family, is a pleasant-smelling perennial herb. The antimicrobial activities of the R....

Author(s): S. K. Tavassoli, S. M. Mousavi, Z. Emam-Djomeh and S. H. Razavi

February 2015

Competitiveness of cocoa-based farming household in Nigeria

Nigeria is the third largest producer of cocoa in Africa producing about 6% of the total World production. The objective of this study is to assess the competitiveness, comparative advantage and effect of government policies on cocoa production in Ondo State, Nigeria. The analysis was conducted for sole and intercropped cocoa production systems. Primary and secondary data were utilized for the study and were analyzed...

Author(s): Amao Oyetoun Dunmola, Oni Omobowale and Adeoye Iyabo

December 2009

Mathematical modeling tendencies in plant pathology

  Nowadays plant diseases represent one of the major threats for crops around the world, because they carry healthy, economical, environmental and social problems. Considering this, it is necessary to have a description of the dynamics of plant disease in order to have sustainable strategies to prevent and diminish the impact of the diseases in crops. Mathematical tools have been employed to create models which...

Author(s): L. M. Contreras-Medina, I. Torres-Pacheco, R. G. Guevara-González, R. J. Romero-Troncoso, I. R. Terol-Villalobos and R. A. Osornio-Rios

April 2016

A study on reflection as a source of teacher development: Pre-service and experienced teachers

This study traces evidence of reflection in teacher education and teaching practice by measuring reflection of preservice teachers and experienced teachers and clarifying reflection-oriented reactions to possible confusions or problematic situations considering whether or not they are reflective practitioners. The data were collected from 514 volunteer preservice teachers and 466 experienced teachers teaching science,...

Author(s): Saziye Yaman 

June 2012

Quantification of airlines business efficiency using data envelopment analysis (DEA)

DEA-Data envelopment analysis is a mathematical programming technique, which is successfully used to quantify the efficiency of companies in the manufacturing and service sector. The technique essentially estimate ratio of input and output parameters of success - efficiency, in an implicit way and the result is the efficiency of business operations quantification or measurement. This result provides an opportunity to...

Author(s): Pavle Gladovic, Predrag V. Ralevic, Snezana Mladenovic, Nebojsa M. Denic and Momcilo Dobrodolac  

September 2011

Characterization of 1,2-dichloroethane (DCA) degrading bacteria isolated from South African waste water

  1,2-Dichloroethane (DCA), a potential carcinogen that is toxic to both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, is one of the most widely produced chemicals in the modern world. It is used as a metal degreaser, solvent, chemical intermediate and fuel additive. Contamination of the environment with DCA results from accidental spills and poor handling. To date, several bacterial isolates, capable of utilizing this...

Author(s): Algasan Govender and Balakrishna Pillay

  • Article Number: 5F1CA7D39723

November 2008

Evaluation of energy and macronutrient intake of black women in Bloemfontein: A cross-sectional study

  There is growing evidence that urbanization of black South Africans is associated with changes in the structure of dietary intake. The urban diet is more diverse than the rural diet, and includes more animal foods, refined carbohydrates and fats, posing a potential risk to the health of urbanized populations. The objective of this cross-sectional study was to determine the macronutrient intake of...

Author(s): Z. Hattingh, C. M. Walsh, C. J. Bester and O. O. Oguntibeju

February 2012

Chemical composition and in vitro antibacterial activity of Ziziphora clinopodioides Lam. essential oil against some pathogenic bacteria

The chemical composition of the essential oil obtained from the aerial parts of Ziziphora clinopodioides Lam. was analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method. Twenty six components representing 97.6% of the total oil were identified. The major constituents were pulegone (34.4%), piperitenone (15.1%), 1-8- cineole (6.5%), neo-menthol (5.7%), menth-2-en-1- ol (5.3%), menthol...

Author(s): Soltani Nejad Shahla

November 2011

Linear quadratic optimal control system design using particle swarm optimization algorithm

  Selecting appropriate weighting matrices for desired linear quadratic regulator (LQR) controller design using evolutionary algorithms is presented in this paper. Obviously, it is not easy to determine the appropriate weighting matrices for an optimal control system and a suitable systematic method is not presented for this goal. In other words, there is no direct relationship between weighting matrices and...

Author(s): S. Mobayen, A. Rabiei, M. Moradi and B. Mohammady

March 2015

The problem-solving skills of the teachers ın various branches

The aim of this study was to determine the problem-solving skills of the teachers in various branches in Çat town of  Erzurum Province in Turkey, using some variables. A total of 153 teachers (84 females, 69 males and age: 1.6536±0.72837) from different departments participated in the study. Problem Solving Inventory, developed by Heppner and Peterson (1982), was used to measure the problem solving...

Author(s): Veysel TEMEL

January 2012

Flow induced by non-coaxial rotations of porous disk and a fluid in a porous medium

  This paper deals with the flow of an incompressible, viscous and electrically conducting fluid in a porous medium when no slip condition is no longer valid. The fluid is bounded by a non-conducting porous disk. The flow is due to non-coaxial rotations of porous disk and a fluid at infinity. The fluid is electrically conducting in the presence of a constant applied magnetic field in the transverse direction....

Author(s): I. Ahmad

April 2009

Post-market in vitro bioequivalence study of six brands of ciprofloxacin tablets/caplets in Jos, Nigeria

  Six brands of ciprofloxacin 500 mg tablets have been evaluated using some quality control tests of uniformity of weight, hardness, friability, assay, disintegration and dissolution with the aim to assess its bioequivalence. The results obtained have been discussed in some details using monographs in the two Pharmacopeia (United States Pharmacopeia, USP and British Pharmacopeia, BP). The results were also...

Author(s): N. C. Ngwuluka, K. Lawal, P. O. Olorunfemi and N. A. Ochekpe

  • Article Number: CAD562D30027

December 2014

Contamination of groundwater due to underground coal gasification

Underground coal gasification (UCG) generates potential groundwater pollution because it changes local hydrogeological parameters. Groundwater pollution is caused by diffusion and penetration of contaminants generated by UCG processes towards surrounding strata and possible leaching of residue by natural groundwater flow after gasification. A large number of hazardous water-borne contaminants were identified during...

Author(s): R. P. Verma, , R. Mandal, S. K. Chaulya, P. K. Singh, A. K. Singh and G. M. Prasad

July 2014

Secretory structures in Cochlospermum regium (Schrank) Pilg. (Bixaceae): Distribution and histochemistry

Cochlospermum regium (Schrank) Pilg., known as the yellow cotton tree, is a small shrub with a number of pharmacological properties. A series of chemical compounds produced by the plant may be associated with secretory cells and tissues, such as idioblasts, trichomes and ducts. Thus, the aim of this study was to identify the secretory structures and major classes of compounds in vegetative organs of C. regium. Leaf,...

Author(s): Vasconcelos Filho, S.C., Ferreira, A.L.L., Vasconcelos, J.M., SILVA, L.S. and Pereira, L.C.S.

December 2013

Influence of phytosiderophore on iron and zinc uptake and rhizospheric microbial activity

Micronutrients play a vital role in crop production and sustainable crop yield. High crop yield varieties make soil micronutrients deficient, without incorporating external inputs. Due to deficiency of micronutrients such as iron (Fe) and zinc (Zn), yield decline drastically. It limits more than macronutrients, but requirements of these plant nutrients are very less, but plants have self regulated mechanism, which...

Author(s): M. L. Dotaniya, Dasharath Prasad, H. M. Meena, D. K. Jajoria, G. P. Narolia, K. K. Pingoliya, O. P. Meena, Kuldeep Kumar, B. P. Meena, Asha Ram, H. Das , M. Sreenivasa Chari and Suresh Pal

January 2012

Application of stochastic model in identifying consumption abnormal decline customers

The goal many enterprises pursue is estimating the future revenue in order to develop market targets. This paper describes a new Gamma-Gamma Model to estimate revenue for a future time unit. A stochastic model has a large inaccuracy when used to forecast individual future purchases of a customer, however, the prediction error is small for the sum of all the customers’ future purchases which reflects...

Author(s): Liu Weijiang, Yang Xue, Wang Xiaofeng and Wang Yu Xi

April 2012

Is trading in used computers creating a digital dump? Reflections from tertiary institutions in Ghana

  The proliferation of computers has made them more accessible, yet there are many more who cannot afford them, and this seems to have created a digital divide which touches economies and threatens to slow progress towards an all-inclusive information society. The divide in the developed world appears much less severe due partly to higher income levels. However, in developing countries the situation is more...

Author(s):   Martin Oteng-Ababio  

April 2013

Evaluation of brown seaweed (Padina pavonica) as biostimulant of plant growth and development

An innovative horticulture nutrient and biodegradable support is described in this paper for replacing plastic culture pots. This support is prepared with Luffa aegyptica, plant having a water holding capacity higher than that of the regular soil and that is also biodegradable. Brown seaweed  Padina pavonica was incorporated as an organic fertilizer of plant growth. Chemical analysis of the aqueous...

Author(s): Asma Chbani, Hiba Mawlawi and Laurence Zaouk

August 2013

Effect of stabilizers on stiffness modulus of soil layers: A review

Subgrade layer has a significant contribution in the pavement structure, and the quality of this layer has a great impact on the subsequent pavement design. Pavement design guide as specified in the AASHTO (2002), incorporates engineering properties of unbound and stabilized subgrade soils, since in many cases fatigue or rutting failure in pavements are due to insufficient stiffness modulus in soil layers. Subgrade...

Author(s): Dariush Moazami, Zainuddin Md. Yusoff, Ratnasamy Muniandy and Hussain Hamid

November 2010

Energy-efficient channel estimation for multiband UWB systems in presence of interferences

Interference reduces the performance of a correct data signal detection and decoding. This problem becomes severe when interferences exist during the period of channel estimation. This will destroy the accuracy of channel estimation, and will eventually result to severe degradation in the performance of signal detection and decoding in the entire data packet/frame. In this article, we propose an improved channel...

Author(s): S. M. Riazul Islam and Kyung Sup Kwak

  • Article Number: 20E8CE934023

October 2011

Dynamics of urban land use changes with remote sensing: Case of Ibadan, Nigeria

  There are so many problems confronting most contemporary cities in the recent time particularly among the less developed countries around the world. These problems have been recognized to be the product of lack of urban planning by the authority in-charge as well as individual members of the society. However, the negative relationship between urban population and urban development has been identified using...

Author(s):   Bankole Michael Oladele and Bakare Hakeem Oladimeji  

  • Article Number: C26FC7A40892

November 2013

Harmful effects and chemical control study of Mikania micrantha H.B.K in Yunnan, Southwest China

Invasive alien species Mikania micrantha, which originated from Central and South America, has spread quickly and become one of the most seriously invasive weedy species in Yunnan Province, Southwest of China. The harmful effects of this plant on major cash crops and local plant communities have been surveyed in 50 townships of 6 counties of Yunnan Province since 2006. Moreover, bioactivity and selectivity of 20 types...

Author(s): Shicai Shen, Gaofeng Xu, Fudou Zhang, Guimei Jin, Shufang Liu, Meiyun Liu, Aidong Chen and Yuhua Zhang

May 2009

Primary Schools library Project, Education Supplements International (ESI) - NGO

  PROJECT TITLE: Primary Schools Library / Project. PROJECT LOCATION:The project has been designed to cover 64 primary schools in Subukia Constituency in Nakuru North District, Rift Valley province in the Republic of Kenya. NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION: Education Supplements International (ESI) – NGO. PROJECT DURATION: THREE YEARS FROM Jan 2010 - Dec 2012.TOTAL BUDGET: KSHS...

Author(s): Nicholas  Nga’nga’

  • Article Number: 1485B5340063

March 2017

A comparison of burnout levels of preschool teachers in terms of having integration students in their classes or not

The aim of the present study is to compare burnout levels of preschool teachers who have integration students in their classes and those who do not. The sample of the study consists of 185 preschool teachers working in Isparta city and town centers. The data of the study were collected using the Burnout Inventory developed by Maslach and Jackson (1981) and the personal information form designed by the researchers. The...

Author(s): Ümit ŞAHBAZ and Nazife KOYUTÜRK KOÇER

December 2010

Understanding and appreciating the need for biodiversity conservation in Nigeria

Biodiversity is becoming one of the major environmental issues of our times. The basic problem is the increased rate of extinction as a result of expanding human population, resource exploitation, land clearing and land use development. Biodiversity by definition refers to the life forms on earth and include the millions of plants, animals and micro-organisms, the genes they contain and the intricate ecosystems they...

Author(s): P. C. Aju and I. O. Ezeibekwe

February 2011

Motivation and student’s behavior: A tertiary level study

  Student motivation is an important focus of research in Education. The research in the area has primarily focused on student motivation and academic achievement. There are no significant studies looking at the relationship of motivation with student behavior at tertiary level. This article draws on social exchange theory to examine the connection between motivation and student behavior as a learning outcome....

Author(s):   Zulfiqar Ali, Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah and Muhammad Saeed     

  • Article Number: 55E940214344

April 2009

Matrices of the thermal and spectral variations for the fabrication materials based arrayed waveguide grating (awg) devices

In the present paper, we have investigated the basic forms of the matrices of the thermal and spectral variations of the refractive-index (RI) for three different fabrication materials such as lithium niobate, polymethyl metha acrylate (PMMA) and silica-doped that are based arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) device depends on curve fitting program. Then, we are able to study the transmission spectrum characteristics of...

Author(s): Abd El–Nasar A. Mohammed, Abd El–Fattah A. Saad and Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed

  • Article Number: 086A5C618771

May 2014

Estimation and mapping of groundwater characteristics in Greater Wad-Medani Locality, Gezira State, Sudan

Groundwater dominates the domestic water supply (85%) in the Gezira State, Central Sudan. Groundwater resources in Gezira are basically represented by two water-bearing geological formations: the Nubian Sandstone formation overlain by the Gezira formation and shallow quaternary to recent deposits in minor streams. This study aims at identifying the pattern distribution of selected aquifer characteristics of the Gezira...

Author(s): Sami O. E., Mustafa Y. M., Shamseddin M. A. and Hilmi H. S.

April 2013

Generation mean analysis and heritability of drought resistance in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Information on the availability of genetic variability and mode of gene action are critically important for choosing effective breeding methods that result in appreciable improvement in performance under drought stress. The objectives of this study were to estimate the gene action for drought resistance of quantitative traits and also to estimate the components of variance and heritability of drought resistance in...

Author(s): Abebe Hinkossa, Setegn Gebeyehu and Habtamu Zeleke

March 2007

Sources of microbial contamination in tissue culture laboratories in southwestern Nigeria

  Microbial contamination is a constant problem, which often compromise development of all in vitro techniques. This study aimed at investigating the source of microbial contamination in tissue culture laboratories in southwestern Nigeria. Nineteen microbial contaminants (consisting of eleven bacteria and eight fungi) were found associated with the tissue culture plants and the laboratory environments. The...

Author(s):   Odutayo, O. I., Amusa, N. A., Okutade, O. O.  and Ogunsanwo Y.R.

  • Article Number: 41D102937175

March 2012

The Tucumán solar UV transparency experiment: Preliminary results and prospective

Two radiometers were simultaneously operated during the past dry season in Tucumán province, NW Argentina. The main objective was to determine particulate matter content of the atmosphere. Ampimpa, an astronomic observatory up in the mountains, was adopted as the reference, non polluted monitoring site. The INTA meteorological facility at Famaillá, in the plains, was chosen as an air pollution test site,...

Author(s): Otón Matías Grimolizzi, Lidia María Benítez and Ana María Frenzel

  • Article Number: EB0C83226628

February 2010

Ethnobotanical survey of antimalarial plants used in Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria

An ethnobotanical survey of herbal medicine used for treatment of malaria fever in 17 communities in Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria was carried out. According to the results, 38 plant species belonging to 24 families were used in herbal antimalarial recipes. Among the plants mentioned, the most frequently used...

Author(s): O. A. Idowu, O. T. Soniran, O. Ajana and D. O. Aworinde

  • Article Number: 18D5A0F32826

October 2011

Removal of nitrogen from ammonium-rich synthetic wastewater in an upflow column type anammox reactor

The aim of this study is to illustrate the efficiency of nitrogen removal from synthetic wastewater using a fixed-bed anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) reactor. A continuous fed flow reactor was inoculated with upflow anammox and fed with synthetic wastewater. The reactor was operated for 75 days without pH control. The maximum ammonium and nitrite removal efficiencies achieved were 95 and 97.5%, respectively. The...

Author(s): M. G. Mostafa, Y. Kawakubo and K. Furukawa

  • Article Number: 9C28A3854624

September 2011

On topological covering-based rough spaces

Rough set theory, a mathematical tool to deal with vague concepts, has originally described the indiscernibility of elements by equivalence relations. Covering-based rough sets are a natural extension of classical rough sets by relaxing the partitions arising from equivalence relations to coverings. Recently, some topological concepts such as subbase, neighborhood and separation axioms have been applied to study...

Author(s): Bin Chen and Jinjin Li      

November 2013

Chemical analysis of leaves of Abrus precatorius

Leaves of Abrus precatorius are sweet and traditionally used to treat cough, malaria, snake bites and boils. This study evaluates the proximate and mineral composition of A. precatorius, and establishes the best solvent for the extraction of the sweet component of the leaves, by performing organoleptic test on the extract of different solvents, under different temperature conditions. The proximate...

Author(s): Paul E. D., Sangodare R. S. A., Uroko R. I., Agbaji A.S. and Dakare M. A.  

April 2012

Preparation of immunoaffinity column for rapid purification of human DNA polymerase delta and its subassemblies

  Mammalian deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) polymerase delta (pol δ) is well characterized as a tightly associated heterotetrameric complex. It is thought to play a central role in chromosomal DNA replication and various DNA repair processes. However, the availability of highly purified active pol δ becomes one of the major barriers for its in-depth functional and structural analysis. In this work, a...

Author(s):   Xiao Li, Huiqing Chen, Lei Zhang, Liu Liu, Yujue Wang, Qian Zhang, Xiaoyong Liu, Yuanqing He, Yan Chen, Keping Chen and Yajing Zhou  

September 2013

Protective effect of sildenafil against cysteamine induced duodenal ulcer in Wistar rats

The aim of the current study was to investigate the possible protective effect of sildenafil (SIL) on cysteamine induced peptic ulcer in Wistar rats. Rats were randomly divided into five groups; six animals each. Normal control group; in which animals received an aqueous solution of Tween 80 (1 ml/kg) as a vehicle, two doses orally at an interval of 4 h. SIL group, in which animals received 25 mg/kg SIL orally 30 min...

Author(s): Ahmed A. Elberry,

June 2010

The leavening ability of baker’s yeast on dough prepared with composite flour (wheat/cassava)

  The leavening ability of baker’s yeast on dough prepared with composite flour (wheat/cassava) was investigated. The composite flour was prepared in four different proportions and it was discovered that an increase in the quantity of cassava flour caused a decrease in the ability of the baker’s yeast to leaven the dough. However, the composite flour with 10% cassava flour produced an appreciable...

Author(s): O. O. Aboaba and E. A. Obakpolor

  • Article Number: 2CE4BD024426

March 2011

Nucleofection an efficient non-viral transfection technique forIFN-t-EGFP gene expression study in Sahiwal cattle fibroblast cells

Viral based techniques were considered to be the most efficient systems to deliver DNA into fibroblast cells as they show high transgene expression in many cellular models. Viral approaches are complicated by immune response, intracellular trafficking potential mutations and genetic alterations due to integration. The nucleofector TM technology is electroporation based gene transfer technique which has been proved to be...

Author(s): Anand Laxmi N., Gunjan G. and Prateesh M.

  • Article Number: D079FC210431

April 2010

Study of load distribution in fully connected client server network using feedback neural network architecture

  A fully connected client server network reminiscent of a flat group (analogous to a Hopfield type artificial neural network), consisting of a few clients is considered herein. Distinct client nodes are inter-connected in fully connected architecture as in Hopfield’s associative memory model. Weights of connections are symmetric and the states of the clients are bipolar. Stability of such a network can...

Author(s): Manu Pratap Singh Avanish Kumar, Pradeep Kumar and Garima Krishna

  • Article Number: FEC596210492

April 2013

Manumycin from a new Streptomyces strain shows antagonistic effect against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)/vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) strains from Korean Hospitals

  An antimicrobial compound, highly effective against multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria, purified from a Streptomyces strain was identified as manumycin. The minimal inhibitory concentrations (MICs) of manumycin against 8 different strains ofmethicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) were ranged 2 to 32 μg/ml. Similarly, MICs of manumycin against 4...

Author(s):   Yun Hee Choi#, Seung Sik Cho#, Jaya Ram Simkhada, Chi Nam Seong, Hyo Jeong Lee, Hong Seop Moon and Jin Cheol Yoo

March 2010

Impact of online journals among management graduates at Dubai international academic city - A pragmatic study

  In this information age, libraries are now coming to be known more as Knowledge resource centers or Digital information centers. Gone are the days where Library meant only rows and rows of books now it means an Information center with access to different media available. The hardcopy books are being complimented with e-Journals and e-Books which are now being implemented at most libraries in UAE and across...

Author(s): M. Veeramani and P. Vinayagamoorthy

  • Article Number: D444DF9914

May 2009

Mechanisms of arsenic toxicity and carcinogenesis

  Industrialization has excessively modified the discharge and distribution of arsenic in the environment through natural and anthropogenic activities. Gastrointestinal tract, Lung and Dermal absorptions account for various adverse effects associated with arsenic toxicity. The knowledge of arsenic biotransformation holds the trivalent species (DMA3+ and MMA3+) accountable for most arsenic toxicity with...

Author(s): Obinaju, Blessing Ebele

  • Article Number: 757CFF211086

June 2009

Development of an in vitro culture system adapted to banana mycorrhization

  The beneficial impact of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi on banana nutrition and resistance against abiotic and biotic stresses is well documented. However, most studies were conducted under greenhouse or field conditions and none reported the life cycle of the AM fungi on banana roots. It is obvious that any system associating both organisms under strict controlled in vitro culture conditions may...

Author(s): Marie Chantal Koffi, Ivan Enrique de la Providencia, Annemie Elsen and Stéphane Declerck

January 2012

Atorvastatin modulates constitutive and lipopolysaccharide induced IL-6 secretion in precursors of human skeletal muscle

It is well documented that, besides reducing blood LDL lipoproteins, HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins) also suppress inflammatory markers and improve survival in sepsis. These beneficial effects can be at least partly explained by their capacity to inhibit the release of IL-6, which is generally regarded as a proinflammatory cytokine, although a variety of other actions including anti-inflammatory have...

Author(s): Alenka Golicnik, Matej Podbregar, Mitja Lainscak, Stefan D. Anker, Zoran Grubic and Tomaz Mars

November 2012

Hiding solution for internet-based supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system threats management

  Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are real-time process control systems that monitor and control local or geographically remote devices. They are in wide use throughout a variety of critical infrastructure sectors, and are a critical component of operations. The SCADA system also provides a managementway for important plant performance information to be obtained for use by managers...

Author(s): Tai-hoon Kim

December 2007

An innovative solid-liquid extraction technology: use of the naviglio extractor® for the production of lemon liquor

  This document is a review on solid-liquid extractive techniques and describes an innovative solid-liquid extraction technology using the Naviglio Extractor®. Also explained is an application for the production of alcoholic extract from lemon peel. The alcoholic extract, mixed with a sugar and water solution in the right proportions is used to make a well known Italian lemon liquor commonly named...

Author(s): Daniele Naviglio, Fabiana Pizzolongo, Raffaele Romano, Lydia Ferrara, Biagio Naviglio and Antonello Santini

  • Article Number: 8CD01B411236

April 2010

Impact of labour quality on labour productivity and economic growth

  The growth of the Malaysian economy has gone through several phases and strategies from input-driven to productivity-driven and knowledge-based-driven, which is in line with the world scenario. The knowledge-based-driven of economic growth is crucial as it will raise level of competitiveness of the country, especially in facing the world challenges....

Author(s): Idris Jajri and Rahmah Ismail  

  • Article Number: E78664E22233

September 2013

Ethics and postsecondary accounting curriculum in Bahrain: Perspective from faculty members

  Recent corporate scandals have led to renewed calls for ethics education for the accounting profession. Academic institutions employ variety of teaching methods and place a substantial level of emphasis when teaching ethics to accounting students. We report on a questionnaire survey of accounting faculty members at Bahraini universities to investigate the perceptions on the issue of incorporating ethics into...

Author(s): Kousay Said and Khaled Ibrahim Al-Tarawneh

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