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July 2011

Excess parameters of binary and ternary mixtures of {1-Butanol + hexylamine + n-heptane} at different temperatures and comparison with the Flory theory

In this work, we calculated (thermal expansion coefficients),  (excess thermal expansion coefficients) and (isothermal coefficient of pressure excess molar enthalpy) for the binary and ternary mixtures of {1-butanol + hexylamine + n-heptane} from experimental densities (Djordjevic et al., 2010) at (288.15, 293.15, 298.15, 303.15, 308.15, 313.15, 318.15 and 323.15) K. The trends...

Author(s): M. Rezaei-Sameti and M. Rakhshi   

  • Article Number: 3CE0FF91199

February 2013

Effect of 1-methylcyclopropene (1- MCP) treatment on antioxidant enzymes of postharvest Japanese apricot

  ‘Longyan Mei’, a Japanese apricot species, was used to investigate the effect of 1-methylcyclopropene treatment on the browning index, soluble solid content (SSC), titratable acidity (TA) and enzyme activity of active oxygen-related metabolism of post-harvest Japanese apricot. The results show that 1-MCP inhibited the browning rate, maintained a high content of SSC and TA, controlled the increase...

Author(s): Ting Shi, Zhiqiang Li, Zhen Zhang, Chunchun Zhang and Zhihong Gao

April 2010

Nuclear anomalies in exfoliated buccal epithelial cells of petrol station attendants in Tamilnadu, South India

Petroleum derivative consist of a complex mixture of chemical compounds. Petrol station workers who pump fuel to vehicles absorb the products of fuel fumes and the products of combustion. The exposure posses a risk to human health and development of several types of cancers. A total of 120 petrol station workers and 105 control group of individuals in the age group of 17 to 35 years were recruited, a questionnaire based...

Author(s): K. Rajkokila, S. Shajithanoop and M. V. Usharani

  • Article Number: 507B7E85785

January 2013

Phytochemical screening and application of extracts of selected plant foods in preparation of enhanced sensorial and healthier image yoghurt

  Extracts of four indigenous plant foods namely: Chrysophyllum albidum (Cal),Curcuma longa (Clo), Tetracapidium conophorum (Tco) and Piper guineese (Pgu) were screened for phytochemical endowment in order to gain insight to their pharmacological potentials with concomitant propensity for pro-lactic acid fermentation. The extracts were used in the formulation of substrate for...

Author(s):   Daramola B., Oje O. J. and Oduola R. O.        

February 2018

Women empowerment through ‘Abegar’ in South Wollo: A critical ethnography

It is the objective of this study to describe, explain and critically analyze the role of the traditional social practice of ‘Abegar’ to empower women in South Wollo, Ethiopia. Data were collected through participant observation, record of social events and in-depth interview. The study was conducted from April to June 2014 E.C. Five social events known as ‘Wodaja’ were recorded. The result of...

Author(s): Rukya Hassen

December 2008

The potential of Terminalia catappa (Almond) and Hyphaene thebaica (Dum palm) fruits as raw materials for livestock feed

    The physicochemical analysis of sun dried mesocarp of fruits of Terminalia catappaand Hyphaene thebaica was investigated. It is aimed at sourcing alternative local raw materials that contain required nutritional composition for production of livestock feed. This study revealed that the mesocarp of the fruits of T. catappa and H. thebaicacontain...

Author(s):   Nwosu, F. O., Dosumu, O. O., and Okocha, J. O. C.

December 2010

Prevalence of plasmid-mediated 16S rRNA methylase genes among Proteus mirabilis isolates from a Chinese hospital

  16S rRNA methylase-mediated high-level resistance to aminoglycosides has been reported recently in clinical isolates of Gram-negative bacilli from several countries. Five (2.5%, 5/198) of 198 isolates of Proteus mirabilis from a teaching hospital in Wenzhou, China, were positive for 16S rRNA methylase genes (one for armA, four forrmtB) and highly resistant to gentamicin, amikacin and tobramycin...

Author(s): Fangyou Yu, Jingye Pan, Baixing Ding, Lehe Yang, Xueqing Zhang and Liangxing Wang  

  • Article Number: EB82D7A17287

January 2014

Providers and beneficiaries view of the contributions of state level non-governmental organizations (NGO) to rural community development in Anambra State, Nigeria

The study was carried out to ascertain contributions of state based-Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to rural community development (RCD) in Anambra State, Nigeria. Multistage random sampling technique was employed to select seventy respondents (35 NGOs members and 35 beneficiaries/rural people) from 4 local government areas, 7 NGOs and 7 villages in the state. Data were collected through the use of questionnaire...

Author(s): Iwuchukwu, J. C., Nwankwo, O. J. and Igbokwe, E. M.

January 2012

The effects of different laser doses on skin

The laser-skin interaction was studied using the laboratory albino rat skin as an experimental sample and 10.6 μm wavelength CO2 laser as a source of irradiation. This study aimed to determine the effect of different laser doses on the skin structure as a trial to understand how laser exerts its medical effects in treating skin problems. It also aimed to determine the relationship between the laser dose and...

Author(s): Ali Abuarra, Basma Abuarra, Basher S. Abur, Gurjeet K. C. Singh, Zedan AlSadi, Tg Lina R. Mahmood, Khalid Omar and M. Z. MatJafri      

February 2013

In silico identification of miRNAs and their target prediction from Japanese encephalitis

  MicroRNA is a family of small non-coding RNAs that regulate gene expression in a sequence-specific manner. miRNAs are a class of post-transcriptional regulators. miRNAs are a family of 19 to 25 small nucleotide RNAs. Since miRNAs have been discovered and their role in gene regulation established, it has been theorized that viruses could generate miRNAs as well and that these viral encoded miRNAs could...

Author(s): Vijay Laxmi Saxena and Alka Dwivedi

March 2006

Enhancement of recovery of residual oil using a biosurfactant slug

A laboratory investigation of the mobilization and displacement of residual oil in a sand-pack using biosurfactant slug was conducted. The biosurfactant employed was extracted from a culture of Pseudomonas sp. grown on kerosine- supplemented mineral salts medium. Characterization of the biosurfactant extract revealed a mixture of glycolipid and phospholipid in a ratio of 3.35:1.  The irreducible water...

Author(s): G. C. Okpokwasili AND A. A. Ibiene

February 2012

Proximate analysis of Sphenostylis stenocarpa and Voadzeia subterranean consumed in South - Eastern Nigeria

  Proximate analyses of two traditional grain legumes consumed in Eastern Nigeria- Bambara groundnut (Voadzeia subterranean) and African yam beans (Sphenostylis stenocarpa) were carried out. Bambara groundnut was found to contain 2.86 ± 0.02% moisture, 32.40 ± 0.02% protein, 7.35 ± 0.02% fat, 5.78 ± 0.02% ash, 2.68 ± 0.02% crude fiber and 51.78 ± 0.02% total...

Author(s): S. Nwodo Chinedu and C. Obinna Nwinyi

March 2011

Utilisation of crude oil and gasoline by ten bacterial and five fungal isolates

  This study investigated the abilities of ten bacterial and five fungal isolates indigenous to polluted mechanic soils to utilise and degrade crude oil and gasoline. Of all the bacterial and fungal isolates obtained in this study Pseudomonas sp. Bacillus sp. and Aspergillus sp. were found to be more predominant in the polluted mechanic soils. The growth...

Author(s): A. Sebiomo, A. O. Awosanya and A. D. Awofodu

  • Article Number: 30BB0C89821

September 2012

Volatiles in the Lysimachia clethroides Duby by head space solid phase microextraction coupled with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (HS-SPME-GC-MS)

We studied for the first time, the volatile compounds in the Lysimachia clethroide Duby by using head space solid phase microextraction (HS-SPME) coupled with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The results showed that 14 compounds were identified from the stem of L. clethroides, 13 compounds were identified from the leaves, and 16 compounds from the flowers. 8 compounds were mutual components,...

Author(s): Jin-Feng Wei,, Zhen-hua Yin and Fu-De Shang

January 2010

Physicochemical and functional characteristics of cassava starch in Ugandan varieties and their progenies

  Due to poor root quality traits in improved, disease resistant cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz.)  varieties and hence low acceptability among farmers, a study was undertaken to improve these varieties by crossing them with disease susceptible, farmer preferred local landraces. Five improved varieties and four local landraces were used and hybridisations among them were made in a poly-cross nursery...

Author(s): Ephraim Nuwamanya, Yona Baguma, Naushad Emmambux, John Taylorand Rubaihayo Patrick

  • Article Number: 7B7FD8C2686

December 2011

Screening the cultural characteristics of Hebeloma eburneum Malençon

In this study, the cultural characteristics of Hebeloma eburneum Malençon (Basidiomycota, Bolbitiaceae) that included morphological and anatomical features and their natural spread in Turkey were investigated. Basidiomata of Hebeloma eburneum usually grows single or in groups, with fleshy caps of 4 to 8 cm in diameter. The cuticle of pileus is white and pinkish from the center toward...

Author(s): Perihan Güler, Aziz Türkoğlu and Ilknur Kunduz

November 2015

Effects of various freezing and thawing techniques on pork quality in ready-to-eat meals

Meat rapidly decomposes and discolours due to oxidation and enzyme activity; therefore, it must be frozen when stored. This study investigates the effects of different freezing and thawing processes on pork quality. Pork meat was frozen by natural convection freezing (NCF, -38°C), individual quick-freezing (IQF, -45°C), or liquid nitrogen freezing (LNF, -100°C). Freezing was completed when the thermocouple...

Author(s): Kwang-Il Kim, Jun-Bo Shim, Seon-Mi Yoo, Sang-Gi Min, SangYoon Lee, Yeon-Ji Jo and Mi-Jung Choi

January 2015

Effects of Moringa oleifera Lam. aqueous leaf extracts on follicle stimulating hormone and serum cholesterol in Wistar rats

The study evaluated the effect of Moringa oleifera aqueous leaf extracts on follicle stimulating hormone and serum cholesterol in Wistar rats. Thirty six (36) mature Wistar rats (20 male and 16 female rats) were used. The male rats were grouped into four groups with five animals each, while the female animals were grouped into four made up of four animals per group, on the basis of their body weights. Graded doses (1, 5...

Author(s): Nwamarah, Joy Ugo, Otitoju, Olawale and Otitoju, Grace T. O.

September 2011

Conceptual model for relationship between earning quality and cost of capital

In this study the relationships between cost of capital and six dimensions of earning quality are evaluated. Furthermore, we provide a conceptual model based on these relationships. Six dimensions of earning quality based on accounting information include, “Accrual quality ", " Earning variability", "Optional accrual items", "Common factor", "Earning predictability" and...

Author(s): Hashem Nikoomaram, Hamidreza Vakili Fard, Fraydoon Rahnamay Roodposhti, Ghodratollah Talebnia and Peyman Amini

  • Article Number: 2649EF321101

September 2010

Multiphoton angular distribution: Occurrence of an isotropic term and effect of light polarization

Within the framework of perturbation theory and of dipole approximation, the angular distribution for third order processes can be expressed for any state of quantum numbers (n, l) of the hydrogen atom as ; whatever the polarisation state (linear or circular). The explicit expressions of the corresponding angular coefficients are given for ns and np initial states. It is shown for the particular case of linear...

Author(s): Mamadou Faye, Sada Tamimou Wane and Samba Ndiaye

  • Article Number: 080D56930958

February 2011

The proximate and mineral compositions of five major rice varieties in Abakaliki, South-Eastern Nigeria

The proximate compositions were estimated using compositional analysis of Association of Official Analytical Chemists, while the mineral element contents were determined using atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Analysis of variance shows that there is significant difference (p<0.05) in the proximate compositions of the rice varieties studied (Sipi>Faro14>Awilo>Faro15>Canada). No significant difference...

Author(s): Oko A. O. and Ugwu S. I.

  • Article Number: 174DF8A10025

May 2012

Effect of Teucrium polium flower extract on the activities of nucleoside diphosphate kinase and acetyl-CoA carboxylase in normal and diabetic rats

Author(s): Soleiman Mahjoub, Saied Davari, Zoleika Moazezi and Durdi Qujeq     NOT AVAILABLE

February 2018

Assessment of the knowledge and use of pesticides by the tomato farmers in Mwea Region, Kenya

Current cultivation of vegetables to meet food security standards requires the use of pesticides which reduce losses from pests and diseases. A cross-sectional survey for pesticides use in tomato farms was conducted in Mwea, Kenya to assess the practices and constraints faced by the farmers. Gender, level of education, the use of pesticides in farms, experience in tomato farming, list of common pesticides, periodicity...

Author(s): J. H. Nguetti , J. K. Imungi, M. W. Okoth, J. Wang’ombe, W. F. Mbacham and S. E. Mitema  

December 2011

Understanding India’s sociological diversity, unity in diversity and caste system in contextualizing a global conservation model

  This essay relates to the issues of sociological and cultural diversity in India vis-à-vis the global emerging issues of sociological and cultural diversity conservation. The Caste system upon which India’s tradition of diversity or unity in diversity is essentially rooted requires a fresh attention in the emerging perspective of sociological and cultural diversity conservation. The argument...

Author(s): Babul Roy

  • Article Number: BB9AB793171

October 2011

Drought response of some tropical rice genotypes: Rooting, vegetative traits and grain production

Sixteen upland rice varieties, comprising of some interspecific New rice for Africa (NERICA) hybrids, established varieties and some breeding lines, were raised in the greenhouse and used to expound drought response under varying moisture conditions, as a guide for breeding genotypes with appreciable drought tolerance and grain yield. Varieties were subjected to different levels of drought stress through different...

Author(s): Nassir, Adesola L. and Adewusi, Kayode M.      

  • Article Number: 01F21EF11069

February 2003

The Biochemical Society of Kenya

Author(s): Daniel Masiga

January 2018

Socio-economic roots of religious conversions: A case study of the valley of Kashmir Showkat

The question of religious conversion has conventionally been treated either as a product of force employed from the above or the process started from below. It has also been viewed in terms of individual search for spiritual salvation according to his own understanding. At the global level, two factors are important in the religious conversions, one the place where the religion originated and second the place where it...

Author(s): Ahmad Dar, Sulakhan Singh and Naveed, A. Paray

May 2015

Evaluation of anti-oxidant properties in essential oil and solvent extracts from Tagetes minuta

Synthetic antioxidants such as butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) are toxic and carcinogenic, thus they induce DNA damage. This calls for the need to find alternative antioxidants from natural products. Tagetes minuta (Asteraceae) is an annual herb that belongs to the Asteraceae family. It is used in common medicine and grows in temperate regions of South America, some parts of Africa and...

Author(s): Kyarimpa Christine, Isaiah Ndiege Omolo, John David Kabasa, Christine Betty Nagawa, John Wasswa and Cliff Richard Kikawa

April 2010

Captopril interferes with some serum biochemical findings

Captopril is a widely used anti-hypertensive drug that acts by inhibiting angiotensin-converting enzyme. This work has been carried out to investigate the effects of captopril on some common biochemical laboratory parametres in the sera of patients receiving the drug. For this study, 40 subjects were included, all within the age range of 40 to 63 years and with newly diagnosed essential hypertension. From each patient,...

Author(s): I. A. Ibrahim, F. S. Al-Joudi , R.  Waleed Sulaiman  and B. Hilal AL-Saffar

  • Article Number: EC757BD11233

June 2012

N-acetylaspartylglutamate (NAAG) exhibits anti-inflammatory effects on carrageenan-induced paw edema model of inflammation in rats

The present study was designed to evaluate anti-inflammatory effects of N-acetylaspartylglutamate (NAAG), as a presynaptic mGlu3 receptor agonist on carrageenan-induced paw edema in rats. NAAG was administered intraperitoneally (10 mg/kg) 20 min before the intraplantar injection of the carrageenan. Neutrophil infiltration (MPO activity), lipid peroxidation (MDA assay), free radical scavenging activity (SOD and GPx...

Author(s): Armita Banani, Nasrin Maleki-Dizaji, Hossein Niknahad, Alireza Garjani, Mojtaba Ziaee, Hamed Ghavimi, Sanaz Hamedeyazdan and Afagh Garjani

November 2011

Technology transfer for cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) production under protected agriculture in uplands Balochistan, Pakistan

The adverse climatic conditions and scarcity of irrigation water in Balochistan (Pakistan) have encouraged the development of protected agriculture. Semicircular plastic tunnels were introduced in three districts of Balochistan. This technology transfer trials have shown the advantages and benefits of producing cucumber in tunnels with marketable yield per unit area between 5.37 to 6.77 kg m2. Farmer-managed...

Author(s): Azeem Khan, Muhammad Islam, Inam-ul-Haq, Sarfraz Ahmad, Ghazanfar Abbas and Mohammad Athar

  • Article Number: CF182C029709

January 2013

Adenosine diphosphate-ribosylation factor 1 controls spindle assembly during first meiotic division in bovine oocytes

  Adenosine diphosphate-ribosylation factor 1 (ARF1) is a member of guanosine triphosphate (GTP)-binding proteins family associated with Golgi complexes. ARF1 regulated asymmetric cell division in female meiosis in mouse. However, little isknown about its function in bovine oocyte meiosis. In the present study, we examined the localization, expression and functions of ARF1 during bovine oocyte...

Author(s):   Yun-An Shi, Yong Jing, Wei Li, Wen-Lin Yang, Xiao-Ling Ma, Miao-Miao Ma and An-Min Lei        

October 2011

Power line enhancement for data monitoring of neural electrical activity in the human body

Distance and real-time data monitoring are the necessary condition that makes any system in good working order. Recent advancements in micro-electronics and wireless technology enable the application of wireless sensors in both industry and wild environments. However, Long-distance wireless communication has several drawbacks like limited bandwidth, considerable costs and unstable connection quality. Therefore, Power...

Author(s): Ahmed M. A. Haidar, Sridhathan C, Abdulsalam Hazza and Ahmed Saleh

March 2012

Phloretin induced apoptosis of human hepatoma cells SMMC-7721 and its correlative biological mechanisms

In order to investigate the proliferative and apoptotic effects of phloretin on human hepatoma cell line SMMC-7721 and to explore the mechanisms of phloretin induced apoptosis, this research is set to observed morphological alterations with phase contrast and confocal microscopy, performed MTT assay, and detected apoptotic rates, cell cycle progression, mitochondrial trans-membrane potential and intracellular calcium...

Author(s): Hui Wang,#, Dianjun Wang#, Yabin Pu, Dengkui Pan,Weijun Guan and Yuehui Ma

September 2016

Response of Chinese cabbage to source and rate of N topdressing application in tropical soil in Brazil

The aim of this study was to evaluate the response of Chinese cabbage (hybrid Deneko) to source and rate of N topdressing application. The experimental design was a randomized complete block, consisting of nine treatments (4x2+1 factorial design), with five replications, that is, four rates of N (54, 108, 162 and 216 kgha-1); two sources of N (urea and ammonium sulphate); and a control (without N topdressing). The...

Author(s): Carla Verônica Corrêa, Bruno Novaes Menezes Martins, Aline Mendes de Sousa Gouveia, Ana Emília Barbosa Tavares, Natália de Brito Lima Lanna and Antonio Ismael Inácio Cardoso

April 2014

Increasing the extraction efficiency of algal lipid for biodiesel production: Novel application of algal viruses

Various studies have been conducted recently using microalgal system for the production of algal lipid for biodiesel production. This study aimed at increasing the extraction efficiency of algal lipid from Chlorella sp. by the application of Chlorella viruses. The calorific value of lipid from Chlorella sp. has been reported to be higher than that of fresh water microalgae, making it a potential candidate to be used as...

Author(s): Swapnil G. Sanmukh, Krishna Khairnar, Rajshree H. Chandekar and Waman N. Paunikar

July 2015

Math teachers’ attitudes towards photo math application in solving mathematical problem using mobile camera

This study aimed at finding out mathematics teachers’ attitudes towards photo math application in solving mathematical problems using mobile camera; it also aim to identify significant differences in their attitudes according to their stage of teaching, educational qualifications, and teaching experience. The study used judgmental/purposive sampling method involving 127 male and female teachers from Directorate of...

Author(s): Iyad M. Hamadneh and Aslan Al – Masaeed

January 2014

Coco peat - An alternative artificial soil ingredient for the earthworm toxicity testing

The artificial soil medium recommended for invertebrate toxicity studies by OECD and ISO contains sphagnum peat as an organic component. Sphagnum peat is not widely available in tropical countries especially in the Indian subcontinent. Importing of sphagnum peat is not economically feasible and also time consuming Using of native organic matter source is also much more ecologically relevant for the region. Hence,...

Author(s): R. Shanmugasundaram, T. Jeyalakshmi, Sweatha S. Mohan, M. Saravanan, A. Goparaju and P. Balakrishna Murthy

May 2013

Lipoxygenase and carotenoids: A co-oxidation story

Lipoxygenases (LOXs), widely found in plants, fungi, and animals, are a large family of monomeric proteins with non-heme, non-sulphur, iron cofactor containing dioxygenases that catalyze the oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acid to yield hydroperoxides. Some LOX isoenzymes have the capacity to co-oxidise also the carotenoids. Carotenid biosynthesis occurs only in...

Author(s): Veronica Sanda Chedea and Mitsuo Jisaka

July 2011

In vitro antioxidant properties of polysaccharides from Armillaria mellea in batch fermentation

Antioxidant properties of exopolysaccharides (EPS) and intracellular polysaccharides (IPS) obtained respectively from mycelia and filtrates of submerged culture by Armillaria mellea in a 20-L stirred tank bioreactor wereinvestigated. Effective production of EPS and IPS is available by submerged culture of A. mellea with respective number average molecular weights and protein/polysaccharide...

Author(s): Ming-Yeou Lung and Yu-Cheng Chang

March 2009

Circulating entomofaune in orchards of apple trees in the region of the Aures (Eastern - Algeria)

In the Aures Area (Eastern Algeria), the protection of apple trees orchards against pests is essentially based on massive use of chemicals. To evaluate its impact on beneficial, a study of the entomologic biodiversity, evaluated through its regularity at the families scale has been carried out and a description of the beneficial fauna has been realised. Sampling procedures was achieved by bimonthly beating from April to...

Author(s): Frah N., Khelil M. A. and Medjdoub-Bensaad F.    

  • Article Number: 39B61F633506

November 2011

Biodegradation of swainsonine by five types of plasmid-transformants from genomic library of Arthrobacter sp. HW08

  The aim of this study is to analyze the ability of swainsonine (SW) biodegradation by five types of transformants from the genomic library of Arthrobacter sp. HW08, explore preliminarily metabolites and deduce the metabolic pathway. Using 1000 mg·L-1 SW as the sole carbon source, mineral salts medium (MSM) containing five transformants at a proportion for 1:1(V:V) was incubated at...

Author(s): Yanchun Hu, Yan Wang, Jianna Wang, Guodong Yang, Haili Li, Guoxia Gengand Jianhua Wang

July 2010

Comparative degradation of sawdust by microorganisms isolated from it

  Microorganisms isolated from sawdust have been demonstrated to be effective in its degradation. Eight bacteria and eight fungi were isolated from wet decaying sawdust. These were tested for their capability to degrade sawdust. Among the bacteria, Cellulomonas sp. was found to be the most effective degrading agent based on its high percentage degradation (18.3%). This was followed by Micrococcus sp....

Author(s): J. A. Lennox, C. Abriba, Bello N. Alabi and F. C. Akubuenyi

  • Article Number: B2BC8EE13726

June 2013

Weakly symmetric and weakly ricci–symmetric conditions on manifolds

  In this paper, we have researched the necessary and sufficient conditions for a manifold to be weakly symmetric and weakly Ricci–symmetric and examined the conditions over 1–forms involved in the definitions of weakly symmetric and weakly Ricci–symmetric conditions. We have evaluated some certain results of situations in which a weakly symmetric manifold is with parallel or...

Author(s): Mehmet ATÇEKEN and Ümit YILDIRIM

April 2012

Antioxidant activity of different extracts from leaves of Pereskia bleo (Cactaceae)

The present study was conducted to assess the antioxidant properties of ethanol, ethyl acetate, methanol and hexane extracts from leaves of Pereskia bleo using 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl method  (DPPH assay), ferric reducing antioxidant power (FRAP assay) and β-Carotene-Linoleic acid methods. Total phenolic compounds (TPC) and flavonoids of the leaves of P. bleo were measured...

Author(s): Behnaz Hassanbaglou, Azizah Abdul Hamid, A. M. Roheeyati, Norihan Mohd Saleh, AhmadSahib Abdulamir, Alfi Khatib and Sabu M.C

June 2016

Assessing contribution of local community in biodiversity conservation at Laharepauwa of Rasuwa, Nepal

The Tamang community is one of the poor groups living in Middle Mountain of Nepal. It pre-dominantly resides in Buffer Zone of Langtang National Park, located in north-central Nepal. The Buffer zones is areas of settlements and agriculture surrounding the core area set aside for wildlife habitats and rare flora. Access on buffer zone programs depends greatly on their representation on local institutions. There are three...

Author(s): R. Sherchan, K. Rijal and S. B. Bajracharya

February 2010

Effects of soaking and boiling and autoclaving on nutritional quality of Mucuna flagellipes (Ukpo)

The effect of soaking and boiling, and autoclaving on nutritional factors (proximate and mineral) and anti-nutritional qualities of legume, Mucuna flagellipes were studied. Batches of seeds were soaked for 6, 12, 18 and 24 h in distilled water at room temperature, then boiled in water for 30, 45, 60 or 90 min respectively. Another batch of the M. flagellipes was autoclaved for different duration of...

Author(s): E. A. Udensi, N. U. Arisa and E. Ikpa

  • Article Number: 6CD16C811036

October 2009

Bacteriological examination of drinking water with reference to coliforms in Jeedimetla, Hyderabad, India

  Most probable number (MPN) test was done to detect the coliform in water samples collected from mobile vendors, protected well and municipal tap water supplied from Jeedimetla municipality. The study revealed that the number of coliforms was very high (≥ 1500) in water samples collected from mobile vendors. The bacteria were identified as Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas...

Author(s): Prasanna Reddy Battu and M. S. Reddy

April 2014

Addition of grape extracts can enhance quality of natural seasonings by changing their physicochemical properties

  The present study was aimed to evaluate the application of different concentrations of grape extract on the physicochemical properties of natural seasonings. The results show that increase in concentration of grape extract (0 to 20%) significantly reduced the lightness (34.75 to 28.3) and yellowness (15.33 to 10.64), however increased the redness (0.98 to 1.5) values of natural seasonings. The mineral...

Author(s): Il-Doo Kim, Sanjeev Kumar Dhungana, Piao Mei Zi, Jung-Won Lee, Hye-Kyung Moon Hwa-Seok Hwang and Dong-Hyun Shin

December 2009

In vitro antiviral activities under cytotoxic doses against herpes simples type-1 and parainfluensa-3 viruses of Cicer arietinum L. (Chickpea)

The objective of this study was to evaluation antiviral activities of the extracts from the seed, fruit skin and aerial parts of ten registered varieties Cicer arietinum (Chickpea) against Herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1) and Parainfluenza-3 (PI-3) viruses. Madin-Darby Bovine Kidney and Vero cell lines were employed for antiviral assessment of the Citer arientinum L. extracts,...

Author(s): Asuman Kan, Berrin Özçelik and Murat Kartal

  • Article Number: 5C2876527669

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