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April 2013

Computational study of environmental fate of ionic liquids using conductor-like screening model for real solvents (COSMO-RS) method

  Conductor-like screening model for real solvents (COSMO-RS) method was used in screening 2106 potential ionic liquids as safer solvents to volatile n-dodecane used in plutonium and uranium extraction (PUREX). The octanol-water partition coefficient KOW, Bioconcentration factors (BCF) and Bioaccumulation of the ionic liquids were determined. From the results obtained, 111 of them have lower toxicity than the...

Author(s): Zakari, A. Y., Waziri, S. M., Aderemi, B. O. and Mustapha, S. I.

March 2013

Morphological diagnosis and occurrence of Blastocystis spp. obtained from the stool samples of domestic bird species commercialized in municipal markets

Blastocystis hominis is a gastrointestinal tract parasite whose pathogenic role, and zoonotic potential remains unclear. Several microorganisms similar to B. hominishave been reported in a variety of non-human hosts, and described asBlastocystis spp. The study aimed to verify the occurrence of Blastocystis spp. in three species of poultry of two municipal markets, by observing the...

Author(s): Teresa Cristina Bergamo do Bomfim and Melissa Carvalho Machado do Couto

January 2014

Effect of nitrogen on rice yield, yield components and quality parameters

Effect of nitrogen (N) fertilizer levels on yield and yield components of rice (Hashemi, Ali kazemi and Khazar) was investigated in an experiment as factorial in randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications in a paddy light soil at Guilan province, Iran, in the year 2008 to 2009. In this experiment, four treatments including: N1, control (no N fertilizer); N2, 30 kg N/ha; N3, 60 kg N/ha; N4, 90 kg...

Author(s): Mandana Tayefe, Akif Gerayzade, Ebrahim amiri and Azin Nasrollah Zade

February 2016

Contemporary prosopis dilemma: Perception of inhabitants of Sabian Kebele (Goro) towards invasive tree Prosopis juliflora, Eastern Ethiopia

The study was conducted in Sabian Kebele specifically Goro locality of Dire Dawa administration, Eastern Ethiopia. The study was aimed at assessing the perception of inhabitants of Sabian Kebele (Goro) towards the exceedingly invasive Prosopis juliflora species. The surveys were conducted between October 2014 and February 2015. The study population was selected based on their settling in P. juliflora infested locality...

Author(s): Shimles Ayalew and Getachew Mulualem

December 2016

Decade of permanent cardiac pacing in a tertiary care hospital of Northern India

This study of 10 year review of pacing was undertaken to analyse the continuous rise in the incidence of pacing in this part of country. 532 patients implanted with permanent pacemakers were evaluated during this decade. The age of patients ranged from 6 to 85 years with majority of patients belonging to age group of 55 to 70 years and a male to female ratio of 2:1. The commonest presenting  symptom was cardiac...

Author(s): Nazir Ahmad Lone, B. A. Naiku and Khalid Mohi u Din

July 2017

Contributions of farmers’ organizations to rural development: Case of North West farmers’ organization in Mezam Division, Cameroon

This works aim to discuss the contribution of farmers’ organizations to rural development, particularly the case of North West Farmers’ Organization (NOWEFOR). This study was carried out from January to November, 2014 in Mezam Division of the North west Region of Cameroon. 100 farmer’s members of NOWEFOR were interviewed using a semi-structured questionnaire and 20 leaders were interviewed using an...

Author(s): Guillaume Hensel Fongang Fouepe and Kenette Fru Mbangari

July 2016

The US attempt of supremacy in the twenty first century: Russian and Chinese response

This study is about international politics of post-cold war period in which US attempted to become the singular hegemonic power in the international political affairs. The major purpose of the study was to explore the responses of emerging powers in the international political system to US ambition. The article will start with a discussion on elements of US Grand Strategy in its foreign affairs. It has been revealed...

Author(s): Nishantha Hettiarachchi and Upul Abeyrathne

March 2011

An approach to Safety Management System (SMS) implementation in aircraft operations

  Each year a large number of approach and landing accidents occur worldwide. Safety statistics of commercial airline operators show that on average there is almost one occurrence every week. Each year there is also a number of approach and landing accidents that resulted in third party damage and injuries on the ground. To operators it is therefore interesting to know how big their risk is and what possible...

Author(s): Olja Čokorilo, Petar Mirosavljević, Slobodan Gvozdenović

January 2011

Evaluation of the territorial system of forest recreation by natural indicators: Belgrade forest example

The current study presents a method for establishing a complex recreation resource within a territorial system for forest recreation areas within the period of 1960 to 2008, using quantitative forest stand indicators. Use of the methodology for direct assessment of forest stands with recreational functions on the basis of natural indicators. The assessment is tied to performance of pre made "bioclimatical...

Author(s): Sinan Destan and Sultan Bekiroğlu        

March 2012

Porous and non-porous electrospun fibres from discarded expanded polystyrene

  In this study, we report the electrospinning of expanded polystyrene (E-PS) in xylene and tetrahydrofuran to produce microfibres. The aim is to develop a viable technique for waste polystyrene electrospun fibers for various applications. The E-PS was dissolved in xylene and tetrahydrofuran (THF), spun at voltage range of 10 to 28 kV keeping the spinning distance constant. The E-PS was characterized with...

Author(s): Oluwagbemiga Alayande, Samuel Olatubosun, Oluwaseun Adedoyin, Olalekan Deborah, ,Olayinka Sanda , Adeniyi Fasasi, Olugbenga Dare, Gabriel Osinkolu, John Ajao and David Pelemo

February 2012

Antimicrobial action of purified raspberry flavonoid

In this paper, the bacteriostatic action of purified raspberry flavonoid was explored. A study was conducted on the effect of raspberry flavonoid on Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Rhizopus, Mucor andPenicillium. Raspberry flavonoid had the best inhibition effect on S. aureus, followed by B. subtilis, E....

Author(s): Jinxu Sun, Hui xia Zhu, Jiping Guo and Dong Guang Xiao      

January 2011

E-government implementation in Nigeria: An assessment of Nigeria's global e-gov ranking

  Nigeria is a country that has always posed a paradox to the international community in terms of its level of development vis-a-vis its economic potential. This is also reflected in the low ranking index it gets in international surveys despite the effort to develop its infrastructure and human capital. Nigeria has the fastest growing and most lucrative telecommunications, and Information and Communications...

Author(s): A. B. Adeyemo

  • Article Number: C18A2DF8893

February 2011

Effect of camel milk on collagen abnormalities in streptozotocin-diabetic rats

Non-enzymatic glycation of proteins, leading to chemical modification and cross-linking are of importance in the pathology of diabetic complications. In our early reported we showed that, camel milk possesses antihyperglycemic, antihyperlipidemic and exhibit beneficial role on membrane-bound ATPases in streptozotocin-diabetic rats after 45 days of treatment of camel milk at the optimum dose of 250 ml/day. In the present...

Author(s): Khalid S. Al-Numair, Govindasamy Chandramohan and Mohammed A. Alsaif

September 2008

Bioassay of five trichoderma strains against Phytophthora megakarya (Cacao pod-rot) in Nigeria

  Bioassay of five Trichoderma strains isolated from Cocoa ecological zones of Nigeria was carried out at Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria. In the in vitroassessment the pathogen and antagonists were paired on potato dextrose agar (PDA) contained in 90 mm Petri dishes, while the effect of antagonists on the mycelial growth of the pathogen was determined for 120 h. The percentage disease...

Author(s): Adedeji A. R., Odebode A. C. and Agbeniyi S.O.

  • Article Number: 33CA6B414490

March 2012

Trichoderma spp. from rhizosphere soil and their antagonism against Fusarium sambucinum

  One hundred and forty six (146) isolates of Trichoderma spp. were obtained from rhizosphere soils of potato plants in the middle areas of Gansu Province, China. By means of dual culture method, they were examined for antagonism against Fusarium sambucinum, which causes potato dry rot. Ten of the isolates were found to be evidently antagonistic to the pathogen. Based on morphological...

Author(s):   Zhang Ru, and Wang Di,    

March 2017

Determinants of Adoption of Improved Technologies in Rice Production in Imo State, Nigeria

In Imo State, an increasing number of improved rice production technologies and management techniques have been introduced to rice farmers across the State. Despite the introduction of the rice production technologies, rice production continues to be low. This study therefore analyzed factors associated with adoption of improved rice production technologies in Imo State of Nigeria. Random sampling technique was used in...

Author(s): Onyeneke, R. U.

April 2010

Intake of iron, zinc and iodine in 28 Ethiopian children living in Wonji Shoa Sugar Estate, assessed by duplicate portion technique

  In the present study, duplicate diets (four-day survey) of 28 Ethiopian children were analysed for iron, zinc and iodine. The mothers of the children filled out a food frequency questionnaire describing general intake of local food ingredients. The average daily intake of zinc was found to be 5.7 ± 5.2 mg, while the daily intake of iron and iodine was 52 ± 43 mg and 0.13 ± 0.10 mg,...

Author(s):   Marian K. Malde, Legesse Zerihun, Kjell Bjorvatn and Kare Julshamn          

  • Article Number: 02F625C16815

September 2010

Effect of irradiation on inoculated Salmonella parathyphi B and the colour of freeze-dried egg yolk

The effect of irradiation on the colour intensity of freeze-dried egg yolk samples (FDEY), from poultry birds given feed containing different concentrations of annatto extract was investigated. Concentrations of 1, 4, 7 and 10 % of annatto extracts were used in the poultry feed formulation and these were compared with feed containing no additive as well as one containing a commercial feed colourant, ‘carophyll...

Author(s): I. W. Ofosu, F. B. Apea Bah, A.  Adu-Gyamfi, G. M. Ankar-Brewoo, I. Oduro, W. O. Ellis, M. Boakye-Wallace and A. Owusu-Marfo

  • Article Number: A9B03DF26005

June 2008

Analysis of Kenyan isolates of Fusarium solani f. sp. phaseoli from common bean using colony characteristics, pathogenicity and microsatellite DNA

  Fusarium solani (Mart) f.sp. phaseoli (Burk) Synd. and Hans., is a plant pathogenic fungus that causes root rot in garden bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). To evaluate methods used in classifying strains of this pathogen, 52 Fusarium solani f.sp. phaseoli isolates from infected bean plants grown on different farms in Taita hills of Coast province, Kenya, were cultured and...

Author(s): Agnes W. Mwang’ombe, Pixley K. Kipsumbai, Ezekiel K. Kiprop, Florence M. Olubayo and Joel W. Ochieng,

January 2014

Induction of mutations in Browallia speciosa using sodium azide and identification of the genetic variation by peroxidase isozyme

Plants of Browallia speciosa were treated with different concentrations of sodium azide (0, 200, 400, 600 and 800 ppm) as a soil drench. The concentration of 800 ppm had simulative effect on the most studied traits. It increased the number of branches and leaves, chlorophyll content, fresh weights of vegetative growth and roots, dry weights of vegetative growth and roots and root length in the M1 (2011/ 2012) and ...

Author(s): El-Mokadem, Hoda E. and Mostafa, Gehan G.

October 2011

Immune and antioxidant defenses in an autogenous Aedes caspius mosquito upon infection with Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki

  This study investigates the glutathione-immunity interaction upon infection of both larval and adult stages of Aedes caspius with Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki (Btk). The anti-oxidative stress, in terms of glutathione (GSH) titer, and melanization immune response, in terms of phenoloxidase (PO) titer, was investigated. Data from Btk-infected larvae showed no or significant lower GSH...

Author(s): Ashraf M. Ahmed

November 2017

In vitro selective cytotoxicity of activated parasporal proteins produced by Bacillus thuringiensis serovars kumamotoensis and tohokuensis against human cancer cell lines

The anti-cancer activity of alkali-solubilized protease-activated parasporal proteins produced by 78 local Bacillus thuringiensis strains and 14 reference B. thuringiensis strains was screened against five human cancer cell lines (CACO-2, Hep2, HepG2, K562, and MCF-7). Activated parasporal proteins were tested for their hemolytic activity against human erythrocytes. It was found that activated parasporal proteins of 25...

Author(s): Maher Obeidat

August 2007

Analysis of phenolic compounds in Ugandan sweet potato varieties (NSP, SPK AND TZ)

      Sweet potato varieties: Nsp, Tz and Spk obtained from Uganda were used in this study. Several phenolic compounds were identified on the basis of their mass spectra in full scan mode and the pattern of their fragmentation. The major compounds found were caffeoylquinic acid, dicaffeoylquinic acid, coumaroylquinic acid,...

Author(s): Agnes M. Nandutu, Mike Clifford and Nazlin K. Howell

  • Article Number: 1721B739694

May 2015

Etio-pathological investigations to study the gross and histopathological lesions affecting gastrointestinal tract of sheep

Thirty sheep/lambs were brought for post mortem in Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex, LUVAS and Central Sheep Breeding Farm, Hisar, which were investigated for gastrointestinal tract pathology in laboratory of Department of Veterinary Pathology. Mortality was maximum in sheep/lambs of age group 6 months to 1 year and higher in males than females. Gross pathological changes in gastro intestinal system noticed were...

Author(s): S. Kumar, K. K. Jakhar and A. D. Singh

February 2013

A more improved protocol for in vitro shoot organogenesis in daylily (Hemerocallis sp.)

  Daylily is a crop of landscape, nutritional, and medicinal importance. Despite relative progress, daylily is one of the least explored crops in tissue culture, partly, because of its low responsiveness for in vitro organogenesis. This study reports a more efficient one-step protocol for shoot organogenesis. Leaf, flower, flower bud, stem, and root tissues were investigated for shoot organogenesis...

Author(s): Kanyand Matand, Ning Wu, Stephan Conley and George Acquaah

February 2011

An economic order quantity model with screening errors, returned cost, and shortages under quantity discounts

  Previous studies on the issue of imperfect quality inventory assumed the direct cost of the product was irrelevant and the screening processes were perfect. However, in practice, the purchase price is some function of the quantity purchased and the inspection testing may fail to be perfect due to Type 1 and Type 2 errors. Thus, this paper proposes a cost-minimizing Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) model that...

Author(s): Tien-Yu Lin and Ming-Te Chen

March 2012

Application of the multivariate analysis method for some traits in maize

This experiment was carried out on the basis of complete randomized block design with three replications and 15 foreign hybrids new hybrids of corn in addition 3 commercial hybrid (as control) under normal sowing date and delayed sowing date condition in the Khorasan Razavi Agricultural Research Centre, Iran in the year 2008. This study showed that among all hybrids, EXP1 (18.61 ton/ha) and SIMON (17.91 ton/ha) had the...

Author(s): Maryam Ashofteh Beiragi, Barat Ali Siah Sar, Hossein Sadeghi Geive, Majid Nasrolah Alhossini, Atena Rahmani and Ali Bakhtiari Gharibdoosti

October 2011

The importance of spatial accuracy in characterizing stand types using remotely sensed data

This study assessed the potential use of Landsat 7 ETM+ (15 and 30 m spatial resolutions) images to estimate forest stand attributes such as development stages, crown closure and stand types. The study evaluates the performance of spatial and image classification accuracies between Landsat images (15 and 30 m spatial resolutions) and the forest cover type map (FCTM) with the spatial analysis functions of...

Author(s): Fatih Sivrikaya

May 2013

Lipoxygenase and carotenoids: A co-oxidation story

Lipoxygenases (LOXs), widely found in plants, fungi, and animals, are a large family of monomeric proteins with non-heme, non-sulphur, iron cofactor containing dioxygenases that catalyze the oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acid to yield hydroperoxides. Some LOX isoenzymes have the capacity to co-oxidise also the carotenoids. Carotenid biosynthesis occurs only in...

Author(s): Veronica Sanda Chedea and Mitsuo Jisaka

February 2012

Effects of subordinate various work behaviors on the motivational level of their bosses

Subordinates at times are the source of rousing for their bosses at various organizations which always give a jump to the working relations among them. Primarily, the focus of this paper is to interrogate the various constructs and the proxies of subordinates work behavior, which motivate their bosses while revealing the impact of subordinates on those work behaviors on the motivational levels of the bosses, and then...

Author(s): Syed Akif Hasan and Muhammad Imtiaz Subhani

June 2013

Antiserum prodction and reverse transcription polymeraes chain reaction (RT-PCR) for detection of bean leaf roll virus

Bean leaf roll virus (BLRV) is a recently isolated virus from Vicia fabae beans which was collected from eight different locations at Ismailia governorate, Egypt. This virus is belonging to the genus luteovirus and resembles its members in mode of transmission, symptoms and morphological appearance. In this study, BLRV was identified using multi techniques, direct enzyme linked...

Author(s): El-beshehy, E. K. F., and Azza, G. Farag,

July 2012

Antibacterial and synergistic effects from aerial part of Kalimeris yomena Kitamura extract against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is recognized as a serious clinical problem worldwide. Consequently, a recent investigation was conducted on the antibacterial activity and aerial part of Kalimeris yomena Kitamura. The antibacterial activities of ethanol (EtOH) extract of K. yomena and its n-hexane, EtOAc, n-BuOH and H2O fractions were evaluated against 15...

Author(s): Young-Hwa Kim, Dae-Ki Joung, Dong-Young Shin, Kyung-Hee Lee, Dong-Yeul Kwon, Jang-Gi Choi, Dong-Soo-Ha, Dong-Won Shin

January 2013

Photosynthetic pigments, nitrogen status, and flower behavior in eggplant exposed to different sources and levels of potassium

The aim of this study was to investigate (i) the influence of different sources and levels of potassium on photosynthetic pigments, (ii) measure nitrogen status in leaf, (iii) evaluate flower behavior in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.), and (iv) to identify a better potassium source to cultivation of this species. The experiment design used was in factorial scheme with randomized blocks, being composed by 2...

Author(s): Douglas José Marques, Fernando Broetto, Allan Klynger da Silva Lobato, Ernani Clarete da Silva, Janice Guedes de Carvalho, Fabrício William de Ávila, Gustavo Antonio Ruffeil Alves and Izabelle Pereira Andrade

October 2017

Unsafe abortion and associated factors among women in reproductive age group in Arsi Zone, Central Ethiopia

Unsafe abortion is one of the major medical and public health problems in developing countries including Ethiopia. Yet, there is no reliable information on induced abortion distribution and its determinant factors in the country. This study assesses the determinants of unsafe abortion among women of reproductive age group in Arsi Zone, Central Ethiopia. Institution based cross-sectional study was conducted in four...

Author(s): Legesse Tadesse Wodajo, Solomon Tejineh Mengesha and Teresa Kisi Beyen

April 2007

Examination of Teaching – Learning Process in Swimming Applying Chaffers’ System of Interaction Categories

  The focus of this research is to examine the role of student-teacher interaction during swimming lessons. Forty-nine (49) elementary school PE teachers, swimming trainers and instructors (28 females, 21 males) consented to participate in this study. A total of seventy-seven (77) swimming lessons were videotaped and coded with the Cheffers’ Adaptation of Flanders Interaction Analysis System (CAFIAS)....

Author(s): Melinda Bíró⊃, Edit N. Biróné⊃, Balázs Fügedi⊃, László Révész and Béla Szabó⊃ László Honfi

  • Article Number: 4C0DB433325

May 2012

Production of ethanol from cellobiose by recombinant β-glucosidase-expressing Pichia pastoris: Submerged shake flask fermentation

  Pichia pastoris strain GS115 was engineered to express a synthetic gene encoding β-glucosidase for its use in ethanol production. β-glucosidase was expressed and secreted either as mature enzyme or N- hexahistidine (His6)-tagged fusion protein, under the control of the strong methanol inducible promoter AOX1. The recombinant β-glucosidase was partially characterized and showed properties...

Author(s): Didier Jean Louis MEKO’O, Yun XING, Li Li SHEN, Guy-Armel BOUNDA, Jie WU, Taiming LI, Rongyue CAO, Jing Jing LIU

January 2012

Studies on the prospects and some problems of sand dune vegetation at the fragile coastal zones of West Bengal and Orissa, in Eastern India

Platostoma africanum P. Beauv. is a tropical plant species valued for its efficacy in traditional medicinal system in West Africa. Although studied for its chemical properties, no cytogenetic study has been reported on this plant species. Axillary buds obtained from the growing plants were used to conduct mitotic study. Results obtained in this study showed that P. africanum is a diploid species with...

Author(s): Tamal Chakraborty, Amal Kumar Mondal and Sanjukta Mondal Parui  

November 2014

The prevalence of Brucella abortus DNA in seropositive bovine sera in Bangladesh

Prevalence of brucellosis has been widely investigated on the basis of serological test in livestock but the information on the prevalence of Brucella species is scarce in Bangladesh. The objective of this work was to determine the prevalence of Brucella species in cattle and buffaloes in Bangladesh. For these purpose, a total of 799 serum samples of cattle and buffaloes were collected from different districts of...

Author(s): Md. Siddiqur Rahman, Md Abu Sayed Sarker, A. K. M. Anisur Rahman, Roma Rani Sarker, Falk Melzer, Lisa D. Sprague and Heinrich Neubauer,

November 2009

“Public perceptions of HIV prevalence trends in a municipality in Western Uganda”

  In order to assess the public’s perception of the declining HIV prevalence in a township in western Uganda and its causes, a cross-sectional household survey of 252 randomly selected citizens was conducted in 2005. Survey questions related to the declining HIV prevalence documented in this location and its interpretation, as well as to trends in AIDS-related deaths and stigma. Forty-five percent of all...

Author(s): Elizabeth Chapman, Walter Kipp, Gian S. Jhangri, Paul Veugelers and Tom Rubaale

  • Article Number: D778FB610232

December 2012

Comparative anatomical and palynological studies on genus Ballota (Lamiaceae) from Egypt

In this study, the anatomical and palynological features of 5 taxa belonging to the genusBallota of Lamiaceae from Egypt were examined and evaluated by light and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) in order to determine the taxonomic value of the observed peculiarities. Features related to pollen grains (pollen shape and tectum sculpture type) and anatomical characters (shape in outline, dermal, ground and vascular...

Author(s): Ahmed Kamal El-Deen Osman

September 2006

Chemical composition of volatile constituents from the leaves of Aloe ferox

Volatile compounds oils play a significant role in perfumery, cosmetic, medicinal and pharmaceutical ndustries. In our protracted research for new useful essential oils, a volatile oil from Aloe ferox was obtained by olonged hydrodistillation. This volatile oil was subjected to GC/MS analysis to identify the major constituents of the oil. The major constituents identified were as follows: 3, 6 octatriene (23.86%),...

Author(s): M. L. Magwa, M. Gundidza, R.M. Coopoosamy and B. Mayekiso

December 2013

Investigation of fleas as vectors in the transmission of plague during a quiescent period in North-Eastern, Tanzania

Yersinia pestis, the etiologic agent of plague, is normally transmitted to animals by infective flea-bites. Fleas associated with rodents, cats, dogs and other small mammals are considered important for the maintenance and transmission of the bacterium. Therefore, a study was undertaken to investigate the presence of Y. pestis in fleas of North-Eastern Tanzania during a quiescent period. House rodents were trapped with...

Author(s): Martin Haule, Eligius E. Lyamuya, Bernard M. Hang’ombe, Bukheti S. Kilonzo and Mecky I. Matee

September 2011

Evaluation of antibacterial activity and wound healing of Pistacia atlantica and Pistacia khinjuk

Pistacia atlantica and Pistacia khinjuk are two major Pistacia species that grow in the Zagrossian region and classified into the Anacardiaceae family. In this work we investigated the drug properties of these plants. Experiments were carried out by extract of plants in vitro and in vivo (what kind of extract? both of them). In the in vitro experiments,...

Author(s): Mahin Tohidi, Masood Khayami, Vahid Nejati and Heidar Meftahizade

  • Article Number: D06B64440284

November 2015

Development of bibliometrics in Colombia

The literature on bibliometrics published by Colombian and foreign authors who selected Colombian academic journals or events held in the country to communicate their findings is analyzed. The publications by Colombian researchers published abroad were also collected and analyzed. The type of documents used by researchers, the journals most used, and the languages used for communicating their findings were also studied....

Author(s): Cristina Restrepo Arango and Rubén Urbizagástegui Alvarado

July 2013

Estimation of Pelargonium sidoides root damage by Meloidogyne spp.

  Pelargonium sidoides is a medicinal plant species indigenous to Southern Africa. Its roots are used for treating a variety of ailments in man and livestock. It is in great demand by local users and international pharmaceutical producers. Root-knot nematodes, Meloidogyne species, penetrate into the roots of plants in search of food and for reproduction locations, resulting in the formation of...

Author(s): M. M. Mofokeng, D. Visser, R. Kleynhans, C. P. Du Plooy, G. Prinsloo and P. Soundy

December 2012

Prevalence, incidence and molecular identification of root-knot nematodes of tomato in Pakistan

  Tomato is a widely grown vegetable in Pakistan. However, its production is severely constrained by root knot nematodes (RKNs). Accurate identification of RKNs is essential for an appropriate control program. The current study evaluated the prevalence, incidence and diversity of RKNs of tomato crops grown in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and their identification using molecular tools. A field survey,...

Author(s):   Ishrat Naz, Juan E. Palomares-Rius, Vivian Blok, Saifullah, Sardar Ali and Musharraf Ahmed

December 2011

Tacrolimus adverse events in transplant recipients with diarrhoea or calcium channel blockers: Systematic review

Tacrolimus is widely used for solid-organ transplant immunosuppression. Adverse events can happen in recipients with diarrhoea or calcium channel blockers (CCBs) co-administration. We undertook a systematic review on adverse events in recipients treated with Tacrolimus for whom a raised tacrolimus trough level (≥10 ng/ml) was reported, in a situation of diarrhoea or CCB...

Author(s):   Sandrine Leroy, Sonia Fargue, Albert Bensman Georges Deschênes Evelyne Jacqz-Aigrain and Tim Ulinski

May 2012

Optimization of process variables to develop honey based extruded product

  In the present work, the processing variables were optimized to study their effect on functional properties of honey based ready-to-eat expanded snack food. The blends of rice flour, wheat flour and honey were extruded in a twin-screw extruder. Experimental design with temperature (115 to 135°C), screw speed (270 to 350 rpm) and feed proportion (5 to 15%) as independent variables which...

Author(s): Praneeth Juvvi , Savita Sharma  and Vikas Nanda    

January 2012

Frequency of isolated antibiotic resistant bacterial strains from nursing staff (Azzahra Hospital, Iran)

Nursing staff have important roles to play in nosocomial infections. Antibiotic resistance is the ability of a microorganism to withstand the effects of an antibiotic; it evolves naturally via natural selection through random mutation, but it could also be engineered. The purpose of this study was to survey the relative frequency of antibiotic resistant strains in isolated bacteria...

Author(s): Shila Jalalpour and Abdol Ghaffar Ebadi

November 2015

Phytochemical screening, antioxidant and anticholinesterase effects of Alangium salvifolium (L.F) Wang root extracts

Alangium salvifolium wang is a medicinal plant of the Alanginaceae family which was used as a traditional medicine to cure or prevent a variety of ailments. The aim of the study was to investigate and compare the phytochemical profiles, antioxidant and anticholinesterase effects of ethanol (EASR), dichloromethane (DASR), chloroform (CASR) and aqueous (AASR) extracts of A. salvifolium root. Phytochemical screening was...

Author(s): Md. Nasrullah, Anamul Haque, Zerina Yasmin, Mohammad Ashraf Uddin, Kushal Biswas and Mohammed Saiful Islam

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