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October 2006

Affinity purification of hen egg lysozyme using sephadex G75

We found lysozyme binds Sephadex G75, a dextran-based matrix routinely used for Gel-filtration chromatography, in a pH dependent manner. The binding is rapid and specific in a buffer containing 25 mM NaCl at pH 8.0, and requires only 0.1 ml of swollen Sephadex G75 suspension per mg of lysozyme. The bound lysozyme can be eluted with NaCl concentration over 0.15 M in the same buffer in a relatively pure form....

Author(s): Rizwana Islam, , Jake Kite, Aaron S. Baker, , Alejandro Ching Jr. and M. Rafiq Islam

December 2011

Stem cells: Biology and clinical potential

Stem cell technology has developed rapidly in recent years to the point that we can now envisage its future use in a variety of therapeutic areas. This review seeks to summarize the types and sources of stem cells that may be utilized in this way, their pattern of development, their plasticity in terms of differentiation and transdifferentiation, their ability to self-renew, the privileged microenvironment in which they...

Author(s): Faris Q. B. Alenzi and Ali H. Bahkali

December 2009

Isolation of cellulolytic activities from Tribolium castaneum (red flour beetle)

  Cellulolytic enzymes have immense potential to convert cellulosic biomass into useful products. Tribolium castaneum crude proteins were isolated to screen the cellulolytic activities. The activity was established by substrate-agar plate assay and confirmed by endoglucanase assay. Cellulolytic activity was further purified and characterized using the different chromatographic techniques and...

Author(s): Fayyaz Ur Rehman, Mehwish Aslam, M. Ilyas Tariq, Ashraf Shaheen, Amtul Jamil Sami, Naima Huma Naveed and Aima Iram Batool

December 2011

In vitro antioxidant activity, total phenolics and flavonoids from celery (Apium graveolens) leaves

Apium graveolens has several beneficial properties including antioxidant activity. The leaves of A. graveolens was extracted with methanol and partitioned with water, ethyl acetate and butanol. The phenolic content of the extracts was determined by Folin-Coicalteu method and antioxidant activity was assayed through some in vitro models such as antioxidant capacity by radical scavenging activity...

Author(s): W. S. Jung,  I. M. Chung, S. H. Kim, M. Y. Kim, A. Ahmad and N. Praveen

June 2006

The dynamics of political competition and the future of democratization process in Cameroon: challenges and opportunities

  The paper looks at the process of democratization in Cameroon and its failure to respond to the basic tenets of democracy that meets the aspirations of the people. It argues that though there have been some quasi moves following the collapse of the Soviet Union in trying to open the political space, this has been done to meet donors wish and not in the genuine interest of the people. Hence both internal...

Author(s): JOHN W FORJE, Fil dr.

  • Article Number: 6355B243345

July 2017

Growth of Jatropha curcas L. plants under salt and nutrition stress

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of nutrition and salt stress on the growth and accumulation of mineral elements in Jatropha curcas plants. The work was conducted in greenhouse with 100% solar radiation interception, at Goiás State University, Ipameri Campus, Goiás, Brazil. The experiment was set up in five-liter containers following the completely randomized design in 4 x 2...

Author(s): Fabio Santos Matos, Ricardo Pires Ribeiro, Tarik Galvão Neves, Rosane Angélica Dos Anjos, Patrícia Souza Da Silveira, Clair Kássio Lamberty Cruvinel, Leandro Juen and Hilton Dion Torres Júnior

June 2013

Differences between the Texas phoenix palm phytoplasma and the coconut lethal yellowing phytoplasma revealed by restriction fragement length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis of the NUSA and HFLB genes

  A nested polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay was used to amplify the nusA gene from a DNA sample extracted from a cabbage or sabal (Sabal palmetto) palm showing symptoms of Texas Phoenix decline (TPD) and from three DNA samples from coconut (Cocos nucifera) palms showing symptoms of lethal yellowing (LY). TPD is caused by a 16SrIV-D phytoplasma and LY by a 16SrIV-A strain. From the sabal DNA...

Author(s):   Khayalethu Ntushelo, Nigel Anthony Harrison and Monica Lynn Elliott  

February 2012

Implications of marketing strategy for prospectors, analyzers and defenders

This study investigated the impact of marketing strategy creativity and marketing strategy implementation effectiveness on the performance of the businesses with diverse strategic orientations. A survey questionnaire was used to collect the data from key sales and marketing personnel of business units in diversified industries of Pakistan. Stepwise regression analysis was used to address the question whether or...

Author(s): Basharat Naeem, Muhammad Musarrat Nawaz and Muhammad Ishtiaq Ishaq

June 2012

Prokaryotic expression of vitellogenin receptor gene of Actias selene Hubner

Vitellogenin receptor plays a key role in the embryonic development of oviparous animals. A vitellogenin receptor (VgR) gene was cloned from Actias selene using reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction and rapid amplification of cDNA end PCR. Sequence analysis revealed that this gene was 5848 bp and encoded a protein of 1812 amino acids peptide with high similarity to Bombyx mori VgR. Sodium...

Author(s): Yingying Xu, Baojian Zhu, Qiuning Liu, Guoqing Wei, Li Chen,S Lei Yu and Chaoliang Liu

October 2009

Evaluation of groundwater resources potential in the Ejisu-Juaben district of Ghana

  The increasing stress on freshwater resources due to ever-rising demands and profligate uses as well as growing population of Ejisu-Juaben District is an issue of great concern. The purpose of this study is to make a quantitative estimate of the available groundwater resources in the Ejisu-Juaben district for efficient utilization and management of groundwater resources. The methodology involved the...

Author(s):   G. K. Anornu, B. K. Kortatsi and Zango Musah Saeed  

January 2012

Mediating effect of constructive controversy: Team personality composition and team performance

The purpose of this study is to find out the effectiveness of team personality design over team performance. Team performance is also affected by the relationship of team members on how they help other members to do their work. With extensive data support, the significance of this relationship was discussed. Evaluation of the results explains that there is a positive relationship among team personality design,...

Author(s): Syeda Nimra Batool, Tahir Masood Qureshi, Hira Waheed and Syed Tahir Hijazi

April 2017

Development of the nonverbal communication skills of school administrators scale (NCSSAS): Validity, reliability and implementation study

The main purpose of this study is to develop a scale intended for identifying the school administrators’ nonverbal communication skills, and establish the relationship between the nonverbal communication skills of school administrators and job performance of teachers. The study was conducted in three stages. The first stage involved the creation of a pool of items based on a literature review, and the performance...

Author(s): Tevfık Uzun

July 2014

Evolution on the front page visuals in The Tribune during 2001 & 2011

The front page of a newspaper is very important for every newspaper, my study examines the evolution on the front page visuals of The Tribune in the year 2001 and 2011. Being one of the oldest newspaper of India, it was founded on 2 February 1881, in Lahore, Pakistan but after the partition in 15th August 1947 it was shifted to Punjab, India. During the study period one major change found, was the size of the newspaper...

Author(s): Pradeep Tewari

October 2013

Studies on integrated nutrient management on growth and yield of banana cv. Ardhapuri (Musa AAA)

A field experiment was laid out in a randomized block design with 10 treatments and 3 replications consisting of recommended dose of fertilizers (RDF) and RDF was combined with organic manures and biofertilizers [Vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae (VAM), azotobacter, and Phosphate solubilising bacterial (PSB)] at different combinations to know their effect on growth and yield of banana. The vegetative growth...

Author(s): V. K. Patil and B. N. Shinde

May 2013

Acetyl and buteryl cholinesterase inhibitory effect of Peltophorum pterocarpum (DC) Backer ex K. Heyne (family Leguminosae)

Peltophorum pterocarpum, family Leguminosae is a tree natural to tropical South-Eastern Asia and was brought to Nigeria by immigrants. It has been used traditionally by the South Western people of the country as memory enhancer and anti-ageing. The present study was done to assess the cholinesterase inhibitory activity of the extracts and fractions of P. pterocarpum using spectrophotometric and thin layer...

Author(s): O. Elufioye Taiwo, M. Obuotor Efere, M. Agbedahunsi Joseph and A. Adesanya Saburi

September 2012

Screening of potential biosurfactant-producing bacteria isolated from seawater biofilm

Seawater represents a specific environment harboring complex bacterial community which is adapted to harsh conditions. Hence, biosurfactant produced by these bacteria under these conditions have interesting proprieties. The screening of biosurfactant producing strains isolated from seawater biofilm was investigated. Specific media, which have been reported to induce biosurfactant production, were used to prepare...

Author(s): Saïd Ben Hamed, Latifa Smii, Abdeljelil Ghram and Abderrazak Maaroufi

December 2010

Combination of high frequency electromagnetic fields with pre heat to inactivate mesophil microorganisms of flexible packed cooked chick and cooked chick meal

  The effect of high frequency Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) combined with various condition of pre-heating for inactivation of mesophil microorganisms in multilayer flexible pouches has been studied. All samples were filled in pouches and, have been put in (water bath chamber; different condition of pre heating (80°C 5 min, 80°C 10 min, 80°C 15 min, 85°C 5 min, 85°C 10 min, 85°C 15...

Author(s):   Zand N., Foroudi F., Mailova E., and Voskanyan A. V.,  

  • Article Number: CE564CB15763

February 2009

Induction of thermotolerance through heat acclimation and salicylic acid in Brassica species

  High temperature stress is the second most important stress, which can strike crop plants at any time and impose severe limitations on crop growth and development. Developing crop plants with improved thermotolerance can mitigate the adverse effects of heat stress. However, a thorough understanding of physiological responses of plants to high temperature and mechanisms involved for thermotolerance is...

Author(s): Palminder Kaur, Navita Ghai and Manjeet Kaur Sangha

April 2012



  • Article Number: 169D15333796

November 2012

Study of biosorptive potential in the peel of Citrus reticulata, Punica granatum, Daucus carota and Momordica charantia

Different physiochemical parameters such as color, odour, taste, pH, Electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids, concentration of cations & anions were determined in the waste water samples that were collected in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur city. Peel of Citrus reticulata (orange), Punica granatum (pomegranate), Daucus carota (carrot) and Momordica charantia (bitter gourd) were used to study...

Author(s): Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf, Mohd. Jamil Maah, Ismail Yusoff, Karamat Mahmood and Abdul Wajid

  • Article Number: FBE10DA28635

July 2011

Fuzzing modelling of a single point lathe cutting tool

  A few modern industrial materials are of serious concern to the home model engineer turning with a light lathe machine. Virtually all turning is done using either carbon steel, high speed steel or tungsten carbide tipped tooling. This is mainly due to the fact that the newer and more exotic materials such as ceramic and diamond require high speed and rigid industrial machinery to operate correctly. The...

Author(s):   R. Marumo, M. T. Letsatsi and O. S. Motsamai       

  • Article Number: 9040BDB5289

May 2012

Social capital in Brazilian wine industry networks

The aim of this study is to analyze the role of social capital in the conversion of collaboration in a productive force and, consequently, the improvement of competitiveness of two Brazilian wine industry networks: Aprovale and Aprobelo. In a previous study, we concluded that there were statistical significant differences between social capital and competitiveness dimensions. In other words, this means that both levels...

Author(s): Janaina Macke, Denise Genari and Kadígia Faccin

November 2011

Reshaping mind and behaviour: Media and its impacts

  India, the land of diverse cultural traditions and rituals, where women were once considered to be ‘avatars’ of goddesses are now either being  victimized by the continual curse of domestic violence , or as a perpetrator of violent criminal activities. The present paper seeks to find from the available literature resources if the mass media actually plays the role of a catalytic source to...

Author(s):   Sre Yadav and Smita Jha    

  • Article Number: E9DCFE141083

January 2012

Optimization of mannanase production by Bacillus sp. HDYM-05 through factorial method and response surface methodology

Bacillus sp. HDYM-05 was separated from flax retting liquid and identified as Bacillus cereus which was a new source of microbial mannanase. To optimize the medium components and condition of shake flask experiment for a higher mannanase production, factorial method and response surface methodology were used to obtain the maximal productivity by this species originally. The optimal medium components were:...

Author(s): Zhao Dan,,  Ping wenxiang,,  Song Gang,,   Ling Hongzhi,,   Luo Xue and Ge jingping,

September 2009

Zoobenthic fauna and seasonal changes of mamasin dam lake (Central part of Turkey)

This study was conducted at Mamasın dam lake of Aksaray between April 2002 and March 2003. Seasonal changes in the zoobenthic fauna as well as some physical and chemical parameters of lake were examined based on water samples collected from 4 stations selected in the lake. It was determined that zoobenthic organisms are composed of 86.23% chironomidae, 7.3% oligochaeta and 6.47% mollusca. Four species of chironomidae, 8...

Author(s): Ebru Ersan, Ahmet Altindağ, Seyhan Ahiska and Ali Alaş

December 2011

Reduced infectivity and environmental resistance of microsporidian Nosema bombycis after spore wall proteins-removal treatment

  Nosema bombycis is a highly virulent causative agent of the pebrine disease in sericulture. The only infective stage of the parasite is the environmentally resistant spore, on which the protein-rich spore wall supposedly contributes to their infection and resistance. In this study, we explore the potential roles of spore wall proteins (SWPs) of mature N. bombycis spores by evaluation of...

Author(s): Zeng Tu, Qiangbo Liu and Yongji Wan

August 2012

Assessment of toxic heavy metal loading in topsoil samples within the vicinity of a limestone quarry in South Western Nigeria

  Loading of Pb, Cd, Cr, Cu, Co, Mn, Ni, Zn, and Fe in topsoil samples (TS) collected from the vicinity of limestone quarry in South Western Nigeria was investigated. Thirty TS weresampled within ½ km radius from exploration area and 5 background samples from undeveloped area 10 km away from the study area. Limestone rock  samples (RK) were...

Author(s): Effiong U. Etim and Gilbert U. Adie

June 2016

New substrates for the cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus using exhausted compost

Several materials have been used in the cultivation of the edible mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus. However, little is known about the reuse of the exhausted compost. This study evaluated the utilization of used substrates. Four formulations of composts were evaluated: C1 with no exhausted compost, and C2, C3 and C4 with 26, 45 and 64% of exhausted compost, respectively. Loss of organic matter, biological efficiency and...

Author(s): Otavio Augusto Pessotto Alves Siqueira, André Ricardo Zanon, Olívia Gomes Martins and Meire Cristina Nogueira De Andrade

June 2014

Rheological properties and oxidative stability during storage of dough fried made from corn oil with medium-chain triacylglycerols (MCT)

The rheological properties, oxidative stability, and water contents of the fried dough made from corn oil with medium-chain triacylglycerols (MCT), which is a mixture of MCT and corn oil at a volume ratio of 0% (0:100), 10% (10:90), 20% (20:80) and 30% (30:70) were studied. Flour dough was fried at 140°C for 6 min in fried dough and stored in a glass bottle at 50°C in the dark for 20 days. The water contents and...

Author(s): Toshiyuki Toyosaki

October 2013

Relation between cyberbullying and problem solving: A study on Turkish university students

In this study, cyberbullying living frequency, what the cyber environments in which cyberbullying is lived are, and the relation between ‘being victim of cyberbullying’ and ‘being cyberbullying’ status and problem solving skill of university students are analysed. This research is done by attendance of 460 students from five different faculties of Cankiri Karatekin University. Data is collected...

Author(s): Rıza Gökler  

August 2010

Jing Qicheng: The leading figure of contemporary Chinese psychology

Jing Qicheng was the most distinguished psychologist of contemporary China and also the spokesman of Chinese psychology around the international arena after the opening and reform of China. With a broad view, he was both an experimental psychologist of high attainments and a theoretical psychologist with profound knowledge. This paper does not deal with his contributions in cognitive and developmental psychology, but...

Author(s):   Zhang Yun, Yang Wendeng and Ye Haosheng    

  • Article Number: 8AB234A14255

July 2015

Evaluating the relative resistance of different poultry breeds to Salmonella Typhimurium

Salmonella infections originating from poultry are one of the major causes of food-borne diseases. To control Salmonella in poultry multifactorial approach is likely to be effective, and genetic resistance of poultry breeds to Salmonella infections may have valuable contribution. Experimental research was conducted to evaluate relative resistance of poultry breeds: Local, Fayoumi and Koekoek to Salmonella Typhimurium...

Author(s): Gebrerufael Girmay, Mahendra Pal, Tadelle Dessie, Tesfaye Sissay and Alehegn Wubete

April 2015

The status of key large mammals in the Kenya – Tanzania borderland: A comparative analysis and conservation implications

Wildlife populations in Africa are declining rapidly because of natural and human – induced causes. Large animal aerial counts were done in 2010 and 2013 wet and dry season in Mid Kenya/ Tanzania borderland. These counts came after the severe droughts of 2007 and 2010 and so they were critical also in establishing the effects of droughts on large mammal populations. Of the 15 common large mammals seen in the...

Author(s): Moses Makonjio Okello, Lekishon Kenana, Daniel Muteti, Fiesta Warinwa, John Warui Kiringe, Noah Wasilwa Sitati, Hanori Maliti , Erastus Kanga, Hamza Kija, Samwel Bakari, Philip Muruthi, Stephen Ndambuki, Nathan Gichohi, David Kimutai and Machoke Mwita      

December 2011

Affective temperaments in the students of the School OF Physical Education and Sports (Mustafa Kemal University-HATAY TURKEY)

The objective of this study was to investigate temperament features of students of the School of Physical Education and Sports. The design was by "Personal Information Form" developed by researchers and Temperament Evaluation of Memphis, Pisa, Paris and San Diego – Auto questionnaire (TEMPS-A) Scale developed by Akiskal et al. (1997) were used in this general screening study. The sample group was...

Author(s): Umut Mert Aksoy, Hüseyin Kirimoğlu and Şennur G.Aksoy

February 2010

Land reclamation efforts in Haller Park, Mombasa

  Land reclamation of derelict landscapes, until in recent times, was a rare experience, especially in developing countries. This has however changed with the adoption of environmental policies and legislative frameworks in most countries in the world. This drive was mainly inspired by the conservation strategies developed and promoted by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural...

Author(s): Stanford M. Siachoono

  • Article Number: E8C49F312076

March 2016

Developing reflective thinking instructional model for enhancing students’ desirable learning outcomes

This work aims to investigate the reflective thinking instructional model for enhancing empowerment of pre-service and in-service educational students in Roi-Et Rajabhat University, Thailand. In this research, qualitative methods, observation, interview, short note, and group discussion were used to indicate students’ desirable learning outcomes, teaching and learning targets, social system relationships, indirect...

Author(s): Satjatam Porntaweekul, Sarintip Raksasataya and Teerachai Nethanomsak

October 2003

Mycoflora and mycotoxins in kolanuts during storage

  The mycoflora, levels of afllatoxins and the presence of ochratoxin A and zearalenone in nuts of Cola acuminata and C. nitida were determined immediately after curing and after 3, 6 and 9 months of storage in leaf-lined baskets. Five field fungi and 11 storage fungi were isolated. Aspergillus, Penicillium and Fusarium were the predominant genera. None of the target...

Author(s): L. O. ADEBAJO and O. J. POPOOLA

May 2011

Environmental mobility and geochemical partitioning of Fe, Mn, Co, Ni and Mo in sediments of an urban river

  Environmental mobility and geochemical partitioning of iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), cobalt (Co), nickel (Ni) and molybdenum (Mo) were examined in sediments collected from the whole old Nakagawa river (NR), Tokyo, Japan. A combined 6- step sequential extraction procedure was employed for the partitioning of the metals and the concentrations were measured in the liquid extracts by atomic absorption...

Author(s): H. M. Zakir and N. Shikazono

  • Article Number: 971BDF61644

May 2010

Cloning and characterization of the first actin gene in Chinese oak silkworm, Antheraea pernyi

  The first actin gene in Chinese oak silkworm, Antheraea pernyi (Apactin) was cloned and characterized. Remarkably, two types of the Apactin cDNA clones were isolated from the pupal cDNA library, which differed by the length and sequence of 5’ untranslated region (UTR). The open reading frame (ORF) of the Apactin gene is 1131 bp and encodes a protein of 376 amino acids with a predicted...

Author(s): Song Wu, Zhi-xing Xuan, Yu-Ping Li, Qun Li, Run-Xi Xia, Sheng-Lin Shi, Li Qin, Zhen-Dong Wang and Yan-Qun Liu

  • Article Number: A35E65230087

February 2012

Systematic anatomy and elemental dispersive spectrophotometer analysis of genus Pennisetum from Pakistan

Microscopic examination of five species of genus Pennisetum was carried out from Pakistan. The investigation of the species was based on the evidence from the epidermal leaf anatomy (LM and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and elemental dispersive spectrophotometer analysis. Leaf epidermal anatomy of the selected species showed variation in size and shape of stomatal cells, micro and macro hairs,...

Author(s): Shabnum Shaheen, Farah Khan, Rana Abrar Hussain, Riffat Sidique, Hanan Mukhtar, Zaryab Khalid, Amina Younis, Mushtaq Ahmad, and Muhammad Zafar,

October 2011

Antibacterial activity of crude extracts from Mexican plants against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus

The aim of this study was to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of 36 extracts from 18 vegetal species used as soap, insecticides, insect repellent and for the treatment of several diseases likely associated to microorganisms. The vegetal species were collected in Oaxaca, Puebla and Veracruz States, México. The extracts were evaluated against isolates of nosocomial infections...

Author(s): Rosa del Carmen Rocha-Gracia, María Miriam Hernández Arroyo, Patricia Lozano Zaraín, Beatriz Hernández Carlos, Héctor Santiago Romero, Ernestina Cedillo Portugal, María Teresa Zayas Pérez and Jesús Francisco López-Olguín

May 2014

Making preservice teachers better: Examining the impact of a practicum in a teacher preparation program

Overwhelmingly, preservice teachers indicate a benefit of having a practicum in their teacher preparation program.  Yet, with a shortage of highly effective special education teachers, there is limited research about the effectiveness of practicum experiences on preservice special education teacher’s preparation. The purpose of this study was to examine preservice special education teacher’s perception...

Author(s): Laron A. Scott, Roberta Gentry and Melissa Phillips

December 2008

Genetic variability of cultivated cowpea in Benin assessed by random amplified polymorphic DNA

    Characterization of genetic diversity among cultivated cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.] varieties is important to optimize the use of available genetic resources by farmers, local communities, researchers and breeders. Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers were used to evaluate the genetic diversity in 70 cowpea accessions collected throughout Benin. Nine...

Author(s):   A. Zannou,, D. K. Kossou, A. Ahanchédé, J. Zoundjihékpon, E. Agbicodo, P.C. Struik and A. Sanni

December 2013

Traditional resources evaluation of district Shangla, Pakistan

Study on traditional resources evaluation was carried out during summer 2008 in various parts of district Shangla. The potential for sustainable livelihood development in the region was assessed by analysing the forest dwellers' livelihood assets and perceptions of the forest livelihood. The study also explores the uses of forest resources and the methodology is largely based on the sustainable livelihood framework....

Author(s): Hassan Sher, Saeeda Yousaf and Kiramat Khan

August 2015

Bacteriocinogenic potential and genotypic characterization of three Enterococcus faecium isolates from Algerian raw milk and traditional butter

The detection of bacteriocinogenic potential of Enterococcus sp. isolates from Algerian raw milk coded LO4 and LO12 and from traditional butter coded BRO2 was carried on M17 buffered medium. PCR amplification of Enterococcus sp. DNA using specific enterococcal primers gave 733 bp fragments. The phylogenetic analysis using the neighbour joining method further supported the identification of the three strains as...

Author(s): Louiza Lazreg, Fatiha Dalache, Halima Zadi-Karam and Nour-Eddine Karam

March 2015

Perceived constraints of campus recreational sports programs: Development and validation of an instrument

The aim of the present study was to develop and validate an instrument to measure students’ perceived constraints in participating in recreational sports programs in Greek universities. There were 3041 male and female Greek university students who voluntarily participated in the study. Cross-validation procedures using exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis resulted in 25 retained items from the initial item...

Author(s): Theophilos Masmanidis, Nikolaos Tsigilis and George Kosta

February 2008

Recent advances in salt stress biology – a review

Soil salinity is one of the major abiotic stresses that adversely affects crop productivity and quality. Hence developing salt tolerant crops is essential for sustaining food production. Understanding of the molecular basis of salt stress signaling and tolerance mechanisms are essential for breeding and genetic engineering of salt tolerance in crop plants. The modern approaches being used to impart...

Author(s): Town Mohammad Hussain, Thummala Chandrasekhar, Mahamed Hazara, Zafar Sultan, Brhan Khiar Saleh and Ghanta Rama Gopal     

  • Article Number: 7CFB27540219

March 2012

Bacterial community compositions in response to sediment properties in urban lakes of Nanjing

Compared to other lakes, urban lakes are often shallow, highly artificial and hypertrophic due to the higher level of public interface. Bacteria in lake sediment are important participators in the nutrient cyclings in lake ecosystems. In this study, bacterial community compositions in surface sediment of three urban lakes (Lake Xuanwu, Lake Yueya and Lake Pipa) of Nanjing were investigated by using the terminal...

Author(s): Dayong Zhao, Meng Wang, Jin Zeng, Wenming Yan, Jianqun Wang, Ting Ma and Rui Huang

April 2010

The role of intercropping maize (Zea mays L.) and Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) on yield and soil chemical properties

Farmers in Sistan region experience low crop yields of crops due to low soil fertility. Sole crops and intercrops of maize (Zea mays L.) and cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) were studied at eight planting ratios of maize: cowpea (100:100, 50:100, 100:50, 25:75, 75:25, 50:50, 0:100 and 100:0) and two harvest times (milky stage and doughy stage). This experiment was carried during two years (2007 and 2008) on...

Author(s): M. Dahmardeh, A. Ghanbari , B.A. Syahsar and M. Ramrodi

November 2011

Process queuing in the automobile manufacturing body shop: Using a multi-objective model

  The automobile industry is one of the most important industries in global economics. The automobile manufacturing industry consists of many shops and many stations. Each station has a number of operations, which depend on the number of welded pieces in those stations. One of these shops is the body shop. The problems that occur in the body shop concern queuing and the lead time between stations. This paper...

Author(s): Ali A.J Adham and Razman Bin Mat Tahar

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