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November 2010

Direct shoot organogenesis from petiole and leaf discs of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal

  An efficient and reproducible procedure is described for direct shoot regeneration using petiole and leaf explants of Withania somnifera (L.). The shoots were mainly induced from the distal end of the petiole, whereas in leaf explants, shoot regeneration was initiated from the basal part and wounded tissue. The regeneration medium that induced the highest numbers of shoots in the petiole and leaf...

Author(s): Bimal Kumar Ghimire, Eun Soo Seong, Eun Hye Kim, Kabir Lamsal, Chang Yeon Yu and Ill Min Chung  

May 2012

Evaluation of economic traits in progenies of Nigerian heavy ecotype chicken as genetic material for development of rural poultry production

  Genetic evaluation of egg production and biometrical traits of the first filial generation of the Nigerian heavy ecotype chicken was carried out. Heritability and genetic correlations between the traits were estimated using the mixed model least squares and maximum likelihood computer programme of Harvey. Results show an average hen day production of 58.91% on the first month and 52.69% on the fourth month of...

Author(s): Agu, C. I., Ndofor-Foleng, H. M. and Nwosu, C. C.

August 2009

Hepatitis C virus infection: A review of the current and future aspects and concerns in Pakistan

  Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is the major etiological agent of hepatitis. It infects 200 million people worldwide and 85% of them could develop chronic hepatitis, liver function failure or hepatocellular carcinoma. Hepatitis C is rapidly emerging as a major health problem in developing countries like Pakistan with prevalence rate of 10% and genotype 3a is the most...

Author(s): H. Akbar, M. Idrees, S. Manzoor, I. ur Rehman, S. Butt, M. Z. Yousaf , S. Rafique, Z. Awan, B. Khubaib, M. Akram and M. Aftab

  • Article Number: 3762AD010912

October 2016

DNA markers reveal genetic structure and localized diversity of Ethiopian sorghum landraces

North Eastern Ethiopia is a major sorghum-growing region. A total of 415 sorghum landraces were sampled to represent the range of agro-ecologies (three altitude ranges) as well as spatial heterogeneity, that is, 4 zones: North Welo, South Welo, Oromiya and North Shewa with each zone containing 2 to 5 districts. The landraces were genotyped with simple sequence repeats (SSR) and inter simple sequence repeats (ISSR)...

Author(s): Haile Desmae, David R. Jordan and Ian D. Godwin,

August 2013

Poverty alleviation and empowerment of small-scale industries in Nigeria: The case of Tie and Dye Makers Association

Using the experiences of the Tie and Dye Makers Association of Nigeria, this study examines how various governmental programmes on poverty alleviation, job creation, and empowerment have impacted the fortunes of informal sector operators in Nigeria. The study found that while the various programmes were not deficient on policy design and resource allocation, politics and corruption ensured that the masses saw and...

Author(s): Bukola Adeyemi, Oyeniyi

July 2013

Willingness to pay for protecting natural environments in Pulau Redang Marine Park, Malaysia

Although marine parks, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and reserves are established to conserve biodiversity and enhance ecotourism, some of the country’s protected areas are under threat whether at varying degree. The biggest threat arises from human encroachment. To rescue these resources, appropriate conservation strategy must be put in place. This requires proper valuation of the environment. Taking Pulau...

Author(s): Mohd Parid Mamat, Mohd Rusli Yacob, Alias Radam, Awang Noor Abdul Ghani and Lim Hin Fui

September 2011

Comparison of in vitro degradation of elephant grass and sugarcane by exogenous fibrolytic enzymes

Author(s): Armando Gómez-Vázquez, Germán Mendoza-Martínez and Juan Pinos-Rodríguez

July 2007

High frequency shoot regeneration of Sterculia urens Roxb. an endangered tree species through cotyledonary node cultures

  A protocol is described for rapid and large scale propagation of an endangered, commercially and medicinally important tree species, Sterculia urens, by in vitroculture of cotyledonary nodes from 15 days old seedlings. Of the four different cytokinins (thidiazuron, isopentenyladenine, zeatin and adenine sulphate) evaluated as supplements to Murashige and Skoog medium (1962), thidiazuron at an...

Author(s): Town Mohammad Hussain, , Thummala Chandrasekhar and Ghanta Rama Gopal

November 2011

The systematic characterization of poplar CK2α and its theoretical studies on phosphorylation of P-protein C-terminal domain

  Casein kinase 2 (CK2) is a ubiquitous serine-threonine protein kinase, which of specific substrates are involved in the regulation of several vital physiological processes in plants. Detailed studies of CK2 have focused on the herbaceous species of Arabidopsis, maize, however, it has remained largely unexplored in woody trees. In this study, we identified the four genes encoding CK2α subunits in a...

Author(s): Chang-Cai Liu,#, Wei Li#, Zhi-Wei Yang, Bao-Guang Liu, Su-Jie Ge, Hang-Yong Zhu, Chuan-Ping Yang, and Zhi-Gang Wei,

January 2011

Estimating the impacts of global system for mobile telecommunication (gsm) on income, employment and transaction cost in Nigeria

  This study investigated the impact the Global System for Mobile Telecommunication (GSM) has made on the provision of employment opportunities; income of the masses and transaction cost of various economic activities of the masses. Linear regression analytical techniques were used for data analysis. The study made use of primary data obtained from 1,000 respondents’ from 20 selected communities in Ilorin...

Author(s): Bakare A. S. and Gold Kafilah ‘Lola

  • Article Number: 01B170C4509

July 2013

Genome-wide identification, functional analysis and expression profiling of pleiotropic drug resistance (PDR) sub-family in potato

The plant pleiotropic drug resistance (PDR) family of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters has comprehensively been researched in relation to transport of antifungal agents and resistant pathogens. In our study, analyses of the whole family of PDR genes present in the potato genome were provided. This analysis resolves discrepancies of potato PDR proteins and provides an expression analysis of all annotated potato...

Author(s): Jianlong Ou, Zhenlin Huang, Yujia Zhao and Lin Huang

December 2015

Effect of inactivated yeast on rumen dry matter degradation and fermentation of low concentrate feed

Life yeast is known to improve rumen fermentation characteristics and performance, especially with high concentrate diet, while reports on inactivated yeast are ambiguous. Therefore, the present study focused on short-term effects of inactivated yeast (Levabon®) with an inclusion rate of 0 or 50 g per head per day on in situ rumen dry matter degradability (ISDMD) of a total mixed ration (66.6% grass silage, 14.5%...

Author(s): A. Metwally, and W. Windisch

December 2012

Prediction equations for estimating tree height, crown diameter, crown height and crown ratio of Parkia biglobosa in the Nigerian guinea savanna

  Relationships between stem diameter, tree height, crown diameter, crown height and crown ratio of Parkia biglobosa were investigated and regression prediction models were derived. The result revealed positive correlations between stem diameter, tree height, crown height and crown diameter which are significant. The corresponding F-values from analyses of variance are also significant (P=0.05),...

Author(s): Toma Buba

August 2013

The sustainability of cotton production using genetically modified seeds by emerging smallholder farmers in South Africa: a global and African pesrpective

This review focuses on the sustainability of adoption of genetically modified seeds by developed countries like United States, Australia and developing countries such as China and India. It then zooms into the African perspective in relation to countries that adopted Bt cotton. The review indicates that the Bt technology has played a critical role improving cotton yields and reduce the cost of regular spraying for...

Author(s): Magicson Mthembu, Cliff S. Dlamini and Banele Nkambule

August 2012

Marketing budget allocation and marketing benefits of traditional media, online advertising, and electronic word-of-mouth

An in-depth interview was used to examine the budget allocation and operational benefit of three major corporate marketing tools. The results indicated that, apart from e-commerce and companies with online channels, most companies allocated their marketing budget primarily to traditional media, followed by online advertising and electronic word-of-mouth. However, the allocation of such budget percentages does not result...

Author(s): Yun Kuei Huang 

July 2012

Application of polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis for analysis of microbiota on the tongue dorsa of subjects with halitosis

The purpose of this study was to compare the microbial profiles on the tongue dorsa of healthy subjects and subjects with halitosis using polymerase chain reaction-based denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (PCR-DGGE). Tongue dorsum scrapings from five healthy subjects and six subjects with halitosis were analyzed by PCR-DGGE using primers specific for the V6 to V8 region of the eubacterial 16S rRNA gene. A...

Author(s): Xiaoyu Li,, Fanxing Xu, He Liu, Bing Liang, Yongping Xu, and Liji Jin,

June 2009

Price discovery, trading costs and insider trading: Evidence from a thin emerging market

  This research examines the impact of continuous trading system versus fixing system on liquidity, volatility, pricing error and order flows. Our results show that the continuous system show better price determination than the fixing system. This result is surprising. Indeed, temporal consolidation and the absence of effect of noisy orders should have led to a reverse conclusion. We suggest that in thin...

Author(s): Mohamed Derrabi and Samir Agnaou

  • Article Number: 4DC05131863

November 2012

Treatment of crude-oil contaminated soil using biosurfactants

  In this research, the effect of Saponin as a bio surfactant for crude-oil removal by the concentration of 10000 and 30000 ppm in a column soil sample was evaluated. The experimental parameters and their value levels investigated were: concentration of surfactant solutions (0.05, 0.1 and 0.2%-mass); pH (7, 9 and 11); Alkali (NaOH) and polymer (Xanthan Gum) (0.6 and 0.1%-mass) and (0.7 and 0.2%-mass)...

Author(s): A. Khodadadi, Hossein Ganjidoust and S. N. Seyed Razavi

  • Article Number: 7EBDEED4578

March 2011

Preservation methods of fungi in 35 years old stock culture storages: A comparative study

  The maintenance of fungi isolates and the development of methodologies were available from their phenotypic and genotypic characteristics. Alterations of Histoplasma capsulatum and Candida spp. Strains preserved by continuous subculturing on fungal collection and by lyophilization for 35 years were evaluated. Candida isolates maintained by lyophilized methodology were viable and...

Author(s): Roseli Santos Freitas, Kátia Cristina Dantas, Cristiane Neves Pereira, José Eduardo Levi and José Eduardo Costa Martins

  • Article Number: 2A3C30617232

October 2006

Biotransformation of the fish waste by fermentation

Fish waste (viscera, backbones, heads and tails) was recovered fish merchants and ground. 50 kg of the ground fish was mixed with 10 kg of molasses and incubated in 200 kg barrels in closed plastic in a room where the ambient temperature varies between 30 and 33°C. Stumps of lactic bacteria and yeasts were used to inoculate the mixture. There was a decrease of pH from the third day which stabilized at 4.2 and a...

Author(s): Ennouali M, Elmoualdi L, labioui H, Ouhsine M, and Elyachioui M.

November 2012

Effect of bulb removal date on growth and flowering of Asiatic hybrid lily cv. "Brunello"

  The objective of the present study was to investigate the effect of different bulb removal dates during plant growth on growth and flowering of Asiatic hybrid lily cv. "Brunello". The study was carried out in the nursery of Floriculture Unit, Baghdad University, Iraq, from January to April 2012. During plant growth, the bulbs were not removed (control) or removed four, six, eight and ten weeks after...

Author(s):   Hassan M. Asker    

November 2013

Molecular epidemiology and vaccine matching study on foot-and-mouth disease virus circulating in Ethiopia

The study was conducted in three regional states of Ethiopia: Amhara, Oromia, and Addis Ababa with the aims of identifying the molecular epidemiology of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) virus in Ethiopia and to determine the appropriate vaccine strains of FMD virus. From the total of 33 bovine epithelial tissue cultured samples, 19 (57.57%) samples were showed cytopatic effect for FMD virus. Of these, three samples were...

Author(s): Haileleul Negussie, Gelagay Ayelet, Shiferaw Jenberie, Sintayehu Minda and Liyuwork Tesfaw

July 2012

Lurking threat of bird flu from migratory and non migratory birds in and around Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

During extreme months of winter, December and January, every year, the migratory birds from Siberia travel to Indus Valley and other parts of Indo-Pakistan subcontinent. These migratory birds include, ducks, geese, swans and the water fowls. These birds are known to carry all avian influenza viruses and by shedding virus, they are assumed to be vector. Samples were collected from migratory and non migratory wild birds...

Author(s): Zahida Fatima, Muhammad Athar Khan, Mansur ud Din Ahmad, Abdul Ahad, Zubair Anwar Muhammad Hassan Mushtaq and Altaf mahmood

March 2015

Prevalence and intensity of phthirapteran ectoparasites infesting Eurasian Collared-Dove (Streptopelia decaocto) (Phthiraptera: Insecta)

One hundred Eurasian Collared-Doves were mist netted in district Rampur (India) from 2010 to 2011 and subjected to delousing by fumigation method. Only three phthirapteran species e.g. Columbicola bacillus Giebel, 1866, Coloceras Taschenberg, 1882 and Hohorestiella rampurensis Bansal were recovered. The population characteristics, that is, prevalence, mean intensity, sample mean abundance, and ranges of infestation were...

Author(s): SINGH Padam, ARYA Gaurav and SAXENA Arun Kumar

July 2015

Physiochemical and fatty acid analysis of Virescens (Ojukwu) oil and Nigrescens (ordinary) palm oil of Eleaisguineensis

Traditionally in Igbo land folklore medicine, Virescens (Ojukwu) palm oil of Eleaisguineensis is of value as anti-poison and miracle oil. The objective of the study was to evaluate the physiochemical properties with the identification of the fatty acids of the Virescens oil in comparison to Nigrescens oil of Eleaisguineensis. The result of the physiochemical properties shows that the values for meeting point (slip...

Author(s): Ogbuanu C. C., Chime C. C. and Nwagu L. N.

September 2010

Impact of educational policy changes on home science education in secondary schools in Kenya: 1981 to 2005

  Home science is a pre-vocational subject in the Kenyan secondary school curriculum. It is designed to equip the learner not only with theoretical concepts, but also with skills that may lead to self employment. However, impact of the educational policy changes on home science education is yet to be established. The purpose of the study was to assess the impact of policy changes between 1981 and 2005 on home...

Author(s): K. N. Nyangara, F. C. Indoshi and L. O. Othuon

  • Article Number: 45BE687646

September 2010

Predictors of knowledge about HIV/AIDS among young people: Lessons from Botswana

This study sought to identify factors that can predict knowledge about HIV/AIDS among adolescents in Botswana. The data were collected through a self administered questionnaire from a sample of 1294 students from schools around the capital city of Botswana, Gaborone. The research instrument consisted of 76 items that solicited information on background characteristics of respondents, indicators of family cohesiveness...

Author(s): Thabo T. Fako, Lucy W. Kangara and Ntonghanwah Forcheh

  • Article Number: DBD01DA1149

November 2017

Development of a rich fraction in phenolic compounds with high antioxidant and antimicrobial activity in Amburana cearensis seeds extracts

Amburana cearensis is a medicinal plant widely used in folk medicine. The purpose of this study was to identify the more appropriate extraction solvent for maximum antioxidant and antimicrobial effect. The extraction of A. cearensis seeds were carried out gradually to obtain the highest yields and constituents of the extracts using as solvent hexane, methanol, 80% alcohol and water in this sequence. Phytochemical...

Author(s): Aline Aires Aguiar, Ilsamar Mendes Soares, Poliana Guerino Marson, Ernane Gerre Pereira Bastos, Sérgio Donizeti Ascêncio and Raimundo Wagner de Souza Aguiar

October 2011

Bench scale production of xanthan from date extract by Xanthomonas campestris in submerged fermentation using central composite design

In this research, xanthan production from date extract was done by using bacteriumXanthomonas campestris PTCC1473 in submerged fermentation (SmF). The impact of different initial concentrations of carbon (date extract) and nitrogen (NH4NO3) sources on cell growth and xanthan production was evaluated. Inoculum (72 h) from the YMB medium was added to the substrate with defined chemical components (nitrogen,...

Author(s): Kianoush Khosravi-Darani Fatemeh Seyed Reyhani, Bahram NaserNejad and Ghazaleh Baghi Nejad Farhadi

November 2011

Monte Carlo and density functional theory (DFT) investigation of boron-nitride nano cones in different solvents

  Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC), molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and density functional theory (DFT) calculations at the level of B3LYP/3-21G was carried out on the structure and stability of B10N11H7 (Thr)2 in bulk and different solvent medium. NMR parameters and thermodynamic properties were calculated to obtain chemical shift, stability and solvent effect. It was found that...

Author(s):    M. Monajjemi, N. Hooshmand and F. Mollamin   

June 2010

The leavening ability of baker’s yeast on dough prepared with composite flour (wheat/cassava)

  The leavening ability of baker’s yeast on dough prepared with composite flour (wheat/cassava) was investigated. The composite flour was prepared in four different proportions and it was discovered that an increase in the quantity of cassava flour caused a decrease in the ability of the baker’s yeast to leaven the dough. However, the composite flour with 10% cassava flour produced an appreciable...

Author(s): O. O. Aboaba and E. A. Obakpolor

  • Article Number: 2CE4BD024426

December 2010

An investigation on Argulus foliaceus infection of rudd, Scardinius erythrophthalmus in Lake Manyas, Turkey

    In this study, Argulus foliaceus L. (Crustacea: Branchiura) infection of one cyprinid fish species, rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus) in Lake Manyas, Turkey was examined on the basis of samples taken from on-site surveys carried out between December 1996 and November 1998. Of the 135 S. erythrophthalmus examined, 32 (23.7%) was infected with A. foliaceus. The...

Author(s):     M. O. Öztürk

  • Article Number: 4E4342518793

December 2014

A study on annual conferences of society for the advancement of Library and Information Science: A scientometric analysis

The study presents a secientomertic portrait of the National conferences, which are organized by Society for the Advancement of Library and Information Science (SALIS) jointly with other Institutions at different parts of Tamilnadu.  National conferences which were organized from 2009 to 2013 were considered for the study.  Number of papers published and presented, number of authors who have contributed for...

Author(s): P. Panneerselvam

May 2009

Manifestation of human sexuality and its relevance to secondary schools in Nigeria

  The alarms against the menace of premarital sexual activities reached a crescendo but the behaviour of young people remained at variance with the alarms. This contradiction contributed to the growth of sexually transmitted diseases including human immune virus (HIV) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Thus, this study examined manifestation of human sexuality and its relevance to secondary schools...

Author(s): Akeem Ayofe Akinwale

  • Article Number: 53F2F2C674

July 2013

Modulatory effects of kolaviron (Garcinia kola extract) on spermogram and reproductive system of adult male wistar rats in lead acetate induced toxiocity

This study was designed to determine the effects of the concomitant administration of kolaviron (Garcinia kola extract) with lead on male fertility by evaluating some spermogram and histopathology of the testis. 20 adult male Wistar rats were randomly divided into 4 groups of 5 rats each. The rats in group O (negative control) were given normal saline, while rats in group A were given 6 mg/kg body weight of lead...

Author(s): Jegede Ayoola Isaac, Ajadi Mary Bolanle and Akinloye Oluyemi,

April 2011

Antibacterial properties of the leaf extracts of Vernonia amygdalina, Ocimum gratissimum, Corchorous olitorius and Manihot palmate

  The antibacterial potency of ethanol, acetone and chloroform leaf extracts of Vernonia amygdalina, Ocimum gratissimum, Corchorous olitorius and Manihot palmata were screened against ten bacterial isolates using the agar-well diffusion method. The leaf extracts were screened for antibacterial activities at 25 mg/ml concentration. Antibacterial efficacy of extracts against the...

Author(s): Ogundare A. O.

  • Article Number: 401D5229916

August 2009

Antioxidant activities of extracts from areca (Areca catectu L.) flower, husk and seed

The antioxidant activities of areca (Areca catectu L.) flower, husk and seed extracts were evaluated using 3 complementary in vitro assays, inhibition of DPPH (1,1-diphenyl-2- picrylhydrazyl) radicals, inhibition of hydroxyl radicals and reducing power system. The EC50 values were calculated for all the methods in order to evaluate the antioxidant efficiency of areca extracts. The phenol and...

Author(s): Wei-Min Zhang, Bin Li, Lin Han and Hai-De Zhang

September 2013

Comparative analysis of municipal solid waste (MSW) composition in three local government areas in Rivers State, Nigeria

Rivers State is one of the major oil producing States in Nigeria. Its capital, Port Harcourt and sub-urban areas have witnessed an increased influx of migrants in recent time. Consequently, the consumption of goods and services has also increased leading to generation of unprecedented quantities of municipal solid waste. Previous efforts by relevant authorities to contain this increase in waste generation have proved...

Author(s): Babatunde B. B., Vincent-Akpu I. F., Woke G. N., Atarhinyo E., Aharanwa U. C., Green A. F., Isaac-Joe O.

May 2010

Performance evaluation of scalable encryption algorithm for wireless sensor networks

  Developing effective security solutions for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are not easy due to limited supplies of WSNs and the hazardous nature of wireless medium. The implementation of encryption/decryption algorithms, which are the most essential part of the secure communication, can be very intricate in WSNs since, they incorporate routines, having very complex and intense computing procedures. Therefore,...

Author(s):   Murat Çakıroğlu, Cüneyt Bayilmiş, Ahmet Turan Özcerit and Özdemir Çetin        

  • Article Number: B9DF80E18562

July 2012

A review of the poverty and food security issues in South Africa: Is agriculture the solution?

  Poverty and high levels of food insecurity have been some of the biggest problems facing the nation of South Africa since the early days of democracy. Whilst the black majority hoped for a more improved economy after the country’s first democratic elections, the legacy of apartheid laws has made the reality to be a different story. Yes, it is true that the nation has continued to grow over the last...

Author(s): Tshuma, M. C.

May 2013

Geochemical modeling of uranium speciation in the subsurface aquatic environment of Punjab State in India

Author(s):  D. P. S. RATHORE

January 2007

Macropropagation of Ocimum gratissimum L: A multi purpose medicinal plant in Nigeria

  The purpose of this study was to determine optimum macropropagation method forOcimum gratissimum, a multi purpose medicinal plant. The result showed that significant differences exist as influenced by seed sowing depth and type of soil. Seed sown at 1 cm depth in humus rich topsoil had 80% germination as against 26.3% from river sand of the same sowing depth. The surface sowing in humus  rich...

Author(s): Ehiagbonare J. E.

March 2013

Factors affecting household access to enough food in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

  South Africa is experiencing rapid increase in food prices while household income is increasing at a slower rate. This antagonistic state has positioned ordinary South Africans, at present struggling to meet their basic household requirements, more vulnerable to food security. The objectives of the study were to determine factors that affect household access to enough food in Eastern Cape...

Author(s): L. Musemwa, L. Zhou, S. Ndhleve and F. Aghdasi

November 2013

Understanding MBA service quality in postgraduates’ own terms: An exploratory analysis of top-of-the mind definition

The growing internationalisation of Higher Institutions of Education and the proliferation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) have increased the competitive challenge facing local public universities and MBA programs. Service quality is the key challenge facing local universities to compete at international level. To achieve service quality however, managers of Higher Institutions of Education and/or MBA...

Author(s): Charles Mwatsika and James Kamwachale Khomba

May 2016

Association study of single nucleotide polymorphism of human Toll like receptor 9 and susceptibility to pulmonary tuberculosis in Egyptian population

Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are known to play important roles in human innate immune systems. Polymorphisms in and functions of TLRs have been investigated to identify associations with specific infectious diseases including tuberculosis (TB). This study was performed for 166 samples of unrelated individual's diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis and 98 household healthy samples. Genomic DNA was extracted from...

Author(s): Samia M. Omran, Zeinat K. Mohamed, Zainab Zakaria, Yasser M. Abd-Elmonem and Khaled E. El Gayar,

October 2010

Impact of product development and innovation on market share

  This study was conducted to identify the relationships between increase in market share through product development and innovation. Many studies have been done on the concept of product development and innovation and much of what has been written tends to discuss this concept as a veritable tool for improving the life cycle of a product without substantial relation to market share enhancement. The population...

Author(s): Chux Gervase Iwu

  • Article Number: BC8756623760

August 2011

miRNAs: Small but deadly

microRNAs (miRNAs) are unique class of global gene regulators identified both in plants and animals. They can reduce protein levels of their target genes with a minor impact on the target genes mRNA. Levels of some miRNAs are found altered in cancers, so we might expect these regulatory molecules to be involved in the development of different carcinomas. The differential expression of certain miRNAs in various tumors...

Author(s): Raisa Bano, Sahar Fazal, Mohammad Haroon Khan and Hamid Rashid

February 2011

Determination of optimum dose and frequency of application of free-living diazotrophs (FLD) on lettuce

  Free-living diazotrophic isolates L1 (Bacillus cereus Frankland) and Br2 (Bacillus subtilisEhrenberg Cohn) were evaluated in greenhouse trials for their optimum dose and frequency of application on seedlings of a single lettuce variety (Great Lakes) in a composted pine bark medium. Bacterial isolates were grown in Burke’s broth and were applied as a drench at four different...

Author(s): M. H. Kifle and M. D. Laing

July 2013

Effects of pine pollen polysaccharide and its sulfate on the production of ROS in cardiomyocytes

By using the fluorescent probe 2′,7′-di-chlorofluorescein diacetate (DCHF-DA),  2-chloro- 1,3-dibenzothiazoline-cyclohexene (DBZTC) and 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-1-piperidinoxyl-boron dipyrromethene (TEMPO-BDP) to mark reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cardiomyocytes (H9C2(2-1), the effect of PPM60 and SPPM60 on the production of ROS with laser scanning confocal microscope (LSCM) was detected. The results...

Author(s): Geng Yue and Xia Yu

May 2011

Governance and government in public administration

  More and more public administration and management scholars have referred to the “new governance” and argue that the focus of the study of public administration today should be on governance, rather than government. The research discusses what is governance and how governance terminology changes the research focus of public administration. It highlights what is encompassed on the study of...

Author(s): Wasim Al-Habil

  • Article Number: C5C61B010035

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