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Article Number - D7ADDE461969

Vol.11(1), pp. 45-55 , January 2017
ISSN: 1996-0786

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Comparative study of soil physical characteristics of Jaipur district, Rajasthan

Vikram Kumar*
  • Vikram Kumar*
  • Poornima Group of Institutions, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302022, India.
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  • Jahangeer
  • Department of Hydrology, IIT Roorkee, Uttarakhand – 247667, India.
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Padm Nabh Tripathi
  • Padm Nabh Tripathi
  • Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL), Ranchi, India.
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  • Shaktibala
  • Poornima Group of Institutions, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302022, India.
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 Received: 09 September 2016  Accepted: 25 October 2016  Published: 31 January 2017

Copyright © 2017 Author(s) retain the copyright of this article.
This article is published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0

Increasing trend in the frequency of natural events like floods and drought, etc. due to increasing urbanisation has led to degradation of the ecosystems. A major flood in year 1981 in Jaipur district resulted into huge erosion of the top fertile soil and leaving the land unproductive for agriculture production. The present study was carried in Jaipur district of Rajasthan state to measure physical characteristics of the soil samples from different districts of Jaipur. Soils samples were taken at 5 and 15 cm below the top surface and have taken 3 samples per site in each month. The soil physical parameters like sieve analysis, dry density, liquid limit, specific gravity and moisture content were analysed by standard techniques for different months in a year. Analysed results revels that, land cover having different characteristics has an impact on the temporal variability of soil moisture and other physical variables. The result of this will help to understand the variation of physical properties and thus to better planning to work in agricultural field. Further to say that, findings of the study can be used for altered case studies, concentrating on the soil variability effects for geotechnical issues.

Key words: Flood, physico-chemical, water content, specific gravity, geotechnical.

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