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Table of Content: January 2017; 11(1)

January 2017

Biosorption of fluoride ion from water using the seeds of the cabbage tree (Moringa stenopetala)

Conventional water treatment technologies for the removal of fluoride ion may not be feasible for developing countries due to their high investment and operational costs. The aim of this study was therefore, to investigate the fluoride biosorption potential of the seeds of the cabbage tree (Moringa stenopetala). The influence of Moringa dosage, pH, contact time, and initial concentration of fluoride ion was...

Author(s): Seid Tiku Mereta

January 2017

The impact of septic systems density and nearness to spring water points, on water quality

Worldwide, 1.1 billion people do not have access to clean water and as a result, 2 million children die annually due to preventable waterborne diseases. In Uganda, 440 Children die every week of waterborne diseases. High prevalence of this death is reported in the peri urban areas. It is still unclear however the causes of water pollution in the peri-urban areas. The improper use of onsite sanitation facilities such as...

Author(s): B. Arwenyo, J. Wasswa, M. Nyeko and G. N. Kasozi

January 2017

The earthquake/seismic risk, vulnerability and capacity profile for Karonga town

The study was carried out to understand the risks posed by earthquakes in Karonga based on roles and perception of stakeholders. Information was collected from several stakeholders who were found responding to earthquakes impacts in Karonga Town. The study found that several stakeholders, governmental and non-governmental department and organisation operate in Karonga District to respond to hazards and disasters that...

Author(s): James Kushe, Mtafu Manda, Hassan Mdala and Elijah Wanda,

January 2017

Preliminary study on climate seasonal and spatial variations on the abundance and diversity of fungi species in natural plantation ecosystems of Ile-Ife, South West, Nigeria

The biodiversity assessment of fungi and the knowledge of the forces that controls the distribution of fungi and their community are becoming more important in the light of climate change and variability. Fungi provide the global foundation for plant as mutualists, decomposers and pathogens. This study deals with the primary screening, characterization and seasonal variations of mycoflora, isolated from medicinal, oil...

Author(s): Omomowo, I. O., Salami, A. O. and Olabiyi, T. I.

January 2017

Comparative study of soil physical characteristics of Jaipur district, Rajasthan

Increasing trend in the frequency of natural events like floods and drought, etc. due to increasing urbanisation has led to degradation of the ecosystems. A major flood in year 1981 in Jaipur district resulted into huge erosion of the top fertile soil and leaving the land unproductive for agriculture production. The present study was carried in Jaipur district of Rajasthan state to measure physical characteristics of...

Author(s): Vikram Kumar, Jahangeer, Padm Nabh Tripathi and Shaktibala

January 2017

Effect of discharges from re-channeled rivers and municipal runoff on water quality of Opa reservoir, Ile-Ife, Southwest Nigeria

Over the years, there is a direct linkage of township drains and streams to the Opa reservoir, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. Hence the spatial and temporal variations of the reservoir’s water quality were studied between November 2012 and October 2013 to investigate the effect of these discharges on these.  Physical, chemical as well as the oxygen parameters of the water were investigated using...

Author(s): Taiwo Adekanmi Adesakin, Adebukola Adenike Adedeji, Adedeji Idowu Aduwo and Yetunde Folasade Taiwo

January 2017

Eggshells – assisted hydrolysis of banana pulp for biogas production

In this study, pretreatment of banana pulp using eggshells in both calcined and un-calcined forms to examine the extent of hydrolysis was conducted. Reactor CO containing banana pulp and inoculum but with no eggshells added was used as the control, while reactors C1, C2, C3, C4, and C5 containing banana pulp and inoculum were spiked with 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 g of un-calcined eggshells and calcined eggshells, for experiment...

Author(s): Lazaro Julius Kivuyo, Karoli Nicholas Njau and Cecil Kithongo King’ondu,

January 2017

Aerobic mineralization of selected organic nutrient sources for soil fertility improvement in cambisols, Southern Ethiopia

Application of organic nutrient sources ONS for soil amendment may have an enormous advantage that improve nutrient cycling in soil–plant relations. The amount and rate of nutrient release from plant residues depend on their quality characteristics and biochemical composition of the ONS. An Aerobic Mineralization study was conducted in green house experiment to determine the N release dynamics of Erythrina...

Author(s): Abebe Abay and Wassie Haile

January 2017

Effects of different fertilizers on methane emission from paddy field of Zhejiang, China

Methane (CH4) emissions from Chinese paddy soil (Zhejiang province) were measured over the rice growing seasons. Different fertilizers (organic and chemical) were applied, emissions of methane were high during two periods (05 days after peak tillering and 07 days after heading flowering stage) and significant effects of fertilizers were observed. Methanogenic activities in soils treated with organic manure were...

Author(s): Brahima Traore, Fasse Samake, Amadoun babana and Min Hang