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Article Number - F070FFB40208

Vol.7(10), pp. 375-381 , October 2013
ISSN: 1996-0794

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Full Length Research Paper

Nutrients content and lipid characterization of seed pastes of four selected peanut (Arachis hypogaea) varieties from Ghana

Guy Eshun1*, Emmanuel Adu Amankwah2 and John Barimah2


1Department of Home Economics Education, Faculty of Science Education, University of Education, Winneba, Ghana.

2Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Biosciences, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana.

Email: [email protected]

 Accepted: 16 August 2013  Published: 31 October 2013

Copyright © 2013 Author(s) retain the copyright of this article.
This article is published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0


The proximate nutrients, calorific value, mineral nutrients and lipid characteristics of the seed pastes of four (4) peanut (Arachis hypogaea) varieties namely: SinkarzieF-mix,JL 24 and Manipintar were investigated. Crude protein values ranged between 23.62% (±0.34) in Sinkarzie to 28.88% (±0.24) in JL 24. Crude fat ranged between 38.11% (±0.47) in JL 24 to 48.79% (±0.20) in Sinkarzie. Carbohydrate content ranged between 11.54% (±0.18) for Sinkarzie to 19.65% (±0.55) in JL 24. The energy content in kCal/100 g sample ranged between 537.06 in JL 24 to 581.54 in Manipintar. Calcium contents (mg/100 g) ranged between 23.14 (±0.49) in Manipintar to 128.25 (±2.90) in F-mix. At room temperature (25°C), all the oils from the four groundnut varieties were pale yellow coloured liquids with nutty odour. Saponification value (mg KOH/g oil) ranged from 144.70 (±0.63) in JL 24 to 208.97 (±0.58) in Sinkarzie. Iodine value (mg/100 g) ranged from 79.10 (±0.15) in Sinkarzie to 86.93 (±0.26) in F-mix. Percentage free fatty acids (% FFA) ranged from 8.09% (±0.20) in Manipintar to 14.21% (±0.10) in F-mix. The results indicate that while the groundnut seeds could be used in fighting malnutrition, the oils obtained from the seeds could also be used for domestic and industrial purposes.


Key words: Ghana, peanut, proximate analysis, lipid characterization.

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