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Article Number - 0E5387640425

Vol.5(1), pp. 10-18 , July 2013
ISSN: 2141-2200

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Full Length Research Paper

Changes in airway resistance with cumulative numbers of cigarettes smoked

Almaasfeh Sultan

Physics Department College of Science, Al Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan.

Email: [email protected]

 Accepted: 07 December 2012  Published: 31 July 2013

Copyright © 2013 Author(s) retain the copyright of this article.
This article is published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0

This work was performed with smokers of Virginia tobacco cigarettes without taking into consideration brand or type of cigarettes. An experimental study was conducted for the variation of cigarettes number and the increments in airway resistance for both normal and respiratory disordered subjects using body plethysmograph for testing individuals. Seventeen (17) nonsmokers and ten smokers were studied. The investigation evaluated respiratory function in both smokers and nonsmokers: their airway resistances were recorded, and relationships between height, weight and age were documented. The findings reveal that smoking of higher numbers of self-reported cumulative cigarettes was associated with higher airway resistance and higher total airway resistance. Comparisons of age, height and weight versus airway resistance revealed only slight changes in comparison to those associated with cumulative lifetime cigarette consumption.  
Key words: Air way resistance, total air way resistance, plethysmography, normal and disordered respiratory system.


VTG, Value by body plethysmograph; VC, vital capacity;  Lit/sec,liter/second; FVC, forced vital capacity; PFT, pulmonary function test;  FEV1,forced expiratory volume in one sec; Raw, airway resistance; Rawt, total airway resistance; PA, alveolar pressure; = Vdot; Flowrate, volume/second; Lit, Liter; Pp, plethysmography pressure; No, number;  Pt, patient;  Ht, height ; Wt, weight;  Cig/day,cigarette per day; Yr, year; Total no of cig, total number of cigarette; R, correlation factor.

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