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Article Number - B07A54861516

Vol.8(11), pp. 251-259 , November 2016
DOI: 10.5897/JDAE2016.0744
ISSN: 2006-9774

Full Length Research Paper

Women in palm oil processing in South-East Nigeriachallenges and prospects in a dwindling economy

E. C. Nwankwo
  • E. C. Nwankwo
  • Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Anambra State University, Nigeria.
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 Received: 25 May 2016  Accepted: 22 September 2016  Published: 30 November 2016

Copyright © 2016 Author(s) retain the copyright of this article.
This article is published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0

This study investigated the role of women in palm oil processing in Anambra State Nigeria. It sought answers to the question as to the factors that hinder the productive role of women in palm oil processing and the measures necessary to realise the potentials of women in palm oil processing. Specifically, the study examined the socio-economic characteristics of the women and their effects on palm oil production; determined the cost and benefit involved in palm oil production; examined specific tasks done by women in palm oil processing in the study area; determined the factors which affect women’s productive capacity in palm oil production, and on the basis of findings made recommendations for improvement. Anambra State was the study area. Making use of primary and secondary sources of information, the study found out that the age of farmers, finance, labour, marital status and household size of women significantly impact positive output. Noting that palm oil processing in the study area is a viable venture if well managed. The study made recommendations for the provision of enabling environment for improving the productive capacity of women

Key words:  Anambra State, palm oil, women.

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Chicago E. C. Nwankwo. "Women in palm oil processing in South-East Nigeriachallenges and prospects in a dwindling economy." Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics 8, no. 11 (2016): 251-259.
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DOI 10.5897/JDAE2016.0744

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