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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJB
  • Start Year: 2002
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Isolation and characterization of a novel keratinolytic bacterial strain from soil samples of chicken feather keratinaceous-waste dumping sites of Ngaoundere (Cameroon)

April 2021 - Vol 20 Num. 4

This study aims at characterizing new chicken feather-degrading bacteria isolated from soils of keratinic waste collected from four dumping sites of Ngaoundere. Fifteen proteolytic bacteria were isolated with three (D1, D2 and F1) showing the capacity to degrade feather in Basal Salt Media. Highest degradation rate (71.11...

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Isolation and characterization of a novel keratinolytic bacterial strain from soil samples of chicken feather keratinaceous-waste dumping sites of Ngaoundere (Cameroon)

April 2021

Sileu Dombou Armelle Leslie, Adjia Zangue Henriette, Nso Emmanuel Jong, Njintang Yanou Nicolas and Tatsadjieu Ngoune Leopold

Investigation of the anti-bacterial properties of mangrove fern, Acrostichum aureum in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

April 2021

Aroloye O. Numbere and Eberechukwu M. Maduike

Brewer’s residues and cocoa pod shells as a substrate for cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus CCIBt 2339 and enzymes production

March 2021

Carolina Fernandes Pereira, Antônio Zózimo de Matos Costa, Givaldo Rocha Niella, José Luiz Bezerra, Ana Paula Trovatti Uetanabaro and Elizama Aguiar-Oliveira

Comparison of homogenization methods for extraction of maize cob metabolites

March 2021

Jeremy Winders and Tibor Pechan

Adsorption of copper (II) ions onto raw Globimetula oreophila (Afomo ori koko) leaves

March 2021

Chijioke John Ajaelu and Esther Oremeiyi Faboro

26 November 2014

Addressing the issue of horizontal gene transfer from a diet containing genetically modified components into rat tissues

Hanaa A. S. Oraby, Mahrousa M. H. Kandil, Amal A. M. Hassan and Hayam A. Al-Sharawi

9 October 2013

Bacterial species identification getting easier

Phumudzo Tshikhudo, Ronald Nnzeru, Khayalethu Ntushelo and Fhatuwani Mudau

9 October 2013

Genetic stability of mulberry germplasm after cryopreservation by two-step freezing technique

Ravish Choudhary, Rekha Chaudhury, S. K. Malik, Susheel Kumar and Digvender Pal

9 October 2013

Cytogenotoxic effects of cypermethrin, deltamethrin, lambdacyhalothrin and endosulfan pesticides on Allium cepa root cells

Yekeen, Taofeek A. and Adeboye, Messach K.

9 October 2013

Effects of sulphur preservative on phytochemical and antioxidant capacity of peels of mango cultivars (Mangifera indica L.) produced in South Africa

Mudau Fhatuwani Nixwell, Mabusela Johanna and Wonder Ngezimana

29 March 2012

Effects of adding dry gluten powder to common wheat flour on cooking quality of an Algerian homemade pasta, Rechta

  Kezih Rabah and Merazka Abdennour  

29 March 2012

Analysis of some selected toxic metals in registered herbal products manufactured in Nigeria

  Adepoju-Bello, A. A., Issa, O. A., Oguntibeju, O. O., Ayoola, G. A. andAdejumo, O. O.  

22 March 2012

Profiling of major fatty acids in different raw and roasted sesame seeds cultivars

  Mahmood Biglar, Ghazaleh Moghaddam, Naficeh Sadeghi, Mohammad Reza Oveisi, Behrooz Jannat, Zahra Kaboli, Shokoufeh Hassani and Mannan Hajimahmoodi      

31 May 2012

Application of fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) to the analysis of sulfate reducing bacterial community in an oily bench scale reactor

Abd El-Latif Hesham,  and Saad A. Alamri    

29 March 2012

Spinacia oleracea proteins with antiviral activity against tobacco mosaic virus

  Jun Yang, Guang-Hui Jin, Ran Wang, Zhao-Peng Luo, Qi-Sheng Yin, Li-Feng Jin and Fu-Cheng Lin