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AJAR Articles

Broccoli growth and nutritional status as influenced by doses of nitrogen and boron

May 2016

Proper growth and development of broccoli may be affected by the application of N and B. Accordingly, the objective herein was to verify the effects of N and B application on growth and the nutritional status in the vegetative phase of broccoli. The experimental design was a completely random one in a factorial (4 × 2 +1) scheme, with four doses of B (0.25, 0.50, 1.00, and 2.00 mg dm-3) and two doses of N (200 and...

Author(s): Gilmara Pereira da Silva, Renato de Mello Prado, Gabriel Barbosa da Silva Júnior, Sylvia Letícia Oliveira Silva, Fábio Tiraboschi Leal, Leonardo Correia Costa and Victor Manuel Vergara Carmona

Forage intake and performance of cattle in silvo-pastoral systems and monoculture of Marandu in Pre-Amazon region

May 2016

This work aimed to evaluate dry matter intake (DMI) and performance of F1 Nellore x Guzera with live weight (LW) of 180±15 kg (5 months) on pastures of Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu in silvo-pastoral systems composed of babassu palm (Attalea speciosa) and monoculture systems in Pre-Amazonic region of Maranhão state, Brazil. Animals were evaluated in four systems: 0, 80, 131 and 160 adult palms...

Author(s): Ricardo Alves de Araújo, Rosane Cláudia Rodrigues, Clésio dos Santos Costa, Rogério de Paula Lana, Francisco Naysson Sousa Santos, Antônio José Temístocles de Lima and Marcônio Martins Rodrigues

Optimization of Blaney-Morin-Nigeria (BMN) model for estimating evapotranspiration in Enugu, Nigeria

May 2016

The Blaney-Morin-Nigeria (BMN) model was developed for the estimation of reference evapotranspiration (ETo) in Nigeria using commonly available meteorological parameters. In the development of the model, there were some perceived shortcomings which are believed to affect the reliability of ETo estimation, particularly in some specific locations in Nigeria, due to varying environmental factors. This study re-examined the...

Author(s): Emmanuel  A. Echiegu,  Nicholas C. Ede  and Gloria I. Ezenne

Concepts and key issues of ethnoveterinary medicine in Africa: A review of its application in Zimbabwe

May 2016

This review is aimed at highlighting the issue of ethno-veterinary medicine (EVM) and the progress and limitations in its application in Zimbabwe.It is a fact that animal diseases are a major constraint to livestock production and development, particularly in communities living in marginal areas affected with endemic pathogens, vectors and diseases. These communities do not have access to modern veterinary information...

Author(s): Marandure T.

Irrigated sorghum and cowpea after wet-season rice as a pathway out of subsistence agriculture in the Senegal River Valley in Mauritania

May 2016

Livestock is more important to the Mauritanian economy (13% of National Gross Domestic Product) compared with just 4% from crop production. It is surprising, therefore, that irrigation has so far contributed little to animal productivity given the limited carrying capacity and irregular inter-annual production of the extensive rangeland, and the need to import fodder concentrates to sustain livestock during the hot-dry...

Author(s): Mohamed El Moctar Isselmou, Jordi Comas, David Connor, Luciano Mateos and Helena Gómez-Macpherson

Transmission and effects of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum on cotton seeds

May 2016

This paper aimed to evaluate the transmission of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum (FOV) and the effects of this pathogen on the initial development of cotton plants following inoculation of seeds. Two cultivars (susceptible and resistant) and two strains (most and least aggressive) of the pathogen were used in this study. The inoculation method was based on the contact between seeds and fungal colonies on...

Author(s): Dejânia V. Araújo, José C. Machado, Rodrigo Pedrozo, Ludwig H. Pfenning, Vivian H. Kawasaki, Alfredo M. Neto and Jaqueline A. Pizatto

Corn yield as a function of amounts of nitrogen applied in bands

May 2016

The aim of the current paper is to study the effect of different amounts of nitrogen applied in bands of corn hybrids on variables related to corn plant growth and its yield components. The experiment was carried out under no-tillage system at Guarapuava, PR, Brazil, throughout the period of October 1st 2009 to March 20th 2010. The treatments resulted in the combination of two simple hybrids of corn (P30R50 and AG8025)...

Author(s): Mauricio Gruzska, Silvana Ohse, André Belmont Pereira and Carlos Tadeu Dos Santos Dias

Influences of inter and intra row spacing on yield, yield component and morphological characteristics of onion (Allium cepa L.) at Western Amhara region

May 2016

Appropriate spacing enables the farmers to keep appropriate plant population in the field. Hence, it can avoid over or less population in a given plot of land which has negative effect on yield and quality of onion. Spacing of 40 × 20 × 10 cm between furrow, row and plants, respectively has been used for onion production in Ethiopia. But producers complain 10 cm intra row spacing produces large bulb size...

Author(s): Habtamu Tegen, Minuyelet Jembere, Esmelealem Mihiretu and Alebachew Enyew

Farmer participatory pest management evaluations and variety selection in diagnostic farmer field Fora in cowpea in Ghana

May 2016

Participatory diagnostic farmer field fora (FFF) were conducted at two communities, Savelugu and Bukpomo, in northern Ghana to build the capacity of farmers on integrated pest management in cowpea production. The FFF involved a season-long comparative evaluation of farmers’ practices (FP) and integrated pest management (IPM). Farmers’ practices relied wholly on calendar insecticide sprays while IPM plots...

Author(s): Mumuni Abudulai, Shaibu Seidu Seini, Mohammed Haruna, Adams Mashud Mohammed and Stephen, K. Asante

Levels of nitrate, pigments and thermographic analysis of lettuce under different temperatures of nutrient solution

May 2016

The temperature of the nutrient solution in hydroponic crops of lettuce is a determinant of biomass yield and affects several physiological mechanisms of the plant. The aim of this study is to evaluate the influence of nutrient solution temperature on the levels of nitrate and pigments in leaves, as well as green mass yield and thermal flow in lettuce crop hydroponically. The experiment was conducted in a greenhouse at...

Author(s): Samuel Silva, Ronaldo do Nascimento, Hallyson Oliveira, José Alberto Ferreira Cardoso, Diego Azevedo Xavier and Sonivagno de Sousa Silva

Foliar application of urea and bell pepper amino acids

May 2016

The Bell peppers is a tropical culture and it is in the 10 most consumed vegetables of the world. The mineral nutrition is essential to the productivity and better quality of the gather fruits. In bell pepper cultivation, high portions of nitrogen are essential to a good performance of fruits. The foliar fertilizing is a complement to the ground fertilizing. The amino acids are a good source of nitrogen, once these are...

Author(s): Rodrigo Teles Mendes, Roberto Cardoso Resende, Marco Antonio Moreira Pereira, Rafael Umbelino Bento, Renan Cesar Dias da Silva, Sihélio Julio Silva Cruz and Adilson Pelá

Soil fertility status under smallholder farmers’ fields in malawi

May 2016

Land degradation continues to contribute to the declining soil fertility especially in the smallholder farms. Thus, soil fertility depletion in the smallholder farms will continue to be the biophysical root cause for reduced food production if farmers do not implement best agricultural practices. It is expected that when farmers understand the current soil fertility status on their farms, they would make informed...

Author(s): Joyce Prisca Njoloma, Weldesemayat Gudeta Sileshi, Bruce Geoffrey Sosola, Patson Cleopus Nalivata and Betserai Isaac Nyoka

Azospirillum brasilense promotes increment in corn production

May 2016

The corn crop is one of the most cultivated in the world and one of the most need studies that seek alternatives on the use of Azospirillum brasilense. This bacterium produces growth hormones that may benefit the corn crop. The work objective was to verify the agronomical performance of corn crop, in function of foliar Azospirillum brasilense inoculation, associated with nitrogen doses. The research was performed in...

Author(s): José Roberto Portugal, Orivaldo Arf, Amanda Ribeiro Peres, Douglas de Castilho Gitti, Ricardo Antônio Ferreira Rodrigues, Nayara Fernanda Siviero Garcia and Lucas Martins Garé

In vitro susceptibility of Corynespora cassiicola isolate from Brazil fields to fungicide

May 2016

Corynespora cassiicola which cause the target spot in soybeans can lead to significant reductions in grain yield. Chemical control mechanisms recommended for disease control was performed with low efficacy in the field due to loss of the pathogen sensitivity to fungicides. This study evaluated the effect of fungicides in inhibiting C. cassiicola using in vitro test. Four isolates from different regions of Rio Verde - GO...

Author(s): Wheverton Castro Cabral, Hercules Diniz Campos, Lilian S. Abreu S. Costa and Gustavo André Simon

Production and nutritional characteristics of pearl millet and Paiaguas palisadegrass under different forage systems and sowing periods in the offseason

May 2016

The intercropping of annual crops with perennial grasses is a production system that is frequently adopted in the Midwest region of Brazil due to its economic viability resulting from the use of the same area for agriculture and livestock. Most agriculture-livestock integration studies have evaluated the use of forage of the genus Urochloa in intercropped systems with corn, sorghum and sunflower. Consequently, there is...

Author(s): Raoni Ribeiro Guedes Fonseca Costa, Kátia Aparecida de Pinho Costa, Charles Barbosa Santos, Eduardo da Costa Severiano, Patrícia Soares Epifanio, Jessika Torres da Silva, Daniel Augusto Alves Teixeira and Valdevino Rodrigues da Silva

Assessment of bacterial wilt (Xanthomonas campestris pv. musacearum) of enset in Southern Ethiopia

May 2016

Enset (Ensete ventricosum) production and productivity is threatened by many biotic and abiotic factors among which bacterial wilt of enset (BWE), caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. musacearum is one of the major factors. There were no reports on the intensity and distribution of bacterial wilt of enset in South Nation Nationalities and Peoples’ Regional State (SNNPRS). Hence, the objective of this study was to...

Author(s): Mekuria Wolde, Amare Ayalew and Alemayehu Chala

Isolation, identification and in vitro evaluation of Bacillus spp. in control of Magnaporthe oryzae comparing evaluation methods

May 2016

Environmentally friendly technologies, such as the use of bacteria (e.g. Bacillus spp.) to control fungal diseases of rice (Oryza sativa L.), represent a promising alternative for the sustainability of agricultural ecosystems. The present work aimed to isolate, identify, and evaluate (in vitro) various Bacillus spp. from the rice phylloplane for their potential to control the rice fungus Magnaporthe oryzae. Samples were...

Author(s): Ivaneide de Oliveira Nascimento, Antônia Alice Costa Rodrigues, Flavio Henrique   Moraes, Flávia Arruda de Sousa, Marta Cristina Filipe Corsi and Aricléia de Moraes Catarino

Efficacy of some local Bacillus thuringiensis isolates against soil borne fungal pathogens

May 2016

Seven Jordanian strains belonging to the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) were evaluated for their antifungal effects on soil borne plant pathogenic fungi under laboratory conditions. The antifungal effects of total soluble proteins of Bt stains on the growth of two isolates of the fungus, Fusarium oxysporum (isolated from roots of wilted peach trees and tomato plants), Fusarium proliferatum (isolated from roots of...

Author(s): Al Banna L., Khyami-Horani H., Sadder M. and Abu Zahra S.

Morphocultural and molecular characterization of papaya tree Colletotrichum spp.

May 2016

Papaya cultivation has great economic importance in tropical and subtropical countries, and Brazil is one of the largest producers of papaya (Carica papaya L.) in the world. However, productivity is hampered by plant health problems, particularly the pathogen Colletotrichum spp., which causes anthracnose and great damages on postharvest handling. This study characterized the morphocultural and genetic diversity of 21...

Author(s): Juliana Stracieri, Fernanda Dias Pereira, Amanda Letícia da Silveira, Hélida Mara Magalhães and Antonio de Goes

Physical and physicochemical composition of mangaba fruits (Hancornia speciosa Gomes) at three maturity stages

May 2016

The mangaba (Hancornia speciosa Gomes) is a typical fruit of the Brazilian cerrado and caatinga. It has excellent nutritional composition but there are no studies reporting the fruit characteristics and its industrial use. The aim of this study was to analyze the physical and physicochemical characteristics of mangaba fruit in three different maturity stages. Fruit weight, volume, length, titratable acidity, vitamin C,...

Author(s): Plácido G. R., Silva R. M., Cagnin C, Silva M. A. P. and  Caliari M.

Sources of technical inefficiency of smallholder farmers in milk production in Ethiopia

May 2016

This paper estimates technical inefficiency in milk production of smallholder dairy farmers in the highlands of Ethiopia and identified factors associated with the observed inefficiency using a stochastic frontier production function approach. The analysis utilizes a cross-section data collected from 1,277 farm households. The result indicates a mean technical efficiency of 55%, suggesting a sizeable technical...

Author(s): Zewdie Adane, Kaleb Shiferaw and Berhanu Gebremedhin

Quantitative assessment of palm oil wastes generated by mills in Southern Benin

May 2016

While waste management is given more care for protecting the environment and human health, agro industrial wastes are still a concern, in developing countries. This study quantitatively assesses the palm oil wastes generated by mills and describes their management in Southern Benin. Twenty four out of 335 regional palm oil mills were randomly selected and assessed for waste quantities generated during the oil production...

Author(s): Tatiana Windekpè KOURA, Valentin KINDOMIHOU, Gustave DAGBENONBAKIN, Marc JANSSENS and Brice SINSIN

Influence of spatial arrangements on silvicultural characteristics of three Eucalyptus clones at integrated crop-livestock-forest system

May 2016

This research evaluated the influence of different spatial arrangements on the growth of three Eucalyptus clones as well as the characteristics that influence the quality of the timber. The experiment was carried out at Embrapa - Beef Cattle station, Campo Grande city, Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil. The design was in randomized blocks in a factorial scheme (3 × 3) with plots subdivided by time and four...

Author(s): André Dominghetti Ferreira, Ademar Pereira Serra, Valdemir Antônio Laura, Alexandre Cassiano Batistela Ortiz, Alexandre Romeiro de Araújo, Denise Renata Pedrinho and Alex Mendonça de Carvalho

Evaluation of biological control agent Pantoea agglomerans P10c against fire blight in Morocco

May 2016

The bacterial antagonist Pantoea agglomerans P10c was evaluated for efficacy to control fire blight in Morocco. It was evaluated in the laboratory on detached blossoms (pre and post-inoculation of pathogen) and under field for its ability to suppress growth of Erwinia amylovora on blossoms of pear trees (Pyrus communis); and for its aptitude to establish on and to colonize the blossoms of apple tree (Malus domestica)...

Author(s): AIT BAHADOU Smail, OUIJJA Abderrahman and TAHIRI abdessalem

Effects of irrigated and rain fed conditions on infestation levels of thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) infesting Dolichos lablab (L.) in Eastern Kenya

May 2016

Dolichos lablab (L.) is a neglected crop species in Kenya, grown only for subsistence where they are highly adapted to a small range of ecological niches. It is grown under irrigation and rain fed conditions, where production is limited by insect pests such as thrips (Genera: Megalurothrips and Frankliniella). However, the effects of irrigation and rain fed conditions on infestation levels of these thrips in Kenya...

Author(s): Nahashon, C. Kanyi, Benson, M. Mwangi and Stephen, M. Mbunzi

Storage of Alibertia edulis seeds: Influence of water content and storage conditions

May 2016

Knowledge of the desiccation sensitivity of Alibertia edulis seeds is essential to provide adequate conditions for maintaining viability during storage. Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of variations in the water content, environmental conditions, and storage periods on the conservation of A. edulis seeds. After processing, the seeds were dried under ambient conditions to water contents of...

Author(s): Larissa Fatarelli Bento, Daiane Mugnol Dresch, Silvana de Paula Quintão Scalon and Tathiana Elisa Masetto

Economic efficiency of green maize intercropped with beans grown under Tithonia and inorganic fertilizer

May 2016

A field trial aimed at assessing the performance of maize and beans under intercropped systems was conducted in 2013 under three experimental components of maize, beans and maize-bean intercrop in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications. Each component was subjected to treatments that included: a control-without fertilizer (WF), mineral fertilizer (MF) at 150 kg/ha of 17:17:17, Tithonia biomass...

Author(s): Esther Waithira Muturi, Arnold Mathew Opiyo and Joseph Nyamori Aguyoh

Characterization of family organic production in peri-urban regions

May 2016

The objective of this study was to evaluate the difficulties and potential of organic farming for the family small-scale farmers in the municipalities of metropolitan areas of large shopping centers, such as the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To that end, a questionnaire comprising open-ended and closed-ended questions relevant to biological farming was applied. Factors that hinder the production and sale of organic...

Author(s): Elisamara Caldeira do Nascimento, Talita de Santana Matos, Glaucio da Cruz Genuncio, Nelson Moura Brasil do Amaral Sobrinho and Everaldo Zonta

Growth of Khaya senegalensis plant under water deficit

May 2016

The objective of the present study was to evaluate the initial growth of Khaya senegalensis plants under water deficit. The work was carried out at Ipameri, Goiás on a bench in full sun following the completely randomized experimental design with six treatments and six replications. 120-day-old mahogany plants (Khaya senegalensis) grown in eight-liter pots were subjected to six treatments for 12 days (plants...

Author(s): Fábio Santos Matos, Patrícia Souza da Silveira, Vitor Corrêa de Mattos Barretto, Igor Alberto Silvestre Freitas, Matheus da Silva Araujo, José Eduardo Dias Calixto Junior and Jovan Martins Rios

Eucalyptus urocan drought tolerance mechanisms

May 2016

The present study was designed to identify strategies for tolerance to hydric deficit in Eucalyptus urocan seedlings. The experiment was conducted in a green house with 100% solar radiation capture. The completely randomized block design was used with five treatments (plants irrigated daily with water corresponding to 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125% daily evapotranspiration) and five replications. 120-day-old E. urocan...

Author(s): Fábio Santos Matos, Paula Riselly Candida Oliveira, Julia Lobo Ribeiro Anciotti Gil, Paulo Vinicius de Sousa, Gabriel Anselmo Gonçalves, Marcos Paulo Brito Lopes Sousa, Patricia Souza da Silveira and Leandro Mariano da Silva

Assessment of the levels of cadmium and lead in soil and vegetable samples from selected dumpsites in the Kumasi Metropolis of Ghana

May 2016

Many dumpsites in the urban communities in Ghana are used for cultivation of crops, especially vegetables. However, these dumpsites may serve as potential sources of soil heavy metals that could enter the food chain mainly through cultivated food crops with serious consequences on human health. This study investigated the levels of two heavy metals, lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd), in the soil and tissues of vegetables grown...

Author(s): Peter Twumasi, Marina A. Tandoh, Makafui A. Borbi, Adigun R. Ajoke, Emmanuel Owusu-Tenkorang, Roseline Okoro and Rexford M. Dumevi

Prevention of yield losses caused by glyphosate in soybeans with biostimulant

May 2016

Enhanced selectivity can be achieved for some herbicide treatments through the application of chemicals that reduce or protect plants from injuries. The objective of this work was to evaluate the potential to prevent herbicide yield losses in glyphosate-resistant soybean by the use of the biostimulant Fertiactyl PÓS. Based on results from two field experiments, the association of Fertiactyl PÓS with...

Author(s): Jamil Constantin, Rubem Silvério de Oliveira Jr., Eliezer Antonio Gheno, Denis Fernando Biffe, Guilherme Braga Pereira Braz, Fernanda Weber and Hudson Kagueyama Takano

Resistance characterization of Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) biotypes to clethodim herbicide

May 2016

The objective of this study is to determine the dose required to control 50% population (C50) and to reduce 50% dry matter production (GR50) of resistant biotypes of ryegrass in comparison to that of a susceptible biotype as well as to evaluate the mechanism of resistance by cyt-P450 inhibitor application. The study was conducted in a greenhouse in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil on plants that survived clethodim herbicide...

Author(s): Theodoro Schneider, Leandro Vargas, Dirceu Agostinetto, Ana Cláudia Langaro, Jéssica Dias Da Silva Gomes and Sandro Roberto Piessanti

Anatomical differences among forage with respect to nutrient availability for ruminants in the tropics: A review

May 2016

Different types of forage have been used worldwide in farm animal feeding. However, different microscopic cellular arrangements are clear in the anatomical structure, are due to climatic influences and are reflected in the productivity responses of cattle, especially in comparisons among tropical and temperate grasses. The physical impediment of the plant anatomical structure affects nutrient accessibility to rumen...

Author(s): Tiago Neves Pereira Valente, Erico da Silva Lima, Daiany Iris Gomes, Wallacy Barbacena Rosa dos Santos, Andréia Santos Cesário and Sandro de Castro Santos

Growth and physiological responses of sunflower grown under levels of water replacement and potassium fertilization

April 2016

Water deficit is one of the limiting factors of agricultural production, especially in semi-arid regions. In this sense, the aim of this study was to evaluate the growth and the physiological characteristics of sunflower cv. Hélio 251 at different levels of water replacement and potassium doses in an experiment conducted in the greenhouse of the Center for Technology and Natural Resources of UFCG, Campina Grande,...

Author(s): Guilherme de Freitas Furtado, Diego Azevedo Xavier, Elysson Marcks Gonçalves Andrade, Geovani Soares de Lima, Lúcia Helena Garófalo Chaves, Ana Carolina Feitosa de Vasconcelos and José Alberto Calado Wanderley

Blood survey of Babesia spp and Theileria spp in Mono's cattle, Benin

April 2016

A cross-section study was carried out in the Mono district in Benin to establish the different proportions of Babesia and Theleria in ticks and blood. Blood samples were collected between October and November, 2008, a period of relative abundance of ticks. The investigation covered nine herds (villages), including the farm of Kpinnou, in an agro-ecological zone where the people adhere to the same pastoral-farming...

Author(s): Safiou B. Adehan, Abel Biguezoton, Aquilas Dossoumou, Marc N. Assogba, Razacki Adehan, Hassane Adakal, Guy Appolinaire Mensah,  Souaïbou Farougou and Maxime Madder,

Willingness to participate in the market for crop drought index insurance among farmers in Ghana

April 2016

The study, conducted among maize farmers in the Nanumba North District of the Northern Region of Ghana, examined the willingness of smallholder farmers to participate in the market for drought index crop insurance.A total of 100 farmers participated in the study.The study employed the logistic regression analysis to predict decision to participate in crop insurance. Quantitative and qualitative data collection methods...

Author(s): Yakubu BalmaIssaka, Buadu Latif Wumbei, Joy Buckner and Richard Yeboah Nartey

Nutritional assessment of potassium in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) by direct reading of fruit sap

April 2016

Analysis of content made available to the plants and their relationship with what is present in plant tissue, are great alternative for proper handling of fertilizer, but the methods currently used, are expensive and require time. This study aimed to implement a new methodology for its determination and thus develop a correlation with the conventional method. It also evaluated the influence of the increase of K doses in...

Author(s): Luiz Henrique Campos de Almeida, Mônica Mariana Jorge Fratoni, Gustavo Adolfo de Freitas Fregonezi and Hideaki Wilson Takahashi

Multivariate analysis on dry mass variables in cupuassu progenies (Theobroma grandiflorum) in function of the plant age

April 2016

The aims of this study was to evaluate the dry matter production in different parts of cupuassu plant (Theobroma grandiflorum), such as leaves, stems, primary and secondary branches in progenies resistant to pests and diseases (Codajás and Manacapuru) in function of the plant age, through the application of multivariate statistical analysis. The experiment was conducted at Embrapa Amazônia Oriental for a...

Author(s): Diocléa Almeida Seabra Silva, Ismael de Jesus Matos Viégas, Sávia Poliana da Silva, Ricardo Shigueru Okumura, Cândido Ferreira de Oliveira Neto, Mário Lopes da Silva Júnior, Socorro de Fátima Souza da Silva Viégas, Dilson Augusto Capucho Frazão and Heráclito Eugênio Oliveira da Conceição and Fábio dos Reis Ribeiro Araújo

Bentonite application in the remediation of copper contaminated soil

April 2016

The concern on heavy metals from commercial fertilizers for fertilization of crops when they are intended for human consumption has increased specifically, horticultures and grains. Several procedures have been proposed to reduce the concentration of heavy metals in the soil; among these are, the application of materials that are able to adsorb these elements, making them less available to plants. This study aimed to...

Author(s): Gilvanise Alves Tito, Lúcia Helena Garófalo Chaves, Ana Carolina Feitosa de Vasconcelos, Josely Dantas Fernandes and Hugo Orlando Carvallo Guerra

Socio-economic attributes of guinea fowl production in two districts in Northern Ghana

April 2016

The search for a sustainable solution to the growing household food insecurity in many Ghanaian homes calls for an effective harnessing of locally available resources for increased agricultural production. The study was conducted against the background that, although several studies have been conducted on the guinea fowl in Northern Ghana, very little attention has been paid to the socio-economic attributes of...

Author(s): Balma Yakubu Issaka and Richard Nartey Yeboah

Acaricide resistance of Rhipicephalus microplus ticks in Benin

April 2016

After the introduction of the invasive cattle tick Rhipicephalus microplus in West Africa in the last decade, farmers encounter  ticks resistance to the use of acaricides in different  region in Benin. In order to evaluate the level of resistance, an in vitro study was performed on five samples of R. (Boophilus) microplus collected from five farms in four of the eight agro-ecological zone of Benin. The...

Author(s): Safiou B. Adehan, Abel Biguezoton, Hassane Adakal, Marc N. Assogba, Sébastien Zoungrana, A. Michel Gbaguidi, Aretas Tonouhewa, Souleymane Kandé, Louis Achi, Hamade Kagone, Razaki Adehan, Guy A. Mensah, Reginald De Deken, Maxime Madder, and Souaïbou Farougou

Effects of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) polymorphism on bodyweight of Nigerian indigenous chickens

April 2016

A total of 101 randomly selected birds from a population of 601 birds (obtained from a 3×3 diallel mating system involving normal, frizzle and naked neck Nigerian indigenous chickens) were used to evaluate the effects of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) polymorphism on bodyweight. Blood samples for DNA analysis were collected at 20 weeks of age. IGF-I genotypes were identified using polymerase chain...

Author(s): Abdulraheem Arome Musa, Modupe Orunmuyi, Gerald Nwachi Akpa, Anthony Kayode Olutunmogun and Nusrah Bolatito Afolabi-Balogun

Nitrogen compounds, proteins and amino acids in corn subjected to doses of aluminum

April 2016

Corn (Zea mays L.) is highly adaptable, but it has difficulties in expressing its productive potential in soils with high aluminum content, since this element is directly related to high acidity in the soil. The objective of this study was to evaluate the nitrogen compounds, proteins and amino acids of two corn cultivars subjected to increasing doses of aluminum. The experiment was carried out in a greenhouse using one...

Author(s): Luma Castro de Souza, Deise Cristina Santos Nogueira, Liliane Corrêa Machado, Thays Correa Costa, Jéssica Taynara da Silva Martins, Cleverson Alan Pantoja Mendes, Najla Maria Castro Pires, Cândido Ferreira de Oliveira Neto, Susana Silva Conceição and Ana Ecídia de Araújo Brito

Green manure in fruticulture: Aspects on soil quality and use in agriculture

April 2016

The farming practices have a direct impact in ecosystems and cause changes in the basic structures involved in the environment. Cultivated soils, after years of use, show changes in the physical, chemical and biological attributes, requiring improve production processes, with the intention of management alternatives that minimize environmental degradation and, consequently increasing the sustainability of agricultural...

Author(s): Paulo Vicente Contador Zaccheo, Carmen Silvia Vieira Janeiro Neves, Daiane de Cinque Mariano, Thiago Ometto Zorzenoni, Leandro Riyuiti Higashibara, Gleberson Guillen Piccinin and Ricardo Shigueru Okumura

Response of sugar cane to limitation hydric and nitrogen dose

April 2016

The great social and economic importance of sugarcane makes it critical to understand the responses of the crop to adverse stress. This study was carried out to characterize the morpho-physiological index of sugarcane cultivated under different levels of water replacement with four replicates, corresponding to five levels of water replacement (100, 75, 50, 25 and 0% of soil humidity at field capacity) and either...

Author(s): Renato Campos de Oliveira, Fábia Barbosa da Silva, Marconi Batista Teixeira, Alan Carlos Costa, Frederico Antônio Loureiro Soares and Clarice Aparecida Megguer

Production of sunflower under saline water irrigation and nitrogen fertilization

April 2016

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the  production components of  sunflower Embrapa 122-V2000, as a function of irrigation water salinity and nitrogen doses. The experiment was conducted in plastic pots with a capacity of 100 L under greenhouse conditions in Federal University of Campina Grande, during the period of April-July 2012, in an experimental design adopting factorial arrangement of 5 x 5,...

Author(s): João Batista dos Santos, Cruz Ramón Marenco Centeno, Carlos Alberto Vieira de Azevedo, Hans Raj Gheyi, Geovani Soares de Lima, Lourival Ferreira Cavalcante and Manassés Mesquita da Silva

Phytosociological and floristic survey of weeds in Western Paraná

April 2016

Weeds can reduce yield, which justify the need for their efficient management. The stage that precedes the management consists of identifying the species present in the area, and then making the decision of the best method of control. Thus, this study aimed to perform a phytosociological survey, and to analyze the composition and floristic similarity of weeds between the end of the corn crop cycle and in the off-season...

Author(s): Fábio Henrique Krenchinski, Leandro Paiola Albrecht, Vinicius Gabriel Caneppele Pereira, Alfredo Junior Paiola Albrecht, Victor José Salomão Cesco, Danilo Morilha Rodrigues and Felipe Bauer

Energy demand of furrow openers and corn yield according to the soil disturbance in no till system

April 2016

The performance of the planter is directly linked to the mechanisms of contact with the soil, more specifically to the furrow openers mechanism. The aim of this study was to evaluate the responses of the soil, machine, and the corn crop, according to furrow openers hoe type and working depths, in an eutroferric Red Latossol and no-tillage system. Soil disturbance, drawbar power and force, speed of operation and corn...

Author(s): Érica Tricai, Carlos Eduardo A. Furlani, Rafael S. Bertonha, Vicente Filho A. Silva, Ariel M. Compagnon and Marcelo T. Cassia

Production and reproduction performance of local chicken breeds and their marketing practices in Wolaita Zone, Southern Ethiopia

April 2016

A study was conducted in Wolaita Zone, Southern Ethiopia to assess production and reproduction performances of local chickens and their marketing practices. Three districts vize Damot-Gale, Boloso-Sore and Humbo representing, highland, midland and lowland agro-ecologies, respectively, were selected purposively. The data were collected from a total of 135 respondents, 45 from each agro-ecology, using pre-tested...

Author(s): Gebreegziabher Zereu and Tsegay Lijalem

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