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AJBM Articles

What drives Chinese private colleges’ internationalization?

August 2014

  Internationalization of private higher education has attracted considerable interest recently. After clarifying the status quo of Chinese private colleges, we proposed the conceptual model of Chinese private colleges’ internationalization. This paper adopted a “strategy tripod” perspective in integrating the impact of the resource-, contingency-, and institution-based factors on Chinese...

Author(s): Xiaojing Wang

Microcredit, asymmetric information and start-ups: An Italian case study

August 2014

  The paper aims to investigate the topic of microcredit with regard to the creation of start-ups, with a view to revisiting the principles, contrasting the informative asymmetries of the bank-company relationship. In this way, the objective is to propose integration of the existing literature, mainly resorting to the academic community and the actors of microcredit, through the offer of reviewing some...

Author(s): Raffaele Trequattrini, Vincenzo Formisano, Giuseppe Russo and Rosa Lombardi

Commercialisation of research and technology: A multiple case study of university technology business incubators

August 2014

  One of the most important reasons for developing university technology business incubators (UTBIs) is to permit the commercialisation of technology and research by setting up new firms to graduate into fully-fledged businesses, which are normally referred to as new technology-based firms (NTBFs). Relying on the resource-based theory (RBT) and incubation models, the present research is concerned with proposing...

Author(s): Nkosinathi Sithole and Robert O. Rugimbana

Assessing the performance appraisal concept of the Local Government Service in Ghana

August 2014

  This study seeks to investigate the assertion that staff performance appraisal was not being effectively implemented in the Local Government Service of Ghana. The East Mamprusi District Assembly was used for the case study. The rationale was to ascertain the truth or otherwise of this assertion and to make appropriate recommendations where necessary since it is believed that there is some correlation between...

Author(s): Joseph Attiah Seniwoliba

Surface acting and distress tolerance as predictors of workplace deviance among Nigerian commercial bank workers

August 2014

    This study examined surface acting and distress tolerance as predictors of workplace deviance. Three hundred and thirty-two (332) workers (176 males and 156 females) drawn from selected banks in Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria participated in the study. The participants responded to validated measures of surface acting and distress tolerance. The result of regression analyses indicated that surface...

Author(s): Lawrence O. Amazue, Ike E. Onyishi and Lucy E. Amazue

Competitive advantage in the Brazilian telecommunications market: An analysis founded upon the resource-based view in the post-privatization period

August 2014

  This paper examines which resources were responsible for the superior performance, between 1999 and 2008, of companies in the Brazilian telecommunications sector after privatization. The study methodology was founded on the Resource-Based View (RBV) and used data envelopment analysis (DEA) to investigate companies’ performance. Using the performance ratings generated by the DEA model, we performed a...

Author(s): Rodolfo Ribeiro, Belmiro do Nascimento João, Alexander Homenko Neto, Edison Fernandes Polo and Caio Flavio Stettiner

An analysis of the relations among job characteristics, manager leadership behaviours, and employees’ job satisfaction- The case of Taiwanese tax officials

August 2014

  This study uses a structural equation model to explore the relations among job characteristics, manager leadership behaviours, and employees’ job satisfaction with regard to Taiwanese tax officials. Data were collected using convenience sampling, and the results of analyzing 183 questionnaires are as follows: (1) there are positive correlations between the observed variables, and also between the latent...

Author(s): Lai-fa Hung and Chung-Ming Huang

The impact of human resource practices on employee perceived performance in pharmaceutical sector of Pakistan

August 2014

  Human resource has various practices such as compensation, promotion and performance evaluation etc. This study is going to evaluate the impact of these three human resource practices on perceived employee performance. The data are collected through questionnaire from pharmaceutical companies located in Islamabad and Rawalpindi cities of Pakistan. To measure the impact of human resource practices on employee...

Author(s): Malik Shahzad Shabbir

Marketing communication tools used in one of the traditional Hungarian food sectors

August 2014

  Sales promotion events, personal selling and public relations are all familiar to Hungarian wine producers. Different marketing activities are important in this area, because the wineries examined in this study lack the resources for expensive marketing campaigns. We have attempted to answer a question: which marketing tools are used, and which are preferred by Hungarian wine producers? A questionnaire was...

Author(s): Arnold Tóth, Péter Domján, Géza Székely, Csaba Németh, József Surányi, László Friedrich and Péter Póti

Food supply chain management in Indian Agriculture: Issues, opportunities and further research

July 2014

This paper is an attempt to explore the problems faced by Indian agriculture for food security in terms of inadequate infrastructure and highly inefficient supply chain in context of information technology. Due to lack of efficient infrastructure and food processing industry about 30-35 per cent of all foods produced in India are wasted. This paper examines the critical issues at each sub-system of agriculture supply...

Author(s): Sazzad Parwez

Internationalization strategies adopted by Natura in Latin America and Europe: An exploratory study with an emerging market company

July 2014

This study seeks to identify the main strategies adopted by an emerging market company in its internationalization process in Latin America and Europe. The company studied was Natura Cosmeticos. To this end, a survey was conducted on the theoretical framework that discusses the internationalization theory from the behavioral perspective, the motivations for organizations to go international and the internationalization...

Author(s): Mariana Bassi Sutter, Eduardo Vasconcellos and Edison Fernandes Polo

Assessment of psychological contract fulfillment and breach: A study of selected firms in South Africa

July 2014

This research investigates the key factors affecting retention of skilled employees using the psychological contract as a framework in an emerging economy context. The focus of the study was on employees’ perspectives regarding elements of the employment relationship they consider valuable and how these inducements affect their commitment and loyalty to the organization. Data were collected from 98 made up of...

Author(s): Caroline Obuya and Robert Rugimbana

Employees’ satisfaction in travel agencies

July 2014

This paper concisely deals with the current issue in the tourism sector, which is the satisfaction of the staff. This paper will result in the synthesis of theory and research on the satisfaction of human resources at travel agencies in Novi Sad. The primary aim of this study is to determine the current state and extent of employee satisfaction in certain key segments of business success. The basic method in this study...

Author(s): Tamara Gajić, Bojana Kovačević and Mirjana Penić

Multi-country survey of attitudes towards the treatment of HIV/AIDS in the workplace

July 2014

The Academy for Educational Development (AED) held a long-term, multi-country, multi-continent program funded by the United States Department of Labor (USDOL). It aimed to help both employees and employers deal with the impacts of the increase in the spread of human immunodeficiency virus infection/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) in the various parts of the world.  The focus of this program was to...

Author(s): Susan J. Rogers and J. W. Wright, Jr.

The impact of motivation on aggregate resignation: Case study of public health sector in Oman

July 2014

This study examined the motivation effects of organizational commitment (OC) and organizational engagement (OE) on the relationship between human resource (HR) practices (motivation of staff, empowerment of staff, goal-setting motivations, safety motivations, environmental motivations) and resignation intention. The study covered almost 95% of Al Buraimi hospital’s foreign staff (325 people) (not including Omani...

Author(s): Khalid Sudian Al Badi

Profit creation, intra and inter-generational equity: Need for new company law

July 2014

The issue of profits in company management is as old as the joint stock company but remains ever topical and somewhat controversial. Accountants have one measure for profit and economists another measure, whilst some others want to do away with the idea of profits entirely to ensure social responsibility by companies. The theory of sustainability calls into question the existing theory of profits, apparently based on...

Author(s): AJAI Olawale

Assessing the role of branding in the marketing of pharmaceutical products in Ghana: A case of three pharmaceutical companies

July 2014

The importance of branding as a tool for differentiation in the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry in Ghana has come to the fore due to competition and the influx of fake drugs. The purpose of this study was to assess the perception of managers about the strategic role branding plays in the marketing of pharmaceutical products in Ghana. Sixty respondents were sampled from three pharmaceutical companies. A...

Author(s): Peter Anabila and Dadson Awunyo-Vitor

Strategic orientation and performance of agro-based firms in transition economy

July 2014

Strategic orientations indicate organizational leanings and approach to competition and competitive behaviours focused at achieving competitive advantages. This study explores the impact of strategic orientation dimensions on corporate performance of agro-business industry. The study based on questionnaires administered to selected Agro-based firms in Lagos and Ogun utilized descriptive statistics, Pearson’s...

Author(s): Abiodun Abolaji Joachim and Ibidunni Ayodotun Stephen

Impacts of economic, cultural, social, individual and environmental factors on demands for cinema: Case study of Tehran

July 2014

This article seeks to identify the various factors affecting the demand for cinema and effectiveness degree of each factor. In this paper we seek to answer the main question that how much economic, cultural, social, individual and environmental factors affect demand of going to the cinema. In order to find the answer to the aforesaid question through survey, information about a sample of 800 who go to cinema in Tehran...

Author(s): A. Rahimi, M. Mousai, N. Azad and S. M. Syedaliakbar

Consumers’ protection and creating consumers’ value

July 2014

Customer protection is a complex concept, which encompasses the care and protection of the so-called 'reasonably circumspect consumer'. Through legal, economic, health, safety and numerous other aspects, the modern state uses norms to regulate and control consumer protection. The aim of protecting reasonably circumspect consumers is to protect their health, safety and economic interests in the environment of...

Author(s): Suzana Salai, Ružica Kovač Žnideršić and Leonard Salai

Demand forecasting process evaluation: Multiple cases studies at 15 companies in Brazil

June 2014

The purpose of this article is to evaluate what practices of the demand forecasting process are adopted by companies. The methodology used was multiple case studies. The identification of the practices was conducted by sending a questionnaire with 20 questions to 15 large companies in southern Brazil. The practices were divided into four dimensions of the analysis: functional integration, application, systems and...

Author(s): Ana Julia Dal Forno, Priscila Buss da Silva, Rodrigo Gabriel de Miranda, Antonio Cezar Bornia and Fernando Antonio Forcellini

The effects of participative leadership on organisational commitment: Comparing its effects on two gender groups among bank clerks.

June 2014

The present study examined the effects of participative leadership on organisational commitment: comparing its effects on two gender groups among bank clerks. Study data was collected from a sample of 70 bank clerks in Alice and King William’s Town, using a participative leadership questionnaire adopted from Arnold et al. (2000); and Mowday et al. (1979) organisational commitment questionnaire. Participative...

Author(s): Clement Bell and Themba Mjoli

An investigation of online review helpfulness based on movie reviews

June 2014

This paper aims to propose a conceptual model to investigate the determinants of review helpfulness for movie reviews based on uncertainty reduction theory and review quality framework. Model of customer review helpfulness is built based on review quality framework. Movie reviews from IMDB ( are collected. The proposed hypotheses are tested with logistic and multiple linear regressions. The results show...

Author(s): Liu Zhiming, Hong Li and Liu Lu

Grooming those microfinance fails to accommodate in: System needs major overhauling

June 2014

Microfinance is claimed to be a strong poverty elevation mechanism. Prof Dr. Yunus of Bangladesh is said to be the inventor of the system. But presently, attempts are being made to credit the great Rabindranath Tagore with the idea. However, throughout the world Yunus’ model is on excessive try to wipe out poverty from the globe. Whatever is the result, the irony is that the system is being sliced between breeder...

Author(s): Monir Ahmed and Asif Iqbal

Impact of supplier technology innovation on supply chain efficiency based on revenue-sharing contract

June 2014

This study constructs a two-period supply chain model consisting of two suppliers and one retailer using a revenue-sharing contract. Considering random investment cost, the impact of supplier competition on innovation strategy is analyzed and the equilibrium strategy of suppliers’ technology innovation game as well as the optimal revenue-sharing contract is derived. It is found that technology innovation degree...

Author(s): Xiao-lu Zuo, Xin Tian, Guo-wei Hua and Zhi-xue Liu

Volatility behaviour of BRIC capital markets in the 2008 international financial crisis

June 2014

Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) are pointed as the most probable countries to enter the select group of industrialised countries, also appearing among the world’s twelve largest economies. The main objective of the present study is to assess whether the capital market behaviour of the BRIC’s emerging countries in the 2008 international crisis had already been equivalent to that of industrialised...

Author(s): Tabajara Pimenta Junior, Fabiano Guasti Lima and Luiz Eduardo Gaio

Obese's People Role in Brazilian Advertising: an Analysis on Fit Consumer´s Perspective

June 2014

The way media presents fat people in ads is the focus of this paper. We analyzed, from the perspective of non-fat individuals the role played by fat people in Brazilian TV commercials. Therefore, there were one focus group with people who have seen advertisements in which the protagonist was a fat guy. There was initially a content analysis of a collection of commercial as well as the content of the discussions in which...

Author(s): Francisco Vicente Sales Melo, Salomão Alencar de Farias, Michelle Helena Kovacs and Elielson Oliveira Damascena

Governance of logistics platforms: The use of a survey for building a framework of performance indicators

May 2014

From bibliographical research on performance indicators in the business environment and logistics indicators (logistics services and supply chain), the objective of this research was to identify a set of performance indicators that can be used in the governance of logistics platforms. In order to achieve the proposed objective, a survey with experts from various institutions in Europe, Asia and North America was carried...

Author(s): Rafael Mozart da Silva, Eliana T. P. Senna and Luiz A. S. Senna

Dimensions of a metamodel of an entrepreneurial university

May 2014

The absence of a metamodel that is able to represent the main representations in literature, and to gather, synthesize the essential components that makes up the entrepreneurial university, reduces our capacity for understanding the underlying complexities of this subject matter. The objective of this article is to propose a reflection on the main representation models of the entrepreneurial university, seeking to build...

Author(s): Elzo Alves Aranha⊃ and Neuza Abbud Prado Garcia⊃

The effects of biased technological change on total factor productivity: Based on the new perspective of appropriate technology

May 2014

The paper explains the effect of biased technological change (BTC) on total factor productivity (TFP) from the new perspective of appropriate technology. We have certified that the assumption of neutral technology progress of Solow is ostensible and also to get the general technological progress which can be divided into three parts: effect of knowledge progress, effect of capital intensity improvement and scale effect....

Author(s): Ping Li and Yongbao Ji

Public transport service quality in South Africa: A case study of bus and mini bus services in Johannesburg

May 2014

This paper reports on commuters’ perceptions of bus and mini bus taxi service using an alternate to the most popular and commonly used service quality (SERVQUAL) instrument, namely The regional estuarine and coastal systems of the Americas (RECSA). From face-to-face interviews using a structured questionnaire to survey a convenience sample of 690 commuters at specifically selected mini-bus taxi and bus ranks using...

Author(s): Krishna K. Govender

Foreign exchange exposure and its reflection in corporate finances

May 2014

In some periods of history currency volatility has been avoided due to agreements made between countries. From 1973 to fluctuation of currency quotations generated a great deal of economic theories that countries could manage their currencies. Companies with revenues in foreign currencies had to adapt and understand how the exchange rate policy of the country affects the results of organizations. This article is part of...

Author(s): Roque A. Zin

Participation in the credit market by small scale enterprises in Ghana: Evidence from Wa Municipality

May 2014

This study analyses the determinants of small scale enterprises participation in credit market and also examines their choice of credit source in the Wa Municipality of Ghana using 200 small scale enterprises. Primary data were collected with the help of self-administered structured questionnaires. In a departure from much of the existing literature, bivariate probit model is used to account for potential unobserved...

Author(s): Samuel Sekyi, Paul Kwame Nkegbe and Naasegnibe Kuunibe

The need for cost audit in enhancing reliance in the disclosed operational performance of organisations: The case of Nigeria

May 2014

In the present global business environment, cost reduction application has led to enhancing organisational value for many notable firms. However, in Nigeria, the situation is pathetic as companies incur high operational costs, in view of this reason, unit selling prices for most manufacturing outfit, including those of the market leader firms, are considered  exorbitant. This work, therefore, focuses on the...

Author(s): H.T. Iwarere

The next frontier: Open innovation and prospecting of knowledge in highly complex environments – Towards value creation in high tech Industries

April 2014

This article aims to contribute to a policy of innovation management. To do so, it presents the influence practices of open innovation in the prospecting of knowledge for value creation in highly complex environments. The research was conducted in the light of theoretical excerpts and application of a survey to specialists, with knowledge about the investigated object, selected by scientific and technical criteria. The...

Author(s): Selma Regina Martins Oliveira and Jorge Lino Alves

Leaving home: Relocation choices of South African multinational enterprise (MNEs)

April 2014

As multinational enterprise (MNEs) from emerging markets grow into maturity they face significant challenges surrounding their identities and home country bases and, as a result, we see them making different choices. National champions choose to retain their corporate headquarters and identity from their emerging market homes while corporate emigrants relocate their head-offices abroad. Targets of mergers and...

Author(s): Saul Klein, Albert Wöcke and James M. Hughes

The use of a hybrid ANP-VIKOR approach for establishing the performance evaluation model of e-business project

April 2014

These years, Taiwan enterprises face a rapidly changing environment. This transformation was brought about by both the pressure to take on an international and global outlook and the increase to apply more e-business or information communication and technology (ICT) solutions. Furthermore, the subjects of the e-business research increase day by day. In accordance with this tendency, Taiwan authority schemes out...

Author(s): Shih-Ching Wang and Ming-Kuen Chen

The expatriate professor: Lessons from teaching management in Africa

April 2014

Drawing on the experience gained by an American teaching undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate student in three different African settings, this paper shares some key lessons learned and makes recommendations for other non-Africans who or will be teaching management in Africa. Pedagogically, it is important to utilize business cases that are relevant to the African context. Communicatively, it is recommended that...

Author(s): Richard N. Hayes

Rural women entrepreneurship in India: Challenges and opportunities

April 2014

The entrepreneur is an economic man, who tries to maximize his profits by innovation. Innovation involves problem solving and entrepreneur gets satisfaction from using capabilities in attacking problems. There are around   seven lakh villages in India and also that more than 70% of our population that live in villages half are women. Rural women represent a sizeable percentage of labor force in our country, yet...

Author(s): Sanjeev Kumar Khare and Lilesh Gautam

Corporate social responsibility: A literature review

April 2014

While corporate social responsibility was widely discussed in the last forty years of the twentieth century, the idea that business has societal obligations was evident at least as early as the nineteenth century. The concept of corporate social responsibility constantly adapts to the needs of global business. Given the recent development of corporate social responsibility and sustainability ideologies, along with...

Author(s): Bahman Saeidi Pour, Kamran Nazari and Mostafa Emami

Customers’ satisfaction with ATM banking in Malawi

April 2014

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) banking is the second popular access channel to banking services behind branch banking in Malawi which offers competitive advantage in the homogenous market of retail banking products and services. It is important that banks achieve service quality and customer satisfaction to remain competitive through ATMs. The results are from 353 ATM card users where over half are satisfied with ATM...

Author(s): Charles Mwatsika

Ranking DMUs based on efficiency stability

March 2014

Decision-making process is to find the best option from all of the feasible alternatives. Considering the efficiency interval, efficiency scores from optimistic and pessimistic points of view, all the possible evaluations can be illustrated. Therefore, Interval DEA models can be helpful for a decision maker needs all those possible efficiency values that reflect different perspectives. The mentioned upper and lower...

Author(s): Farhad Hosseinzadeh Lotfi, Gholamreza Jahanshahloo, Mohsen Vaez-ghasemi and Zohreh Moghaddas

Causality analysis of the technology strategy maps using the fuzzy cognitive strategy map

March 2014

The main purpose of this study is to find out the causality relationships between the strategic management of technology (SMOT) objects in the selected Iranian high technology companies, based on the balanced scorecard (BSC) and fuzzy logic approaches. Evaluations of critical technological indicators in the selected high technology-based companies illustrated they have used different cognitive procedures in their...

Author(s): Oleyaei-Motlagh Seyyed Yousef 

New developments in ICM: Image configuration method

March 2014

The purpose of this paper is to present the latest format of the Image Configuration Method, created to ensure through proper management, sustainability of organizational reputation as well of its brands and products image. ICM is a method to constantly monitor organization, brand and product image, which reflects on management and communication planning for each year. The method detects problems and opportunities for...

Author(s): Maria Schuler, Deonir de Toni and Gabriel Sperandio Milan

Perceptions of accounting professionals about the influence of information technology in their individual work process

March 2014

The continuous flow of technological innovations, combined with the changes that occur in accounting practice is changing the organizational environment and the people involved. Accounting professionals use IT to be able to make reliable and timely information available to managers, supporting the decision making process. This investigation aims to identify the perceptions of accounting professionals from the State of...

Author(s): Ricardo Adriano Antonelli, Lauro Brito de Almeida, Romualdo Douglas Colauto and Wesley Vieira da Silva

Criteria for the selection of architects by first- time clients

March 2014

The purpose of the research is to answer two questions: Which factors do individual clients consider when selecting an architect for the first time? How does the importance attached to these factors vary with the procurement method? These questions are answered in a questionnaire survey of recent clients of architects who commissioned architects for residential projects in Lagos, Nigeria. The respondents were asked to...

Author(s): Adedapo, Adewunmi Oluwatayo

Modeling to assess the influence of knowledge on the technological innovation performance capacity in high complexity environments: Towards Brazilian multinationals companies

March 2014

The present paper aims to contribute to the knowledge and innovation planning guidelines in the high complexity environments. Thus, a modeling proposal is presented to assess the influence of knowledge on the technological innovation performance capacity of multinationals companies. This procedure was prepared according to the following phases: Phase 1: Determination of the conceptual model; and Phase 2: Verification of...

Author(s): Selma Regina Martins Oliveira and Jorge Lino Alves

A simulation method for Material requirement planning supply dependent demand and uncertainty lead-time

February 2014

Materials requirements planning (MRP) is a widely used method for production planning and scheduling. Planned lead-time (PLT) and lot size are two of the input parameters for MRP systems, which determine planned order release dates. In this paper deals with material requirement planning for a three levels production and assembly system with several types of components and one type of final product, in multi periods. In...

Author(s): Haibatolah Sadeghi, Ahmad Makui and Mehdi Heydari

The effectiveness of knowledge sharing on projects: How companies prosper by what they know

February 2014

The topic focuses specifically on knowledge sharing on project team, specifically around project teams in the Information Systems (IS) sector. The paper review show knowledge sharing can be effective on IS projects, up to the point where the software is used by the business. A survey was conducted with participants who were actively involved in project teams. The focus was on key role-players, such as Project Managers,...

Author(s): Visvanathan Naicker and Hishaam Benjamin

The effects of TMT interaction on enterprise performance from the perspective of enterprise culture

February 2014

The relationship between enterprise culture and enterprise performance and the relationship between top management team (TMT) and enterprise performance have been the hot topics which academy and business circles focused on since Pettigrew put forward the "organizational culture"; Hambrick and Mason proposed the "upper echelons theory". However, previous studies on the relationship between enterprise...

Author(s): Xi Huai Liu, Yu Hui GE and QianNan Wang

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