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AJBM Articles

Is enlarging the market share the best strategy for maximizing profits

September 2013

This paper determines the best market strategy that can enable a firm to maximize its profit. An advanced panel threshold regression model is employed to investigate the panel threshold effect of market share on firm profits among publicly traded Taiwan firms. The results confirm that the double threshold effect does exist between market share and profit. Some important policy implications emerge from the...

Author(s): Hsiao-Ping Chu

Effective customer service: A tool for client retention among stock broking firms in Nigeria

September 2013

The paper examines the various customer retention measurement metrics and constructs, using concepts of customer service, customer satisfaction, behavioral intention and employee satisfaction. Pearson product moment correlation coefficient, t and F statistics were used to test the hypotheses formulated based on information received from 164 respondents (clients) patronizing four Stock broking firms in Cross River State,...

Author(s): Bassey, Nsikan Edet, Okon, Ubokudom Etim and Umorok, Umo Etesin

A review on constructs of the practices of quality management

September 2013

Quality management is a management function that ensures the quality of the products, services and/or operation processes of an organization. It contributes to the competitiveness and maintains the sustainability of the organization. This paper reviews the constructs of practices of quality management adopted by researchers. Based on the literature review, the practices of quality management are summarized into eight...

Author(s): Tan Chin-Keng and Abdul-Rahman, Hamzah

Globalization and emergent Africa-Asia dialogue: The good, the bad and the ugly

September 2013

The increasing globalization agenda of the world has deepened dialogue between African and Asian countries. The first of such dialogue was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia between African and Asian experts and Parliamentary leaders on issues of poverty, economic growth and governance. Beneath the emergent Africa-Asia dialogue is the “rotten” animal instinct, which drives one party to use brains or brawn to take...

Author(s): Alfred Atakora, Wilson Kwaku Nimsaah, Benjamin Adjei Danquah and Julia Agyapong Poku

Factors influencing choice of a university by students in Zimbabwe

September 2013

This paper discussed factors that influence choice of a university by students in Zimbabwe. A cross-sectional qualitative design involving the use of focus groups is used. The research revealed that choice of a university brand is influenced by a number of internal factors such as the quality of programmes offered by the institution, the brand name of institution, state of facilities, location of university, level of...

Author(s): Shepherd Mupemhi

Management style as a correlate of job performance of employees of selected Nigerian brewing industries

September 2013

This study focused on management style as a correlate of job performance of employees of selected Nigerian brewing industries. The study made use of two brewing industries in Oyo and Osun States of Nigeria. A sample of 200 employees was selected from the two industries. Two instruments were used to generate data for the study namely Supervisory Behaviour Descriptive Questionnaire (SBDQ) and Role-Based Performance Scale...

Author(s): Abiodun Adekunle Ogunola, Peter O. Kalejaiye and Chiedu A. Abrifor

Billboard advertising optimization by using imperialist competitive algorithm (Case study: Tehran city)

September 2013

It is very important for organizations to be effective and efficient in business advertisements. Targeting the market by means of any media should be according to a regular method. The balance between the quality of the message and the media in achieving the objectives of the ads is necessary for a successful advertisement. The present paper undertakes the optimization of billboard media considering the existing factors...

Author(s): Davoud Hosseinabadi Sadeh, Mahmood Nooraie and Babak Hajikarimi    

The role of husbands: Support or barrier to women’s entrepreneurial start-ups?

September 2013

Traditional approach in academic research in women entrepreneurship has been merely focused on internal factors in the start-up decision making process, business environmental barriers and difficulties for entrepreneurial women to balance work and family life. Several support programs have been designed worldwide to promote and support female entrepreneurship with pure empirical evidence on their efficiency and possible...

Author(s): Jaka Vadnjal and Mateja Vadnjal  

Risk management of VoIP implementation

September 2013

Corporate governance is generally regarded as the means by which an organization should be directed and controlled.  According to good corporate governance practices, an organization should maintain a competitive advantage by securing its assets and protecting against new threats introduced through new technologies. An example of a new technology that is being increasingly implemented in organizations is that of...

Author(s): Tian Gerber and Kerry-Lynn Thomson    

Sales force and commercial information: a study on the health sector industries in the State of Sao Paulo – Brazil

September 2013

The study aimed to compare employed salespeople with outside agents (or representatives) in the aspect of providing commercial information, checking for perceived differences between the information provided by each sales force. A literature review was performed with the subjects marketing orientation, sales force and commercial information, checking intersections between issues. We developed the work through a case...

Author(s): Everton José Buzzo and Paulo Sérgio Miranda Mendonça

Evaluation of the potential for innovation of businesses located in the State of Rio Grande Do Sul

September 2013

  This article describes the results of research undertaken to identify the potential for innovation possessed by companies located in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil by analyzing internal, external, operational and strategic factors, the organizational structures, the cultural and the organizational values. The methodology used was to develop a structured questionnaire which was then distributed to...

Author(s):   Heloisa Helena Weber, Carla Schwengber ten Caten and Carlos Fernando Jung  

The Board and IT Governance: A Replicative Study

September 2013

  The challenge of the corporate environment has been and remains one of competitive advantage. To address this challenge information technology (IT) is playing an ever-increasing role. Nowadays it is not uncommon to find IT entrenched in all business processes in the corporate environment, as it has become pervasive in nature. With this high dependence on IT, literature is paying a renewed attention to those...

Author(s):   J. Coertze and R. von Solms  

Internal auditing and operational risk management for some selected remittance companies in Mogadishu- Somalia

September 2013

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between internal auditing and operational risk in Somalia since in my best knowledge there is no study examined the relationship between internal auditing and operational risk in Somalia. Five remittance companies were selected as a sample and self-administered questionnaire was distributed 80 employees of these companies, these employees contained...

Author(s):   Isse Abdikadir Mohamud and Mahad Dahir Salad  

Mediating effect of relationship quality on customer loyalty in franchising beverage store

September 2013

  The purpose of this study was to provide a casual model to explain the effect of relationship quality on customer loyalty via the mediating effect which might be provided by customer satisfaction. The 335 subjects were randomly selected from 49 franchising beverage stores in Taiwan. The proposed casual model of three variables was developed. Structure equation modelling was conducted to explore customer group...

Author(s):   Ching-Hsu Huang  

An examination of factors affecting career advancement of women into senior positions in selected parastatals in Lesotho

September 2013

  Presently, in Lesotho women form a larger percentage of the workforce as compared to the previous years. Even though, there seems to be several factors, which affect their progress up the corporate ladder. The purpose of this research was to examine factors that affect career advancement of women; to determine the cause of under-representation of women in top management positions and their reluctance to...

Author(s):   Motheba Rosemary Posholi  

The impact of ‘distribution capability, business knowledge, service differentiation and experience’ firm behaviors on export performance

September 2013

  The main purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of distribution capability, service differentiation, business knowledge and experience of businesses on export performance. Accordingly, meetings based on research were arranged, models were developed and which business behaviours of manufacturing companies doing international sales have positive impacts on business performance of those companies was...

Author(s):   Orhan Bozkurt and Åžaban Esen  

Studying some of the factors that have effect on consumer propensity to observe, using Nokia cell phone as a case

September 2013

  The purpose of this research is to determine the variables that affect consumer propensity to observe. It was performed in Iran-Shiraz and the effects of these factors on consumers of Nokia cell phone have been studied. 384 consumers participated in the research by integrating questions including measurement of favorite items. Index of observation in decision making for Iranian’s consumers was used for...

Author(s):   Seyed Alireza Mosavi, Elham Rajabi and Mahnoosh Ghaedi  

Parametric correlation coefficient of fuzzy numbers

September 2013

  In the present paper, the researchers discuss the problem of parametric interval approximation of fuzzy numbers. It is the interval which fulfills two conditions. In the first, this interval is a continuous interval approximation operator. In the second, the parametric weighted distance between this interval and the approximated number is minimal and continuous. This interval can be used as a crisp set...

Author(s):   R. Saneifard and Nader Hassasi  

From the lens of an Appraisee Manager: Influence of the effect of different financing methods of firms accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange on their share yield

September 2013

  This study review the effect of various methods of financing on share yield of accepted firms in the Stock Exchange of Tehran during 2006 to 2010. For this reason, the firms which were financed through loan or increased capital have been selected and based on noted data on financial statements of them. The effect of two given financing methods (loan and increased capital) on return of their equities following...

Author(s):   Majid Bagherzadeh, Mehdi Zeynali and Jamal Mohamadshilan  

Modeling the impact of money on GDP and inflation in Iran: Vector-error-correction-model (VECM) approach

September 2013

  Monetary policy is one of the main instruments used by government for obtaining macro-economic goals. Increasing the level of output and employment is the main purpose of Expansionary monetary policy. In this paper, we examine the short-run and long-run effects of money (M2) on inflation and GDP in Iran with four variable vector error correction model. We use quarterly data between 1988Q1 and 2005Q4. Results...

Author(s):   Mehdi Sadeghi and Seyyed Yahya Alavi  

Simple and multiple relations between strategic human resource management and intellectual capital in Iranian higher education

September 2013

  The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between strategic human resource management (SHRM) practices and intellectual capital (IC) in Isfahan state universities. A multiple correlational survey design with a stratified random sampling (n = 492) was utilized. The SHRM practices questionnaire based on Chen and Hung's study (2009), first tested locally through a pilot study and then IC...

Author(s):   Susan Bahrami, Saeed Rajaeepour, Mohammad Hossein Yarmohmmadianand Hassan Ali Bakhtiar Narsabadi  

Analysis of the Psychological Contract established between the nursing personnel and a company of health care at home located in Recife - Brazil

September 2013

  The increase in dynamism caused by changes in the business environment and in society causes labor relationships in organizations to experience challenges. Contracts established between employers and employees are modified over time and the ability to manage such contracts is required in industrial/labor processes. This survey aimed to analyze the Psychological Contract established between the nursing...

Author(s):   Lucia Mara Barbosa de Oliveira, Maria de Fátima da Cruz Daniel and  Maria Auxiliadora Diniz de Sá  

New firm’s measures at the initial performance of Indian IPOs: A Binary Probit analysis

September 2013

This paper examines the impact on under pricing and firm market value arising from IPO firms implementing a range of Ex-ante uncertainty attributes such as the new firms, according to their incorporation of the year. Furthermore, we analyzed the several determinants of Ex-ante uncertainty such as subscription rate, issue size, market capitalization and ownership pattern and test the relationship between Ex-ante...

Author(s): Rohit Bansal and Ashu Khanna  

Economic selection of Dodge-Romig AOQL sampling plan under the quality investment and inspection error

September 2013

In this article, the author proposes a modification of Dodge-Romig single rectifying inspection plan with average outgoing quality limit (AOQL) protection. The quality investment and inspection error are considered in the modified model.  The optimal parameters of sampling inspection plan and quality investment level are simultaneously determined by minimizing the expected total cost of product under the specified...

Author(s): Chung-Ho Chen  

Determinants of wide interest margins in Ghana: panel EGLS analysis

September 2013

  Government, institutional investor, investors and the ordinary Ghanaian believe that the interest rate spread in Ghana is on the higher side. Financial institutions also on the other side claim the opposite. The perceived wide interest spread charged by banks in Ghana continues to ignite many debates as to whether the commercial banks are taking advantage of Ghana’s trade liberalization to make...

Author(s): David Sarpong (Jr), Ernest Christian Winful and Jones Ntiamoah  

Exploring Knowledge Sharing Among Medical and Non-Medical Staff: A Case Study Of An Ophthalmology Hospital In Malaysia

September 2013

The main purpose of this study is to explore the views medical and non-medical staffs of an Ophthalmology hospital towards the importance of knowledge sharing (KS), discover barriers to KS and strategies that may encourage KS. Furthermore, it examined the differences in the views of these constructs between medical and non-medical staff. Questionnaires derived from previous studies were used to collect a...

Author(s): Okey Chris Okoroji, Chantheney Velu and Chandra Sekaran  

Employees’ Perceptions of Multiculturalism and Diversity in Multinational Corporations

September 2013

  In a constantly changing global business environment, multiculturalism and diversity are becoming important discussion topics for multinational corporations. Moreover, these topics have witnessed increased attention as globalisation is affecting all facets of the economy. This paper presents findings of a study of multiculturalism and diversity in multinational corporations (MNCs) in Singapore. Highlighted...

Author(s):   Rebecca Mbuh DeLancey  

Design and Implementation of a Common Currency Area in the East African Community

September 2013

  This paper assesses plans of the East African Community (EAC) to create a single currency for the five countries making up the region, and considers how best to achieve it. While the benefits of lower transactions costs from a common currency may be significant, countries will also lose the ability to use monetary policy to respond to different shocks. Evidence presented shows that the countries differ in a...

Author(s):   Thomas Kigabo Rusuhuzwa and  Paul R. Masson  

Consumer evaluation of brand extension: Pakistani context

September 2013

  Brand extension strategy, based on the idea that the built-in value of the familiar brand name is transferable to new products. The major aim of this research paper was to find out that how consumer evaluate brand Extension. Authors have used four variables to establish the relationship with the dependent variable “consumer evaluation” of brand extension. The variables used in the study were...

Author(s):   Yasir Ali Soomro, Sana Abbas Kaimkhani, Irfan Hameed and Rehan Shakoor  

Brand endorsement by celebrities impacts towards customer satisfaction

September 2013

  In India today, the use of celebrity for advertising in companies has become a trend and a perceived winning formula of corporate image-building and product marketing. This phenomenon is reflected in the recent market research finding that 8 out of 10 TV commercials scoring the highest recall were those with celebrity appearances. Today 'celebrity endorsement' has attracted immense debate on whether...

Author(s):   C.S. Jayanthi Prasad  

Reviewing the relationship between perception of trust in organization with employee extra-role behavior

September 2013

  This study seeks to examine trust indicators as a foundation for employee extra role behavior. A face-to-face interview of employees was administered at Saderat Banks in Shiraz for a period of two weeks. A total of 296 usable questionnaires were collected. In addition, seven-point Likert scales, ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 7 (strongly agree) were adopted.  Research findings indicated that trust...

Author(s):   Seyed Alireza Mosavi, Maryam Abedi and Mahnoosh Ghaedi      

Diversity of the workforce: voices from the field

September 2013

  The object of this study was to analyze whether organizational policies that aim at stimulating workforce diversity are effectively implemented. We developed a case-study at a multinational company in the technology sector, referred to as HIGHTEC, in order to compare the organizational discourse and policies to how the employees perceive them. We did a documental research into HIGHTEC’s...

Author(s):   Helio Arthur Reis Irigaray  

Ideological Dominance Structures in the Context of Organizational Culture

September 2013

  The legitimation of hierarchical power in the organizational environment, as a result of beliefs and traditions enshrined in the social structure since the establishment of the first organizational conformations, constitutes the foundation of the culture of domination in current organizations. In the name of organizational survival, the ends begin to justify the means, and the common good (whether real,...

Author(s):   Dusan Schreiber  

Microfinance and the Global financial crisis (GFC): Towards a Sustainable Solution for the poor in Africa

September 2013

  The purpose of this paper is to establish the connection between microfinance and the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Its ultimate aim is to seek for a sustainable solution for the poor people in Africa. Its qualitative research methodology and an explorative design allowed the researcher flexibility to interact with secondary sources of  data. The global financial markets noted volatility from the...

Author(s):   Stephen Mago  

Talent management is not an old wine in a new bottle

September 2013

  The purpose of this empirical investigation is to clarify the relationship between different talent management activities and traditional human resource management practices. The study examines the relationship between employee’s emotional stability and talent management practices and the impact of these practices on organizations’ performance. The results show that talent management practices...

Author(s):   Sarmad Iqbal, Tahir Masood Qureshi, M. Aslam Khan and Syed Tahir Hijazi  

The Effect of Demographic Characteristics on Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Selected Teaching Hospitals in Tehran

September 2013

  Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) is one of the most important issues that recently have gained special attention in studying organizations including hospitals. Recent studies show that employees demonstrate special interest in OCB and it can be influenced by their demographic characteristics. This study was designed to investigate the relationship between OCB and demographic characteristics...

Author(s):   Mayel Afshar Mahnaz,   Memarpour  Mehdi,  Kandi  Mohammad Jafar  and Pourreza Abbolghasem.  

Knowledge discovery from consumer behavior in electronic home appliances market in Chennai by using data mining techniques

September 2013

  The global economy is improving every year and during the forthcoming decades, marketers need to enter new national markets towards an understanding of how data mining techniques influences consumer behavior, which will be vital for consumer researches. The comprehension of available data mining methods to the presence of outlying measurements in the observed data is discussed as a major drawback of existing...

Author(s):   S. Vijayalakshmi, V. Mahalakshmi and S. Magesh  

Analysis and evaluation of services in Brazilian sites of e-gov

September 2013

  Electronic government (e-gov) is related to all forms of communication made ​​through information technology (IT) that can bring a number of benefits to public bodies in a general view. Since it is a technology whose becomes more used in development countries after the massive internet growth, there are still many features that can be exploited for the benefit of the government, the citizens and the...

Author(s):   Ieda P. Martins Damian, Edgard Monforte Merlo and Marcelo Seido Nagano  

The relationship between ecological knowledge, ecological concern, ecological affection, subjective norms and the green purchase behavior in Brazil

September 2013

  This paper aims to ascertain whether there is correlation between the following constructs: ecological knowledge, ecological affection, ecological concern, subjective norms and green purchase behavior. Based on a convenience sample, the population was constituted by women over 18 years old from Ribeirão Preto, town located in Sao Paulo state in Brazil, since they represent potential consumers of...

Author(s):   Helenita R. da Silva Tamashiro, José Augusto Giesbrecht da Silveira, Edgard Monforte Merlo and Marcos Ghisi        

Impact of financial leverage on dividend policy at Tehran Stock Exchange: A case study of food industry

September 2013

  This paper examines the relationship between dividend policy and financial leverage of 33 food companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange with 242 data ‚during the period 2003 to 2010. Dividend policy‚ vastly followed by the companies ‚was tested by applying the extend model of Linter (1956) with the debt ratio of the firm ‚the current year’s dividend yield as its independent...

Author(s):   Mokhtar Emamalizadeh, Mousa Ahmadi and Jaffar Pouyamanesh  

Designing a domesticated model of knowledge management implementation in Institute of International Energy Studies (IIES)

September 2013

  This study has concentrated on presenting and designing domesticated model of knowledge management implementation in Institute of International Energy Studies (IIES). This research on the base of its goal is an applied and developing research, and the research methodology is a quantitative and survey research. Needed information in this study has been gathered from document analysis and semi-directed...

Author(s):   Hesamoddin Bagheri, Elahehsadat Razavi, Iraj Janali and Mohammad Sadegh Aghakhani  

The role of social entrepreneurs in the development of cooperatives for catalyzing empowerment in the slum areas of India

September 2013

  The theory of Motivation propounded by Maslow in 1959 states that one of the basic needs of human is shelter. Here, shelter needs does not mean mere occupation of a building only but also other amenities and hygiene which affect the mental and physical health of people. The people living in urban areas face challenges of proper housing, education, health, hygiene etc. The root cause of increase in the slums...

Author(s):   Ravindra Tripathi and Sweta Agarwal  

The significance of human capital disclosures in corporate annual reports of top South African listed companies: evidence from the financial directors and managers

September 2013

  This paper reports the research results of survey questionnaire administered on the financial directors and managers (identified as preparers of corporate annual reports) of top South African listed companies. The purpose of the survey questionnaire was to determine whether the financial directors and managers report on the identified human capital attributes and also to determine the extent to which these...

Author(s):   Michael O. Adelowotan, Christo J. Cronjé and Christa H. Wingard

The effect of marketing mix in attracting customers: Case study of Saderat Bank in Kermanshah Province

September 2013

  This study investigated the impact of marketing mix in attracting customers to Saderat Bank in Kermanshah Province. Questionnaire which included 30 questions was used to collect information in this research. The reliability of the questionnaire was calculated using Cronbach's alpha, and a value of 0.882 was obtained, greater than 0.7 which is the reliability of the questionnaire. The population used...

Author(s):   Bahman Saeidi Pour, Kamran Nazari and Mostafa Emami  

The effects of oil price shocks on real GDP in Iran

September 2013

  In this paper, the asymmetric effects of oil price shocks on GDP have been investigated by co-integration analysis in Iran economy during the period 1960-2010. We used Hodrick-Prescott filtering to separate positive shocks from negative shocks. The results showed that in long run the negative shocks have stronger effects on output than positive ones that can have damaging repercussions on economic growth. The...

Author(s):   Abbas Rezazadehkarsalari, Fateme Haghiriand Alireza Behrooznia    

Risk management practices and attitude of Pakistani Islamic banking system employees

September 2013

  Financial institutes are considered to be one of the important role playing sectors in the financial establishment and economic growth of any country. Banks are part of this sector. In country like Pakistan, we have two types of banking system: one is conventional banking system and the other is Islamic banking system. This study concentrates on the Islamic banking system. Risk is one of the important factors...

Author(s):   Naveed Azeem Khattak, Khashif-Ur-Rehman, Wasim Ullah and Majeed Ullah  

Regional spillover research and development investment: A geographically weighted regression approach

September 2013

  Investments in research and development (R&D) have been identified as a major engine of growth by recent endogenous models so many studies have investigated the determinant and intensity. The benefit of acquiring R&D spillovers is that spillovers lead to improved efficiency of existing factors of production. Since International technology spillover is a major source of technological progress for both...

Author(s):   Saeed Rasekhi, Shahrzad Anousheh, Homayoun Ranjbar and Maryam Moghimi  

Investigation into the process of providing Office Accommodation for National State Departments in South Africa

September 2013

  The National Department of Public Works has the responsibility of providing office accommodation to all state departments nationally, The objectives of the paper are to establish a base for evaluating the performance of the process and secondly investigate the performance against this base. Critical success factors were found to be: Better site search and space management, Effective maintenance policy,...

Author(s):   Douw Boshoff and Manyane Chidi  

E-government project failure in Africa: Lessons for reducing risk

August 2013

E-government project implementation in Africa is commonly associated with low levels of success. This review aimed at drawing lessons for successful E-government project implementation in Africa by analysing one of the successfully implemented E-government projects in South Africa namely the South African Revenue Services (SARS) e-filing program. The findings reported in the paper are mainly based analysis of secondary...

Author(s): Mercy Mpinganjira

The relationship between human resource productivity (HRP) and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB)

August 2013

Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) describes actions in which employees are willing to go above and beyond their prescribed role requirements. Prior theory suggests and some research supports the belief that these behaviors are correlated with indicators of organizational effectiveness. In present research the sample size consists of 183 employees (69 women and 114 men) that were selected at random from Tabriz 3...

Author(s): Nour-Mohammad Yaghoubi, Habibollah Salarzehi and Jamshid Moloudi

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