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AJBM Articles

The relationship between human resource productivity (HRP) and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB)

August 2013

Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) describes actions in which employees are willing to go above and beyond their prescribed role requirements. Prior theory suggests and some research supports the belief that these behaviors are correlated with indicators of organizational effectiveness. In present research the sample size consists of 183 employees (69 women and 114 men) that were selected at random from Tabriz 3...

Author(s): Nour-Mohammad Yaghoubi, Habibollah Salarzehi and Jamshid Moloudi

A systematic approach for knowledge auditing

August 2013

In today’s business environment, a knowledge base approach toward all organization’s aspects is inevitable. Having a method for identifying existed knowledge and experiences level and analyzing the need of knowledge acquisition from external sources or research and development to gain new knowledge, the organization will be able to reduce the gap between existed and needed knowledge toward achieving its...

Author(s): Azizollah Jafari and Nafiseh Payani

Impact of the external e-commerce on monopoly

August 2013

Many traditional monopoly industries are pervaded by the external e-commerce in recent years. It is therefore important to address the internet in these special industries. We establish a model under the monopoly with the external e-commerce and the corresponding properties are achieved. This paper shows that it is advantageous for the e-commerce if there are more consumers with internet prone. The effects of the change...

Author(s): Xiao-xing Liu  

Development and growth of Islamic banking in Pakistan

August 2013

This study analyzes the development and growth of Islamic banking in Pakistan. State banks of Pakistan are playing very important role in the development of Islamic banking and make Islamic banking as the first priority in the banking system. Islamic banking is providing a wide variety of the products which are competitive to the conventional banking system. Islamic banking generally shows an increasing trend in the...

Author(s): Muhammad Ashraf

E-government project failure in Africa: Lessons for reducing risk

August 2013

E-government project implementation in Africa is commonly associated with low levels of success. This review aimed at drawing lessons for successful E-government project implementation in Africa by analysing one of the successfully implemented E-government projects in South Africa namely the South African Revenue Services (SARS) e-filing program. The findings reported in the paper are mainly based analysis of secondary...

Author(s): Mercy Mpinganjira

Will promoting more typical SME start-ups increase job creation in South Africa?

August 2013

Unemployment is one of the pressing issues that attract more attention in South Africa at the moment, with over 25% of the population jobless and the number increases to 40% when including the people who have totally given up the search for work. The South African government has continuously highlighted that the SME sector will be the key to increasing job creation in the country. However, there is evidence that the...

Author(s): Neneh Brownhilder Ngek and A van Aardt Smit  

Exploring linkages among external integration, supply chain risk reduction and performance outcomes: a study with Brazilian companies

August 2013

This paper explores practical linkages among external integration, supply chain risk reduction, and performance outcomes. Based on a survey questionnaire with 96 participants from industrial context of Brazil, we analyzed the total sample and we used the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney Test to comparing two sets of companies, that is, large companies (annual sales > US$ 5 millions), and non-large companies (annual sales US$...

Author(s): Robson Nogueira Tomas and Rosane Lúcia Chicarelli Alcântara

Community capacity building approaches and sustainability of health care projects: Implications from palliative care projects in Mayuge district in Uganda

August 2013

The purpose of the study was to establish the extent to which community capacity building influenced sustainability of palliative care projects in Mayuge district. Specifically, the study strived to establish the extent to which top down, bottom up and community organizational approaches of capacity building could influence the sustainability of palliative care projects. We used a cross-sectional survey design to cover...

Author(s): Barbara Komujuni, Benon C Basheka and Pross N. Oluka  

Medication logistics in Public Healthcare: Model adopted by the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil

August 2013

The main objectives of this study are to describe the logistic operation model adopted in relation to public politics on the acquisition and distribution of medications by the Government of the State of Minas Gerais, in order to compare the previous model with the new model and to identify the main advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing the logistics operation in reference to the medications of the State of Minas...

Author(s): Lívia Maria de Pádua Ribeiro, José Roberto Pereira and Fernando Gustavo da Silva Quirino

Reflecting on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in marketing from a marketer’s and student perspective

August 2013

Information Communication Technology (ICT) has fundamentally changed the way in which global business is conducted. Of all the organisational functions, marketing has possibly been impacted the most by the emergence of ICT, as the array of available digital media presents a plethora of new ways in which goods and services could be marketed. Despite an increased emphasis on ICT deployment since the 1990s, marketers have...

Author(s): Deseré Kokt and Thakane Koelane  

Understanding the deployment of Competitive Intelligence through moments of translation

August 2013

Organisations employ different strategic tools such as Competitive Intelligence (CI) to enable and support their goals and objectives, periodically. Unfortunately, the tools do not seem to resolve the challenges that they were deployed for. This could be attributed to the fact that there is too much focus on the tools, and less attention on the social interaction which occurs in the process. The CI is deployed by many...

Author(s): Relebohile Moloi and Tiko Iyamu  

Social vices associated with the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in a Private Christian Mission University, Southern Nigeria.

August 2013

This study is designed to address social problems associated with Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and implications they portend on studentship in a Private Christian Mission University, Southern Nigeria. It tries to find out how the engagement of ICT devices results in social vices on campus. Drawing from recorded data between 2006 and 2012 academic year, the study reported six ICT tools...

Author(s): Omonijo, Dare Ojo, Nnedum, Obiajulu Anthony Ugochukwu, Fadugba, Akinrole Olumuyiwa, Uche, Onyekwere Chizaram Oliver and Biereenu-Nnabugwu, Makodi    

Integration of policy aspects into information security issues in South African organisations

August 2013

Information for individual organisations should always be secured. Organisations need to protect their information from attackers or competitors as these could lead to law suits or loss of business. With the more advanced network technology, information security risks and threats are believed to be on the increase and becoming even more sophisticated. This paper assesses how South African...

Author(s): Rabelani Dagada and M.M. Eloff  

Accounting for employment generation and expansion: A tool for insecurity in Nigeria

August 2013

An enduring outcome of observation processes is the enduring visibility of the need for the generation and expansion of employment. The current situations in Nigeria are underemployment, unemployment as well as insecurity. Among the broad causes of unemployment are absence of industrialization, poor agricultural system, high cost of qualitative education, rapid population growth, rural-urban migration in search for...

Author(s): K. M. Makinde, A. O. Ayegbokiki and O. A. Sotunde

From the Lens of an Appraisee Manager: Influence of Performance Metrics on Management level Employeesin a Professional Services Firm in South Africa

August 2013

Today, performance metrics of managers are touted as a fundamental cornerstone of employee performance management. But beware that, if improperly used, they degenerate into organisational curse and performance appraisal politics. As these metrics are being widely adopted in organisations, it is prudent that they are used judiciously by those in authority to assess managers, and consistently induce more commitment,...

Author(s): MacDonald Kanyangale and Marshall Zvarevashe  

Collapse of giants: Conceptualizing trust as a metaphysical imperative in organization infrastructure

August 2013

Information and communication technologies make things simpler for the ones looking at the big picture from outside. Around the globe, large public sector organizations, conglomerates, powerful financial brokers, multinational firms succumbed to their own wrong doings; yet, their collapse has changed the entire scenario even the social life of the exchequers, investors and shareholders. In this paper, we are looking...

Author(s): Mohammad Rizwan Junaid

Capital adequacy, management and performance in the Nigerian commercial bank (1986 - 2006)

August 2013

This study investigates the impact of bank capital adequacy ratios, management and performance in the Nigerian commercial bank (1986 - 2006). The objectives of this paper are: to determine to what extent bank capital adequacy ratios impact on bank performance and also to investigate the extent to which operation expenses has impacted on the return on capital. The study captured their performance indicators and employed...

Author(s): Ikpefan Ochei A

Market and welfare economic impacts of sustainable forest management practices: An empirical analysis of timber market in Peninsular Malaysia

August 2013

The main objective of this study is to analyze the impact of sustainable forest management (SFM) practices on the timber market in Peninsular Malaysia. A partial equilibrium model was applied in this study covering domestic timber market namely supply and domestic demand of timber. It was analyzed by using a system of equations approach. All data were compiled from published sources of Malaysian Government publications...

Author(s): AS Abdul-Rahim, HO Mohd-Shahwahid, S. Mad-Nasir and AG Awang-Noor

The study of sustainability in administration: A research of the hot topics published in the last decade

August 2013

The aim of this study was to examine publications on the topic of sustainability and to identify key areas of administration that are being studied with sustainability. The survey was conducted in the Web of Science database, searching to identify the main subject areas, authors, types of documents, titles of the sources, the year of the publications, institutions, funding agencies, countries and languages of these...

Author(s): Luciana Flores Battistella, Márcia Zampieri Grohmann, and Aline Velter

The exploration on network behaviors by using the models of Theory of planned behaviors (TPB), Technology acceptance model (TAM) and C-TAM-TPB

August 2013

This research mainly aims to explore the network behaviors of Web 2.0 users. The comparative analysis is also operated with the research models of Theory of planned behaviors (TPB), TAM and C-TAM-TPB. With network questionnaires, there are 638 valid replies received. The relations among different variables in this research are examined with the structural equation models. Additionally, it is found from research results,...

Author(s): Chih-Chung Chen

Analysis of Togo’s economic and socio-political situation: challenges and perspectives

August 2013

After a long period of political instability that led to a sharp contraction of the economy and an unprecedented high level of poverty, Togo, in 2006, began the normalization of the situation. Over the past three years, considerable progress has been made by the Government. This has helped to restore a relatively calm political and social climate. These efforts were welcomed by the entire international community that...

Author(s): Kossi Ayenagbo, Kuawo- Assan Johnson, Tom-Irazou Tchalim, Josphert N. Kimatu and Stephanie Nguhi  

Evaluation of the entrepreneurial success factors of small, micro and medium farming enterprises (SMMEs) in the peri-urban poor communities of George municipality, Western Cape Province, RSA

August 2013

The aim of the study was to determine the entrepreneurship capacity of farming enterprises focussed small business in poor communities of George Municipality. The study was conducted in four (n=4) townships around George metropolitan areas. Only 10% the sample population was considered during quantitative data collection processes. The quantitative data collected was randomly selected whilst the qualitative data...

Author(s): V. M. Mmbengwa, J. A. Groenewald and H. D. van Schalkwyk  

Agreement of the international avitourist market to ecotourism principles: A South African development perspective

August 2013

Despite the rapid growth of avitourism (birding tourism) globally, the international market potential of avitourism in South Africa, with its remarkable birdlife, is not yet being utilised to its full potential. The purpose of the research reported in this article was to investigate international avitourists perceptions on ecotourism principles to develop sustainable avitourism in South Africa. Primary data was gathered...

Author(s): Nicolene Conradie and Cina van Zyl

The adjustment and optimized path of regional industrial structure in low-carbon economy society in China: A case study of Tianjin

August 2013

The industrial structure strategy in China has to change to adjust new requirements, because of the economic development, industrial evolution, the policy of energy saving and greenhouse gas emissions constraints. This paper aims to explaining the relationships between the industrial structure and carbon intensity, the regional differences between provinces in China based on recent economic data, including internal...

Author(s): Hao Zhenzhen and Li Jian,

A conceptual evaluation of 5S model in hotels

August 2013

The survival of hotels depends on increasing service quality and value. However, traditional management approaches are not sufficient to achieve this. Increasing quality and value depends on improving service production. Based on continuous improvement philosophy, 5S is an appropriate business model for hotels. 5S represents the initial letters of the words seiri (organization), seiton (order), seiso (cleanliness),...

Author(s): Dilek Acar Gürel  

The role of accounting in public governance process

August 2013

The intensification of the relations between government and society, whether by means of public-private interaction or of the participation of civil society, contributes to the appreciation of accounting in the scope of public administration. Accounting gains a new feature with this configuration. In addition to its basic capacities of registering and interpreting all phenomena, among which are public budgets,...

Author(s): Lívia Maria de Pádua Ribeiro, José Roberto Pereira and Gideon Carvalho de Benedicto  

Strategic corporate social responsibility: a theoretical framework

August 2013

This paper focuses on CSR integration in strategic management and control systems, with particular reference to the reasons which lead firms to strategically manage social dimension and the consequences in terms of social performance. The goal of the paper is to develop a conceptual framework which enables us to understand the relationship among contextual factors (internal and external), strategic control tools and...

Author(s): Filippo Vitolla and Michele Rubino  

EPQ models for deteriorating items with linearly discounted backordering under limited utilization of facility

August 2013

This study presents an economic production quantity model for deteriorating items in which backorder is allowed. The selling price of backorder depends on the customers that are willing to purchase the items under the condition that they receive their orders after a certain fraction of waiting time. The utilization of facility is an important index of production efficiency in the opportunity cost perspectives. This...

Author(s): Hui-Ming Teng

Retail patronage of Sowetan consumersafter 1994

August 2013

Changes in retail patronage in the South African retailing environment since the advent of democracy in 1994 need to be further researched. Various factors have played a role in making the South African retail environment the dynamic place it is. Some of the major changes include the new retail planning that has occurred since democracy and the effect it has had on the disadvantaged black township areas. The aim of this...

Author(s): Johan W. Strydom

The chain impact of customers’ value on organizational performance: A customer-based perspective in a command economy

August 2013

This study assesses how customer value has chain effects on an insurance company’s market orientation, competitive advantage and organizational performance in a command economy. In this study we want to analyze Iran’s Insurance policy in strategy selection to identify its deficiencies compared to the ideal situation that Zhou explained in his essay, “Market orientation, competitive advantage and...

Author(s): Hosseini Mirzahassan and Farideh Hosseini Imani

Customers’ perception about value added services rendered by banks

August 2013

The research is focused on customers’ perception about augmented services rendered by the banks, namely, ATM Facilities, Debit card facilities, Credit card facilities, Mobile Banking and Internet banking facilities. How the customers have accepted these facilities, to what extent they are using these facilities and how to improve the usage rate were the main focus of research area in this study. The author...

Author(s): Mahalakshmi V, M. G. Saravanaraj and Umarani T. S

The role of talent management and HR generic strategies for talent retention

August 2013

The research was conducted to highlight the role of talent management with HR generic strategies to retain talent, reduce employees’ turnover and to achieve perceived HR outcomes of a firm by implementing succession planning, employer’s branding, motivation and development policies effectively and efficiently. In addition, HR practices like training and development, recruitment...

Author(s): Muhammad Imran Hanif and Shao Yunfei

Corruption and implications for industrial development in Nigeria

August 2013

Corruption is the bane of Nigeria’s socio-economic development. This paper specifically examines critically how corruption and other associated factors led to the failure of two state-owned public institutions (automobile and steel industries) that would have launched the country into an industrial nation to reckon with, not only in Africa but also in the entire world|. Locating corruption in Nigeria within the...

Author(s): Emeka E. Okafor

Evaluation of the relationship between social capital and manpower’s burnout in teaching hospitals of Iran

August 2013

The purpose of this study was to evaluate of the relationship between social capital and manpower’s burnout in teaching hospitals of Iran. This study was a cross sectional study conducted in the teaching hospitals of Tehran University of Medical Sciences in the year 2011. The target population of the study was manpower in hospitals of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. A total number of 320 manpower were...

Author(s): Fereshteh Farzianpour, Abbas Raheimi fouroshani, Amjad Mohamadi and Seyed Shahab Hosseini    

The measurement of operating efficiency: A case study of Fong Shan Tourism Plaza

August 2013

Tourism has become a flourishing industry and the competition is intense in Taiwan. How to efficiently deploy the business units in leisure square and how to objectively evaluate operating efficiency of each business unit become the most important issues for tourism plaza managers. This paper presents an empirical study in which Data Envelopment Analysis is used to evaluate the operating efficiency of 12 business units...

Author(s): Jui-Min Hsiao,  Chund-Wei Sung,  Davorin Kralj

The South African risk-free rate anomaly

July 2013

International tests of the suitability of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) found that the minimum return required by investors implied by the model exceeded the risk-free proxy yield. In contrast, similar tests in South Africa found that the minimum required return was not significantly different from the risk-free proxy return. This study sought to resolve this apparent anomaly by employing direct and indirect...

Author(s): Barry Strydom and Ailie Charteris

Construction analysis based on total quality management and six sigma methodologies

July 2013

This paper focuses on comprehensive study that analyses the total quality management (TQM) practices in connection with the relationship between organization strategy and its performance. By analyzing TQM in the context of organization strategy around a number of important factors, this paper seeks to advance the understanding of TQM and six sigma in general context which highlights the causes of quality problem and...

Author(s): Qingyang Huang and M. Haseeb  

Challenges to the efficient use of point of sale (POS) terminals in Nigeria

July 2013

The relevance of efficient payment systems is a subject of interest to all stakeholders. This study analyzed the challenges to the efficient use of point of sale (POS) terminals in Nigeria. Socio economic characteristics of users and non users were also examined. Cross sectional data were collected from 650 randomly sampled respondents from 20 local government areas of Lagos State, Nigeria. Data collected were analyzed...

Author(s): Adeoti, O. O.

Exploring the corporate social responsibility reporting: A case study in Thai listed companies

July 2013

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pertains to the idea that business activities can affect the environment, society, and economy. The environment and social performance is an important driver of long-term sustainability and growth. The concept of CSR has become increasingly popular for sustainable development. There are calls for CSR information. However, Thai listed companies rarely published CSR reports because of...

Author(s): Pornpipat Kaeokla and Aim-Orn Jaikengkit

Using Facebook for event promotion - implementing change

July 2013

Facebook is currently the largest social network site, with over 800 million users worldwide- and over half of its users are in a Facebook group with the average user connected to over 80 community, group, pages, or events. Facebook has made many changes throughout its inception and while this should be viewed as progress and improvements to the system, those who rely heavily on Facebook as a communication tool for...

Author(s): Holly Itoga, M. B. A. and Grace T. R. Lin

Austerity, Structural Adjustment Programme and family crises in Nigeria

July 2013

Since the 1980s, the peace and unity that characterized traditional Nigerian families have been challenged by the multiplier effects of Austerity, and its handmaiden the Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP). Nigerian families have come under severe threat as a result of the persistent austere economic conditions and its corollary, erosion of African family values. The paper interrogates the nexus between pervasive...

Author(s): Nkemdili Au Nnonyelu

Moderating effects of organizational culture on human resource management and employee’s performance

July 2013

The study examined the impact of moderating effects of organizational culture on HRM and employee’s performance in an attempt to contribute to the pool of knowledge and practice. Researchers and authors have suggested that culture is a stable and critical phenomenon. Sun (2008) and Brown (1995) argued that, there are organizations that are relatively stable, with stable environment; but risk-taking and innovation...

Author(s): Jerome Nyameh

E-government and e-governance concepts and constructs in the context of service delivery

July 2013

The Malaysian Vision 2020 of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) has gone through a rapid change in information and communication technology (ICT). The government will eventually enhance the service delivery and quality of the development process which will allow the government to be more responsive to the needs of the citizens. The Malaysian government has developed e-government and e-governance that have come into...

Author(s): Ai Ling Lim, Maslin Masrom and Sabariyah Din

Selectivity and market timing skills in the hedge fund industry: Do they persist?

July 2013

This paper investigates the persistence of hedge fund managers’ skills during periods of boom and/or recession. We consider a data set of monthly investment strategy indices published by Hedge Fund Research group. The data set spans from January 1995 to June 2010. We divide this sample period into four overlapping sub-sample periods that contain different economic cycles. We define a skilled manager as a manager...

Author(s): John Muteba Mwamba

Quality assurance and economical feasibility of an innovative product obtained from a byproduct of the meat industry in Brazil

July 2013

The Brazilian beef industry generates various wastes that are underutilized and often discarded without proper treatment, thereby polluting the environment. Among these tailings are the feet of chicken. The most popular and used is the gelatin of mammals (pigs and cattle) that is subjected to greater restrictions and skepticism among consumers due...

Author(s): Poliana Fernandez de Almeida,, José Reinaldo da Silva, Suzana Caetano da Silva Lannes, Thiago Michel de Brito Farias and José Carlos Curvelo Santana

Quality of life management at work: A strategic program for improved performance in micro and small companies in the Jundiaí Region, Brazil

July 2013

This paper investigates the human resources management practices focused on internal stakeholders, namely employees, in a context of small business. Numerous studies have addressed the economic significance and effects of small business but contributions to Human Resources within small businesses have remained relatively unexplored in contemporary quality of work life (QWL). Qualitative-quantitative approach method...

Author(s): Hamilton Pozo, Takeshy Tachizawa, Roselaine A. F. and Teodoro Pozo

Effect of budget deficit and corruption on private investment in developing countries: A panel data analysis

July 2013

The prime objective of this paper was to empirically quantify the effect of interaction between budget deficits and corruption on private investment in developing countries over the period 1984 to 2010. Using a panel data methodology, a large sample size of 70 developing countries and system-Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) estimation applied to dynamic panel data to address the problem of endogeneity, this...

Author(s): Kiprop Symon Kibet

Overcoming obstacles to learning: Guidelines for teaching, learning and support in open distance learning

July 2013

Whilst open distance learning (ODL) has undertaken many initiatives to address the problems associated with low pass rates, student performance remains poor. The research reported in this article was aimed at the provision of teaching and learning support services to overcome obstacles faced by students. A mixed-methods research approach was used to obtain data. The analyses of the data led to the development of a set...

Author(s): B. Sookdeo and R. R. Ramphal

The importance of quality function deployment to organizational business

July 2013

Organizations management seeking world class status, the relationship betweenquality function deployment and managers is important. For this reason, this article used data collected in the year 2008 from studies in six official and industrial organizations in North- west of Iran. The main purpose was to examine the quality function deployment performance and...

Author(s): Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand

Application of Multiple Attribute Decision Making (MADM) in grading of suppliers: A case study

July 2013

Research in market and selection of the best suppliers is the main task in organization. Lack of attention to supply of materials and items and lack of collaboration with suppliers increase purchase cost, quality control and quality assurance costs, leading to non- satisfaction of products and services. The suppliers should be graded and selected based on criteria in order to collaborate with the supply of the...

Author(s): Soleyman Iranzadeh, Mojtaba Ramezani, Sadegh Babaei Heravi and Davood Norouzi

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