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AJBM Articles

July 2016

Personal factors, psychological work climate, and role related factors as precursors of organizational commitment of records management employees in state civil services of Northwest, Nigeria

The purpose of the present study was to find out if personal factors, psychological work climate, and role related factors are the precursors of organizational commitment. The study data were collected from a sample of 651 records management employees in State Civil Services of North-west, Nigeria, using a self-designed biographical and occupational questionnaire; a psychological work climate questionnaire adopted from...

Author(s): Kutu Jacob O and S.O. Popoola

July 2016

Audit risk and corporate governance: Italian auditors’ perception after the global financial crisis

This paper aims at analysing the most relevant factors for auditors when they estimate audit risk of their client company, and charge the client for it. We did so, by asking partners of audit firms to rate their agreement on the relevance of a set of audit risk factors drawn from the literature. In order to investigate further, we analysed results after the 2007-2008 financial crisis, for new client firms. We ended up...

Author(s): Chiara Demartini and Sara Trucco

June 2016

Study on the interactive mechanism of economic growth, inflation and capital markets using dynamic Bayesian factor graph

With the deepening of economic globalization and financial liberation, capitalization degree can no longer be ignored for its influence on the relationship between economic growth and inflation. In consideration of the evolvement from the period of industrialization to economic financialisation of the U.S., through the Bayesian network learning of rolling time window, the study concentrate on the dynamic transmission...

Author(s): Xiaolin Lu,, Kun Guo, and Xin Tian,

June 2016

Exploring rejection, acceptability and use of bond coins in Zimbabwe during the Multicurrency era

The study explored the reasons of rejection, acceptability and usage of the bond coins by Zimbabweans as well as the challenges they faced in their usage. To achieve the overall aims of the study, an explanatory sequential design (ESD) of mixed-methods was used to explore the people and institutions’ views on the rejection and acceptability of bond coins in Zimbabwe.  A sample of 100 vendors, 60 commuter...

Author(s): Norman Marime

June 2016

Islamic versus conventional stock market Indices synchronization

Few works are considered to the empirical literature on the performance of shariah stock market indices compared to those of conventional markets. This work deal with the analysis of business cycle synchronization of five Islamic and their corresponding conventional markets over the period 2000 and 2014. In this research, three different measures of synchronization were proposed: The pair wise correlation coefficients...

Author(s): Imed Medhioub and Mustapha Chaffai

June 2016

The socio-economic potential of under-utilized species to small holder farmers: The case of Khat (Catha edulis) in Ethiopia

"Agriculture is an important part of Ethiopia’s economy constituting a significant proportion of it’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and total export earnings. The method of agricultural production in Ethiopia has led to increased deforestation and degradation. In order to reverse the trend, government of Ethiopia together with its development partners are in search of strategies to address the situation....

Author(s): Amos Gyau and Catherine Muthuri

June 2016

Women and access to ICT: A case study of India

Women account for a sizeable number of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) workforce in India. This paper makes an attempt to find out women’s status in emerging areas of IT in India. This paper firstly tries to find out factors affecting women’s access to ICT education in India. It also tries to find out factors affecting participation in ICT employment. The paper addresses issues regarding IT...

Author(s): Ranjana Agarwal and Gunjan Malhotra

May 2016

Immigrant networks and social capital

The book “Immigrant Networks and Social Capital” is a comprehensive research on social capital’s outcomes that aims to describe social networks patterns and social capital. It discusses the main issues of social connections patterns and social capital, and finally explains how networks patterns and social capital approaches can accounts for immigrant networks and outcomes. Therefore, the book is...

Author(s): Karimi Abdul Tamim and Sayed Nasrat

May 2016

Workplace spirituality and organizational commitment : A study on the public schools teachers in Menoufia (Egypt)

Due to its significant impact on organizations’ survival and success, workplace spirituality has gained popularity in both academic and work environments over the last decade. This popularity has been created and maintained because of employees’ feeling of hyper stress and anxiety stemming from the very high demands and expectations imposed by their organizations. In reaction to such high targets, employees...

Author(s): Mohamed Mousa and Ruth Alas

May 2016

Foreign direct investment (FDI) and corruption: Is it a major hindrance for encouraging inward FDI?

The study used panel data from 1998 to 2014 among 48 different countries to determine the relationship between foreign direct investment and corruption. For identifying the relationship, the study employed random effect model (REM), feasible general least squares method (FGLS) and panels corrected standard errors (PCSE). The results of the three panel estimation methods reveal that the variable of corruption is...

Author(s): Shakib Hossain

May 2016

Early adopters of integrated reporting: The case of the mining industry in South Africa

This study aims to investigate the structure and the content of Integrated Reporting, a new corporate reporting model that seeks to link financial and non-financial information disclosed by companies. This paper assesses the nature and extent of non-financial disclosures in corporate reports of the mining companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The methodological approach is Content Analysis with the aim of...

Author(s): Federica Doni, Andrea Gasperini and Pasquale Pavone

May 2016

Decision support model for supplier selection in healthcare service delivery using analytical hierarchy process and artificial neural network

The healthcare industry today has grown rapidly and emphasizing the efficiency and effectiveness within the healthcare delivery systems has become a major priority in the field. In order to increase the satisfaction and safety of patient, hospitals must improve their overall performance. We established from our review that a number of models have been developed for supplier selection using diverse methods. Most of the...

Author(s): Stephen Gbenga Fashoto, Boluwaji Akinnuwesi, Olumide Owolabi and David Adelekan

May 2016

Strategic management in retail pharmacy: The case of Zimbabwean companies

Retail pharmacies operating in developing and emerging nations are faced with a myriad of intractable macro-economic conditions including over-regulation, government interference, inept policy implementations and intensive competition. These conditions demand that retail pharmacies become strategic in their approach to business management in order to diminish the impact of macro-economic conditions conspiring to...

Author(s): Amon Simba and Zivanayi Nyandoro

April 2016

Impact of formal credit on agricultural output: Evidence from Pakistan

In the current study, we have analyzed the impact of formal credit on agricultural output : Evidence from Pakistan. by using secondary data from 1996 to 2015. Augmented Dickey Fuller (ADF) test was applied to check the stationarity of the data. Contrarily, the Johansen Co-integration test (Trace Statistic) was used to find out whether there exists a long run relationship between formal credit and agricultural output....

Author(s): Abbas Ali Chandio Jiang Yuansheng, Jam Ghulam Murtaza Sahito and Shahbaz Ali Larik

April 2016

Evaluating the impact of government subsidies on traceable pork market share based on market simulation: The case of Wuxi, Chin

In this study, choice-based conjoint (CBC) analysis combined with multivariate logistic regression model was used to investigate the Chinese consumers’ willingness to pay (WTP) for traceable pork hindquarters with different levels of attributes. High, medium and low-level traceable pork profiles were constructed, and the market share of traceable pork hindquarters was simulated under different types of government...

Author(s): Xiujuan Chen, Linhai Wu, Shasha Qin, and Dian Zhu

April 2016

Stakeholder participation: An empirical investigation

Studies point to the fact that most stakeholders in health projects implemented by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Uganda have in some one way or another, not been optimally involved in their implementation. This has led to various projects failing to provide anticipated benefits on a sustainable basis. This study therefore aimed at examining the level of stakeholder participation on health projects in...

Author(s): Sudi Nangoli, Sophia Namiyingo, Levi Kabagambe, Rehema Namono, Mahmood Jaaza and Mohammed Ngoma

April 2016

Commercializing innovations from agricultural research in Northern Ghana and farmers` willingness to pay

The study used contingent valuation to solicit monetary values from researchers and farmers on how much they were willing to sell and buy agricultural innovations from research respectively. A probit model was then employed to identify the determinants of researchers’ willingness to sell innovations from research. Furthermore, a multivariate (MV) probit model was estimated to explain key determinants of...

Author(s): Alhassan, N. Jinbaani, Samuel, A. Donkoh, Franklin, N. Mabe and Isaac Gershon Kodwo Ansah

April 2016

Corporate social responsibility in Cameroon: The Hydro Electricity Sector University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Corporate social responsibility concept is relatively new in Cameroon. That is why a majority of the large companies do not have either CSR policies in place or a team that deals with corporate social responsibility issues. Very few companies have been identified in Cameroon as having CSR policies in place. One of these companies is ENEO which is the hydro-electrical company in Cameroon. This paper examines and...

Author(s): Ndzi Ernestine

March 2016

Tourism forecasting by search engine data with noise-processing

In many studies, search engine data were efficient to analyze and forecast as an explanatory variable, including the tourism volumes predictions. However, the search data and the tourism volumes were always interfered by the noise. Without noise-processing, the predictive ability of search engine data might be weak, even invalid. As a method of noise-processing, Hilbert-Huang Transform (HHT) could deal with non-linear...

Author(s): Li Xiaoxuan, Wu Qi, Peng Geng and Lv Benfu

March 2016

An investigation of the marketing performance measurement practices in Hatfield Volkswagen group

The measurement of marketing function is vitally important to establish the performance of the brand. The aim of this study is to investigate the marketing performance measurement practices in the Hatfield Volkswagen group with reference to the following elements: the awareness of the importance of effectively measuring the marketing activity, the satisfaction with the current marketing performance measurement, the...

Author(s): Chris Beukes and Gerhard van Wyk

March 2016

Do marketing margins determine local leafy vegetables marketing in the Tamale Metropolis?

In Northern Ghana, local leafy vegetables marketing has become an important trade in Ghana due to the increasing application of the health benefits from consuming local leafy vegetable. It was theorized that marketing margins (temporal arbitrage) may not encourage marketing agents to undertake and facilitate trade in the local leafy vegetable marketing chain. This hypothesis is investigated by using data collected from...

Author(s): Vivian, F. Boateng, Bismark Amfo, Abdul- Halim Abubakari and Osei Bonsu Yeboah

March 2016

Effect of capital size on the profitability of listed insurance firms in Nigeria

Financial reforms have been an ongoing process, not only in Nigeria but the world over. Prior to the recapitalization of the insurance sector in 2005, the industry was characterized by the inadequate capital base, the dearth of appropriate human capital and weak performance. The objective of this paper is to examine the effect of capital size on the profitability of insurance companies in Nigeria. The researcher used...

Author(s): Idris Ahmed

February 2016

The influence of ownership structure on financial performance of privatized companies in Kenya

This study investigated the influence of ownership structure on financial performance of privatized companies in Kenya for the period of 2007 to 2013. The study was informed by the property rights, the agency and the resource based theories. Data was extracted from prospectuses and financial reports of privatized companies, obtained from the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE). A unit...

Author(s): Esther Wanjugu Gitundu, Symon Kibet Kiprop, Lawrence Kangogo Kibet, Sifunjo E. Kisaka

February 2016

The link between financial performance and loan repayment management in Tanzanian SACCOS

The Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOS) which are co-operative financial models are flourishing in most of the developing economies recently. However, loan repayment capacity remains a challenge that threatens their future. Using financial statements data for the year 2012, from 36 SACCOS in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania, and using descriptive statistics and regression models in the analysis, this study...

Author(s): Benson Otieno Ndiege, Lucas Mataba, Margret Msonganzila and Kelvin Luka Nzilano

February 2016

An investigation using multivariate analyses in predicting respondents’ perception of satisfaction, professionalism, skill and competence of radiographers in routine radiological services in Enugu, Southeast Nigeria

Assessing patients’ perception of satisfaction, professionalism, competence and skill of health care providers helps health institutions and providers respond to the needs and expectations of the patients. Little work is known to have taken place to understand this phenomenon especially in radiological services in Nigerian hospitals. This study is therefore aimed at investigating the perception of patients’...

Author(s): Ochonma Ogbonnia Godfrey, Soludo Bartholomew Eze and Charles Ugwoke Eze

February 2016

An investigation of the leadership styles of Pentecostal church leaders in Zimbabwe

The aim of the paper is to focus on leadership styles exercised by Pentecostal leaders in Zimbabwe. The target population was divided into three main groups; the founders, the leaders and the members of Pentecostal churches in Zimbabwe.  Depth interviews and questionnaires were used on six founders, three hundred and fifty leaders and nine hundred members. The leadership style of the founders was found to be...

Author(s): Judith Mwenje

January 2016

State of academic facilities and its influence on teachers’ job stress in Tamale polytechnic

This paper identifies the state of academic facilities and its influence on teachers’ job stress in Tamale polytechnic. The study adopted a case study approach because it probes a specific tertiary institution in Ghana. Quantitative research method was adopted. Accidental sampling technique was used to draw sample from the population. The research used questionnaire as the main data collection instrument. Total of...

Author(s): Eliasu Issah, Abdul-Razak Abubakari and Isaac Jatuat Wuptiga

January 2016

The impact of savings on capital mobilization: A case study of selected primary and junior high school teachers in Ho municipality

The objective of this study is to find out the impact of savings on capital mobilization for investment in capital projects for personal economic development and educational purposes. The study used primary and secondary data. The population for the study was basic school teachers within Ho municipality of the Volta region of Ghana. Probability sampling technique was employed in selecting the sample size. From the study...

Author(s): Edinam Agbemava, Israel Kofi Nyarko, Vincent Asimah, Edward Sedzro and Gordon Kudzo Antor

January 2016

Human resource management practices, employee engagement and organizational citizenship behaviours (ocb) in selected firms in Uganda

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between human resource (HR) practices, employee engagement and organizational citizenship behaviours (OCB) in selected firms in Uganda. Adopting a pragmatic philosophy with a quantitative methods strategy using quantitative cross-sectional survey design (N = 210) the researcher examined the relationship between nine antecedents, employee engagement and one...

Author(s): Joseph Jakisa Owor

January 2016

Does personality of owners of micro enterprises matter for the relationship between startup capital and entrepreneurial success?

Following the devastating effects of the recent global economic and financial crisis, both developing and developed countries are desperate to boost economic development and reduce unemployment rates. Consequently, entrepreneurship is being promoted. The resulting enterprises contribute to economic development and create employment opportunities. However, the contribution to economic development can only be realized if...

Author(s): Martin Mabunda Baluku, , Julius Fred Kikooma and Grace Milly Kibanja

December 2015

Impact of compensation incentives on corporate cash holdings: Evidence from non-financial listed companies at Karachi Stock Exchange

This study examined the relationships between corporate cash holdings (corporate liquidity policy) and compensation incentives, offered by Karachi Stock Exchange listed non-financial companies, to their CEOs, Directors and Executives, keeping in view the managerial shareholding of the firm, levered capital structure and firm size. The regression results suggested that the CEO Compensation and Executive Compensation have...

Author(s): Khalil-Ur-Rehman Wahla, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah and Iftikhar Mehboob

December 2015

Facebook from socializing to advertising: An empirical study on the effect of Facebook as an advertising tool in Egypt

This research aims to investigate if Facebook has a significant effect as a tool of advertising in Egypt and to present to marketers practical trends to use in order to close this gap of the missing formula. Quantitative approach based on an online survey of 400 Facebook users from Cairo and Alexandria governorates was used in this work. To achieve the research objectives, descriptive analysis was used to test the data,...

Author(s): Azer Jaylan

December 2015

Application of vector auto regressive analysis on financial sector and economic growth in Ethiopia

The direction of causality between financial sector and economic growth has remained contentious in Ethiopia. This study investigated their linkage for the period of 1980 to 2014. Granger causality test revealed the existence causality that runs from financial sector to economic growth and not the vis-a-versa, while Johnson cointegration analysis confirmed the existence of long-run relationship between financial sector,...

Author(s): Gutu Tesso

December 2015

Financing, networking and the economic empowerment of women in the informal business sector in Eritrea

Hardly any research is available regarding women entrepreneurs in the informal business sector in Eritrea. Results based on a survey of 1,607 women drawn from 12 cities in 6 regions indicate that in setting up an informal business the main sources of initial capital are: the owner’s cash savings; loans from friends and relatives; and interest free credit from suppliers, based on trust. On the positive side, half...

Author(s): Fitsum Ghebregiorgis, Habteab Tekie Mehreteab and Stifanos Hailemariam

December 2015

Applicability of the huff model in the estimation of market shares of supermarkets within the Tamale metropolis in Ghana

This paper estimated the market shares of four shopping centres/super markets within the Tamale metropolis in Ghana. It employed the Huff model: a probabilistic gravitational model adopted as alternative in the computation and estimation of probabilities and attractiveness as well as the distance in mileage covered by prospective customers to the shopping centres/super markets. The research revealed that 75% of the...

Author(s): James Abagna Azanlerigu and Oswald Atiga

November 2015

Can web-searching index help to predict renminbi exchange rate?

The stability of exchange rates plays a decisive role in a country’s economic development and internal and external equilibrium. Therefore, the prediction of short-term exchange rate is of vital importance to maintain a country’s economic stability and financial security. Traditional time series forecasting models are only based on historical data, which cannot reflect other important factors, like...

Author(s): Xuan Wang, Suxiao Li, Haizhen Yang and Lingxiao Cui

November 2015

Exchange rate dynamics and monetary unions in Africa: A fractional integration and cointegration analysis

This paper uses fractional integration and cointegration techniques to analyze nominal exchange rate dynamics in three groups of African countries aiming to form currency unions in the near future. The proposed unions are the WAMZ (West African Monetary Zone), the EAC (East African Community), and the SADC (South African Development Community). The univariate results indicate that in all but three countries (Democratic...

Author(s): Borja Balparda, Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Luis A. Gil-Alana

November 2015

Understanding the impacts of inter-organizational communication on strategic alliance performance and stability

The purpose of this study is to measure the inter-organizational communication of alliances, and to explain the relationships among communication (communication willingness, commitment, behavior, and quality), alliance performance, and alliance stability. In data from 314 firms in China, communication willingness (β= .232), communication behavior (β= .305), and communication quality (β= .174) had a...

Author(s): Liu Wenwen and Liao Baiyu

November 2015

Factors influencing trust and partnership in shipper-carrier relationship: How do these affect electronic trading transactions in South Korea?

In electronic trading transaction, forming trust is very important in business relations due to its anonymity feature or the many non-face-to-face transactions with numerous and unspecified interested parties. This study centered on the importance of trust and partnership in shipper-carrier relationships for the vitalization of electronic trading transactions in South Korea. Thus, this study aimed to identify the...

Author(s): Seung Man Shin

October 2015

The role of leadership and organizational citizenship behaviour in efficient management

The purpose of this article is to analyze the opportunities for research on the theme evaluation of seaport performance through the investigation of a bibliographic portfolio of articles with scientific relevance.  In order to reach this goal, the intervention tool used was ProKnow-C (Knowledge Development Process – Constructivist), which consists of a structured process for the generation of knowledge on a...

Author(s): Ahmet AVCI

October 2015

Opportunities for research on evaluation of seaport performance: A systemic analysis from international literature

The purpose of this article is to analyze the opportunities for research on the theme evaluation of seaport performance through the investigation of a bibliographic portfolio of articles with scientific relevance.  In order to reach this goal, the intervention tool used was ProKnow-C (Knowledge Development Process – Constructivist), which consists of a structured process for the generation of knowledge on a...

Author(s): Ademar Dutra, Vicente Mateo Ripoll-Feliu, Sandra Rolim Ensslin, Leonardo Ensslin and Luis Rogerio Pupo Gonçalves

October 2015

Open incubators and clusters in South Sudan: A move to achieve economic peace

The objective of this research is to generate a process of economic development able to overcome conflicts between populations in the different states of South Sudan by creating common economic interests. Within the framework of the World Bank Capacity Building program, we had the opportunity to lead two parallel focus groups in South Sudan, one on economic strategy and the second on public policy and regional...

Author(s): Ilan Bijaoui

October 2015

Motivation and information management as a tool of job satisfaction of employees in Nigeria

Human resources manager can succeed in motivating workers based on the information available and used by him. To understand the critical importance of people in the organization is to recognize that the human element and the organization are synonymous. It shows that a well managed organization usually sees an average worker as the root source of quality and productivity gains. In order to make employees satisfied and...

Author(s): Joseph Adeniyi Kolawole, Joshua Adeniji Abolaji and Dolapo Peter Olagoke

October 2015

The use of big data analytics in the retail industries in South Africa

The majority of publications around big data analytics are centred on technical algorithms or systems development. While research has been conducted on the use of big data analytics there is an apparent lack of studies which focus on industry-specific usage in South Africa. The purpose of the study was to assess the usage of big data analytics in the retail industries in South Africa. The benefits of using big data...

Author(s): Matthew Ridge, Kevin Allan Johnston and Brian O&#;Donovan

September 2015

Financial development and economic growth in Togo

This study investigated the link between financial development and economic growth in Togo for the period 1981-2010. The study employed Johansen’s cointegration and Granger causality testing procedure in the context of Vector Error Correction Method (VECM). The result shows a positively and statistically significant effect of financial development on economic growth in Togo and Granger causality test supports...

Author(s): FANTESSI Amavi Agbelenko

September 2015

Dynamics of biotechnology entrepreneurship in South Africa and Brazil

Biotechnology entrepreneurship is a relatively new and distinct field of entrepreneurship. Most current empirical research is conducted in the developed economies and cannot be directly extrapolated to the developing economies of South Africa and Brazil. This research used a qualitative multiple case studies, in the idiographic philosophical tradition, in two developing economies; South Africa and Brazil. The data...

Author(s): Manessah Alagbaoso, Teresa Carmichael and Kerrin Myres

September 2015

Leadership and neurosciences: Plausible talks?

This paper aims to analyze the perceptions of professionals from psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and psychology vis-à-vis the perspectives of specialists from the area of organizational studies on neuroscience and their implications on the Leadership construct, and to identify the contributions and constraints arising from the connections between both. A qualitative survey was carried out in the form of in-depth...

Author(s): Fátima Bayma de Oliveira, Anderson de Souza Sant’Anna, Daniela Martins Diniz and Antônio Moreira de Carvalho Neto

September 2015

Perception of corporate social responsibility by chief executive officers of Cameroonian small and medium size enterprises

This work aims at contributing to understanding the perception of CSR[i] by CEOs[ii]of Cameroonian SMEs[iii]and its possible practical translation on the field. To reach this target, we first highlighted theoretical explanation which aimed at defining stakeholders and the dependency towards resources theories. Then, on the empirical aspect, we attempted to carry out a field study. The explorative character of our...

Author(s): NDJANYOU Laurent

September 2015

Determinants of employees’ turnover intention: A case study of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur

Organizational commitment along with other determinants of turnover intention plays a pivotal role in retaining the employees. Job performance and job satisfaction serve as antecedents of turnover intention of employees. The objective of this study is to identify the association between organizational commitment and turnover intention among employees of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur. Effects of job performance on...

Author(s): Mashal Ahmed, Irfan Hidayat and Faisal-ur-Rehman

September 2015

Financial development and economic growth in West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU)

This study examines empirically the relationship between financial development and economic growth in the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) for the period 1981-2010. Using the General Moment Method (GMM), the study found a positively and statistically significant effect of financial development on economic growth and the causality was bidirectional. In addition, the variable primary completion rate,...

Author(s): Fantessi Amavi Agbélénko and  Kiprop Symon Kibet

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