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Empowerment of the school management team by secondary schools’ principals in Tshwane West District, South Africa

April 2021

The South African education scene is characterised by principals who come from the apartheid era where they manage the school alone in an authoritarian manner. Old approaches to school management have changed because the society has also changed. There is a shift from top-down style of leadership to shared or distributed leadership which requires the empowerment of those in managerial positions in schools. The principal...

Author(s): Madimetsa Joseph Mosoge and Saltiel Khololo Collen Mataboge

Difficulties encountered by students during distance education in times of confinement in Turkey

March 2021

This article presents the issue of distance education in times of confinement. In particular, it points out the difficulties encountered by masters and doctoral students at French Language Teaching Department (FLT) of Marmara University during distance education. In this research, a semi-structured interview form, one of the qualitative research methods, was applied to 20 students. The data was collected from May to...

Author(s): Yaprak Türkân Yücelsin-Ta?

The effect of school-family collaboration and parent's behavior on students' ethical behavior

March 2021

The aim of this study is to provide opinions on the evaluation of parents' attitudes and behaviors in developing cooperation in ethical education. Although the research is a qualitative study, the study group consists of 10 participants, 5 principals and 5 teachers. A semi-structured interview form was prepared and interview technique was used to collect data. The data were analyzed using the content analysis...

Author(s): Özlem Gülgez, Reyhan Sekerci, Afsin Ülker, Yunus Yagci, Alper Güven, Recep Emre Öztürk

Examination of prospective psychological counselors' therapeutic alliance skills with their attachment styles and self-regulation skills

March 2021

This study aimed to examine the relationship between the therapeutic alliance developed by prospective psychological counselors with clients in their psychological counseling practices and their attachment styles and self-regulation skills. The study used a correlational survey model and was carried out on 460 prospective psychological counselors. Data were collected using the Psychological Counseling Form of the...

Author(s): Kandemir Mehmet

A path analysis model examining self-concept and motivation pertinent to undergraduate academic performance: A case of Kenyan public universities

March 2021

The academic performance of undergraduates is as a result of several factors involving student- and school-level characteristics. Understanding the effect of these factors is beneficial to both students and the entire institution. The current study examines the relationship between the independent variable (self-concept) and dependent variable (student academic performance) through a proposed mediator (motivation)....

Author(s): Joyce Chepkirui and Weihai Huang

The level of understanding scientific and engineering practices in light of the next generation science standards among preservice student teachers

March 2021

The purpose of the study is to investigate the level of understanding of first three grade preservice teachers of the scientific and engineering practices according to next generation science standards (NGSS) at the World Islamic Sciences University. The sample of the study consisted of 154 fourth year female student teachers at International Islamic Sciences University in the academic year 2019/2020. The study...

Author(s): Alebous Tahani

Trends in higher education under neoliberalism: Between traditional education and the culture of globalization

February 2021

This article aims to investigate the impact of neoliberalism on the trends of higher education, and on the changes in the approach of universities and colleges between traditional education and education in the service of globalization and neoliberalism. The research method was theoretical and qualitative that demonstrates the progressive impact of modern enlightenment ideas in higher education institutions and their...

Author(s): Younis Abu Al-Haija and Hatim Mahamid

Influence of personality types, instructional supervision practices, and performance in public primary schools in Kenya

February 2021

Personality types and practices are presumed to play a significant role in the improvement of schools' performance. This paper presents the findings from the analysis of quantitative data drawn from a larger study that examined the relationship between headteachers' personality types, instructional supervision practices, and performance. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design to collect data by...

Author(s): Tarsianer Muthanje Peter, Ciriaka Muriithi Gitonga and Kaberia Isaac Kubai

Examination of the music lesson behavior of students studying at primary education level

February 2021

This research was conducted to examine primary school students' attitudes towards music education lessons according to certain variables. 64 elementary schools from Kastamonu in Turkey participated in the study. The attitude scale developed by Güllü and Güçlü was adapted to the Music Education Courses Attitude scale and was used to determine students' attitudes towards music education...

Author(s): KabataÅŸ Mustafa

The potential effect of depression on academic outcomes of students in higher educational institutions of northwest Ethiopia: A cross-sectional study

January 2021

The purpose of this study was to document potential effect of depression on academic outcomes. We collected a cross sectional data from 710 pre-engineering university students in northwestern part of Ethiopia using cluster sampling. Depressive symptoms were assessed using a locally validated version of Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) at a cut off 5-9 and 10 or more indicating mild and major depressive symptoms,...

Author(s): Tesera Bitew and Wohabie Birhan

Investigation of high school students' internet addiction levels using various variables: The case of Giresun Province

January 2021

The aim of this study is to investigate the internet addiction levels of high school students using various variables. The research consists of a total of 962 students (452 girls and 410 boys) studying at different high schools in Giresun in the fall semester of the 2019 to 2020 academic year. The research data were obtained using the general survey model. The questionnaire consists of 6 items used to determine the...

Author(s): Temel Topal

The degree of using meta-cognitive thinking strategies skills for problem solving by a sample of biology female teachers at the secondary stage in the State of Kuwait

December 2020

The study aims to identify the degree of using meta-cognitive thinking strategy skill that relates to problem solving by teachers in the State of Kuwait and to investigate whether there is a statistical significance of using the skills of meta-cognitive strategies on solving problem related to their years of experience and their educational area. The current study followed the descriptive and analytical method that is...

Author(s): Khadir Abdullah Al Azmy and Tahani Muhammed Alebous

The effectiveness of an instructional design training program to enhance teachers' perceived skills in solving educational problems

December 2020

This study aims to identify the effectiveness of a training program on the ADDIE instructional design model to enhance teachers’ perceived skills in solving educational problems. The ADDIE training program is proposed to help teachers identify their educational problems and find systematic solutions to them. To evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed training program, action research with the quasi-experimental...

Author(s): Nada Alsaleh 

Academic freedom for special education faculty members in Jordanian universities from their perspective

December 2020

The study aims to identify academic freedom for faculty members majored in special education in Jordanian universities from their perspective. The study used the descriptive- analytical method, and a stratified random sample to represent the study population. The sample consisted of 40 members. The results showed that all the questionnaire fields were in moderate degree. Furthermore, there were statistical differences...

Author(s): Randa M. Al-Momani

The effectiveness of a proposed counseling program to develop self-confidence among Jordanian University students: The World Islamic Sciences and Education University as a model

December 2020

The present study aims at identifying the effectiveness of the proposed counseling program to develop self-confidence among the students of The World Islamic Sciences and Education University and to identify their level of self-confidence, as well as to find out if there are statistically significant differences between the average of the experimental group members on the pretest and on the posttest, for...

Author(s): Fatima Mohammad Rashed Al Talahin and Saleh Al-Khawaldeh

The impact of the ein supported math education on students’ achievement and opinions in 5th grade geometry teaching

December 2020

The aim of this study is to observe the effect of Education and Informatics Net (EIN) supported math teaching on students’ success in geometry teaching 5th grade level and to observe students’ comments on EIN. This study was conducted in the 2nd term of 2018-2019 school year. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods were implemented. Pre-test and post-test controlled grouped quasi-experimental...

Author(s): Hasan Huseyin Aksu and Murat Goksu  

Ecocritical approach to children’s literature: Example of “I am a Hornbeam Branch”

December 2020

Eco-criticism determines how the relationships of each element belonging to the field of being outside the human beings with each other and their environment are depicted in literary texts, the approach of literature to these relationships, as well as the forms of discourse in which a human being can direct through language. The aim of this study is to examine the children book entitled I Am a Hornbeam Branch by Hasan...

Author(s): Emine Ulu Aslan and Bayram Bas

Performance rankings in education: Implications for policy and practice

December 2020

In recent decades, school performance ranking (or ‘league table’) have become a common feature of many education systems in the world. The ranking is usually published by government and news agencies in an attempt to measure and compare the relative performance of individual schools against a number of criteria, including academic performance. This paper reports parts of larger case study that set out to...

Author(s): Samson Murithi Njiru, Simon Karuku and Milcah Nyaga

Manifestations and meanings of cognitive conflict among mathematics students in Embu, Kenya

November 2020

Establishing how cognitive conflict is manifested by students is an important first step in understanding how teachers can utilize cognitive conflict to improve students' learning experiences. This paper presents findings from the analysis of qualitative data drawn from a larger study that explored the role of cognitive conflict in promoting students’ conceptual development in mathematics. The study...

Author(s): Dickens Okach Ngicho, Simon Karuku and Madrine King&#;endo

The effects of the authentic learning approach with a course management system (moodle) on students’ mathematics success and online authentic learning self-efficacy

November 2020

This study was conducted to determine the effects of the "Moodle LMS which was based on authentic learning approach" and "online learning which was based on authentic learning approach environments" on “mathematics achievement” and “online authentic learning self-efficacy" levels of students in a basic mathematics course. In accordance with the purpose of this study, an...

Author(s): Hüseyin Uzunboylu, Murat Tezer and Ezgi Pelin Yildiz

Influence of cultural values on rural girls’ education in Zambia: A pairwise case of the Bemba and Tonga ethnic groups

November 2020

The aim of the study was to profoundly gain understanding into specific cultural values that underlie traditional practices which pose as barriers to rural girls’ education in Zambia. A pairwise case study approach was used to identify and describe types of cultural values prevalent in the Bemba and Tonga ethnic groups of Zambia. A total of 28 interviews (16 focus group discussions and 12 key informant interviews)...

Author(s): Tina Nanyangwe-Moyo, Nkuye Moyo, Xiaoying Zheng and Chao Guo

The role of the principal is developing an instructional leadership team in school

November 2020

The instructional leadership role is one of the most critical and necessary roles of a school leader to promote students' learning. However, it is a common notion that the principal solely is the instructional leader in a school. Thus, this paper aims to discover who else works as an instructional leader and how an instructional leadership team can be formed. Findings from a semi-systematic literature review show...

Author(s): Uddin Muhammad Sharif  

The children's book selection criteria: Evidence from preschool and primary school teachers

November 2020

The aim of this study is to comparatively examine the views of the preschool and primary school teachers about the criteria that qualified children books should have. The research group is comprised of 297 teachers (130 preschool teachers and 167 primary school teachers—of the first graders). The views of the teachers concerning the criteria that qualified children books should have were collected through the...

Author(s): Bilge Nur Dogan Guldenoglu

The role of perception of classroom structure on students’ mental health

October 2020

Classroom structure includes organizing and designing the class. Based on the theory of achievement, the context and structure of the educational environment affect student’s performance, motivation, and emotion. The present study was conducted to find out whether the perception of classroom structure can predict mental health of the students? The design of this research was correlation. Participant includes 287...

Author(s): Yasin Farshchi Tabrizi, and Razie Sheikholeslami,

Examination of intrinsic motivation, and job satisfaction of physical education and other branch teachers

October 2020

The goal of this study is to determine the level of job satisfaction, and intrinsic motivation of physical education teachers, and other branch teachers. It also aims to assess whether the teachers’ participation in an event during their free time varies based on gender, age, marital status, having children, year of study, and type of school attended. After obtaining research permits, teachers were informed about...

Author(s): Elif Karagün and Zekiye Dilay Ekiz

Analysis of self-esteem and self-efficacy levels of music students

October 2020

The main aim of this study is to determine whether professional music education has any effect on “self-esteem” and “self-efficacy” of undergraduate students who study at different universities. The study was carried out with 55 students who study at Marmara University Atatürk Faculty of Education Department of Music Education and Istanbul University State Conservatory. Self-esteem level of...

Author(s): Serkan OtacioÄŸlu  

The effect of critical thinking education on the critical thinking skills and the critical thinking dispositions of preservice teachers

October 2020

The aim of this study is to identify the dispositions and opinions of prospective teachers towards critical thinking and to develop primarily their critical thinking dispositions. Pretest-posttest research design was implemented in this study without a control group. The study group was formed with the purposive sampling method. A total of 57 preservice teachers, of whom 26 were males and 31 were females, volunteered...

Author(s): Palavan, Özcan  

A proposed comprehensive model of ‘Value-Creation University’ and Transformational indicators of Higher Education in Iran

September 2020

Today, most high education experts consider value creation (a term different from entrepreneurship or entrepreneur) as a condition necessary for the survival and development of universities and higher education systems. In this era of advanced technologies and knowledge-based industries in global, regional, national and even local economies, universities can only cope with current widespread crises by strengthening...

Author(s): Ahmad Amanzadeh Rashidi, Fareydoon Azma, Roohallah Samiee and Abdolreza Sobhani  

Comparison of value acquisitions of children of divorced and non-divorced parents

September 2020

This research is a descriptive study aimed at comparing the value acquisitions of children of divorced and non-divorced parents. The study consists of 57,296 children who attended pre-school education in Ankara, in 2018. Of this sample was 54 divorced families and 4-5 year-old children of the same class and of the same socio-economic level and gender, who agreed to work. In order to reveal the compatibility of the data...

Author(s): Hakan Sahin  

Examination of postgraduate theses on string instruments in Turkey

September 2020

The amount of scientific researches is increasing steadily. In today's information age, parallel to technological advances, scientific research keeps pace with innovation and development. Recent research in social and humanities sheds light on many innovative approaches and guides. In this study, answers were sought with the help of the document analysis model for answering the "What is the distribution of...

Author(s): Burcu Atilla and Rıza Akyürek

Karl Pearson’s chi-square tests

September 2020

Statistical tests have been an important tool for interpreting the results of research correctly. The factors that influence the determination of the statistical test are research purpose, hypothesis and data. Today, statistical tests are used more frequently, and they aim to analyze whether statistical tests are used in accordance with research. For this purpose, frequently used chi-square tests are discussed and in...

Author(s): Nihan Sölpük Turhan

Affordances for connecting culture and Mathematics: Moving from curriculum to school textbooks

September 2020

Researchers have generally agreed that textbooks as a major conveyor of the curriculum play a dominant role in modern education scenes across different school subjects. The study analyzed a set of four learners’ textbooks and their corresponding teachers’ guides which are used as set books for teaching mathematics at Grade 9 level in South Africa. These textbooks were produced in response to the demands of...

Author(s): Sylvia Madusise  

The problems that Syrian refugee children, class teachers and Turkish children face in the school environment from the standpoint of trainee teachers

September 2020

The aim of this study is to indicate the problems that Syrian refugee children, class teachers and Turkish children face in their school environment. The data of this study were realized via case study design which is one of the qualitative investigative designs. Interviews were carried out using the observation notes of the prospective teachers as well as their semi-structured discussion forms. As a result of the...

Author(s): Zehra Kiliç Özmen  

Scientific research hypotheses understanding of the pre-service science teachers at Faculty of Education, Amran University, Yemen

September 2020

Preparing pre-service science teachers (PSSTs) with the scientific research skills (SRSs) is an ultimate aim of PSSTs' programs. This study aimed to explore PSSTs' understanding level of SRHs (SRHUL). To this end, an action research (AR) was adopted using a pre-post-test design. In doing so, a multiple choice test which consists of 15 items was developed and conducted on a random sample comprising 120 subjects....

Author(s): Abddulsalam Al-Hadabi and Mabrook Saleh Ali Al-soudi  

Analysis of distance education activities conducted during COVID-19 pandemic

September 2020

It could be suggested that the covid-19 pandemic, which initially emerged in China and then affected the whole world, negatively affected several aspects of life since it halted life globally. One of these aspects is education. Education that usually takes place in various learning environments at schools had to be conducted from a distance after the pandemic. This requirement imposed certain responsibilities on...

Author(s): Erol KoçoÄŸlu and Danyal Tekdal  

The impact of English language proficiency testing on the pronunciation performance of undergraduates in South-West, Nigeria

September 2020

This study investigated the impact of English Language proficiency testing on the pronunciation performance of undergraduates in South-west. Nigeria. The study was a descriptive survey research design. The target population size was 1243 (200-level) undergraduates drawn from eight tertiary institutions. The instruments used for data collection were the English Language Proficiency Test and Pronunciation Test. The...

Author(s): Oyinloye Comfort Adebola, Adeoye Ayodele, Fatimayin Foluke, Osikomaiya M. Olufunke, and Fatola Olugbenga Lasisi  

Effect of art education program given to gypsy children on children's creativity

August 2020

In the study, the effect of art education program given to gypsy children on children's creativity was examined. The study group of the study consisted of 51 gypsy children in the 5 to 6 years age group who show normal development and who attend private, official, independent kindergartens and kindergartens in primary schools under the Ministry of National Education in the DoÄŸanlar district of Karatay county of...

Author(s): Canan YILDIZ ÇÄ°ÇEKLER and Neriman ARAL  

Exploring challenges of preparing authentic English language tests in secondary and preparatory schools: The case of Gamo, Gofa and Konso zones in Southern Ethiopia

August 2020

The main objective of this research was to study challenges of preparing authentic English language tests in Ethiopian six secondary schools. The focus was to assess current challenges in the preparation of authentic and communicative language tests. To this end, interviews and FGD with English language teachers were made and hence, 61 teachers were taken as the sample for the study from six secondary schools: Arba...

Author(s): Mohammed Shure Wado and Abdurehman Osman Seid

Development of the choir team perception scale

August 2020

The purpose of this study is to develop a valid and reliable scale to measure the team perception levels of choir members. In the first step, a draft scale comprising 54-items was administered to 332 choir members. With the KMO (Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin) test for sampling adequacy, KMO value was found to be 0.936. Factor analysis on the scale items showed that the scale comprised 34 items and 5 factors, namely choir and...

Author(s): Duygu Piji Küçük  

Assessment of stakeholders’ views on accessing quality and equity of basic education in rural communities of Abia State, Nigeria

August 2020

This study aims to analyze the views of stakeholders on access to quality and equity in Basic Education in selected rural communities of Abia State, Nigeria.  The study used mixed method design (quantitative and qualitative) in drawing views of a stratified sample of 432 stakeholders in the quantitative study and 72 participants of six focus group discussions. The study found out that access to quality and equity...

Author(s): Helen A. Ama, Fazlur R. Moorad and Sourav Mukhopadyay

Performance ranking in school mathematics in Kenya: A device that conceals and naturalizes inappropriate teaching strategies

August 2020

Teaching strategies have a significant influence on students’ academic performance. This paper presents results from a qualitative study that examined the effects that performance ranking in Mathematics has on teaching strategies employed in Mathematics classrooms. In particular, the paper demonstrates how performance ranking disguises and legalizes inappropriate Mathematics teaching strategies. The participants...

Author(s): Samson Murithi Njiru, Simon Karuku and Milcah Nyaga

Effects of teacher mentoring on the classroom practices of lower grade primary school teachers in Kwale County, Kenya

August 2020

Teacher classroom practices have been identified as the key contributing factor to the low learning outcomes of primary school grades in Kenya. Teacher mentoring has the potential to improve classroom practices and this study sought to determine its effects on the classroom practices of primary school teachers in Kwale County, Kenya. Using One Group Repeated Measures Quasi-Experimental Design, one cohort of 40 teachers...

Author(s): Daniel Ngaru Muraya and Esther Nyaguthii Wairimu  

Influence of classroom environment on senior secondary school students’ academic achievement in mathematics in Calabar Nigeria

August 2020

This study examined classroom environment and mathematics achievement of senior secondary school (SS2) students’ in the Calabar Cross River State, Nigeria. Ex-post facto quasi-experimental research design was used to test two hypotheses on the influence of two classroom variables, class size and instructional materials on students’ academic achievement in mathematics. A sample of 700 students was selected...

Author(s): Meremikwu Anne Ndidi and Ibok Ekpenyong Effiong  

Use of online collaborative learning strategy in enhancing postgraduates’ learning outcomes in science education

August 2020

Most postgraduates in Nigeria Universities are family and working-class students. They rarely have time to stay and study in the classroom due to pressures at home and work-place. To enhance their outcomes in the program despite their tight schedule, the use of online collaborative learning strategy was employed. Pretest-posttest, control quasi-experimental research design was used on 38 postgraduates in Science...

Author(s): Peter Oladeji Ajayi and Lois Folasayo Ajayi

Development model of competencies for teachers of Early Childhood Development Center under the local administrative organization with application of empowerment evaluation

August 2020

This research focuses on synthesizing concepts and needs for the development of teachers' competencies and studying the performance in accordance with the development model of competencies for teachers of the Early Childhood Development Center with application of empowerment evaluation. The research was divided into 3 stages. In the first stage, the needs for the developments of teachers’ competencies were...

Author(s): Rattiya Hansena, Sirisak Ardwichai, Paitoon Sinlarat, Nakhonchai Chan-urai, Terdsak Suphandee and Sunan Siphai  

Students’ transition from face to face learning to online learning at higher education: A case study in Trinidad and Tobago

August 2020

This action research highlights the experiences of undergraduate students as they transit from face to face learning to online learning at a higher education institution in Trinidad and Tobago. A review of the existing literature within the local context indicated that there exists a dearth of information about the experiences of these students. It is imperative that policy makers pay more attention and consideration to...

Author(s): Gabriel Julien and Rhonda Dookwah

Violence in physical education in a disadvantaged congolese environment: Perceptions of students and teachers

July 2020

This study identifies and analyzes the different expressions of violence during physical education courses among a school population, and the pedagogical strategies of teachers to reduce violence in Brazzaville, Congo. Based on a survey of students of high schools from disadvantaged environment and teachers, a cross-sectional and analytical survey was carried out from January to April 2019. The activity...

Author(s): LEMBE Gorgon, EWAMELA Aristide, LITOTO PAMBOU Lucien,  AFOBOURI Georges Alfred and MASSAMBA Alphonse  

Impact of teaching topics of equality and equation with scenarios on 7th graders’ mathematical achievement and mathematical motivation

July 2020

In the current study, effects of teaching equality and equation with scenarios on students’ mathematical achievement and mathematical motivation were analyzed. In addition, students’ views on using scenarios for teaching equality and equation were included. A pre-posttest quasi-experimental design with Control Group (CG) was employed as the design of the research.  The study group of the current...

Author(s): Neslihan USTA and BüÅŸra ÇAÄžAN

Development of the English teaching evaluation model focusing on task-based learning to develop English writing ability and creative thinking in Language for sixth grade students in Thailand

July 2020

This research aimed to study current situations, problems and needs for the development of an English teaching evaluation model focusing on task-based learning to develop English writing ability and creative thinking in the language; to create the development of the English teaching evaluation model, implement and evaluate the model designed. The research tools consisted of a structured interview form, an English...

Author(s): Phetaree Srimunta, Terdsak Suphandee, Somprasong Senarat, Sunan  Sripai and Sirisak Ardwichai  

Investigation of the relationship between critical thinking levels and academic achievement levels of students in Faculty of Sports Science

July 2020

This study aims to investigate the relationship between critical thinking levels and academic achievement levels of the students in faculty of sports science. The research population consists of 1170 students studying at the Usak University, Faculty of Sport Sciences in the fall semester of 20192020. The sample group consisted of 334 students selected from the university by random sampling method through voluntary...

Author(s): Mihriay MUSA

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