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English teachers’ opinions on problems encountered in English language teaching in schools: The case of Karabük

March 2019

The opinions of English teachers on the problems encountered in English teaching in the schools in Karabük Province were examined in this study, by taking a variety of variables into consideration. There are 231 English teachers in state schools in Karabük. A total of 67 English teachers serving in the primary schools, secondary schools and high schools in the central districts of Karabük Province-Turkey...

Author(s): Ä°rfan TosuncuoÄŸlu  

An examination of the relationship between primary school students’ environmental awareness and basic science process skills

February 2019

The aim of the research was to examine the relationship between primary school students’ environmental awareness and basic science process skills based on various variances. Within relational research model, the research was conducted with 332 grade 3 and 4 students. Primary School Environmental Awareness Scale and Basic Skills Scale were used to collect data. Demographic features were employed to determine the...

Author(s): Nihal Yıldız Yılmaz  

A lesson plan model for character education in primary education

February 2019

The purpose of the study is to design a lesson plan model for character education in primary education, and to elicit the related stakeholders’ opinions and suggestions on the proposed lesson plan model. As a qualitative design research, the data in this study were collected through written document analysis and interview. Criterion sampling method was used to determine the participants of the study. The...

Author(s): Nida Temiz  

Perceived problems of 4th grade primary school students related to their families and schools

February 2019

The purpose of this study was to reveal the problems perceived by fourth grade students in their own lives. The research was carried out with a basic interpretative qualitative research design. This method was used in order to examine in depth the vital problems perceived by fourth grade students. For the study, data were collected in the spring term of 2016-2017 academic year. The appropriate/accidental sampling method...

Author(s): Z. Nurdan BAYSAL, D. Duygu TANRIKULU and Serap ÇÄ°MŞİR  

Perceptions of democracy of foreign students studying at Mustafa Kemal University

February 2019

In Turkey, foreign students are studying in most of the universities. On July 15, 2016, these students faced a treacherous coup attempt against democracy and were able to witness the Turkish people's reaction to the coup attempt. The aim of this study is to examine the views of foreign students studying at Mustafa Kemal University on democracy. In the literature, foreign students who studied in Turkey have been...

Author(s): Servet HALÄ° and Fatih ÖZYURT

Evaluation of Turkey’s 2013 Visual Arts (Grades 1-8) curriculum

February 2019

Turkey’s Ministry of National Education aims to identify and develop valuable characteristics to prepare the nation’s young for their professional life as adults. The Ministry has been conducting an extensive and comprehensive review of the educational system since the beginning of 2000. Educational system was implemented in time for the 2012/2013 academic year. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the...

Author(s): Eylem TataroÄŸlu  

Evaluation of Turkish teacher candidates’ perception of note taking concept

February 2019

Note taking is individual’s recording of the attraction grabbing, unknown or newly learned knowledge in brief notes so as to remember afterwards. Note taking nowadays is no longer a routine action for students but viewed as a skill. In fact, students do not take note of all the word being taught in classes but record the knowledge in short notes, sometimes even shortening the words in a way understandable to them....

Author(s): Hüseyin Özçakmak and Okan Sarigöz

A review on the relationship between critical thinking skills and learning domains of Turkish Language

February 2019

Knowledge has been transforming and progressing at an unprecedented pace at the present time. In the face of the incomprehensible transformation and progression of the knowledge, human beings have had to change their vital needs. Education is among these vital needs. In the last century, particularly in the last quarter of the century, the developments in the knowledge and science necessitate the formation of relevant...

Author(s): Epçaçan Cahit  

Transforming female aspirations to real presence: The case of higher education in Cameroon

January 2019

Higher education for females is an indicator of development, democracy and gender equity, particularly necessary for a nation like Cameroon which attempts to become an emerging country by 2035. Hence, this paper is focused on ascertaining female aspirations to higher education for access and effective participation. In so doing, a study that employed a semi-structured questionnaire collected data from 977 female...

Author(s): Etta Mercy Aki  

Teacher education in China, Japan and Turkey

January 2019

The aim of this study is to analyze teacher education systems in China and Japan, and compare the findings with teacher education in Turkey, thus contribute to the developments in teacher education in Turkey. The research was based on the years 2000 to 2017. Document analysis method, which is one of the qualitative data collection methods, is used in this research. Within the scope of the document review, official...

Author(s): Yaman Barış and Aydemir Hasan  

Investigation of the self-efficacy and occupational attitude of students of the recreation Department of Tourism and Sport Sciences Faculties of Gazi and Atatürk Universities, Turkey

January 2019

The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between students’ attitudes towards the recreation specialty and self-efficacy of the students in the Recreation Departments of Sports Sciences and Tourism Faculty. In the study, “Occupational Attitude Scale” developed by Üstüner in 2006 and “General Self-Efficacy Scale” that was adapted to Turkish by Yildirim and Ä°lhan...

Author(s): Yahya DOÄžAR, Fatih BEDÄ°R, Deniz BEDÄ°R, S. Erim ERHAN and Ä°lhan ÅžEN  

The practice and challenges of school-based teachers’ continuous professional development: A case of Government Secondary Schools of Hawassa City in Ethiopia

January 2019

The purpose of this study was to examine the practices and challenges of school-based teachers’ continuous professional development implementation in secondary schools of Hawassa City Administration. The study employed a descriptive survey design with both quantitative and qualitative method. The sampling technique used in the study was availability and simple random sampling technique. The sample size was 101...

Author(s): Abraham Tulu  

Violence and fear In Francesca Simon's Series of Horrid Henry

January 2019

Children's literature is the literary work concerned with the level of interest, need, readiness and development of children. It started in Europe and the Tanzimat in the 16th century. Children's books both local and foreign ones, enhance their cognitive and affective developments cumulatively. This study examines violence and fear in Francesca Simon's series of "Horrid Henry". This work identifies...

Author(s): Esma Dumanli Kadizade and Can Sakar

Assessment practices and factors for the disparity between students' academic scores at teacher-made and regional exams: The case of Bench Maji zone grade 8 students

January 2019

This study had attempted to investigate assessment practices and factors for grade 8 students score disparity in Regional versus Teacher-made exams, from 2015 in Bench Maji Zone primary schools. In doing so, a descriptive survey method was employed. A sample of 185 stakeholders composed of 58 teachers, 101 students, 14 principals, 11 Woreda Education Department Officers, 12 school supervisors and the Zone Education...

Author(s): Mekonnen Melaku Anteneh and Besha  Dejene Silesh       

The development of inspirational test in learning science for junior high school students in schools under the Regional Education Office No. 14

December 2018

This study aimed at auditing the quality of inspirational test in learning situational science for junior high school students using Exploratory Factor Analysis and Second Order Confirmatory Factor Analysis. Mixed methodology was used in this study. The sample was divided into 2 groups: (1) qualitative sample of 9 experts who were lecturers in the Department of Educational Psychology, educators or scientific experts who...

Author(s): Benjawan Sawatdiruk, Sunan Siphai, Waraporn Arawan and Narumon Saengprom

A study of factors and causal relationships on the results of national test: Mixed method research

December 2018

The general objective of this research was to study factors and causal relationships on the results of national test. Also, the research was conducted under three specific objectives: 1) to study causal relationships on the results of national test, 2) to create and investigate causal relationships on the results of national test, and 3) to develop excellence model in promoting the results of national test. Quantitative...

Author(s): Khumoon Petnat, Terdsak Suphandee, Somprasong Senarat and Sunan Siphai

With parental eye, factors that prevent to attend nature activites

December 2018

This study was conducted in order to determine the difficulties and challenges parents and children who have attended /desire to attend nature activities experience in order to access these activities. The study included 50 parents and their children. Interview technique was used in the study. The percentage of the questions asked was calculated to determine the demographic characteristics of the participants. Some of...

Author(s): Merve Ceylan

The relationship between orientation and rhythm ability of children doing karate

December 2018

The aim of this study is to determine the relationship between orientation and rhythm ability of children doing karate. Children who do karate from Turkey participated in the study. Their age is 14.60 ± 0.82 years; height, 1.60 ± 0.06 m and weight, 53.40 ± 7.01 kg. 20 numbered medicine ball run tests and sprint test with given rhythm were used to determine orientation and rhythm ability of the...

Author(s): Alper Tunga Peker and Mustafa Vural

Reflection in language teaching: A comparison between preservice and experienced teachers of English

December 2018

Teachers’ ability to reflect on their performances or reflective teaching has been commonly used and accepted in the educational contexts. However, it has not become a content item or a course in educational curricula so far. For this reason, reflective abilities of teachers or preservice teachers cannot be measured, and there is limited feedback on their reflective performances in the teaching and learning...

Author(s): Ulas Kayapinar

Applicability of the learning organisation idea to universities in Kenya

December 2018

The concept of the learning organisation is now gaining more prominence globally, yet there are few organisations that assert to be learning organizations, or identify with organizational learning. On the same breath, the learning organisation concept and practice is voiced more in the developed nations than in the developing ones, more so, Africa. Further, the learning organization appears to be more practical in...

Author(s): Abenga Elizabeth Sarange B.      

The effect of pattern-based mathematics education program (PMEP) on 61-72-month-old preschoolers’ early academic and language skills

November 2018

Pattern activities have a crucial role in supporting early academic and language skills related to cognitive development, as they play a key role in understanding mathematical ideas and relationships, and in understanding the order, logic and concepts of mathematics. From this point of view, the research was conducted to investigate the effect of the Pattern-based Mathematics Education Program on the early academic and...

Author(s): Adalet Kandir, Feride Gök Çolak and Özgün Uyanik Aktulun

Bibliometric analysis of the studies in the field of mathematics education

November 2018

The purpose of this study is to perform bibliometric analysis of the scientific researches published in mathematics education subject area between 1980 and 2018, to find out the general layout of the scientific knowledge and communication structure of the field using an objective method, driven from the data. The publications were analyzed according to publication year, type of publication, language of publication,...

Author(s): Ali ÖZKAYA

The effect of cooperative learning on the academic achievement and attitude of students in Mathematics class

November 2018

In the axis of basic skills and values, students' enjoyment of mathematics lesson and the realization of learning by taking a certain distance depend on the appreciation of the effort of the individual. Cooperative learning provides this requirement with a great deal of reward and success. Success increases individual's self-confidence and making him/her more powerful and positive in mathematical learning. By...

Author(s): Yalçin Karali and Hasan Aydemir         

Use of technology in constructivist approach

November 2018

Over the course of history, the structures of societies have changed at certain periods depending on technological and scientific developments. In today’s societies, such mental processes as information processing and production have become prominent and the educational systems are revised according to the constructivist approach, which focuses on mind and is based on developing cognitive skills. Technological...

Author(s): Ayse Derya Isik

Secondary school students’ positive and negative perfectionism as a predictor of career development

October 2018

The purpose of this research is to examine secondary school students’ positive and negative perfectionism as a predictor of career development. 487 students from five different secondary schools in a city located in Turkey's Eastern Mediterranean Region participated in this study. Positive and Negative Perfectionism Scale (PNPS) and Childhood Career Development Scale (CCDS) were used as data collection tools...

Author(s): OÄŸuzhan Kirdök      

Communication skills of students in fine arts departments of education faculties

October 2018

Communication plays a very important role in music and art teaching as well as in all other teaching fields. The ability to communicate strongly in the mental, emotional, and behavioural areas play an important role in providing students with knowledge and skills. Empathy, empowerment and understanding approach will always be the factors that increase success in collective and individual studies. Successful...

Author(s): Ismet Arıcı     

Investigation of prospective Math teachers’ perceptions about the use of technology in mathematics teaching

October 2018

This study aims to examine whether there are significant differences in the perception of prospective Mathematics teachers about the use of technology in teaching mathematics based on their gender and grade level.  The study group is consisted of 271 prospective elementary mathematics teachers studying at Balıkesir University and selected by means of a simple random sampling method. Data were gathered using the...

Author(s): Emine Özdemir

An appraisal of needs and access of in-service education and training for teachers in basic ‘Schools for the Deaf’ in Ghana

October 2018

Teachers like all other professionals need to undergo continuous professional development through in-service training to upgrade their skills and the competencies in the profession. This paper examined the availability of in-service training to teachers of the deaf in Ghana as well as the requirements for the provision of in-service education. To achieve this, ninety-four teachers and four administrators from the...

Author(s): Cecilia Alimatu Issaka        

The psychometric properties of the Turkish version of the teacher efficacy for Inclusive practices (TEIP) scale

September 2018

The aim of this study was to adapt inclusive education teacher efficacy scale in to Turkish population. The Teacher Efficacy for Inclusive Practices (TEIP) scale needed to be translated into Turkish, as no scales were available to evaluate the efficacy of pre-service teachers in inclusive settings. The aim of this study was to test the psychometric properties of the TEIP scale (Sharma et al., 2012). The scale was...

Author(s): Arzu Tanrıverdi and Osman Özokçu  

Teaching Turkish as a second language to Syrian refugees

September 2018

The aim of this qualitative study is to reveal the condition involved in teaching Turkish as a second language to Syrian refugees. Participants were selected using a criterion-based sampling technique; they were six (6) instructors and forty (40) Syrian students. The data of the research were compiled using open-ended questionnaire developed by the researchers for the students, and semi-structure interview developed for...

Author(s): Åžerife Dilek, Belet Boyaci and Ecmel YaÅŸar   

An investigation of prospective teachers’ views on concept teaching: A case of History

September 2018

Numerous studies have been carried out to provide active and permanent learning in History teaching. However, the importance of concept teaching which is essential for active learning literally has been ignored. An effective History teaching can only be measured by teaching the concepts involved in the program in an effective way. An effective History teaching is not possible without learning definitions of concepts...

Author(s): Hali Servet     

An investigation of fine arts students’ attitudes towards art education based on some variables

September 2018

The purpose of the present study is to examine fine arts students’ attitudes towards art education based on some variables. The data were collected through the “Attitude Scale towards Art Education” developed by Ayaydın and Kurtuldu and “Personal Information Form” developed by the researcher. Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient of the 32-item-scale is .90. The research consists...

Author(s): Ceren SAYGI GERÇEKER

Examining the relationship between empathy for others and self-compassion in college students

September 2018

This study examined the correlation between self-compassion and empathy for others in college students in order to better inform clinical work and outreach programming in university counseling centers. Preliminary analyses indicated that gender identity was a confounding variable; therefore, the main analyses were run distinctly for male and female identified participants. There was no important association between...

Author(s): Rachel M. Daltry , Kristin E. Mehr, Lindsay Sauers and Janelle Silbert

The moral and citizenship education methods performed in the last period of Ottoman

August 2018

The present study aims to investigate the subjects of the works written on moral and citizenship education during the Tanzimat period and after and the methods considered for these courses. The other aim of this study is to demonstrate that the Ottoman educators were not unaware of the methods implemented in the lessons in today’s modern education system and the education system of Ottoman was well aware of these...

Author(s): Sabri Becerikli and Sevda GülÅŸah Yıldırım  

The frequency of using idioms in writing for the students learning Turkish as a foreign language

August 2018

In foreign language teaching, the transmission of the culture within which the target language grows is as important as teaching new words and grammar. All elements of the culture have their own special places within the vocabulary of the language. Reflecting not only the linguistic structure but also the culture of the society to which they belong, idioms pose utmost importance for foreign language teaching. The aim of...

Author(s): Fatma Bolukbas Kaya and Mehmet Yalcin Yilmaz  

The examination of the link between academic and sports performance in competing rhythmic gymnasts in secondary school

August 2018

This study, investigating whether sports has a positive impact on students’ academic life’ aims to compare the grade point averages of competing rhythmic gymnasts and 7th grade students not engaged in any branch of sports. The study was conducted with female secondary school students (n=80). The study group was divided into two: The first group (n=40) comprised top 40 rhythmic gymnasts (height:...

Author(s): Sezen Çimen Polat             

Indicators of characteristics of Learners Autonomy in English Language of Primary 6 students in the Northeast of Thailand

August 2018

This study aims to develop indicators of characteristics of Learners Autonomy in English Language of Primary 6 students in the Northeast of Thailand. The researcher used a mixed research methodology. The samples were divided into 2 categories which are qualitative and quantitative samples. On qualitative sample, 7 experts in humanities and social were interviewed to assess the development of indicators of...

Author(s): Unjana Suphandee, Sunan Sripai, Jamloong Woonprasert, Narumon Saengprom, Sirisak Ardwichai and Terdsak Suphandee    

Assessment of information and communication technology (ICT) competence and literacy skills among undergraduates as a determinant factor of academic achievement

August 2018

Almost every human endeavor is supported or driven by Information and Communication Technology (ICT) including education. Teaching, learning, assessment, course registration, payment among other things are now ICT-based. Humans have attempted to use technology to improve their life span and quality, and education is not excempted in this great paradigm shift. This paper focuses on the Information and Communication...

Author(s): Nwosu J. C., John H. C., Izang A. A. and Akorede O. J.  

Determinants of students’ vulnerability to attrition in higher education: Evidence from Arba Minch University, Ethiopia

August 2018

This study aimed at assessing the level and determinants of students’ vulnerability to attrition in Arba Minch University, Southern Ethiopia using a random sample of 547 students. The study revealed that, out of 547 sample students, 207 (38%) students were found highly vulnerable to attrition, 51 (9%) students were moderately vulnerable and the remaining 289 (53%) were not vulnerable. From highly vulnerable...

Author(s): Fassil Eshetu, Adem Guye, Getahun Kelemework and Sileshi Abebe

Analysis of preschool curriculum in East Gojjam Zone: Implication to quality early childhood education

July 2018

Developmentally appropriate curriculum is a component for quality early childhood care and education. This study was conducted in Debre Markos town, East Gojjam Zone, Ethiopia. The study aimed to evaluate if the textbooks implemented by private preschools are developmentally appropriate or not. Qualitative case study approach was employed and Mathematics and Environmental Science textbooks for upper kindergarten class...

Author(s): Wohabie Birhan  

Commenting on effective laboratory teaching in selected preparatory schools, North Shewa Zone, Ethiopia

July 2018

The present study assessed the challenges to implement laboratory teaching in selected Preparatory Schools, North Shewa Zone. The result of this study showed that although laboratories for each subjects were present (100%) in all districts, lack of professional skills (50% in biology, 64.5% in chemistry and 61.5% physics), lack of materials (78.6% in biology, 64.7% in chemistry and 65.4% in physics) and lack of...

Author(s): Andinet Nigussie, Said Mohammed, Endris Yimam, Worku Wolde, Negasi Akalu, Abubekir Seid, Genene Shiferaw, Tesfaye Teka and Solomon Mulaw  

Pedagogical development level of pre-service primary school teachers for science teaching

July 2018

In this study, the pedagogical development level of pre-service primary school teachers for science teaching was examined. The participants of the study consist of 135 pre-service teachers from Primary School Teaching Department in Faculty of Education at Pamukkale University. After removing the invalid forms, a total of 128 pre-service teachers participated in the study. Data were collected with “Pre-service...

Author(s): Ümran Åžahin  

Explaining the requirements for teacher’s development based on professional competencies approach

July 2018

As teacher competencies and skills play a major role in their performance and thus the achievement of school and educational goals, teachers need to equip themselves with a variety of competencies to educate children who are potentially future leaders of the community. In this context, the present study aimed to find the correlation between each of the main dimensions of professional competencies and the main components...

Author(s): Leila Moghtadaie and Maryam Taji  

The effect of physical education and sports departments on behavioral changes towards exercising

July 2018

This study was conducted to investigate the effects of Physical Education and Sports (PES) Departments over the exercise behaviors of male students (277 pu, 283 pri) from a sample group of 21 to 26 year-olds, who are studying in various departments from both private and public universities in Istanbul. The Physical Activity Stages of Change Questionnaire (PASCQ) was used for data collection and the effect of the PES...

Author(s): Aliye MenevÅŸe

An analysis on play and playmate preferences of 48 to 66 months old children in the context of gender

July 2018

This research was conducted to analyze play and playmate preferences of preschool girls and boys during free play time. The study group consisted of 48-66 months old preschool children. There were ten girls, seven boys and a preschool teacher in the study group. They were all selected from a public preschool in Cukurova, a district of Adana a city in the south of Turkey in the fall semester of 2014 to 2015 academic...

Author(s): Işıl Taş

Existential intelligence among graduate students at the World Islamic Sciences University in Jordan

July 2018

Existential intelligence is often neglected in literature, especially at the tertiary level. Therefore this study aims to identify the degree of existential intelligence in a sample of graduate students at the World Islamic Sciences University in Jordan. In addition, the study aims to find out whether this degree differs according to a number of variables. The study sample comprised 56 male and female Faculty of...

Author(s): Esam Abdullah Al Jaddou  

Comparative study of Turkey and Germany Life Science teaching programs

July 2018

Comparative education studies within the perspective of globalization are seen as important studies, as they reveal the problems in education and show defective aspects of the systems applied in other countries. This way they improve the available system. The purpose of this research is to study the current curriculum of Life Science lesson within the context of four main elements comparatively. The Life Science lesson,...

Author(s): Tuncay Canbulat

Global citizenship training program for teacher candidates

June 2018

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of Global Citizenship Training Program (GCTP) prepared for teacher candidates. The training program lasted for 13 sessions and 32 volunteering Turkish teacher candidates participated in the program. The mixed method was utilized for this study. The pre-test and post-test scores of teacher candidates from “Global Citizenship Competency Perception...

Author(s): Derya GÖÄžEBAKAN-YILDIZ  

Content analysis of Civic Education curriculum in senior secondary schools in Osun State, Nigeria

June 2018

This study investigated the extent of implementation of the Civic Education curriculum content in senior secondary schools in Osun State. It also determined the adequacy of curriculum content as provided in selected Civic Education textbooks in the schools. It finally assessed the adequacy, availability and utilization of the instructional facilities used for the teaching of Civic Education in schools. The study...

Author(s): B. A. Adeyemi  

Investigation of music teacher candidates’ individual instrument burnout, perceived family support in instrument training and individual instrument training habits with regard to various variables

June 2018

In the research, “Questionnaire on Individual Instrument Course Burnout” developed by Girgin, “Questionnaire on Individual Instrument Training habits” developed by KüçükosmanoÄŸlu, Babacan, Babacan and Yüksel, and “Questionnaire on Perceived Family Support for Individual Instrument Course” developed by Girgin were used.  Statistical package for social...

Author(s): Ceren Saygı Gerçeker  

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