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The effect of literature on personality development of individuals using some variables

March 2017

The aim of this work is to investigate whether literature has effect on the personality development of individuals or not. This works aims to provide answers to the following research questions: "Does literature have effect on individuals’ general harmony level, their social cohesion levels, personal harmony level, self-actualization level, emotional stability level, neurotic tendencies, psychotic symptoms,...

Author(s): Kasim TatlilioÄŸlu

University students’ subject disposition according to text types

March 2017

The aim of this study is to reveal the subject trends of university students according to species. This is a qualitative study based on document review. The data of the study was obtained from 67 volunteering in-service Turkish teachers’ worksheets. The worksheets were classified according to text types. Text types were determined based on the opinions of three experts in the field. Text types were classified in...

Author(s): Zekerya BATUR

Planetariums as a source of outdoor learning environment

March 2017

The aim of this study is to study the effect of using planetariums as an outdoor learning environment regarding students’ opinions. Therefore, descriptive qualitative research was used. The participants were from a school in Istanbul. Ten students, 4 male and 6 female, participated in a planetarium visit to a museum. The data of the study were obtained in 2016. A survey instrument consisting of 6 open ended...

Author(s): Aksu Seyma and Umdu Topsakal, Ünsal

Analyzing Institutional Evaluation Reports prepared from 2013-2015 by European University Association

March 2017

European University Association is an institution which guides not only European but all universities in their efforts to improve their quality within the context of Bologna Process. In this study Institutional Evaluation Reports prepared by EUA for all higher education institutions that applied to be evaluated between 2013 and 2015 were examined. These evaluations were grouped under six categories namely...

Author(s): Zeynep Bumin Süzen

Analysis of written expression revision skills of the students in faculty of education

March 2017

This study aims to analyze written expression revision skills of students in Turkish Education Department, Education Faculty. This study was done using qualitative research method. The study group of the research consisted of 3rd grade students. The research data were collected by means of document review, a qualitative research technique.  The data in the research were analyzed descriptively; content analysis was...

Author(s): Remzi Can 

Item response theory: A basic concept

March 2017

With the development in computing technology, item response theory (IRT) develops rapidly, and has become a user friendly application in psychometrics world. Limitation in classical theory is one aspect that encourages the use of IRT. In this study, the basic concept of IRT will be discussed. In addition, it will briefly review the ability parameter estimation, particularly maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) and...

Author(s): Jumailiyah Mahmud

The effects of green schooling knowledge level and intensity of parental guidance on the environmental awareness of the early age student

March 2017

This study was conducted to determine the effect of green schooling knowledge and parents guidance on the environmental awareness of the students. This study used a quantitative approach with the ex-post facto method. This study was conducted in Muhammadiyah 41 elementary school in East Jakarta at July to December on the 2nd semester of the academic year of 2014/2015. The data were collected from a sample which...

Author(s): Sihadi Darmo Wihardjo, Sofia Hartati, Yuliani Nurani and Agus Sujarwanta

The problems posed and models employed by primary school teachers in subtraction with fractions

March 2017

Students have difficulties in solving problems of fractions in almost all levels, and in problem posing. Problem posing skills influence the process of development of the behaviors observed at the level of comprehension. That is why it is very crucial for teachers to develop activities for student to have conceptual comprehension of fractions and operations involving fractions. The achievement of such conceptual...

Author(s): Tuba AydoÄŸdu Ä°skenderoÄŸlu

Perceptions of teacher candidates about social network usage levels in Turkey

February 2017

This study was conducted to determine the perceptions of the teacher candidates in educational faculties in Turkey about social network usage levels in today’s globalizing world. The study was performed with 4 separate study groups. The first study group consisted of 657 teacher candidates, the second study group consisted of 364 teacher candidates, the third study group consisted of 121 teacher candidates, and...

Author(s): Erol KoçoÄŸlu

Social problem solving levels of pre-service social studies teachers

February 2017

The purpose of this study is to examine pre-service Social Studies teachers’ social problem solving levels based on different variables. A total of 247 preservice Social Studies teachers (103 females (41.7%) and 144 males (58.3%)) from Erzincan University, Faculty of Education, Department of Social Studies Teaching participated in the study. The descriptive model was used in the study. The Social Problem Solving...

Author(s): Mustafa Ä°çen and Özlem BektaÅŸ ÖztaÅŸkın

Improving primary students’ mathematical literacy through problem based learning and direct instruction

February 2017

This research was done on primary school students who are able to understand mathematical concepts, but unable to apply them in solving real life problems. Therefore, this study aims to improve primary school students' mathematical literacy through problem-based learning and direct instruction. In addition, the research was conducted to determine whether there are differences in the increase in literacy mathematical...

Author(s): Fery Muhamad Firdaus, Wahyudin and Tatang Herman

Evaluation of the changes in the regulation of secondary education institutions according to teachers’ viewpoints (Turkey)

February 2017

The purpose of this study is to evaluate teachers’ viewpoints about the changes made in the regulation of passing lesson at schools, which became active in 2013 to 2014 academic year. The pass grade applied depends on this regulation, common exams, shortening of the absenteeism durations, and assigning students with performance tasks according to some variables. The development and application of the measurement...

Author(s): Mucahıt Coskun and Erol Sozen

Quality of literature review and discussion of findings in selected papers on integration of ICT in teaching, role of mentors, and teaching science through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)

February 2017

The purposes of this study were to examine the extent to which literature was used to discuss findings in selected papers from Zimbabwe Journal, and to compare the quality of reviews in this journal with other international journals. The study was largely qualitative in nature and used convenient sampling. In the study, the Zimbabwe Journal was chosen because of easy access. Three papers were conveniently selected based...

Author(s): Young Mudavanhu

The problem-based learning process: Reflections of pre-service elementary school teachers

February 2017

This study aims to identify the benefits acquired by third-year pre-service elementary school teachers participating in a problem-based learning process in social studies education, the issues they encountered in that process and those they are likely to encounter, and their feelings about the process. Semi-structured interviews were used as one of the qualitative research methods. During the 2014 to 2015 academic year,...

Author(s): Zeliha Nurdan Baysal

A glimpse of challenges and benefits associated with collaborative postgraduate programmes in Sub-Saharan African Universities

February 2017

The paper presents empirical findings on the potential benefits and challenges associated with collaborative postgraduate programs between African universities. It reflects the empirical benefits and challenges towards a collaborative master in the fields of Earth Observation, Geographical Information Science (GIS) and Remote Sensing. The research applied a combination of approaches that include desktop study,...

Author(s): Mundia Lisho C. 

Investigation of the relationship between communication skills, social competence and emotion regulation skills of preschool children in Turkey

February 2017

The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between communication skills, social competence and emotion regulation skills of preschool children. Children attending public primary schools who were 53 to 80 months old from the middle socio-economic class were chosen randomly from Istanbul City center districts for this study. They were 426 children. The average age of the children was 68.91 months. One of the...

Author(s): A. B. DaÄŸal

Examining music teachers' self-confidence levels in using information and communication technologies for education based on measurable variables

February 2017

Rapid developments and innovations in technology have impact on individuals. The use of technology for one’s daily life has become a necessity; therefore, the development and popularization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) is use as a tool for solving educational problems. Because educational technologies play a major role both in learning and teaching, it is undoubtedly required that music...

Author(s): Deniz Beste Çevik KILIÇ

Understanding the academic procrastination attitude of language learners in Turkish universities

February 2017

The prevalence of academic procrastination has long been the subject of attention among researchers. However, there is still a paucity of studies examining language learners since most of the studies focus on similar participants such as psychology students. The present study was conducted among students trying to learn English in the first year of their university education. 144 male and 169 female students from four...

Author(s): Nilüfer BEKLEYEN

Electronic means of foreign language learning in the system of higher education

February 2017

Integration of information communication technologies, enhancing students’ motivation and adding to personalized learning, into higher education is challenging but beneficial. It is particularly acute in the field of foreign language learning which requires language competence formation along with knowledge of grammar patterns, vocabulary specificity and reproductive skills in listening, reading, speaking and...

Author(s): Frolova Natalia

An application of fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (FAHP) for evaluating students' project

February 2017

In recent years, artificial intelligence applications for understanding the human thinking process and transferring it to virtual environments come into prominence. The fuzzy logic which paves the way for modeling human behaviors and expressing even vague concepts mathematically, and is also regarded as an artificial intelligence technique has become one of the most preferred methods in the solution of decision...

Author(s): Ayça ÇEBÄ° and Hasan KARAL

An evaluation of the preferences of individuals with severe and multiple disabilities and the teaching of choice-making skills

February 2017

The general purpose of the present study is to determine the relationship between direct and indirect preference assessments of individuals with severe and multiple disabilities (SMD) and the relationship between the direct preference assessments (single-stimulus, paired-stimulus, and multiple-stimulus) as applied to individuals with SMD, and to find whether it is effective to teach the skill of choice making among...

Author(s): Müzeyyen ELDENÄ°Z ÇETÄ°N and Pınar ÅžAFAK

An analysis of students’ self-efficacy and motivation in piano, based on different variables and the reasons for their failure

February 2017

In this study, the self-efficacy and motivation of Zeki Muren Fine Arts High School piano students were examined based on different variables as well as the reasons for their failure. The data on their self-efficacy were obtained through self-efficacy scale of piano performance and the data on their motivation were obtained through motivation scale in piano education. ‘The Questionnaire of Reasons for Failure in...

Author(s): Hatıce Onuray Egılmez and Doruk Engur

Value-based leadership approach: A way for principals to revive the value of values in schools

February 2017

The qualitative research discussed in this article is based on the assumption that school principals as leaders need to establish, develop and maintain a core of shared values in their schools. Our focus is on principals’ current perceptions of values in their schools. This is important because values underpin their decisions and actions and thus influence the members of school organizations. The framework of our...

Author(s): Molly van Niekerk and Johan Botha

The development of multiple intelligence capabilities for early childhood development center, local administration organization in Chaiyaphum province

January 2017

The aim of this research is to promote multiple intelligence capabilities for Early Childhood Care Center of a Sub-district Administration Organization in Chaiyaphum Province. The sample applied were 61 children aging between 3 and 5 years old at Child Development Center, Tambon Ban Kok, Amphoe Chaturus, Chaiyaphum Province, who were selected through the purposive sampling method.  Caretakers were interviewed and...

Author(s): Sunan Siphai, Terdsak Supandee, Chunpit Raksapuk, Piangkhae Poopayang and Sangsan Kratoorerk

Why are manuscripts unacceptable for publication? An analysis of Ethiopian Journal of Education (EJE) rejections

January 2017

This paper discusses reasons why manuscripts are not accepted for publication in Ethiopian Journal of Education (EJE). It intends to promote publication by domestic and/or international authors in EJE by analyzing the reasons for rejection of manuscripts. To gather the relevant data, a total of 101 rejected manuscripts submitted for publication EJE in the years 2008 to 2013 was collected and assessed. Moreover, contents...

Author(s): Berhanu Abera Kibret

The effects of the first part of the CoRT program for teaching thinking (BREADTH) on the development of communication skills among a sample of students from Al al-Bayt University in Jordan

January 2017

This study aimed to investigate the effects of the first part of the CoRT program for teaching thinking (BREADTH) on the development of communication skills among a sample of students from Al al-Bayt University in Jordan. The study sample consisted of all the students enrolled in the training session for the first part of the CoRT program held by the Excellence and Innovation Center at Al al-Bayt University during the...

Author(s): Wael Mohammad Alshurman

Actualization of the onion model of reflection in Turkish English Language instructors’ practices: A case study

January 2017

Teachers spend so much time and energy focused on their students’ progress that they often forget to consider their own performances. Self-reflection here is a very valuable tool that helps make the teacher aware of how he/she is teaching, which in turn makes him/her a better teacher. Teaching without reflection is teaching blind-without any knowledge of effectiveness. Therefore, this study aimed at finding the...

Author(s): EKÄ°ZER Feyza Nur and PaÅŸa Tevfik Cephe

Students’ preferences for syntax usage in Turkish language using distributional linguistic theory

January 2017

Communication is one of the most important aspects of social life. Social interactions have increased the necessity for communication and learning of language. Social needs which constitute the main goal of teaching activities fill the gap of learning language. Linguistic surveys have revealed an important finding on educational activities and outputs. One of them is distributional linguistic theory. The purpose of this...

Author(s): Cem Erdem

Effect of phonetic association on lexis learning in natural language context: A comparative study of English, French and Turkish words

January 2017

Mother tongue acquisition starts with words and grammar acquired spontaneously by means of communication, while at school foreign language learning takes place based on grammar. Vocabulary learning is very often neglected or rather it turns into an individual activity. The present study, which is considered to be unique on its own, is to reveal the effect of phonetic association method within the context of natural...

Author(s): Bozavli Ebubekir

The effects of family leadership orientation on social entrepreneurship, generativity and academic success of college students

January 2017

In this study, the effects of family leadership orientation on social entrepreneurship, generativity and academic education success were examined with the views of college students. The study was conducted at a state university in Central Anatolia in Turkey. 402 college students who attending at three different colleges voluntarily participated in this study. Data were collected by the utilization of Family Leadership...

Author(s): Nuri Baloglu

An investigation of Turkish elementary social studies textbooks in terms of social emotional learning

January 2017

Social emotional learning (SEL) is very important to the well-being of students and their academic achievement in school. The purpose of this study was to search any relation between social studies text books and social emotional learning. This study was conducted as a qualitative study. 9 SSTBs were investigated by 21 fourth grade pre-service teachers from Faulty of Elementary Education in the last semester from Sinop...

Author(s): Hakan Usakli

Mathematical modelling research in Turkey: A content analysis study

January 2017

The aim of the present study was to examine the mathematical modelling studies done between 2004 and 2015 in Turkey and to reveal their tendencies. Forty nine studies were selected using purposeful sampling based on the term, “mathematical modelling” with Higher Education Academic Search Engine. They were analyzed with content analysis. Publication Classification Form (PCF) was used as data collection...

Author(s): H. CoÅŸkun Çelik

A comparative analysis of general culture courses within the scope of knowledge categories in undergraduate teacher education programs “Turkey and the USA”

January 2017

In this study, general culture and general education courses within the scope of knowledge categories in undergraduate teacher education programs in Turkey and the USA are comparatively analyzed. The study is a comparative education study and uses a descriptive model. In the study, the general culture - general education courses taught in the elementary teacher education curriculum at the education faculties of Gazi,...

Author(s): Fahriye Hayirsever and Nurdan Kalayci

Prospective special education teachers’ metaphorical perceptions on the concept of special education teacher

December 2016

The aim of this research is to define the perceptions of prospective special education teachers regarding special education teacher through metaphors. Phenomenology design was used in this research. The study group comprised 116 third year prospective special education teachers studying at Marmara University, Ataturk Faculty of Education, Special Education (Mentally Disabled Teaching) Department. The prospective special...

Author(s): Levent Deniz

Group guidance services with self-regulation technique to improve student learning motivation in Junior High School (JHS)

December 2016

This study aims at: determining students motivation before being given a group guidance with self-regulation technique, determining students' motivation after being given a group counseling with self-regulation technique, generating a model of group counseling with self-regulation technique to improve motivation of learning, determining the effectiveness of group counseling with self-regulation techniques to improve...

Author(s): Hadi Pranoto, Nurul Atieka, Sihadi Darmo Wihardjo, Agus Wibowo, Siti Nurlaila and Sudarmaji

An analysis of teachers’ perceptions through metaphors: Prospective Turkish teachers of science, math and social science in secondary education

December 2016

In this study, teachers’ perceptions of prospective Turkish teachers (that is, those who have completed their undergraduate studies) in the fields of Science, Mathematics and Social Sciences are investigated through teacher metaphors. These perceptions were classified in accordance with their answers to two open-ended questions within a metaphoric structure used as the data collection tool. This classification...

Author(s): Süleyman Akçay

Class interactive reading aloud (CIRA): A holistic lens on interactive reading aloud sessions in kindergarten

December 2016

In kindergarten classrooms (5 to 6 year olds) in the United States, interactive reading aloud has long been considered an important part of a comprehensive emergent literacy program. However, while individual components of interactive reading aloud (for example, teacher activity, student activity and text) have been studied, researchers have lacked a model to holistically assess this important practice. Thus, a model...

Author(s): Lea Ann Christenson

Middle school teachers’ views and approaches to implement mathematical tasks

December 2016

This research examines middle school mathematics teachers’ views regarding implementation of mathematical tasks and their enactments. We compare their views on tasks and their implementation, and determine the causes of difference between the two using qualitative research methods. We interview sixteen middle school mathematics teachers based on their professional experience and willingness, and observe task...

Author(s): Sibel Yesildere-Imre and Burcu Nur Basturk-Sahin

Freirian perspectives on becoming female researcher-academics in special education

December 2016

Perhaps the most influential thinker about education in the late twentieth century is Paulo Freire. He has been particularly popular with informal educators with his emphasis on dialogue.  According to Freire, to enter into dialogue presupposes equality amongst participants.  Each must trust the others; there must be mutual respect and love (care and commitment).  Each one must question what he or she...

Author(s): Amelia Medina Rau, Randa G. Burks-Keeley, Leslie Costa-Guerra and Amal Ibrahim

An investigation of problem-solving skills of pre-service science teachers

December 2016

Advancements in science and technology have created problems for some people who have difficulties adapting to the new environment. Improving problem solving skills of these people is very important for them to so have the ability to cope with new problems. From the education perspective, it is believed that teachers should help students by not only giving them information on how to solve certain problems but also how...

Author(s): Asiye Bahtiyar and Bilge Can

Doctoral studies in Spain: Changes to converge with Europe in the internationalisation of the doctorate

December 2016

In Spain, the organisation of doctoral studies has been substantially modified to come into line with the changes introduced by the agenda of the Bologna process. These changes have been specified in a number of statements by European Ministers of Education, and have required alterations to Spanish doctoral regulations. The aim of these changes has been to focus doctoral training more on the development of competency as...

Author(s): Magdalena Jiménez Ramírez

Favouring new indigenous leadership: Indigenous students attending higher education in Mexico

November 2016

The opportunities to attend higher education in Mexico have traditionally been offered to the middle class population since around 30% of students who finish high school are able to attend higher education. The main reason for this low attendance is the poverty in which much of the population lives and the lack of higher education institutions in rural areas. Low attendance to higher education is accentuated in...

Author(s): Manuel Lopez Delgado

Evaluation of fourth-grade primary school students’ attitudes and self-efficacy towards physical education course using socio-cultural approach

November 2016

Changes in the national education system in Turkey have negative effects on the development of sports. Because, as classroom teachers teach Physical Education courses themselves, instead Physical Education teachers teach the course. This was because of a recent legislation released by the Ministry of National Education related to 4+4+4 compulsory schooling and the last resort for compulsory schooling model was made as...

Author(s): Hayri AydoÄŸan

Prospective teachers’ conceptions of teaching and learning and their attitudes towards multicultural education

November 2016

This study aims to analyze the conceptions of the senior students at the faculty of education along with their attitudes towards multicultural education according to gender and department variables, and to identify degree to which their conception of teaching and learning predicts their attitudes towards multicultural education. A total of 278 prospective teachers, including 190 female and 88 male, who are attending the...

Author(s): Canan Koç and Fatma KöybaÅŸi

Analysis of students’ school engagement in terms of friendship and teachers’ behavior

November 2016

The main goal of this study is to analyze “Students’ school engagement in terms of friendship and teacher behaviors”. The population of the study is all students at 4th grade within the boundaries of Ä°stanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The data of the study were gathered from 2066 students from 62 schools. “School Engagement Scale”, “Peer Attachment Scale” and “Perceived...

Author(s): Mustafa Yüksel ErdoÄŸdu

A perception scale on the use of webquests in mathematics teaching: A study of scale development

November 2016

This study was aimed to develop a valid and reliable perception scale in order to determine the perceptions of pre-service teachers towards the use of WebQuest in mathematics teaching. The study was conducted with 115 junior and senior pre-service teachers at Balıkesir University’s Faculty of Education, Computer Education and Instructional Technologies Department in the spring semester of the academic year 2013...

Author(s): Mevhibe Kobak Demir and Hülya Gür

An analysis of teachers’ questioning strategies

November 2016

Questioning has been utilized as a critical assessment tool for centuries. It has been thought that there is a relationship between asking good questions and effective teaching. In order to analyze teachers’ questioning strategies from various aspects, this study was conducted during the 2014-2015 academic year with 170 primary school teachers working in the schools located in the center of Gaziantep Province in...

Author(s): Bülent DöÅŸ, Erdal Bay, Ceyda Aslansoy, Betül Tiryaki, Nurgül Çetin and Cevahir Duman

Mathematical representation by students in building relational understanding on concepts of area and perimeter of rectangle

November 2016

Representation is an important aspect of learners in building a relational understanding of mathematical concepts. But the ability of a mathematical representation of students in building relational understanding is still very limited. The purpose of this research is to description of mathematical representation of students who appear in building relational understanding on concept of area and perimeter of a rectangle....

Author(s): Rahmad Bustanul Anwar, Ipung Yuwono, Abdur Rahman As’ari, Sisworo, and Dwi Rahmawati

The effect of fire context on the conceptual understanding of students: “expansion-contraction”

November 2016

The aim of this study is to investigate effects of the guiding materials developed based on the “fire context” and related to “expansion-contraction” concepts in the conceptual understanding of students. A quasi-experimental method has been used in the study. The sample group of the study consists of 5th grade students selected from elementary school. A total of 56 (experiment group 27, control...

Author(s): Sibel, Er Nas, Tülay Åženel Çoruhlu and Arzu Kirman Bilgin

Arranged Bursa folk songs for fourhands piano and their practice in music education departments

November 2016

The article presents the results of a study carried out within the scope of a project entitled, “Arranged Bursa Folk Songs for Fourhands Piano Extended Piano Techniques and Teaching in Music Education Departments.” It is number KUAP (E)-2014/28 of the Uludag University Scientific Research Projects Unit and was supported by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Six Bursa Folk Songs- were arranged for fourhands...

Author(s): Åžirin Akbulut Demirci

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