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IJPC Articles

Parental practices of disciplining children: Implications for intervention

March 2014

The main purpose of this was to assess parental practice of disciplining children. Of the total 350 students, 95 students were selected through simple random sampling technique. Data were collected using questionnaire having eighteen items that are intended to measure parents’ disciplining methods. The result showed that parents used non- aggressive child disciplining technique more than use of psychologically...

Author(s): Missaye Mulatie

Risks, protection factors and resilience among orphan and vulnerable Children (OVC) in Ethiopia: Implications for intervention

March 2014

The purpose of this study was to investigate risk, protective factors and resilience among orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) in Ethiopia. Two hundred eighty two orphan and vulnerable children were randomly selected from.  Data were collected by using self report questionnaire. The results show that most orphans and vulnerable children faced family, school and community related risks factors. Sizeable number...

Author(s): Belay Tefera and Missaye Mulatie

Intergroup bias among Addis Ababa University students

February 2014

The purpose of this study was to explore intergroup bias among students in Addis Ababa University Main Campus. Data were collected through unobtrusive measures. Graffiti ascribed by students  in toilet rooms, library “tension box” desks, reading tables, building walls and  books  were collected, categorized into themes and narrated qualitatively. Religion based bias was reflected through the...

Author(s): Missaye Mulatie

Study on factors leading to re-hospitalization and the care provided

February 2014

People with mental illnesses are marginalized and socially excluded from many aspects of community life. Mentally ill patients and their family members/caregivers often face significant barriers when dealing with their illnesses. The goal of this study was to identify the factors affecting re-hospitalization and types of care given by the families. The sample includes selected psychiatric patients (Male-10,...

Author(s): Chulani Herath

Career indecisiveness and personality in Greek High school students

January 2014

Career indecisiveness is one of the major career decision-making problems. Research so far has demonstrated its relation to a variety of personality factors. The present study aimed to explore, for the first time, indecisiveness in Greek junior High school students and its relation to personality parameters. Emotional and Personality-related Career decision-making Difficulties (EPCD) and Core self-evaluations scale...

Author(s): Kalliope Kounenou

Mathematics anxiety among engineering students and its relationship with achievement in calculus

January 2014

This paper analyzed the relationship between Mathematics Anxiety and Calculus Achievement among engineering students. The sample consists of 148 (116 males and 32 females) year one students of Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic, Birnin, Kebbi. Pearson correlation, paired samples t-test and Independent sample t-test were used to analyze data using SPSS version 20.0. The results obtained showed that Mathematics anxiety has...

Author(s): Garba Sahabi Adamu

Effects of family type (monogamy or polygamy) on students’ academic achievement in Nigeria

October 2013

  The present study was undertaken to assess the effects of inter-relationship between family type and academic achievement of students. A Correlational survey research was adopted for the study with a total of 300 respondents. Analysis of the data indicated that significant relationship exists between academic achievement, family type and students’ academic motivation (r=0.26: P<0.005). Also, a...

Author(s):   Adesehinwa Olayinka Adenike    

Effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral group therapy based on Heimberg’s model of self-concept

October 2013

  The objective of this study is to review the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral group therapy (CBGT) on girl students’ self-concept based on Heimberg's model. The method of this study was an experimental type. Using Tennessee’s self-concept questionnaire, 18 students (n = 9 for each group) were randomly selected into two groups: experimental group (cognitive behavioral group therapy)...

Author(s):   Zahedeh Rahmanian M. A., Bahram Mirzaian and Khadije Panahande Vansofla    

The psycho-social effect of parental separation and divorce on adolescents: Implications for counselling in Surulere Local Government Area of Lagos State

October 2013

  The study examines the psycho- social effect of parental separation or divorces on adolescents and its implications for counselling. A descriptive research survey was used while stratified random sampling technique was adopted in selecting the population sample. The sample population used is 120 adolescent students randomly drawn from twelve secondary schools in Surulere local Government Area of Lagos State,...

Author(s):   Ibegwam Ahiaoma    

Risky behaviors among youths in Mumbai metropolitan region

September 2013

  Youths in India are powerful agent of economic change. In globalization, youths are expected to gain maximize skills, health and knowledge. But some youths are involved in risky behaviors. They are involved in driving vehicles, smoke cigarettes, drinking alcohol, physical fight, depression, sexual involvement and suffer from malnutrition. The result shows that male in Mumbai metropolitan region are more...

Author(s):   Sanjay Rode  

Effect of test anxiety, gender and perceived self- concept on academic performance of Nigerian students

September 2013

  190 students randomly selected from senior secondary schools in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria participated in this study. The instruments used for the measurement of the construct included Spielberger (1980) Test Anxiety Scale, Hudson (1982) Self-Esteem scale, and gender through demographic data.  A 2x2x2 factorial design was adopted in this study while a three way analysis of Variance (ANOVA) for unequal...

Author(s):   Iroegbu, Mamasseh N.    

Attitude towards savings, cooperative loans and monetary investment as predictors of psychological well-being among university non-academic staff

September 2013

  The study explored attitude towards savings, loans and monetary investment in predicting psychological well-being of non-academic university employees. A sample of 230 that comprised 122 male (53%) and 108 females (47%) were the respondents. Their age ranged between 21 and 55 years, with a mean of 38 (SD=10.4). Participants were administered psychological well-being, attitude towards savings, attitude towards...

Author(s):   John O. Ekore and Olufunmilayo O. Omisore    

A process of short-term dynamics oriented and individual counseling: A case of stuttering

August 2013

  The process of psychological counseling is expected to start with a client’s consciousness of his/her need for something. When the client appeals for help, he/she is hoping to get rid of the problem. From this moment on, the specialist has a more complicated job. He/she must decide on what the problem is or is not, the functions of the ego that are the cause of the problem, whether or not the problem...

Author(s):   YILDIRIM Taskin        

The prototype of interpersonal dependency in Turkish culture

August 2013

  The aim of the present study is to identify the prototype of the concept of dependency in interpersonal relations in Turkish culture. Data were collected from young adults studying at university. The sample comprised 252 participants whose ages ranged between 17 and 35 and who were studying on different programs at university. Of the participants, 155 (61%) were female and 97 were male (39%) students. The...

Author(s):   ULUSOY Yagmur and DURMUS Emine    

Abuse and neglect as predictors of self concept among below poverty line adolescents from India

August 2013

  The present study examined the maltreatment experiences and disturbances in self-concept of below poverty line (BPL) adolescents from India. The sample consisted of 140 participants (age 13-17 years), both male and female, 70 from BPL families and 70 from above poverty line (APL) families. Purposive sampling method was used to draw data from both groups. Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (CTQ) by Bernstein and...

Author(s):   Rachna Devi, Simi Anand and Chandra Shekhar    

Motivation based on interest and confidence level at teaching core science subjects: Case study of Fouad Academy, Abuja

July 2013

  Motivational process can influence a child’s understanding. Students’ interest in some subjects being taught arouses confidence level, influences science students’ performance and reaction to success and failure. Data were analyzed through randomized sampling techniques using an answered questionnaire from fifty four students (54) of senior secondary one to senior secondary three at Fouad...

Author(s):   Ogori Friday Akama  

Analysis of philosophical view of environmental education regarding Marxism and Islam

July 2013

  Throughout history, nature has been of predominant value for human. It can be said that, compared to human, all religions and intellectual schools attached even greater importance to nature and severely underline the respect for it in their teachings. With technology grown, man achieved the ability to interfere with his life environment in an irrevocable way. In the meantime, the change in man’s...

Author(s):   Seyed Mohammad Shobeiri, Mohammadreza Sarmadi, Zahra Sahebjamee and Alireza Bassiri  

Professional challenges to counselling practice in primary schools in Anambra State, Nigeria: The way forward

July 2013

  This study investigated the professional challenges to counselling practice of primary school counsellors in Anambra State. The population for the study was all the 415 counsellors practicing in the primary schools and all the 26 desk officers in the state. The population of the study is small so there was no sample; on the whole 441 counsellors were used for the study.  Two research questions and two...

Author(s):   Anagbogu, M. A., Nwokolo, C. N., Anyamene, A. N., Anyachebelu, F. E. and Umezulike R. Q.  

Attitude of adolescents towards abortion in Ilorin Metropolis

June 2013

  The study examined the attitude of adolescents in Ilorin metropolis towards abortion. The study made use of descriptive design and the instrument used was a self-constructed questionnaire titled the attitude of adolescents towards abortion. A panel of guidance counselors and psychologists established its face and content validities. Test re-test reliability of the instrument was also ensured and a reliability...

Author(s):   Alade, Folasade Adesola      

A study of adolescents’ perception of parental influence on academic activities

June 2013

  Research has established the importance of family support, and parental support in particular, in predicting adolescents’ educational and psychological outcomes. The family has been identified as a critical force even more powerful and direct than teachers in their children’s education. A number of studies have attempted to compare the belief, attitudes, values of parents and their children and...

Author(s):   Letha N. C.    

Evaluation of the eye movement desensitization procedure through the Internet for resolving distressing memories

June 2013

  The internet-based Eye Movement Desensitization (EMD) procedure based mainly on the third and fourth phases of the EMDR protocol was developed. After completing pre-intervention assessments, 305 female university students were randomly assigned to the Internet EMD condition or to a control condition. Treatment effects of the Internet EMD program were analyzed in two groups of the Internet EMD condition (high...

Author(s):   Keiko Nakano    

Bias in personnel selection and occupational assessments: Theory and techniques for identifying and solving bias

May 2013

  The controversy over the use of occupational assessments and how to deal with adverse impact resulting from group differences continue with no definitive answers. Despite the fact that it is a scientific and precise tool for measurement, psychological testing has been accused of being a culturally biased procedure that results in discrimination against minority groups, particularly against job candidates and...

Author(s):   Herbert Kanengoni  

Emotional isolation, degradation and exploitation as correlates of adolescents’ self-concept in Nigeria

May 2013

  Emotional maltreatment of children and adolescents is a subtype of abuse. The magnitude at which children and adolescents suffer from emotional maltreatment of isolation, degradation and exploitation has been found to be very startling. While studies have shown the impact of several dimensions of emotional abuse on human behaviours, there is lack of empirical information on the combined and separate...

Author(s):   Abiodun Gesinde  

Satisfaction with life, Self-esteem, gender and marital status as predictors of depressive symptoms among United Arab Emirates college students

May 2013

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the predictive role of life satisfaction, self-esteem, gender and marital status on depressive symptoms. The sample consists of 547 (315 female; 232 males) undergraduate students from Al Ain university of Science and Technology in United Arab Emirates. Depressive symptoms were measured by the Centre for Epidemiologic Scale (CES-D) (Radlolf, 1977) while life...

Author(s):   Saleh A. Al Khatib    

Influence of personal characteristics on the knowledge and attitude of Pamol plantation workers towards HIV/AIDS in the Southwest Region Cameroon

February 2013

  This study assessed the influence of personal characteristics on knowledge and attitude of Pamol plantation workers (n = 75) towards HIV/AIDS in Southwest Region of Cameroon. The percentage of workers with correct knowledge on the etiology/transmission, symptoms and prevention of HIV/AIDS and positive attitude towards HIV/AIDS was determined. Knowledge indices on etiology/transmission (KIET), symptoms (KIS)...

Author(s): Jane M. Chah, D. Ewane, A. E. Agwu and E. M. Igbokwe  

Potentiality of taubah (Islamic repentance) and listening to the Holy Quran recitation on galvanic skin response

February 2013

  Taubah and listening to the Holy Quran recitation are highly recognizable Islamic repentance to the Muslim community. Undoubtedly, these beliefs can flourish people's mind and soul. Therefore, this repentance has a miraculous power to reduce anxiety and stress like psychological pessimistic matters from one's mind. Besides this, listening to the Holy Quran recitation can relieve and calm a...

Author(s): Urme Binte Salam, Muhammad Nubli Abdul Wahab and Ahmad Bin Ibrahim  

Patterns and structures of worry among college students in Hawaii and Japan

January 2013

  This study presents a comprehensive conceptualization of the structure of worry and its effect on social anxiety. Six hundred and sixty male and female college students in Hawaii and Japan completed a quantitative questionnaire survey, and the data were analyzed using exploratory factor analysis (EFA). However, the unique pattern of worry structure in Japanese male students was different from the findings of...

Author(s):   Ayano Yamaguchi and Min-Sun Kim    

HIV-related stress in dating relationships and its significance for developmental psychology of adolescence and emerging adulthood

January 2013

  While developmental psychological literature considers the threat of HIV as a health risk in dating relationships, little if any research has examined the psychological strain that the threat of HIV places on dating couples. This study aimed at investigating HIV-related dating stress. The data were collected through a self-administered questionnaire from a sample of 204 students at the University of Botswana...

Author(s):   Ilse Elisabeth Plattner    

The impact of small business management on product quality, product features and product positioning in Ibadan metropolitan, Oyo State, Nigeria

December 2012

  The study investigated the impact of small business management on product quality, product features and product positioning. The study was conducted in Ibadan metropolitan of Oyo State, Nigeria. Multi-stage and random sampling techniques were used in selecting 1,200 respondents. Information was gathered using primary and secondary data. Questionnaires were used to elicit information and were validated by...

Author(s):   Haliru Bala    

Comparison of efficiency of cognitive therapy and logo therapy on the depression rate of aged men

December 2012

  In this paper, we compare the effectiveness of logo therapy (LT) and cognitive therapy (CT) in alleviating symptoms of depression. For this purpose 45 elderly men aged between 65 to 85 years who inhabit in nursing houses were randomly put into two experimental and one control group (n = 45). The experimental groups received techniques of cognitive and logo therapies for 10 treatment...

Author(s):   Sarvaralsadat Moosavi, Seyed Mousa Kafi, Mostafa Haghiri, Nader Ofoghi, Seyedeh Roghayeh Atashkar and Shahnam Abolghasemi  

Marital adjustment of working class and non-working class women in Port Harcourt metropolis, Nigeria

November 2012

  This paper examines the marital adjustment of working class and non-working class women in Port Harcourt metropolis in Rivers State, Nigeria. The survey research design was used for the study. The sample consisted of three hundred (300) subjects selected through multi-stage random sampling procedure from four selected suburbs- Oroworokwo, Rebisi, Ogbunabali, and Orogbum in the Port Harcourt metropolis. Data...

Author(s):   Tamunoimama Jamabo and Sunday N. Ordu    

Family functioning on the identity statues in High School Boys in Isfahan, Iran

November 2012

  The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between family functioning and the identity statues in high school boys. 330 high school students from five different education zones in Isfahan, Iran were randomly selected with cluster sampling. Questionnaire was designed to measure the levels of family function and identity status. These comprise ‘Extended Version of the Objective Measure...

Author(s):   Zahra Yousefi    

Career indecision and state anxiety of returned international Chinese undergraduate students in Taiwan

October 2012

  This study investigates career indecision and levels of state anxiety among 647 returned international Chinese undergraduate students enrolled at 90 universities/colleges in Taiwan. The Chinese-language versions of the Career Decision Scale (CDS) and the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) were administered; results indicated that returned international Chinese undergraduate students in Taiwan are...

Author(s):   Huiling H. Peng, Robert E. Johanson and Mei-Hua Chang  

A study of mindfulness practices and cognitive therapy: Effects on depression and self-efficacy

October 2012

  Despite research findings that Cognitive Therapy (CT) reduces relapse of depression, patients often do have setbacks. Recently, CT researchers have integrated the Eastern meditative practice of mindfulness into cognitive approach. This study was a variation on research on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (the incorporation of mindfulness and CT) and relapse prevention from depression. Three tracks of...

Author(s):   Alexander, V.,  Tatum, B. C., Auth, C., Takos, D., Whittemore, S. and Fidaleo, R.    

Study of psychological parameters of sports women and non-sports women collegiate students of India

September 2012

  The purpose of the present study was to analyze the psychological parameters that is (Emotional maturity and its sub variables, extroversion, neuroticism) between sports women and non- sports women collegiate students of India. To obtain the data, a total of sixty (n=60) women students of Trinity College, Jalandhar (India), were randomly selected as subjects. Further the subjects were divided equally into two...

Author(s):   Sukhbir Singh and Baljinder Singh Bal    

Child maltreatment as predictors of suicidal ideas and attempts in a general female population

September 2012

  Child maltreatment has been investigated as a suicide risk for decades. The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of women from the general population with suicidal ideas or attempts and add to the actual literature a larger perspective of different types of maltreatment in regards to experiences such as neglect, psychological, physical or sexual abuse, and its association to risk factor for...

Author(s):   Monique Séguin, Marc Tourigny and Jacques Joly    

Assessment of obsessive beliefs in individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder in comparison to healthy sample

August 2012

  Cognitive models of obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) suggested that dysfunctional beliefs have important role in the etiology and maintenance of this disorder. However, empirical evidence in support of this notion is limited and inconsistent. The aim of current study was to compare scores obtained from the obsessive beliefs questionnaire (OBQ-44) and its subscales in 59 patients with OCD and 54...

Author(s):   Razieh Izadi, Karim Asgari, Hamidtaher Neshatdust and Mohammadreza Abedi        

Improving well-being with a gratitude exercise in Japanese workers: A randomized controlled trial

August 2012

  Few individual-focused interventions that focus on improving the well-being of employees have been conducted in the workplace. The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of worksite intervention consisting of a gratitude exercise on employees’ well-being, such as positive affect, life satisfaction and subjective happiness among Japanese workers. A randomized controlled trial was...

Author(s):   Yasumasa Otsuka, Masashi Hori and Junko Kawahito,    

Prediction of attitude and interest of science students of different ability on their academic performance in basic science

June 2012

  The study measures and predicts the effect of attitude and interest of students on academic performance in science. It investigates which of the variables, as essential attribute to study integrated science, will predict students’ performance. Its aim is also to find out which one of the variables is influenced first under a particular teaching method. Three instruments were used for the study. They...

Author(s):   Sunday Olufemi Adodo and L. O. Gbore    

Sexual attitudes among Mozambican adults

June 2012

This study examined the sexual attitudes of Mozambican adults. A total of 301 participants, aged 18 to 41 years (154 males and 147 females), living in the area of Maputo, were presented with the Portuguese version of the sexual attitude scale devised by Hendrick and Hendrick (1987). Data were analyzed using factorial analyses, ANOVA and correlation coefficients. A structure of seven factors was found...

Author(s):   Germano Vera Cruz and Etienne Mullet    

Gender and socio-economic background differentials in students’ attitude to information and communication technology education in Nigerian secondary schools: Implications for policy, ICT education and counselling

May 2012

  This is a study of gender and socio-economic background differentials in students’ attitude to information and communication technology education in Nigerian secondary schools. The aim was to determine students’ differential attitude to information and communication technology education in order to proffer appropriate counselling interventions for the advancement of information and communication...

Author(s):   ADENUGA, R. Alaba, OWOYELE, Jimoh Wale and ADENUGA, F. T.    

Health and wellness in Southern Africa: Incorporating indigenous and western healing practices

May 2012

  Current healing systems in Southern Africa focus on the holistic approach to the health and wellness of patients. Biomedical approaches and traditional healing systems that incorporate spiritual healing, mental healing, physical and social healing play a crucial and significant role in health delivery systems in Southern Africa. An integrative approach has been accepted as a vital...

Author(s):   Edward Shizha and John Charema    

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) of business organizations in Niger State, Nigeria: An Islamic perspective

April 2012

  This paper examined an Islamic perspective of corporate social responsibility (CSR) of business organizations in Niger State, Nigeria. The study was conducted in Minna, Suleja, Kontagora and Bida towns of Niger State, Nigeria. Multi-stage and random sampling techniques were used in selecting 1,600 respondents of the study using staff of business organizations, investors, consumers and some people in the...

Author(s):   Haliru Bala    

Socio-economic influence of Shari’ah on consumers’ motives and perception in Zamfara State, Nigeria

April 2012

  This study examines socio-economic influence of Shari’ah on Muslim consumers’ motives and perception in Zamfara State, Nigeria. Primary and secondary data were utilized for the study. The primary data were collected through questionnaires administered on three hundred and eighty seven respondents comprising two hundred and eighty two male and one hundred and five female drawn from three local...

Author(s):   Haliru Bala    

A study of role conversion of leaders in group counseling

March 2012

  Role conversion of leaders in group counseling can develop the potential power of a class, strengthen their cohesion and improve learning environment, which have been proved in a growing number of studies in this field. However, most studies are only confined to theoretical discussions and few studies concentrate on empirical studies on roles conversion of leaders in group counseling. The paper aims to...

Author(s):   Zhang Chao, Meng Li and Jiang Hai  

Vulnerabilities to depression and sense of coherence among Bedouin Arab and Jewish students: A test of a mediation model

March 2012

  This study examined cultural differences in self critical and dependent vulnerabilities to depression and sense of coherence as predictors of depression among Bedouin Arab and Jewish university students in Israel. In addition, this study explored the role of sense of coherence on the self-criticism-depression association and the dependency-depression association. 120 Bedouin Arab and 130 Jewish university...

Author(s):   Abu-Kaf Sarah and Priel Beatriz  

Understanding human sexuality: A case study on innovative method for sex education to adolescent children

February 2012

  Globalization has a far reaching influence on every aspect of human life. No other sector has embraced globalization as much as television entertainment industry. The speed with which television entertainment industry has imbibed changes is unprecedented. One of the most obvious outcomes of liberalized and privatized visual entertain medium is easing of censorship owing to which, the sexual behavior and...

Author(s):   Rajan R. Patil    

Sport imagery and mental health among omnivorous combative players: A psychological probe

February 2012

  The present study was examined to determine sport imagery and mental health among omnivorous combative players. To obtain data for this study, the investigators had selected ninety (N=90) male omnivorous combative players. They were further assigned into three categories that is Category (A) thirty (N=30) judokas, Category (B) thirty (N=30) wrestlers and Category (C) thirty (N=30) boxers, who had participated...

Author(s):   Baljinder Singh Bal and Gaurav Dureja    

University education and poverty alleviation as mechanisms for enhancing youth development in Nigeria

January 2012

  This paper examined university education and poverty alleviation as mechanisms for enhancing youth development in Nigeria. It is observed that illiteracy and poverty are interrelated and that functional education is one of the most efficient ways to empower the youth and this is supposed to be got in the university. University education is presupposed to develop the three domains (cognitive, psychomotor and...

Author(s):   ADEBAYO, Florence Aduke  

Prevalence of premarital sex and factors influencing it among students in a private tertiary institution in Nigeria

January 2012

  This study examined prevalence of premarital sexual activities among the youth in a selected private University in Nigeria. A sample of 300 students comprised of 176 males and 124 females were randomly selected to participate in the study. The mean age and standard deviation was 21.7 ± 6.3 years. The ex-post-facto research design was employed. A 35 item; youth premarital sexual activities (YPSA)...

Author(s):   Adeoye, Ayodele O, Ola, Omolayo and Aliu, Bose  

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