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IJPC Articles

Age at menarche in two tribal groups of Dharwad and Bijarpur Districts in Karnataka State

January 2012

  The aim of this study was to find the mean age at menarche in two different tribal groups namely Kanjarbhat and Lamani. This study was to assess the level of knowledge regarding rituals, taboos, food pattern, social restrictions, health problems and nutrition observed during the menstrual period. The sample for the research comprised of 310 Kanjarbhat girls and 310 Lamani girls in the age groups of 11 to 18...

Author(s):   Sangeetha R. Mane, Ravikanth B. Lamani and Ravindra M.    

Gender and socio-economic background differentials in students’ attitude to information and communication technology education in Nigerian secondary schools: Implications for policy, ICT education and counselling

December 2011

  This is a study of gender and socio-economic background differentials in students’ attitude to information and communication technology education in Nigerian secondary schools. The aim was to determine students’ differential attitude to information and communication technology education in order to proffer appropriate counselling interventions for the advancement of information and communication...

Author(s):   ADENUGA, R. Alaba, OWOYELE, Jimoh Wale and ADENUGA, F. T.    

Health and wellness in Southern Africa: Incorporating indigenous and western healing practices

December 2011

  Current healing systems in Southern Africa focus on the holistic approach to the health and wellness of patients. Biomedical approaches and traditional healing systems that incorporate spiritual healing, mental healing, physical and social healing play a crucial and significant role in health delivery systems in Southern Africa. An integrative approach has been accepted as a vital component of holistic...

Author(s):     Edward Shizha and John Charema      

Comparison of the effectiveness of family therapy based on rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) and person centered theraphy (PCT) on self-differentiation among divorce applicant clients

December 2011

  This study was aimed to compare the effectiveness of the rational-emotive-behavioral therapy (R.E.B.T) and Person-centered therapy (PCT) on self-differentiation among divorced applicant clients. All divorced applicant clients in Sanandaj counseling center were considered as the population under study, 112 of whom were selected through stratified random sampling method...

Author(s):   Naser Yoosefi    

The attachment styles bases of loneliness and depression

December 2011

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the predictive role of attachment styles on loneliness and depression. The sample consisted of 652 (313 females; 339 males) university students. Data were collected by using the relationship scales questionnaire, UCLA-R loneliness scale, and Beck depression inventory. To analyze data, Pearson product-moment correlation analysis and multiple regression...

Author(s):   Atilgan Erozkan    

Study of some environmental and genetic determinants of autism in Egyptian children

November 2011

  Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder of unknown cause. Both genetic and environmental influences are claimed to contribute to the etiology of autism. Several studies were done to determine the factors that contribute to the expression of the symptoms. We studied genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors that may influence the neurodevelopmental alteration that can cause vulnerability to autism. We did...

Author(s):   El Sawy MA, Awadalla HI, Mohamed RR, Zaki OK and Mohamed OA

Development and validation of crime behaviour factor battery

November 2011

  This research examined the systematic processes utilized in the development and validation of the Crime Behaviour Factor Battery (CBFB) for measuring crime behaviours and factors responsible for such. The intended sample was 900 Nigerian adolescents, youths and adults, popularly believed to be prone to committing crime; but only 548 of them finally participated in the research. Their ages ranged between 16...

Author(s):   R. A.  Animasahun      

Influence of the knowledge of HIV/AIDS on behaviour change among adolescents in Anambra State, Nigeria

November 2011

  HIV/AIDS prevalence had become a global issue in the whole continent today. The study examined the influence of the knowledge of HIV/AIDS on behaviour change among adolescents in Anambra State, Nigeria. A sample of 960 adolescents were used for the study. Three research questions and two hypotheses guided the study. The study was a descriptive survey on adolescents in Anambra State. The instrument was a...

Author(s):   Ada Anyamene, Chinyelu Nwokolo, Ebele Anyachebelu and Ifeoma Obum-Okeke      

Science management in modern organization

November 2011

  Applying modern methods, new processing technology in modern organizations depends on a number of facts: One of them is efficient human resources management and wisely utilized human intelligent resources capital. Providing such demand needs appropriate management knowledge tools. Knowledge and intelligence always have been issues throughout the nations and human norms. But today for first decade of 3rd...

Author(s):   Tahereh Bagherpour, Ramzan Jahanian and Hairul A. Hashim      

Reliability and correlation of interest inventories: Strong interest inventory (SII) and self-directed search (SDS)

October 2011

  The study examined the reliability and correlation of the strong interest inventory (SII) and self-directed search (SDS). In Iran, these two instruments are relevant for assessing interest. Thus, college students in the University of Isfahan in Iran were taken as participants in the university to examine the reliability and correlation of SII and SDS. The mean internal consistency coefficients for the SII and...

Author(s):   Sohrab Abdi Zarrin, Iran Baghban and Mohammad Reza Abedi      

Innovative teaching in Pharmacy education

October 2011

  The aim of this study was to determine the learning-style scores of final-professional Pharmacy students before and after various teaching experiences and to evaluate the relationships between scores and teaching practice variables (problem-construction practice). The outcome was the determination of better teaching experiences to improve learning skills. The study was an observational cohort study design...

Author(s):   Wasif Syed G., Azhar S. Sulaiman, Azmi Sarriff and Yelly O. S.    

Emotional intelligence and creativity in teacher education

October 2011

  Emotional intelligence (EI) and creativity have emerged to be crucial components of emotional adjustment, personal well-being, life success, and interpersonal relationship in the past decade. This article provides a critical review of the research field of EI and Creativity in the school context and analyzes its present and future value in teacher education in the Nigerian educational system. Firstly, the...

Author(s):   Ogoemeka, Obioma Helen        

The training and development of housekeepers in Nigerian Universities

September 2011

    Training and development of individuals in the University system provides favorable climate for carrying out teaching, research and services. This paper suggests appropriate approaches for the training and development of housekeepers. It also identifies the engagement of professional housekeepers as a means of effective realization of goals. It discusses qualities of good housekeepers, the skills...

Author(s):   C. A. Akinfolarin and O. S. Alimi      

The accuracy of emotional intelligence and forgiveness in predicting the degree of satisfaction in marital communications

September 2011

  This research investigates the accuracy of emotional intelligence and forgiveness in predicting the degree of satisfaction in marital communications between Iranian married couples. A total of 200 Iranian married couples were randomly selected for investigation. Multivariable regression and correlation coefficients were used to measure the accuracy. Results show that the correlation...

Author(s):   Afsaneh Ghanbari-Panah, Haji Mohamed Shariff , and Roya Koochak-Entezar      

Some correlates of students attitude towards chemistry in Government Technical Colleges in Imo State

May 2011

  It has been noted that students in government technical colleges are not well disposed to the study of chemistry. This is evidenced by the general performance of students inNational Technical Certificate (NTC) and National Business Certificate (NBC) results.  For instance, it was observed in one of the four government technical colleges in Imo State that, out of a total of 122 students who took...

Author(s):   Angela Onyinyechi Dara and Ugwuegbulam N. Charles      

The relation of depression and anxiety in academic achievement among group of university students

May 2011

  This study aims to identify the impact of mood disorders, especially anxiety and depression among a sample of students for their academic achievement in Tafila Technical University. In addition, the study focused on knowing the difference between gender and the level of depression and anxiety they have. It also investigates the difference between colleges and the levels of depression and anxiety. So two...

Author(s):   Lama M. Al-Qaisy    

Gender and age variations in perceptions of situational appropriateness of academic integrity among students in Kwara State, Nigeria

April 2011

  This study investigated the extent to which male and female students differ in their endorsement of academic integrity across the variables of age, institution type and marital status. One thousand students from ten secondary and tertiary institutions in Kwara state, Nigeria, responded to three hypothetical scenarios created to measure their academic integrity status. Findings of the study indicated that high...

Author(s):   Olasehinde-Williams Olabisi, Olawuyi Olabisi and Yahaya Lasiele Alabi    

Happiness and worry in an Iranian adolescents and young adults sample

April 2011

  The purpose of the present study was to examine the happiness and worry in adolescents and young adults, the effects of gender and age group in these constructs, and the role of happiness in prediction of worry. Participants were 200 adolescents and 200 young adults from Eghlid in Iran and they were selected through random sampling in this survey. A demographic questionnaire, the Oxford Happiness...

Author(s):   Siamak Khodarahimi    

The impact of the sellers’ perceived ethical behaviour on consumers’ emotions and behaviour intention

April 2011

  This research aims to verify the effect of consumers’ evaluation of sellers’ ethical behaviour on their emotion and behaviour intention. Actually, the concept of ethics have been partially studied before Reidenbach and Robin’s work and its consideration as an antecedent of consumer behaviour has not been proven. Previous studies have integrated few indirect effects of ethics on behaviour...

Author(s):   Asma Bouguerra, Nabil Mzoughi, Karim Garrouch and Hallouma Bouazza        

Attitude of counsellors towards undergoing HIV voluntary counselling and testing in Ado-Odo/Ota, Nigeria

March 2011

  This study was an investigation into the attitude of counsellors who offer HIV pre and post counselling. Sixteen counsellors who offer HIV pre-post-test counselling were identified from the preliminary field work, of these, 9 counsellors who reported they had not presented for HIV/AIDS testing were identified and 7 eventually participated in the study. The participants were active counsellors, 27 through 46...

Author(s):   Adekeye Olujide A.    

Risk behaviours and early warning signals for ODL dropout students in Nigeria: Implications for counselling

March 2011

  This research was to identify the risk behaviours and early warning signals for dropping out of students in Nigeria with particular reference to National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). The research design used for this study was a descriptive survey via causal comparative technique to describe the current status of risk behaviour and early warning signals among NOUN students. The sample of 1,440...

Author(s):   Fidel O. Okopi    

Effect of homogenous and heterogeneous ability grouping class teaching on student’s interest, attitude and achievement in integrated science

March 2011

  The study investigated the effect of homogeneous ability level grouping class teaching and heterogeneous ability class teaching on students’ learning outcome in Integrated Science. The sample comprised 60 students in the junior secondary school class 3 randomly selected from 2 schools. In each school, 30 students comprising 15 males and 15 females were selected through stratified random sampling...

Author(s):   Adodo S. O. and Agbayewa J. O.    

Relationship trauma: Assessing the criteria of trauma in adult intimate abusive relationships

March 2011

  The present study analyzed the factor structure of items related to trauma experienced in the context of an abusive intimate adult relationship. One hundred and twenty male and female participants who experienced an abusive traumatic relationship completed the post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTRS) questionnaire, a 40-item scale, measuring several dimensions of relationship trauma. The scale was shown to have...

Author(s):   Tricia L. Orzeck, and Ami Rokach,    

Gender, marital status and religious affiliation as factors of assertiveness among Nigerian education majors

February 2011

  Using an ex-post factor survey research design, the present study examined the influence of gender, marital status and religious affiliation on assertiveness of education majors. For the purpose of the study, 367 education majors were randomly selected from two institutions. This was made up of 96 (26.2%) males and 271(73.8%) females; 165 (45%) married, 191 (52%) singles and 11 (3%) widowed....

Author(s):   A. A. Arigbabu, S. E. Oladipo and M. A. Owolabi-Gabriel    

The effectiveness of solution-focused brief therapy on increasing social adjustment of female students residing in Tehran university dormitories

February 2011

  The objective of this study is to compare the effectiveness of solution-focused brief therapy on increasing social competence of female students residing in Tehran university dormitories. The statistical population of this study consists of female students residing in Tehran public university dormitories during the 2008 to 2009 academic years. The studied sample includes 30 participants, randomly placed in an...

Author(s):   S. Saffarpoor, K. Farahbakhsh, A. Shafiabadi and H. Pashasharifi        

Motivation and student’s behavior: A tertiary level study

February 2011

  Student motivation is an important focus of research in Education. The research in the area has primarily focused on student motivation and academic achievement. There are no significant studies looking at the relationship of motivation with student behavior at tertiary level. This article draws on social exchange theory to examine the connection between motivation and student behavior as a learning outcome....

Author(s):   Zulfiqar Ali, Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah and Muhammad Saeed     

Self-esteem and life satisfaction as mediators between parental bonding and psychological well-being in Japanese young adults

January 2011

  Today, Japanese young adults are at increased risk for psychiatric disorders. Given that the presence of mental illness early in life increases the risk of further depressive episodes in later life and that psychiatric disorders are associated with college attrition rates and academic performance, investigating the mechanisms contributing to college students’ mental health is crucial. This study...

Author(s):   Niwako Yamawaki, Julie Ann Peterson Nelson and Mika Omori    

Stress and instructors’ efficiency in Ogun State Universities: Implications for Nigerian educational policy

January 2011

  The Federal Government of Nigeria in the National Policy on Education expressed itself emphatically in Section 8, no. 70 (a) that no educational system is capable of rising above the quality of its teachers and thus, teacher education and teachers’ welfare would be given major emphasis in all educational planning and development. As lofty as this policy-statement sound, it stands far away from praxis....

Author(s):   F. R. Sulaiman and P. O. Akinsanya          

Impact of family type on involvement of adolescents in pre-marital sex

January 2011

  This study examined the impact of home type on involvement of in-school adolescents in premarital sex in Lagos metropolis, Nigeria. This study adopted a survey research design. Three hundred and sixty-eight students from four secondary schools were randomly selected, 128 (47.8%) were males and 148 (53%) were females. Their ages range from 16 to 19 years with the mean of 18.24 years. Only 186 (69%) have had...

Author(s):   Adejumo Gbadebo Olubunmi      

“The impact of couple therapy based on attachment” in deterministic thinking and marital satisfaction among couples

December 2010

  The research,  before and after study, was done with the purpose of examining effectiveness of couple therapy based on attachment in relation to decreasing of deterministic thinking and increasing of marital satisfaction among couples. Twenty couples were referred to consultation and health centers in three areas of Tehran (Iran) and were randomly assigned to the experimental and control groups. The...

Author(s):   Masoudeh Honarian, Jalal Younesi, Abdollah Shafiabadi and Gholamreza Nafissi    

Types of services for children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS: Results and implications of a Zimbabwean study

December 2010

  This study aimed to explore types of support children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS receive from public and civic organizations. The extent to which the types of support (that is, emotional, mental, spiritual, social welfare and educational support) were received was studied. Purposive sampling was used to select 105 students (mean age = 13.2; S.D = 2.9) in a city district. Data on types of support...

Author(s):   Magen Mhaka-Mutepfa      

Factors associated with satisfaction in career counselling

November 2010

  This study examined factors associated with users’ satisfaction in career counseling settings. It is hypothesized that both expectation management and the rapport established with the counselor will determine users’ satisfaction of the process and its outcomes. Two hundred and forty-seven Israeli participants agreed to fill out a questionnaire assessing the career counseling process they...

Author(s):   Leehu Zysberg    

Role of energy psychology in treatment of road accident trauma

November 2010

  Stress reactions after a road accident may include the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety disorders, as well as other psychiatric conditions such as prolonged grief reactions, somatisation and substance abuse. This paper reviews the approach, considers the viability and offers a framework for applying energy psychology in treating road accident trauma...

Author(s):   Zaved Ahmed Khan, Shahila Zafar, Pratima Giri and Kumari Priyamveda    

Working hours and psychological health among Japanese restaurant services workers

October 2010

  The purpose of the study was to investigate the relationship between the number of working hours and psychological health among restaurant services workers compared to office workers in the restaurant industry. Research participants are 1,107 workers in restaurant services. Analyses of variance were performed to test the association of negative emotions, fatigue, and concentration/activity levels, measured by...

Author(s):   Yasumasa Otsuka and Megumu Tatemaru    

Perfectionism and five-big model of personality in an Iranian sample

October 2010

  The purpose of this research was to examine the perfectionism and five big personality relationships, as well as the possible effects of gender and age group differences on these in Iranian adolescents and young adults’ sample. The sample included 136 adolescents and 184 young adults that were selected randomly from the Shiraz city, Fars province, Iran. A demographic questionnaire, the Ahwaz...

Author(s):   Siamak Khodarahimi    

Bridging gender equity gap in Africa: A psycho-historical exposition of Efunsetan Aniwura

September 2010

  Efunsetan Aniwura is an example of an African woman who stood against male chauvinism and gender inequity in her time. She wielded economic power in that she owned her own household full of slaves. As her name depicts “Aniwura” meaning “owner of wealth”, was a woman of wealth and spiritual depth in power and authority. A psycho-historical exposition of her personality will reveal the...

Author(s):   Ilesanmi Oluwatoyin Olatundun    

A study of the general perceptual ability of mainstream and high-risk students in Nigeria

September 2010

  This study investigated whether or not academically high-risk students of Junior Secondary School 2 students in Rivers State of Nigeria differed from their mainstream counterparts with regard to their perceptual organisation. The ex post facto research design was used with a hypothesis guiding the study. Stratified random sampling was used in drawing a sample of 1,205 subjects. The survey utilized...

Author(s):   Atubobaralabi Jamabo and Tamunoimama Jamabo    

Influence of family attachment styles on premarital sexuality of secondary school students in Rivers state, Nigeria

September 2010

  This study is aimed at determining the influence of family attachment style on premarital sexuality of secondary school students in Rivers State, Nigeria. The survey data collected from a sample of 1000 secondary school two (SS2) were used for the study.  Face and construct validity using factorial design to determine the factor structure of the instrument Cronbach-Alpha consistency coefficients at 0.73;...

Author(s):   Atubobaralabi Jamabo and Tamunoimama Jamabo    

Parental influence on Mexican American students’ academics

September 2010

  This study examined how Mexican American parents influence their adolescent children’s academics. Eleven Mexican American high school students took part in this study which occurred in a small Midwestern town. Four factors of parental influence were examined using questionnaires that were administered through interviews. The factors of parental influence were: parental ability to help with academics,...

Author(s):   Tracy Schumann    

Jing Qicheng: The leading figure of contemporary Chinese psychology

August 2010

Jing Qicheng was the most distinguished psychologist of contemporary China and also the spokesman of Chinese psychology around the international arena after the opening and reform of China. With a broad view, he was both an experimental psychologist of high attainments and a theoretical psychologist with profound knowledge. This paper does not deal with his contributions in cognitive and developmental psychology, but...

Author(s):   Zhang Yun, Yang Wendeng and Ye Haosheng    

International students’ race-ethnicity, personality and acculturative stress

August 2010

    The present study is an investigation of how personality, gender, age, and race-ethnicity factors are related to the acculturative stress of international students. The participants were 613 international students enrolled in a U.S. University. The students completed the online surveys that included Acculturative Stress Scale for International Students, the Big Five Inventory and a...

Author(s):   Senel Poyrazli, Rajat K. Thukral and Erdinc Duru    

Work-family role conflict and organizational commitment among industrial workers in Nigeria

June 2010

  This study investigated the impact of work-family role conflict on organizational commitment of industrial workers in Nigeria. The descriptive survey research method was adopted for the study. A total of 247 respondents were selected for the study using proportionate stratified sampling technique. Instruments used for data collection are: Work-family role conflict scale and organizational commitment scale....

Author(s):   D. I. Akintayo    

The meaning of life: Health, disease, and the naturopathy

June 2010

  The meaning of life is what humans expect of it. The quality of life is explained by social concepts. Life has to do with maintaining the functions of biological systems.  Organisms must be healthy to maintain their life. Health is a perfect working condition of the body. Disease is a divergence from normal physiological conditions of the organism in question. The cause of most diseases can be...

Author(s):   Suliddin Hamidli, AyÅŸen Yetkin and Yalçın Yetkin    

The role of personal adjustment to developmental crises in improving quality of life

December 2009

  The paper discusses the issue of quality of life with the special focus on its developmental aspects. Conceptualisation of the notion of quality of life was based on the views proposed by Tomaszewski and Kowalik. An interesting complement to these approaches is provided by Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development. Although Erikson did not undertake an empirical study on the issue of quality of...

Author(s):   MaÅ‚gorzata Tatala    

Students’ test anxiety, motivation for examinations and science achievement in junior secondary schools in Ogun State, Nigeria

December 2009

  This study investigated the relative and combined influences of test anxiety and motivation for examinations on science achievement of selected Junior Secondary School students in Ogun State, Nigeria. Twelve secondary schools were randomly selected from the list of secondary schools in all the four divisions of Ogun State. A sample of three hundred and sixty students selected from twelve schools participated...

Author(s):   R. A. Olatoye (PhD)    

Support groups for HIV positive mentally ill patients

November 2009

  The aim of this study was to describe the demographics, clinical characteristics and expectations of the members of a newly established support group for HIV positive mentally ill patients. The factors associated with disclosure of status and expectations of the group, were also to be determined. All mental health care users, aged 18 years and older, with HIV and admitted to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital...

Author(s):   M. Y. H. Moosa, G. Jonsson, F. Y. Jeenah, J. Michael and L. De Wee    

Risk starvation contributes to dementias and depressions: Whiffs of danger are the antidote

November 2009

This paper’s objective is to use SKAT, the author’s Stages of Knowledge Ahead Theory of risk, to shed fresh light on the treatment and prevention of mental disorders. SKAT employs a broad definition of risk that allows for nice – not merely nasty – possibilities. SKAT is here shown to solve eight epidemiological puzzles left unexplained by our current theories and associated treatments for the...

Author(s):   Robin Pope  

What makes a difference in on-line impressions? Avatars, attribution, and cognitive processes

October 2009

This study examined how perceivers with initial negative expectations about a chat partner developed their final expectations in text versus avatar-based settings, and which computer-mediated communication (CMC) environments exhibited higher attributional confidence in these impressions. Experimental conditions indicated that when participants attributed the person’s negative behaviors to the situational contexts,...

Author(s):   Ho-Kyung Kim and Keith E. Davis    

Factors in the career decision-making of nurses in Rivers State of Nigeria: Implications for counselling

October 2009

  This paper investigated the factors in the career decision-making of nurses in Rivers State of Nigeria. The sample was made up of 128 participants, comprising an equal number of nurses and student-nurses selected from three health institutions in Rivers State of Nigeria; two General Hospitals and a School of Nursing. A standardized instrument titled “Motivation for Occupational Preference Scale”...

Author(s):   Joseph B. Kinanee  

Parental support as mediator between optimism and depression in early adolescents

October 2009

  A number of studies showed a relation between parental support and depression and between optimism and depression. However there is a lack of studies that considered together the influence of parental support and dispositional optimism on depression in early adolescence. In the current study we examined the mediating role of parental support on the relation between optimism and depression in a community...

Author(s):   Melisa Sumer, Fabrizia Giannotta, Michele Settanni and Silvia Ciairano  

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