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IJPS Articles

Dissolved and particulate trace elements’ configuration: Case study from a shallow lake

June 2013

Trace element distribution was monitored for Uluabat lake water polluted with point and non-point sources in Bursa. An examination of Zn, Cr, Ni, Cu, Pb, As, B concentrations during the study period indicated that the particulate phase at the bottom of the water column were high in regard to dissolved phase. The source of trace elements in thedeeper parts of the water column was derived from the higher...

Author(s): Feza Karaer, Aslıhan Katip, Saadet İleri, Sonay Sarmaşik and Nurcan Aydoğan

Hurricanes and cyclones kinematics and thermodynamics based on Clausius-Clapeyron relation derived in 1832

June 2013

Juxtaposing Clausius-Clapeyron relation derived in 1832 with Hydrodynamic concept of atmosphere parcel of air leads to the discovery of an essential property of the troposphere that will deeply ameliorates information contained in literature and audiovisual productions on tropical weather. It is indeed a rectification of the use of an ideal gas principle which enshrined the idea that, hot air is lighter than cold air...

Author(s): Mbane Biouele Cesar

Synthesis of perovskite CaTiO3 nanopowders with different morphologies by mechanical alloying without heat treatment

June 2013

Mechanical alloying (MA) method is one of the methods used for large scale production of different nanopowders. In this study, calcium titanate (CaTiO3: CTO) nanoparticles have been synthesized via mechanical alloying (MA) without using heat treatment. The milled powders and CTO were characterized by XRD, SEM, and zetasizer. It is found that the CTO has a diameter of 30 - 70 nm with different...

Author(s): Sahebali Manafi and Mojtaba Jafarian

Characterizations of semi-groups that are semi-lattices of left groups

June 2013

Zadeh in 1965 introduce the concept of a fuzzy set which now have a wide range of applications in various fields of Engineering Sciences, Computer Science and Management Sciences. It is worth mentioning here that for applications of fuzzy sets mostly associative algebraic structures are used such as in 2003, Mordeson, Malik and Kuroki have discovered the applications of fuzzy semigroups in fuzzy coding, fuzzy...

Author(s): Madad Khan, Saima Anis, Saqib Hussain, Usman Ashraf and Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din

A comparative study of biogas production using plantain/almond leaves and pig dung, and its applications

June 2013

Plantain/almond leaves and pig dung were used as substrates in anaerobic biodigester for producing biogas by batch operation method within the mesophilic temperature range of 20.0 to 31.0°C. The study was carried out to compare biogas production potential from plantain/almond leaves and pig dung wastes. The cumulative biogas produced from the plantain/almond leaves was 220.5 L while the cumulative biogas from the...

Author(s): EZEKOYE, V. A.

Decentralized management of a multi-source electrical system: A multi-agent approach

June 2013

The objective of this paper was design and implementation of a self-adaptive management system of a set of production sources in a changing and unpredictable energy demand environment. The strategy proposed made it possible to achieve optimal management of the energy resource production of the electrical system facing the changing demand. After showing the need to follow «intelligently» the behavior of...

Author(s): Abdoul K. MBODJI, Mamadou L. NDIAYE and Papa A. NDIAYE

The improved Riccati equation mapping method for constructing many families of exact solutions for a nonlinear partial differential equation of nanobiosciences

June 2013

In this paper we apply the improved Riccati equation mapping method to construct many families of general exact solutions of a nonlinear partial differential equation involving parameters of special significant for nanobiosciences and biophysics, namely, the equation of nano-ionic currents along microtublues. Comparison between our new results and the well-known results are given. The nonlinear equation elaborated here...

Author(s): Elsayed  M. E. Zayed,  Yasser  A. Amer  and  Reham  M. A. Shohib

A Mode-I crack problem for two-dimensional problem of a fiber-reinforced thermoelastic with normal mode analysis

June 2013

The aim of the present work is to investigate the influence of the Mode-I crack on the plane waves in a linearly fiber-reinforced. A general model of the equations of coupled theory (CD) and Lord-Shulman (L-S) theory with one relaxation time are applied to study the influence of reinforcement on the total deformation for an infinite space weakened by a finite linear opening Mode-I crack is solving. The material is...

Author(s): Kh. Lotfy and Wafaa Hassan,

Electrical characterization of conducting poly(2-ethanolaniline) under electric field

June 2013

We have studied conductivity and molecular weight obtained poly(2-ethanolaniline), P2EANi. P2EANi synthesized according to the best ratio of obtained molar of initiator to monomer at different reaction times. Then we measured the mass and conductivity of the obtained polymers in the best time of polymerization. Next, we repeated these reactions under different electric fields in the most appropriate time and measured...

Author(s): Seyed Hossein Hosseini, Ghasem Asadi and S. Jamal Gohari

Polyaniline/Fe3O4 coated on MnFe2O4 nanocomposite: Preparation, characterization, and applications in microwave absorption

June 2013

Conductive polyaniline (PANi)/Fe3O4  is coated on the MnFe2O4  nanocomposite with multi core shell structure was synthesized by in-situ polymerization in the presence of dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid (DBSA) as the surfactant and dopant and ammonium persulfate (APS) as the oxidant. The structure and magnetic properties of Fe3O4 coated on the MnFe2O4 nanoparticles were studied by using powder...

Author(s): Seyed Hossein Hosseini and A. Asadnia

Novel nano photocatalyst for the degradation of sky blue 5b textile dye

June 2013

A new Nano photocatalyst, CuO-Al2O3-ZrO2-TiO2 was synthesized by co-precipitation for the removal of textile dye under ultra violet and direct sunlight. The synthesized catalyst was characterized by using X-rays diffraction, X-rays fluorescent, thermo gravimetric analysis, DRS, scanning electron microscopy and EDX. The dopants reduced the recombination of ecb- and hvb+ and decreased the band gap of...

Author(s): Zulfiqar Ali, Syed Tajammul Hussain, Muhammad Nawaz Chaudhry, Syeda Adila Batool, and Tariq Mahmood

Photovoltaic solar cell simulation of shockley diode parameters in matlab

June 2013

In this work, the Shockley diode parameters were simulated using the Matlab software package with the solar cell I - V and P - V characteristics in focus. Our model has been based on previous studies while the effects of varying cell temperature, series resistance, Rs ambient irradiation and diode quality factor were put into consideration and the output current and power characteristics of the PV model simulated,...

Author(s): Awodugba, A. O., Sanusi, Y. K., and Ajayi, J. O.

Mass, energy and momentum of photon in medium

June 2013

When photon travels in a medium where the velocity is lower than the speed of light, the photon possesses both the kinetic (Ek) and the potential (Ep) energy. We proved that the energy of photon (E = nEk), where (n) is the refractive index, and the effective mass of photon in medium (m' = nm), where (m) is the effective mass of photon in vacuum. Also we proved that the momentum of photon (p = E/c) inside...

Author(s): Adnan Salih

Relationship between magnetospheric interplanetary parameters and radio refractivity for quiet and disturbed days at Minna

June 2013

The relationship of magnetospheric interplanetary parameters with radio refractivity is investigated from hourly measurement of solar wind energy and interplanetary parameters for quiet and disturbed days during dry and rainy season in Minna (Latitude 9° 36' 50" N and Longitude 6° 33' 24" E) North central, Nigeria for the year 2008. The solar wind energy, magnetospheric interplanetary...

Author(s): G. A. Agbo, O. N. Okoro and J. E. Ekpe

Structural properties of binary semiconductors

June 2013

Using the plasma oscillations theory of solids, 2 empirical relations have been proposed for the calculation of the structural properties such as bond-stretching central force constant (α) and bond-bending non-central force constant (β) for II-VI and III-V group binary semiconductors. We find that α =D (Ñ›ωp) 2 and β = S (Ñ›ωp) 2, where D and S are constants. The...

Author(s): D. S. Yadav and Chakresh Kumar

Impact of dust on the photovoltaic (PV) modules characteristics after an exposition year in Sahelian environment: The case of Senegal

June 2013

The objective of this paper is to find the effect of dust on the performance of photovoltaic modules. To this end, the International Center for Research and Training in solar energy at Dakar University and the Lasquo-ISTIA Laboratory of Angers University have put in place a research project in order to investigate the impact of Sahelian climatic conditions on the photovoltaic (PV) modules characteristics....

Author(s): Ababacar Ndiaye, Cheikh M. F. Kébé, Pape A. Ndiaye, Abdérafi Charki, Abdessamad Kobi and Vincent Sambou

Effect of fiber size on elastic constants of hybrid elliptical fiber reinforced lamina

June 2013

Micromechanical analysis of an fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) lamina consisting of unequal sizes of unidirectional continuous elliptical fibers of two different materials arranged in hexagonal pattern is the present subject. The objective is to observe the change in Young’s modulii and Poisson’s ratios due to change in volume fractions and ellipse aspect ratio ‘a’ of individual fibers in a...

Author(s): V. Srinivasa Sai, V. Bala Krishna Murthy, M. R. S. Satyanarayana and G. Sambasiva Rao

Detection and wavelet analysis of acoustic emission signal from partial discharge captured by multimode optical fiber and piezoelectric sensors in insulation oil

June 2013

High-voltage transformer is the most critical and expensive component in a power system network in order to ensure the stability of the system. Partial discharge (PD) detection is a technique widely used for high voltage equipment insulation condition monitoring and assessment. In this paper, the characteristics of two acoustic sensors multimode fiber optical (FO) and piezoelectric (PZT) sensor have been successfully...

Author(s): M. M. Yaacob, M. A. Alsaedi, R. Abdul Rahman, N. Bidin, Wajaht Maqbool, Nasir A. Al-geelani and R. Hosseinian

Using social network systems as a tool for political change

June 2013

Social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube play a significant role in the political arena nowadays. They are growing engagement tools that assist in improving the political process by helping electoral candidates in communicating their political programs and thoughts to the community, as well as in rallying their campaign supporters. On the other hand, voters can also use social media sites to...

Author(s): Jihan K. Raoof, Halimah Badioze Zaman, Azlina Ahmad and Ammar Al-Qaraghuli

Harmonic curvature of the curve-surface pair under Möbius transformation

June 2013

The Möbius transformation is known as a part of analysis and mostly studied by the researchers and scientist who made their investigations on analysis. But in this paper it is worked together with differential geometry. It is well known that harmonic curvature  of the curve  is found by Hacısalihoglu and also harmonic curvatures  and  of the curve-surface pair that we call the...

Author(s): Filiz Ertem Kaya

Investigation of carbon monoxide concentration from anthropogenic sources in Lagos, Nigeria

June 2013

The work investigated the carbon monoxide (CO) concentration from anthropogenic sources in eight, different Local Council Development Authority (LCDA) in Lagos State Nigeria. The CO concentration obtained as a result of movement of cars, trucks, motorcycles, working of generators, commercial and residential activities etc., was measured using the digital carbon monoxide detector (model: DC01001) manufactured by General...

Author(s): Akinyemi M. L. and Usikalu M. R. 

Synthesis, structural and dielectric properties of zinc sulfide nanoparticles

June 2013

Zinc sulfide (ZnS) nanoparticles were synthesized by the wet chemical method. The crystal structure  and grain size of the particles were determined, using X-ray diffraction (XRD). The optical properties  were studied by the Ultraviolet-Visible (UV-Vis) absorption spectrum. The dielectric properties of ZnS nanoparticles were examined using a HIOKI 3532-50 LCR HITESTER over the frequency range of 50...

Author(s): Sagadevan Suresh 

Evaluation of properties of coal slurry from different solvents

May 2013

Coal slurries were separately prepared with benzene, ethanol, hexane and water, and the fuel properties of the slurries were examined. The ability of the solvents to dissolve the coal was also evaluated using spectrophotometer in the ultra-violet and visible regions. Some of the slurry properties indicated that the liquid coal have comparable properties to petroleum-based conventional diesel oil. Benzene and hexane were...

Author(s): Ugwu K. E. and Ofomatah A. C.

Eco-partitioning and indices of heavy metal accumulation in sediment and Tilapia zillii fish in water catchment of River Niger at Ajaokuta, North Central Nigeria

May 2013

In this study the distribution and accumulation indices of some heavy metals in sediments and Tilapia zillii fish in freshwater catchment of River Niger by Ajaokuta Steel Company (ASC), North Central Nigeria were investigated. Water, bottom sediments and Tilapia zilliifish samples were collected upstream and downstream of the drainage column by ASC, Ajaokuta. The sample were digested according to...

Author(s): Olatunde Stephen Olatunji and Oladele Osibanjo

Simulation of circular jet outfalls using artificial neural network

May 2013

In the present article, outfall of the circular jet in the stagnant ambient fluid has been investigated. First, dimensional analysis for eleven involved parameters in the process, results in four dimensionless numbers including; relative length of jet trajectory, x/dp; jet convergence angel, θc; geometry number of jet, Di/dp and Densimetric Froude Number, Frd. Furthermore, using an experimental setup in the...

Author(s): Seyed Habib Musavi-Jahromi and Javad Ahadiyan

The efficiency of recyclable energies for building design: Cooling system supply for buildings using traditional wind catchers used in the dry and hot climate of Iran and its combination with solar chimney technology

May 2013

In recent years, the concept of the usage of new energies for cooling and heating in buildings has attracted the attention of engineers. In this study, the combination of solar chimneys with wind catchers has been suggested to provide natural and pleasant ventilation. It explains the increased efficiency of wind catchers for cooling through the help of solar chimneys. In addition, with the use of solar energy for moving...

Author(s): Hourieh Abna, Mohammad Iranmanesh, Iman Khajehrezaei and Mohammad Aghaei

Triangular fuzzy based classification of IP request to detect spoofing request in data network

May 2013

In data nework data packets are normally forwarded from one router to another through networks until it gets to reach its destination node. According to the internet architecture routers in the internet do not perform any security verification of the source IP address contained in the IP packets. The lack of such a verification opens the door for variety of network security vulnerabilities like Denial-of-Service (DoS)...

Author(s): Narayanan Arumugam and Chakrapani Venkatesh

A novel bandwidth efficient technique for ICI cancellation in OFDM system

May 2013

A well-known problem of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is its sensitivity to offset between the transmitted and received carrier frequencies. In OFDM communication systems, the frequency offsets in mobile radio channels deform the orthogonality between subcarriers which causes inter carrier interference (ICI). ICI causes power leakage among subcarriers and it further degrades the system performance....

Author(s): Alka Kalra and Rajesh Khanna

Control response of electric demand by means of fuzzy logic using programmable logic controller (PLC)

May 2013

This paper presents a controller of the electricity energy consumption for intelligent buildings. Special reference is made to a fuzzy control structure implemented in a programmable logic controller (PLC). Here the function of PLC is not only to connect and disconnect loads in the building, but to make use of vague terms from fuzzy reasoning. Using the class schedule, estimated consumption demand and the actual...

Author(s): J. L. Rojas-Rentería, G. Macias-Bobadilla, R. Luna-Rubio, C. A. Gonzalez-Gutierrez, A. Rojas-Molina and J. L. González-Pérez

The Hodgkin-Huxley neuron model on the fast phase plane

May 2013

In this paper, we showed a simplified version of the Hodgkin-Huxley neuron model, the so called fast plane-phase case. We first describe the circuit model of axon membrane with four parallel branches described by Hodgkin and Huxley and then we apply the Kirchhoff´s laws to obtain a system ordinary differential equations. We obtain numerical solutions to it with the aid of Mathematica. We also study this...

Author(s): William Aristizabal Botero, Alvaro H. Salas and Silvia Janeth Gonzalez Colorado

Minimum time to use the fluid model in dc electrical discharges

May 2013

In the study of thermal equilibrium of the electrons, it is very necessary to use the fluid model method. In this work, effect of the gas density, the electrons initial energy and the electric field on the electron thermal equilibrium is studied. It is found that the steady state can be achieved by increasing the gas density or the inter-electrode distance. If the gas density or the inter-electrode distance are not...

Author(s): B. Ardjani and B. Liani

Production and evaluation of activated carbon from palm kernel shells (PKS) for economic and environmental sustainability

May 2013

Activated carbon (AC) was produced from palm kernel shells (PKS) by acid activation method at temperature of 600°C. The effects of carbonization and acid impregnation time on the adsorption potential of the ACs on purification of contaminated rain and flowing river water bodies were examined. The results were compared with results of similar analysis based on commercial AC purchased from a nearby chemical shop. The...

Author(s): Okoroigwe, E. C., Ofomatah, A. C., Oparaku, N. F. and Unachukwu, G. O.

The effects of heat treatment on some mechanical properties of laminated black pine (Pinus nigra)

May 2013

Black pine (Pinus nigra) has high industrial usage potential and large plantation in Turkey. Larch wood was treated with heat to determine its mechanical properties, such as bending strength and pressure and order to determine its adhesion strength. Laminating adhesives are used for the construction of polyvinyl acetate and polyurethane. Heat treatment was applied to the samples at 100-150°C for 4 h in drying oven....

Author(s): Mustafa ORDU⊃, Abdi ATILGAN⊃, Murat OZALP⊃ and Huseyin PEKER⊃

Combustion properties of Rowan wood impregnated with various chemical materials

May 2013

The common use of Rowan wood (Sorbus aucuparia Lipsky) in the forest products industry of Turkey, was evaluated for some of the combustion properties after impregnation with various chemical materials. For this purpose, the wood test samples prepared from Rowan wood materials according to TS 345 were treated with Tanalith-E, Vacsol-Azure, Imersol-Aqua and Boron compounds (Borax and Boric asid) by the vacuum...

Author(s): Hakan Keskin, Neslihan Süzer Ertürk, Mustafa Hilmi ÇolakoÄŸlu and Süleyman Korkut

The effects of adding the aluminum sulfate to the urea formaldehyde adhesive applied on plywood

May 2013

In the present study, the effects of adding the aluminum sulfate to the urea-formaldehyde (UF) adhesive, on the bonding characteristics and free formaldehyde content, have been studied. Experiments were conducted on the three layered plywood of ekaba (Tetraberlinia bifoliolata) and poplar (Populus x eureamericana), prepared by adding aluminum sulfate to the adhesive mixtures of these tree species in certain amounts....

Author(s): Murat Ozalp, Hasan Kabak, Abdi Atilgan and Hüseyin Peker

The effects of various drip fertigated water quantities on flavonoid and anthocyanin content on hydroponically cultivated Cucumis sativa L.

May 2013

The effects of various quantities of water were assessed on their potential to influence the content of flavonoid and anthocyanin contents in different tissues of cucumber plants grown hydroponically in the greenhouse. The treatments included supplying eight different water quantities 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 L/h. The plants received water five times a day, making it 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 L/day. The...

Author(s): Donavon Sonnenberg, Patrick A. Ndakidemi and Charles Laubscher

Dimensional stability of mirror materials for opto-mechanical reference system

May 2013

Sensors, IR beams and lasers used in many opto-mechanical systems have stringent alignment retention requirements for use over an extended temperature range. Thermal effects are the primary cause for alignment drift during operation. Thermal expansion and contraction of materials can result in dimensional instability of mirror surfaces. This paper focuses on the importance of dimensional stability of mirror materials in...

Author(s): R. Baskaran, P. Sivakumar and D. Arivuoli

Enhancement of cutting tool surface coating quality using ionized gaseous medium (IGM)

May 2013

The use of ionized gaseous medium (IGM) to prepare a hard alloy material surface by grinding and its effect on the coating quality was investigated. During grinding, IGM was fed to the cutting area by different methods namely: clockwise (longitudinal), anticlockwise (opposed) and transverse (Cross) feeding, respectively. Thereafter, the samples were coated with a titanium nitride on a modern vacuum, ionizing apparatus...

Author(s): S. O. Yakubu

Iris localization through Hough clustering

May 2013

Occlusion, reflections and iris shape deformations are the obstacles that stand in the way of a complete solution to iris localization problem. How to reject outliers caused by occlusion and reflections as much as possible before ellipse or spline fitting is a key challenge. For this reason, we proposed a Hough clustering method, which utilizes the shape configuration of iris edge points and their local appearance...

Author(s): Lili Pan and Mei Xie

Fuzzy cell mapping on dynamical systems

May 2013

Fuzzy cell mapping is a novel computational technique that combines fuzzy logic and a simple cell mapping method. In a simple cell mapping method, the information about mapping locations of image cells is never incorporated into the method. This limits the usage of a simple cell mapping method. In our fuzzy cell mapping method, we account for the mapping locations of image cells and incorporate the information by...

Author(s): Y. Song, D. Edwards and V. S. Manoranjan

Principally supplemented module and lifting property

May 2013

The purpose of this paper is to further study the concept of a very important module theory namely principally supplemented modules. Therefore, our work presents some properties of the relation between lifting property and principally supplemented module. Also we will focus on quasi-discrete module to study principally supplemented in general way. We prove that if R be principal ideal ring and if M be indecomposable...

Author(s): Majid Mohammed and Abd Ghafur

Mineral and heavy metal by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer in traditional Turkish yogurts

May 2013

Yogurt, a traditional Turkish dairy product is common in all region of Turkey. The different heavy metals were determined in commercial yogurts by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP–OES). Concentrations of calcium (Ca), phosphorus (P), sodium (Na), magnesium (Mg), aluminum (Al), zinc (Zn), iron (Fe), copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), boron (B), molybdenum (Mo), cadmium (Cd), cobalt (Co),...

Author(s): Zekai Tarakçı and BeÅŸir DaÄŸ    

Water defluoridation by bauxite-gypsum magnesite (B-G-Mc) based filters calcined at 350 – 500°C

May 2013

Research was carried out at Ngurdoto research station in Tanzania to ascertain the potential development of a water filter made of bauxite, gypsum and magnesite in an attempt to enhance the availability of low-fluoride water. The materials were sourced within Tanzania. The X-Ray fluorescence technique showed that the major components of the materials were: bauxite: Al2O3 (30.33%), SiO2 (15.0%) and...

Author(s): Thole B., Masamba W. R. L. and Mtalo F. W.

Unsteady magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) thin film flow of a third grade fluid with heat transfer and no slip boundary condition down an inclined plane

May 2013

An investigation is made for unsteady magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) thin film flow of a third grade fluid down an inclined plane. The non-linear partial differential equation governing the flow and heat transfer are reduced to a system of non-linear algebraic equations using implicit finite difference approximation to obtain velocity and temperature profile. The effect of various physical parameter on both velocity and...

Author(s): Aiyesimi Y. M. , Okedayo G. T.  and Lawal O. W.

Numerical investigation on the effect of different parameters on the performance and the emission of a spark ignition (SI) engine

May 2013

In this work, NISSAN Z24 engine was simulated numerically and valves and ignition timings were modified in order to improve the engine performance and emissions. The engine was simulated using a version of the Los Alamos code KIVA-3V2 which is a computer program for the numerical calculation of transient, two and three dimensional chemically reactive flows with sprays. The computational grid was generated by the...

Author(s): H. Mirgolbabaei, M. Bozorgi and M. M. Etghani

New monitoring method based principal component analysis and fuzzy clustering

May 2013

This work concerns the principal component analysis applied to the supervision of quality parameters of the flour production line. Our contribution lies in the combined use of the principal component analysis technique and the clustering algorithms in the field of production system diagnosis. This approach allows detecting and locating the system defects, based on the drifts of the product quality parameters. A...

Author(s): Khaled Ouni, Hedi Dhouibi, Lotfi Nabli and Hassani Messaoud

High power Bessel-like laser beam by thin disk geometry

May 2013

We have numerically shown that a high power Bessel-Gauss beam can be generated by a solid state thin disk laser using an axicon-based resonator. Ytterbium ions doped in the Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG) crystal was utilized in this configuration as an active medium. We obtained the output power, the intensity as well as phase profiles on the output coupler and the active medium.   Key...

Author(s): R. Aghbolaghi, S. Batebi and J. Sabaghzadeh

Performance evaluation of broadband access network based on subcarrier multiplexing (SCM): Spectral amplitude coding optical code division multiple access

May 2013

A hybrid spectrally amplitude coded (SAC) optical code division multiple access (CDMA) with subcarrier multiplexing (SCM) scheme is a potential candidate for future broadband access solutions in the communication network. In this work, the performance of hybrid technique is investigated. Theoretical derivations are developed based on the zero cross correlation (ZCC) code. The performances are evaluated taking into...

Author(s): Junita Mohd Nordin, Syed Alwee Aljunid, Anuar Mat Safar, Amir Razif Arief, Rosemizi Abd Rahim, R. Badlishah Ahmad and Naufal Saad

A learning automata-based algorithm using stochastic minimum spanning tree for improving life time in wireless sensor networks

May 2013

Several algorithms have already been provided for problems of data aggregation in wireless sensor networks, which somehow tried to increase networks lifetimes. In this study, we dealt with this problem using a more efficient method by taking parameters such as the distance between two sensors into account. In this paper, we presented a heuristic algorithm based on distributed learning automata with variable actions set...

Author(s): Chamran Asgari, Rohollah Rahmati Torkashvand and Masoud Barati

Application of vertical electrical sounding and horizontal profiling methods to decipher the existing subsurface stratification at river Segen dam site, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

May 2013

The study area Segen river dam site is situated in the southeastern zone of Tigray National Regional State in between Hintalo Wajirat and Enderta Weredas. It is geographically located at 37P between 541400 to 542600 UTME Latitude and 1481600 to 1482600 UTMN Longitude about 35 km southwestern part of Mekelle, the capital of Tigray National Regional State. The study was conducted having an objective of the geophysical...

Author(s): Abraham Bairu, Yirgale G/her and Gebrehiwot G/her

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