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  • DOI: 10.5897/JETR
  • Start Year: 2009
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JETR Articles

April 2010

Study of load distribution in fully connected client server network using feedback neural network architecture

  A fully connected client server network reminiscent of a flat group (analogous to a Hopfield type artificial neural network), consisting of a few clients is considered herein. Distinct client nodes are inter-connected in fully connected architecture as in Hopfield’s associative memory model. Weights of connections are symmetric and the states of the clients are bipolar. Stability of such a network can...

Author(s): Manu Pratap Singh Avanish Kumar, Pradeep Kumar and Garima Krishna

  • Article Number: FEC596210492

April 2010

Perturbation technique to unsteady MHD periodic flow of viscous fluid through a planer channel

  In the present paper we investigate an unsteady periodic flow of a viscous incompressible fluid through a porous planer channel in the presence of transverse magnetic field. The governing equations have been solved by Perturbation technique. The analytical expressions for the velocity profiles of the fluid have been obtained and numerical computations involved in the solution have been shown by tables. The...

Author(s): Anil Kumar, C. L. Varshney and Sajjan Lal

  • Article Number: C2ED0E610499

March 2010

Bio-methanisation of Jatropha curcas defatted waste

  The study deals with the use of Jatropha curcas defatted waste as an alternative feed in biogas plant for its bio-methanisation. As it remains as defatted cake after the extraction of non-edible oil from Jatropha seeds, it cannot be used directly for any purpose due to presence of toxic substance called ‘curcin’. This toxin renders it unsafe for the animal feed and other purposes. It...

Author(s): Nafisa Ali,  A. K. Kurchania and  Swati Babel

  • Article Number: DE1B17510454

March 2010

Development of a multipurpose, efficient and inexpensive bearing test rig

  The basic objective of this research is to develop an inexpensive, multipurpose and efficient test rig for condition monitoring of rolling element bearings. The fundamental philosophy of measurement of lubricant film thickness for monitoring the condition of rolling element bearings has been exploited and transformed in the form of a test rig. The developed test rig is potent enough for performance evaluation...

Author(s): S. P. S. Matharu,  S. Sanyal and  D. S. Bal

  • Article Number: 7526A6210463

March 2010

Assessment of attitude of university and polytechnic communities’ members in South-west Nigeria to engineering and technological innovations

  This communication seeks to assess the disposition of members of polytechnic and university communities to locally produced equipment and machines, the bulk of which come from polytechnics and universities, technological institutions. Only 52.56% of total respondents patronise the products with 78.37% of those who do not patronise saying they preferred imported ones, after confirming that the product quality...

Author(s): A. O. Agbanigo, G. Adelegan and P. S. Okesola

  • Article Number: 925CD7110471

February 2010

Using an informational approach for the analysis of an industrial system: Case study

  After a presentation of the cereal activities in Tunisia, we present, according to a systemic analysis approach, the grading system of cereals. A model describing the functioning of the complex system was established and was allowed the identifying of the information that ruled it. An information matrix was defined and elaborated, it enables the one hand to identify the produced and consumed information...

Author(s): Taieb Ben Jouida

  • Article Number: 802DE1110404

February 2010

The permeable lifting profile

  The permeable lifting profile (PLP) is a new concept in hydraulics and aerodynamics and is now submitted as a Patent application to the Romanian Patent Office. This profile has both very interesting hydraulic and mechanic properties. From the hydraulic point of view, this profile is increasing the lifting force and is stabilizing the surrounding flow, avoiding the boundary layer’s detachment. The...

Author(s): Gabriel Tatu and Tiberiu Barbat

  • Article Number: B8D90A610426

January 2010

Intelligent location management for UMTS networks using fuzzy neural networks

  Present generation mobile systems provide access to a wide range of services and enable mobile users to communicate regardless of their geographical location and their roaming characteristics. Due to the growing number of mobile users, global connectivity, and the small size of cells, one of the most critical issues regarding these networks is location management. In recent years, several strategies have been...

Author(s): J. Amar Prathap Singh and M. Karnan

  • Article Number: 16307A310370

January 2010

Contribution of siderite fines additions on the Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) strength

  The technology of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) for pavement uses, as additions, various kind of fines such as fly ashes, silica fume and pozzolan. But these products are very expensive and are not yet available in some geographical regions like Tunisia. In the present work, the use of the siderite fines type “Siderite of Jerissa” of Tunisia was introduced, in RCC for pavement. This partial...

Author(s): Mustapha Zdiri, Mongi Ben Ouezdou, Nor-Edine Abriak and Jamel Neji

  • Article Number: 577888310380

December 2009

Supervision of a counting system of the natural gas of a thermal power plant

  After a presentation of the functionality of a supervisory system for complex processes, we present the concepts of a supervisory control and data acquisition(SCADA) system. An application of supervision of a counting system of the natural gas (NG) of a thermal power plant (TPP) in Tunisia was realized. The paper briefly discusses the different steps of this application and some advantages of SCADA...

Author(s): Mohamed Najeh Lakhoua

  • Article Number: 8CDD9E010309

December 2009

Turbulence study in the internal combustion engine

  In this paper, we are interested in the study of turbulent and time dependant flow inside a cylinder of an alternative engine through the investigation of the distribution of the turbulent kinetic energy in the whole space of the chamber. This research is carried out during the intake stroke. The arbitrary lagrangian eulerian technique coupled with the finite element method is used to solve the Navier Stokes...

Author(s): Z. Barbouchi and J. Bessrour

  • Article Number: 9F7E50F10325

November 2009

Thermal stresses in a plate with hyperelliptical hole

  The aim of this paper is to study the thermal stress analysis in a plate with a hole in a hyperelliptical shape assuming the state of plane stress. The system of stress is analyzed using complex variable method under isothermal conditions.  The high stress concentration found at the edge of a hole is of great importance, therefore stress system at the tip and in the neighborhood of the tip of the hole...

Author(s): S. K. Bhullar and J. L. Wegner

  • Article Number: 67AD98410261

November 2009

Combined low-Reynolds-number k–ω model with length scale correction term for recirculating flows

  A concept for a new turbulence model, which combines the Low-Reynolds-Number (LRN) k–ω model with a Length Scale Correction (LSC) term is proposed. The present model was developed for solving recirculating flow which is an important feature in many engineering applications. The LSC term employed here is ω–LSC – a new LSC uses the analogy of Yap correction. By...

Author(s): K. Khuwaranyu and S. Putivisutisak

  • Article Number: 71C5AF510286

November 2009

The new era of engineering: A proposal of establishing school of engineering education

  In this paper, the proposal of setting up a new "School of Engineering Education' has been presented. The paper discusses the prospective location, the possible degrees offered by this institution, the future prospects of the development of this concept as well as the reasons why Engineering Education needs to be handled in this new format of education. The article tries to support the new field by...

Author(s): Abdullah AlSagheer and Areej Al-Sagheer

  • Article Number: 7E1FFE610295

October 2009

Public key cryptosystems based on chaotic Chebyshev polynomials

  Due to rapid developments in limits and possibilities of communications and information transmissions, there is a growing demand of cryptographic techniques, which has spurred a great deal of intensive research activities in the study of cryptography. This paper describes a public key encryption based on chebyshev polynomials by Alfred et al. (1996). We discuss the algorithm for textual data and present...

Author(s): K. Prasadh, K. Ramar and R. Gnanajeyaraman

  • Article Number: D77F84C10150

October 2009

Neural network based CAD model for the design of rectangular patch antennas

  A new method of calculation of patch dimensions of a rectangular microstrip patch antennas using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) has been adopted in this paper. An ANN model has been developed and tested for rectangular patch antenna design. It transforms the data containing the dielectric constant (εr), thickness of the substrate (h), and antenna’s dominant-mode resonant frequency (fr) to...

Author(s): Vandana Vikas Thakare and Pramod Singhal

  • Article Number: 24A7D7110170

October 2009

Supporting intelligent terminals by cross-layer adaptation over HSDPA network

  Next generation of mobile networks will support intelligent terminals having different categories and generating traffic with various qualities of service (QoS) requirements. To provide an end-to-end QoS, application terminals need to be adaptive and deal with network changing conditions. Knowledge has to be shared between network layers to obtain the highest possible adaptivity. In this context, we propose...

Author(s): Rola Naja and Samir Tohmé

  • Article Number: CA6354510217

October 2009

Applying machine learning techniques for e-mail management: Solution with intelligent e-mail reply prediction

  In today’s world, much of our communication is done via e-mail. Many companies and internet users now view e-mail as one of their most critical personal and business applications and would experience serious consequences if their e-mail messages could not be available or experience high volume of messages which lead to congestions, overloads and limited storage space coupled with un-organized e-mail...

Author(s): Taiwo Ayodele and Shikun Zhou

  • Article Number: 066242F10240

September 2009

Simplification of jaw crusher for artisanal aggregates miners

  A small-scale mobile jaw-crusher unit with a throughput of 1-1.5 tons of aggregates per hour has been designed, manufactured and tested at the Department of Chemical and Processing Engineering, University of Dar es Salaam. The equipment is aimed at reducing the drudgery and hardships faced by artisanal miners, mostly women, who spend long hours in quarrying sites excavating and crushing aggregates using...

Author(s): Emrod Elisante

  • Article Number: D5F873A5452

September 2009

Engineering properties of marine clays from the eastern coast of India

  The paper deals with the engineering properties of a marine clay collected from Visakhapatnam, India. First of all, the physical, chemical and mineralogical properties were determined. Thereafter, the strength and stiffness of the soil-water matrix were established. The properties under cyclic stress reversal were also studied. The detailed test results and observations are discussed sequentially in the...

Author(s): S. Basack and R. D. Purkayastha

  • Article Number: D47BF5B5453

September 2009

Rock cutting with surface miner: A computational approach

  Surface miner is proved to be an efficient rock excavation technique in surface mines. However, till date, mining industry is facing a problem in selecting best surface miner model suitable to their conditions amongst the models available in the market. The readily available models are purchased by the mine authority and then, are deployed in the mines. This results into the increase in mining cost and...

Author(s): Premananda Pradhan and Kaushik Dey

  • Article Number: 903107D5457

August 2009

Feature subset selection in keystroke dynamics using ant colony optimization

  The need to secure sensitive data and computer systems from intruders, while allowing ease of access for authenticated users is one of the main problems in computer security. Traditionally, passwords have been the usual method for controlling access to computer systems but this approach has many inherent flaws. Keystroke Dynamics is a relatively new method of biometric identification and provides a...

Author(s): Marcus Karnan, M. Akila and A. Kalamani

  • Article Number: B0738825442

August 2009

Study of the thermal and spectral sensitivities of organic-inorganic fabrication materials based arrayed waveguide grating for passive optical network applications

  In the present paper, the study of the spectral and thermal sensitivities of the inorganic materials such as (Silica-doped, Lithium Niobate) materials and organic materials such as (PMMA Polymer) based waveguides employed in arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) in Passive Optical Networks (PONs) against spectral wavelength and ambient temperature variations. Moreover, we have investigated the best performance...

Author(s): Abd El–Naser A. Mohammed, Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed and Abd El–Fattah A. Saad

  • Article Number: B6D3A9A5445

August 2009

Design of minimum error digital down-converter (DDC) for GSM mask requirements

  In this paper we present a new design of 2 FIR filters for use on a digital down-converter (DDC) to be used to downconvert a GSM signal. The hardware to work with is a Graychip 4016 multi-standard quad DDC chip (Graychip, Inc2001). The design of FIR filters using windows methods leads to good performance filters, however, sometimes there is a need to design a FIR filter that does not only perform well...

Author(s): Majid Salal Naghmash and Mohd Fadzil Ain

  • Article Number: DA265B35447

July 2009

Restriction analysis of rDNA regions to differentiate non-Saccharomyces wine species in mixed cultures

  The control of wine quality is related also to the knowledge of composition and dynamics of yeast-flora occurring throughout the vinification process. The restriction analysis of NTS and ITS regions was used to differentiate in mixed fermentation non-Saccharomyces species frequently encountered in the early fermentation phase, such as Hanseniaspora uvarum, Candida stellata and Metschnikowia pulcherrima....

Author(s): Capece A, Siesto G, Romaniello R and Romano P

  • Article Number: 6075D985435

July 2009

SCTP-multihoming for intra and inter-RAT data handover management

  SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) provides interesting features, as multihoming and multistreaming, to enhance information transport performances over air interfaces. Additional extensions have been proposed to adapt SCTP to wireless context (mSCTP: mobile SCTP). However, published approaches do not take into account channel state information during handover processes. The present work proposes a...

Author(s): Mériem Afif, Sami Tabbane, Philippe Martins and Philippe Godlewski

  • Article Number: 78187155438

June 2009

Sorption of lead (ii) ions by granular activated carbon from animal horns: A comparative study

  The physico-chemical properties of wastewater effluent from the plants of a brewering industry in Nigeria have been analyzed. The lead ions removal capacity of Granular activated carbon from animal horns and its comparison with commercial granulated activated carbon (GAC) was studied. Batch kinetics and isotherm studies were carried out for the adsorption of Pb2+. The equilibrium...

Author(s): E. O. Aluyor and I. O. Oboh

  • Article Number: 9D30BF05426

June 2009

Effect of varying concentration of sodium nitrate on biological oxidation of petroleum hydrocarbon polluted water

  The bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon polluted water using Aspergillus niger and varying concentrations of sodium nitrate was investigated in this study. Five samples of petroleum hydrocarbon polluted water innoculated with A. nigercontaining 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 M NaNO3(aq) and the control was monitored for parameters such as Total Hydrocarbon Content (THC), Biological Oxygen...

Author(s): K. O. Obahiagbon, C. E. Akhabue and E. O. Aluyor

  • Article Number: 9D283795429

May 2009

Approach to calculate solar radiation inside a semi-cylindrical greenhouse

  A semi-cylinderical greenhouse is simple in construction, requires less material and can withstand high wind pressure. The transmission of solar radiation through the curved surface is dependent on angle of incidence of solar radiation on the cover. A calculation procedure has been developed for the transmission of obliquely incident beam radiation through a semi-cylindrical greenhouse. An analysis has also...

Author(s): S. Kothari, S. C. Kaushik and N. L. Panwar

  • Article Number: 5402D715382

May 2009

Publication process for engineers

  Journal publication is an important indicator of research productivity for individual researchers as well as academic institutions. However, for young faculty members the publication process can appear equivocal and daunting. If the academic does not actively engage themselves early in this process, then her or his career becomes an uphill (and sometimes insurmountable) battle. To assist the young academic,...

Author(s): Luke Miller

  • Article Number: C064EA55392

May 2009

Dynamic wave soil structure interaction analysis of a two way asymmetric building system DSSIA-3D

  In this paper structural response to dynamic loading, which is expressed in terms of displacements of the structure, is studied. A two-way asymmetrical multistory building model is subjected to bi-directional harmonic and earthquake loadings. The time histories of the vertically and horizontal displacements and rotation of the roof are obtained using the scaled boundary finite-element...

Author(s): J. L. Wegner, M. M. Yao and S. K. Bhullar

  • Article Number: D15A7095401

May 2009

Identification of insilico 3D structure of amylase (Drosophila melanogaster) and comparative computational studies

  Comparative studies are useful in the prediction of validated 3D structure of a query protein (Amylase). Modeler is used for structure prediction of amylase. All the structural models are verified by results of ramachandran plot, Whatif server, Prosa (ll) and Procheck (Checks the stereochemical quality of a protein structure, producing a number of postscript plots analyzing its overall and residue-by- residue...

Author(s): Ashish Patel, Ruby Dewangan, Sheetal Khatri, Jyotsana Choubey,Shailendra Kumar Gupta and M. K. Verma

  • Article Number: BAD45F75407

April 2009

Building a proposed expert system using blood testing

  This paper introduces a program which is designed to assist in medical diagnosis depending on blood test results. The program is based on the laboratory test results and the symptoms of each tract. The result of the program depends on the information supplied by the physician. Entering incorrect or misleading information will cause erroneous or unreliable results. This program does not make medical diagnosis,...

Author(s): Saad Alshaban and Alyaa K. Taher

  • Article Number: 5D49F893840

April 2009

Modeling and fuzzy control of a photovoltaic-assisted watering system

  The effective management of water and soil is crucial for countries with main agricultural activities. Therefore, it is very important to improve practices and irrigation methods to provide suitable and necessary moisture for proper crop development. In this article, we propose first a study of an irrigation system suitable for remote sites and using photovoltaic energy as a power source for pumping. After...

Author(s): Amenallah Damak, Abdessalem Guesmi and Abdelkader Mami

  • Article Number: B1D55F43851

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