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JGMR Articles

Occurrence and quality characterisation of groundwater in hard rock terrains of Karnataka

December 2009

  Hydrosphere is the term used to define all water bearing units of the earth. It is difficult to understand the occurrence and movement of water within subsurface. The physical and chemical characters of water vary within all the components of hydrologic cycle. Rainwater gets contaminated due to atmospheric pollution. Depending on soil characters the in filtering rain water gets contaminated. Aquifer is the...

Author(s): S. C. Puranik

Methodology of the community noise environmental quality assessment: A case study of Indian iron ore mining complex

December 2009

  Community noise is a term used generally to refer to noise exposure outside the industrial work place. This paper highlights the procedure of determining the noise environmental quality in residential/ commercial/ sensitive areas situated near the industrial (iron ore mining) complex. The noise environmental qualities (NEQ) for each locality were determine from value function curves developed for each noise...

Author(s): A. K. Gorai and A. K. Pal

Micro-zonation and characterization of the pre-miocene reservoirs in Ras Budran oil field, gulf of Suez, Egypt

November 2009

  The present study deals with Pre-Miocene reservoirs in Ras Budran oil Field as one of the most prolific Fields in Gulf of Suez. The reservoir was thought to be massive sandstone and classified initially to six macro layers. The reservoir model has been rebuilt several times at different stages of its development but still has some problems due to reservoir performance anomalies as shown from continuous...

Author(s): Mohammad Hassaan Awad and Samy Serag El Din

Urban seismic risk management: A methodology

November 2009

This research work presents a methodology for urban seismic risk reduction and illustrates the implementation to the methodology proposed to the site of Bab El Oued in Algiers (Algeria). The main goal is to reduce seismic urban risk at the site considered in Algiers. The seismic risk to which of more the urban centers are exposed became a world phenomenon. A significant element is the population. According to the last...

Author(s): Hammoud Zelloum

Planetary Geology

November 2009

Author(s):  Ashraf M. T. Elewa

Thoughts in Geobiology

October 2009

Author(s): Ashraf M. T. Elewa

Evidence of fractures from the image of the subsurface in the Akonolinga-Ayos area (Cameroon) by combining the Classical and the Bostick approaches in the interpretation of audio-magnetotelluric data

October 2009

  Exploitation of audio-magnetotelluric data has been realised by combining the classical and Bostick approaches with the objective to determine the structuring of layers in the Akonolinga-Ayos subsurface area. The work has been devoted to the processing and interpretation of audio-magnetolluric data of two profiles respectively Akonolinga-Mengueme and Mbang-Metol which are approximately running N-S and...

Author(s): A. Meying , T. Ndougsa-Mbarga and E. Manguelle-Dicoum

Estimation of anisotropic properties of fractures in Presco campus of Ebonyi State University Abakaliki, Nigeria using Azimuthal resistivity survey method

October 2009

  This study determined and characterized the anisotropic properties of fractures in Presco Campus of Ebonyi State University Nigeria for evaluation of groundwater development and flow within the area. The azimuthal resistivity survey results show that there is significant anisotropy between 0 – 50 m depth and that the fractures at depths of 28.3, 40 and 50 m strike NE-SW, NW-SE and N-S,...

Author(s): Odoh I. Ben and A. G Onwuemesi

Medical geology and mining hazards in Africa

September 2009

Author(s):  Ashraf M. T. Elewa

Characterization of high magnesian rocks for suitability as flux in iron and steel industry

September 2009

  Chromite resources of Orissa are mostly confined to Sukinda ultramafic belt and Boula Nausahi igneous complex. In these deposits, chromite is mainly present as layers in ultramafic rocks (high magnesian). These high magnesian ultramafic chromite overburden rocks are dumped as waste materials during chromite mining operations. These rocks are classified as dunite, peridotite and their altered products...

Author(s): J. K. Mohanty, D. S. Rao, A. K. Paul and S. Khaoash

Radon activity and the radiation dose levels in the slate mines in aravali range in India

September 2009

  Radon activity measurements in slate mines in the aravali range in Haryana were carried out from radiation protection point of view of the occupational workers and general public. For the measurement, alpha sensitive LR-115 type II plastic track detectors (solid state nuclear track detectors) were used. Results of various measurements of the radon activity and inhalation dose received by the workers have been...

Author(s): K. Kant, Sini Kuriakose and G. S. Sharma

Criticism in scientific research

August 2009

Author(s): Ashraf M. T. Elewa

FE modeling along the SAF zone: Implication for the strong/weak SAF

August 2009

  FE modeling under plane stress condition was used to analyze the state of stress and failure in and around the San Andreas Fault (SAF) System. This study mainly focused on the state of stress at the general seismogenic depth of 12 km, imposing elastic rheology. The purpose of the present study was to simulate the regional stress field, displacement vectors and failures. Series of calculations were performed...

Author(s): Matrika Prasad Koirala and Daigoro Hayashi

An analytical pre-feasibility study to generate rotary-percussive concept in hard rock TBMs

August 2009

  In this paper, an analytical modeling has been carried out to realize the effect of appending a supplementary percussive load to the rotary energy of tunnel boring machine's disc cutters, as a novel technology. In this path, two models have been built by using the theory of plasticity for prediction of the amount of penetration of a disc cutter assumed in form of a V-shaped indenter in rock medium. Since...

Author(s): Seyed-Mohammad Esmaeil Jalali and Masoud Zare Naghadehi

Groundwater recovery simulation for determination of post-mining lake formation at the Sangan iron mine, Mashhad, Iran

July 2009

  A two-dimensional axisymetric finite element software SEEP/W was used to simulate the groundwater recovery process in wells entirely confined in an aquifer at Sangan iron mine in Iran. The simulation model predicted very well with the results obtained from both analytical method and field data for well recovery process. It was inferred from the results that the rate of groundwater recovery process is...

Author(s):   A. Aryafar, F. Doulati Ardejani and E. Baafi  

Mineralogical, geochemical and geotechnical evaluation of Al-Sowera soil for building bricks industry in Iraq

July 2009

  The raw material soil of Al-Swera factory quarry (quarry soil and mixture) which is used for building brick industry were tested mineralogically, geochemically and geotechnically. Mineral components of soil characterizes by Clay minerals (Palygoriskite and chlorite), and non-clay minerals such calcite, quratz, feldspar, gypsum and halite. The raw material is deficient with SiO2, Al2O3, K2O, Fe2O3and MgO;...

Author(s): Salih Muhammad Awadh and Hamed Hasan Abdallah

Numerical evaluation of stress Intensity factors in jointed rock medium by the M-integral method

June 2009

  Determination of stress intensity factors is a critical task in fracture mechanics, numerical methods such as the finite element and boundary element methods which have successful applications in various fields of engineering problems, encounter mesh-related difficulties in dealing with fracture mechanics problems, to overcome these difficulties, a number of meshless methods have been developed in recent...

Author(s): Hossein Mirzaei Reza Kakaie, Behrooz Hassani and Seyed Mohammad Esmaeil Jalali

The national biomass energy policy communication campaigns for community access to sustainable renewable energy in east Africa

June 2009

  Effective communication campaigns strategy for biomass energy innovations can create, raise, sustain and develop public awareness, knowledge, attitudes, perceptions and behaviour towards early adoption of biomass energy innovations in the east African lake victoria basin. This is an audience survey of a national biomass energy policy communication campaigns in Uganda (Wakiso district), results indicate that...

Author(s): Wilson Okaka, George A. Migunga, Josephine Wanyama Ngaira and Jacob Mbego

Chemical composition, geophysical mapping and reserve estimation of clay deposit from parts of southwestern Nigeria

May 2009

  The present study is necessitated as a result of the use of kaolinitic clay as raw material for cement by West African Portland Company (now called Lafarge-WAPCO) situated in southwestern Nigeria. The study area covered an extent of 6 acres and fall within Ajebo town near Abeokuta. XRF and XRD techniques were employed in the determination of the chemical composition and crystalline component...

Author(s): O. A. Ehinola, M. A. Oladunjoye and T. O. Gbadamosi

Occurrence of low grade concentration of niobium and tantalum in the granites of Eastern Uis region of Namibia: An exploration based study

May 2009

  The Uis region of Namibia is noted for its rare metal pegmatites that contain tin and the associated elements. However, during the Reconnaissance Geological study carried out by the author earlier, a granite area had shown high value of Ta2O5 and Nb2O5. This granite area was therefore subjected to a detailed exploration studies for tantalum-niobium mineralization. Localized enrichment of Ta2O5 and...

Author(s): Prakash K. Singh

Petrographic and chemical characterization of Fe-Ti oxides and sulfides hosted in mafic intrusions, south Sinai, Egypt: Implication for genesis

May 2009

  Fe-Ti oxides and Co-Ni-Cu sulfides hosted by younger gabbroic rocks occurring in Imliq, El-Khamila, Wadi Tweiba, Nakhil and Rahaba localities in south Sinai, consist ilmenite, magnetite and titanomagnetite and pyrite, chalcopyrite, pyrrhotite and pentlandite. They often show fine intergrowths, exsolutions or composite grains. Pyrrhotite is replaced by pentlandite or arranged along the amphibole...

Author(s): Abdel-Aal Mohamed Abdel-Karim

Loglinear model for assessment of risk factors of occupational injuries in underground coal mines

April 2009

  In this study a loglinear model has been investigated to evaluate the role of various factors in coal mine injuries.  Data on the varieties namely age, safety performance, working condition, safety environment, management and supervision, emotional stability, job involvement, job satisfaction, and job stress have been collected through questionnaire survey.  The associations of the risk factors with...

Author(s): Apurna Kumar Ghosh and Ashis Bhattacherjee

Characteristics of ultramafic rocks and associated magnesite deposits, Nal Area, Khuzdar, Balochistan, Pakistan

April 2009

  The Bela Ophiolite (BO) is part of the Alpine-Himalayan orogenic belt. Rocks of BO were formed in both MORB and suprasubduction zone settings and include both ultramafic and mafic compositions. The ultramafic rocks were serpentinized after harzburgite. Orthopyroxene is more abundant than clinopyroxene. Serpentine commonly occurs as angular and medium sized fragments...

Author(s): Erum Bashir, Shahid Naseem, Tabinda Akhtar and Khula Shireen

The role of isotope geology in the reconstruction of the Cenozoic history of Kenya

April 2009

  Geochronology has had a dramatic impact on the understanding of African geology. Consideration of the radiometrically dated geological phenomena in the continent has led to a more complete view of the evolution of Africa. In this paper, the role of isotope geology in constructing the cenozoic history of Kenya is systematically reviewed. The general sequence in the cenozoic volcanics shows a continuous history...

Author(s): Eric O. Odada

Geoelectric mapping and characterization of limestone deposits of Ewekoro formation, Southwestern Nigeria

March 2009

    62 vertical electrical soundings (VES) were carried out to map limestone deposits of Ewekoro formation, south-western Nigeria. The maximum current electrode spacing AB/2 was 1 km. The results revealed the occurrence of limestone in all the locations within the third and fourth geoelectric layers with resistivity values ranging from 10 to 100 KWm and thickness range of 15 to 90 m. The resistivity...

Author(s): B. S. Badmus and O. B. Olatinsu

Estimation of production function for mines in Iran

March 2009

  Mines as an important sector of Iran's economy have a principal role on supply chain of the most of the economical sectors. The determination of relationship between major production function (PF) factors in mines is one of the necessary activities for efficient management of mine sector. In this paper, the best mine production functions were estimated using information of selected minerals. For this...

Author(s): R. Sh. Shahabi, R. Kakaie, R. Ramazani and L. Agheli

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