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JMER Articles

An upper-bound solution for forging load of an elliptical disc

April 2012

  The present work critically emphasis on the deformation limit of an elliptical disc. The upper- bound theorem has been used to determine the forging load. A suitable kinematically admissible velocity fields for three dimensional deformations have been chosen for analyzing deformation limit as well as the bulging of disc. During the analysis satisfactory friction factor, yield strength and other process...

Author(s):   K. S. Phogat, A. K. Shrama, R. K. Ranjan and V. K. Bajpai        

Design analysis of solar bi-focal collectors

April 2012

  This study carried out the design analysis of solar bi-focal collectors with the basic units comprising the paraboloid concentrators, receivers and support/connectors. The design of the receivers is such that it works on thermo-siphon principle while the heat energy requirement for each receiver is 650 kJ. Solar energy required to provide the needed power input in the collector’s receiver is amounted to...

Author(s):   Abdulrahim A. T., Diso I. S. and Abdulraheem A. S.          

Experimental determination of the adsorption capacity of synthetic Zeolite A/water pair for solar cooling applications

April 2012

  This study carried out the design analysis of solar bi-focal collectors with the basic units comprising the paraboloid concentrators, receivers and support/connectors. The design of the receivers is such that it works on thermo-siphon principle while the heat energy requirement for each receiver is 650 kJ. Solar energy required to provide the needed power input in the collector’s receiver is amounted to...

Author(s):   Ityona Amber, Randolph Osivue Odekhe and Yinka Sofihullahi Sanusi        

Static analysis of an isotropic rectangular plate using finite element analysis (FEA)

April 2012

  This research work aims to analyze the static analysis of an isotropic rectangular plate with various boundary conditions and various types of load applications. In this paper, finite element analysis has been carried out for an isotropic rectangular plate by considering the master element as a four noded quadrilateral element. Numerical analysis (finite element analysis, FEA) has been carried out by...

Author(s):   Vanam B. C. L., Rajyalakshmi M. and Inala R.      

Design considerations of Gudgeon pin in reciprocating air compressors by semi analytic approach

March 2012

  The deformation and stress experienced by the Gudgeon pin of a reciprocating compressor used in air brake system is scientifically predicted when the pin is fully floating with lubricating oil surrounding it and when starved of oil. Both semi analytical approach in finite element method and simple bending theory of beams are used. Inadequacy of the beam approach is highlighted. The results obtained by both...

Author(s):   V. Ramamurti, S. Sridhar, S. Mithun, B. Kumaravel and S. Lavanya        

Robust least square estimation of the CRS A465 robot arm’s dynamic model parameters

March 2012

  This paper presents the experimental estimation of the barycentric parameters of the CRS A465 robot arm. Three methods are used to estimate the barycentric parameters of the arm; ordinary least square method, weighted least squares method and iteratively reweighed least squares method. The estimation is carried out on the complete robot model and the simplified model where the effect of the product of inertia...

Author(s):   Azeddien Kinsheel, Zahari Taha, Abdelhakim Deboucha and Tuan Mohd Yusoff Shah Tuan Ya        

Evaluation of the turbulence models for the simulation of the flow over a National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) 0012 airfoil

March 2012

  The analysis of the two dimensional subsonic flow over a National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) 0012 airfoil at various angles of attack and operating at a Reynolds number of 3×106 is presented. The flow was obtained by solving the steady-state governing equations of continuity and momentum conservation combined with one of three turbulence models [Spalart-Allmaras,...

Author(s):   Douvi C. Eleni, Tsavalos I. Athanasios and Margaris P. Dionissios        

Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) based surface roughness prediction model for ball end milling operation

March 2012

  Surface roughness is an index which determines the quality of machined products and is influenced by the cutting parameters. In this study, the average surface roughness Ra(value) for aluminum after ball end milling operation has been measured. 84 experiments have been conducted using varying cutter axis inclination angle (φ degree), spindle speed (S rpm), feed rate (fy mm/min), feed...

Author(s):   Shahriar Jahan Hossain and Nafis Ahmad        

Transient and dynamic performance of solar driven multiple effect distillation

February 2012

  Transient and dynamic performance of solar driven multiple-effect distillation (MED) system without thermal energy storage (storing of water rather than energy) are studied and presented. A typical 25,900 m3/day operational multiple effect distillation with thermal vapor compression (MED-TVC) is used for the transient and dynamic simulation. Two scenarios are studied for the transient performance to; i) pump...

Author(s):   Ashraf S. Hassan and Hassan E. S. Fath        

Modeling of connection elements in static and dynamic analysis

February 2012

  This paper presents the proposal of a new linear finite element that can substitute for the three dimensional finite model. A study is conducted on a simple frame at the beginning in order to proceed to the crankshaft. First, a three-dimensional model is constructed, then an equivalent two-dimensional model. At a final stage, the results from static and dynamic analyses of many linear element models were...

Author(s):   C. Azoury, A. Kallassy, I. Moukarzel and R. Boudet      

Effect of heat treatment on dry sliding wear of titanium-aluminum-vanadium (Ti-6Al-4V) implant alloy

February 2012

  Titanium and its alloys have very attractive properties that enable them to be used in the fields of aero space, biomedical, marine and also in many corrosive environments. The application of these alloys is more attractive today in the field of biomedical implant materials due to their superior biocompatibility and strength. These alloys have high coefficient of friction and poor abrasive wear resistance...

Author(s):   B. K. C. Ganesh, N. Ramaniah and P. V. Chandrasekhar Rao        .

Exergy analysis of high-performance cycles for gas turbine with air-bottoming

February 2012

  Exergy is described as a measure for identifying and explaining the benefits of technologies. Therefore in this research the performance of water and steam injection in the gas turbine with air bottoming cycle (ABC) is evaluated based on an exergy analysis and thermodynamic laws. In this study, we suggest four efficient cycles...

Author(s):   Sahar Safarian and Masoomeh Bararzadeh    

Experimental determination of entropy generation in flat heat pipes

January 2012

  Heat pipe is a thermodynamic device which transfers heat over considerable distances with a very small temperature drop. Entropy generation can be considered as a significant parameter on heat pipe performance. Major reasons for entropy generation in a heat pipe system are temperature difference between cold and hot reservoirs, frictional losses in the working fluid flows and vapor temperature/pressure drop...

Author(s):   Maheshkumar P. and Muraleedharan C.      

Power draw of the rotor during centrifugal high volume separation of oil and water

January 2012

  Centrifugal separation of oil and water from streams that is concentrated with oil such as the ones from the oil spill disasters is investigated in this study. The existing theories are largely for Stokes settling of oil drops. In this study, two layers, one rich in oil and another rich in water are allowed to spin in a centrifuge. The tangential velocity profile is derived from the equations of...

Author(s):   Kal Renganathan Sharma    

Investigation of cutting temperatures distribution in machining heat treated medium carbon steel on a lathe.

January 2012

  This study was carried out on medium carbon steel subjected to various form of heat treatment operations by assessing the temperature distribution during the machining process. The model of oblique band heat source, moving in the direction of cutting in an infinite medium with an appropriate image heat source was used in this investigation. The model analysis was carried out separately on the chip,...

Author(s):   A. G. F. Alabi, T. K. Ajiboye and H.D. Olusegun    

Productivity improvement of sports goods industrial cluster in Meerut India

January 2012

  Small scale industries are the main employment provider in any developing country. Most of the micro, small and medium (MSME) scale industries development is due to the efforts of individual entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs lack the knowledge of various technical and legal aspects of MSMEs. Many times, due to the lack of information, these individual entrepreneurs do not know the latest development in the...

Author(s):     Y. M. Agarwal, T. K. Garg and V. P. Wani      

An investigation of the effect of work piece reinforcing percentage on the machinability of Al-SiC metal matrix composites

September 2011

  This paper presents the study of the tool wear mechanism in machining the metal matrix composites (MMC) and its dependence on the percentage of reinforcing with MMC. Aluminum alloy (A356 - SiC) silicon carbide metal matrix composite of two samples, were prepared in-house by using stir casting method. Samples having 10 and 20% silicon carbide particles (grain size ranging from 55 to 85 mm) by weight are...

Author(s):     N. Muthukrishnan and J. Paulo Davim      

Evaluation of thermodynamic properties of ammonia-water mixture up to 100 bar for power application systems

September 2011

  In Kalina power generation, as well as vapor absorption and refrigeration systems ammonia-water mixture has been used as working fluids. In this work, new MatLab code was developed to calculate the thermodynamic properties which will be used to simulate Kalina cycle. The progam developed in MatLab gives fast calculation of the thermodynamic properties. The correlations proposed by Ziegler and Trepp (1984),...

Author(s):   N. Shankar Ganesh and T. Srinivas        

Analysis of phase transformations in steel using online monitoring technique - Acoustic emission

September 2011

  Steel is one of the most commonly used materials today, especially in industrial sectors such as ship building, automobile industry and in power plants. In order to meet the requirements for steel applications, new steels are being developed. In the present study, experiments are carried out to distinguish different phases using on-line monitoring technique - Acoustic Emission (AE). The main objective of this...

Author(s):   Venkata Siva S. B., Srinivas P. S. and Mahesh Kumar M.        

Kinematic model of three wheeled mobile robot

September 2011

    In this paper, the behavior of wheeled mobile robots (WMR) has been analyzed. These robots ride on a system of wheels and axles, some of which may be steerable or driven. For WMRs, there are many wheels and axle configuration that have been used. The present work outlined for five categories of WMRs. The ultimate objective of this paper is to investigate the complete...

Author(s): Dayal R. Parhi and B. B. V. L. Deepak

Investigations on generation methods for oxy-hydrogen gas, its blending with conventional fuels and effect on the performance of internal combustion engine

September 2011

  In order to overcome the drawbacks of the regular petroleum fuel, it is the need of time to completely or partially replace the petroleum fuel. But alternative options to petroleum fuel are having disadvantages. An electric or compressed air driven cars cannot be used where high torque is required or using hydrogen as fuel requires very costly storage equipments. In this research work an attempt has been made...

Author(s):   Yadav Milind S., Sawant S. M., Anavkar Jayesh A. and Chavan Hemant V.

Utilization of demolished concrete, grog, hydrated lime and cement kiln dust in building materials

August 2011

  It is desirable to completely recycle concrete waste in order to protect natural resources and reduce environment pollution. In this paper, the studied reference  mix composed of demolished waste concrete/grog/hydrated lime in the ratio of (40/50/10, wt. %), while other mixes has cement kiln dust as a partial replacement of hydrated lime in the ratio from zero up to complete replacement. Both grog and...

Author(s):   H. M. KHATER    

Reliability assessment of WRPC gas turbine power station

August 2011

  The reliability indices of the turbines were analyzed based on a six-year failure database. Such reliability indices as failure rate (), repair rate () and mean time to repair () have been estimated. The analyses showed that gas turbine 1 (GT1) has maximum failure rate () of once in 100 h in 2007 with system availability () of 0.333 and minimum failure rate () of once in 1000 h in 2005 with of 0.983....

Author(s):   Obodeh, O. and Esabunor, T.        

Acceleration motion of geometric and spherical particles in two dimensions and implications in design of continuous sedimentation rectangular tanks

August 2011

  The design procedure outlined by Camp (1946) for design of continuous gravity sedimentation tank was revisited. The viscous effects of flowing fluid were included in the model by development of the velocity profile of the fluid in the horizontal direction. The transient motion of the spherical and geometric particles unhindered prior to reaching terminal settling velocity, was simulated using a desktop...

Author(s):   Kal Renganathan Sharma    

Experimental investigation of the influence of air conduction on heat transfer across fibrous materials

August 2011

  Accurate prediction of the effective thermal conductivity of loose fill fibrous building thermal insulation remains a challenging issue to date.  Most researchers considered the complex problem of heat transfer across a fibrous material to be the sum of heat transfer due to air conduction, solid conduction and radiation for which general empirical relationships were developed from reliable thermal...

Author(s):   Krishpersad Manohar and Gurmohan S. Kochhar    

The effects of transesterification on selected fuel properties of three vegetable oils

July 2011

  Vegetable oils have fuel properties that are not compatible with the requirements for use as diesel engine fuel, the common method of properties modification is by transesterification which involves stripping glycerines from the triglycerides. To determine the effects of transesterification, 5 properties were selected and their values were measured before and after transesterification. The fatty acid profile...

Author(s):   Emmanuel I. Bello, Taye S. Mogaji and Makanju Agge        

A tyre-terrain interaction model for off-road vehicles

July 2011

  The problem of off-road vehicle tyre - terrain interaction is difficult enough to be accurately solved. The previous work of many researchers pointed the terramechanics engineers into the right direction and a variety of methods to the study of tyre - terrain interaction has been developed over the last decades, they range from the entirely empirical to the highly theoretical. In this paper, a mathematical...

Author(s):   M. A. A. Emam, S. Shaaban, S. El-Demerdash and H. El-Zomor     :

New combination SOC-WCIP method for the analyze of a low pass filter

July 2011

  The combination of the Wave Concept Iterative Process (WCIP) method combined with the Short-Open Calibration SOC technique to micro strip discontinuity is presented. This SOC technique is directly accommodated in the WCIP method. It is used to remove the unwanted parasitic errors brought by the approximation of the impressed voltage sources and the feed lines. The WCIP is formulated in such a way that the...

Author(s):   Hanen Harizi, Noureddine Sboui, Ali Gharsallah, Hichem Trabelsi, Henri Baudrand and Abdelhafedh Gharbi      

Comparison between the two-equation turbulence models of Jones and Launder and of Wilcox and Rubesin applied to aerospace problems

July 2011

  In the present work, the Van Leer flux vector splitting scheme is implemented on a finite-volume context. The two-dimensional Favre-averaged Navier-Stokes equations are solved using an upwind discretization on a structured mesh. The Jones and Launder and the Wilcox and Rubesin two-equation models are used in order to close the problem. The physical problems under studies are the low supersonic flow along a...

Author(s):   Edisson Sávio de Góes Maciel        

Fuzzing modelling of a single point lathe cutting tool

July 2011

  A few modern industrial materials are of serious concern to the home model engineer turning with a light lathe machine. Virtually all turning is done using either carbon steel, high speed steel or tungsten carbide tipped tooling. This is mainly due to the fact that the newer and more exotic materials such as ceramic and diamond require high speed and rigid industrial machinery to operate correctly. The...

Author(s):   R. Marumo, M. T. Letsatsi and O. S. Motsamai       

Integration of thermo mechanical strains into optimal tolerance design of mechanical assembly using NSGA II and FE simulation

June 2011

    In the design of mechanical assembly, the dimension-chain tools take into account the manufacturing dispersion of the parts and assembly defects. This ensures the interchangeability of the different components and guarantees that an assembly can carry out different service functions, as it is modeled in infinitely rigid solids. However, this approach does not take...

Author(s):   Jayaprakash G., Sivakumar K. and Thilak M.        

Study of the short and long fatigue cracks for brass alloy

June 2011

  In this study the effect of short and long cracks for brass alloys specimens exposed to bending cyclic load is investigated, this test applied on a group of standard specimens until its fracture, data taken could be drawn as a curve between stress and number of cycles (S-N) curves which gives the fatigue limit. Results obtained theoretically and experimentally, that are concluded decreasing in the applied...

Author(s):   Hani Aziz Ameen and Asma Hassan Ismail      

Effects of eccentricity and arc rotational speed on weld bead geometry in pulsed GMA welding of 5083 aluminum alloy

June 2011

  The arc rotation mechanism system can be used to obtain the flat and broad weld bead due to the centrifugal force of the rotating arc at welding. In this investigation an arc rotation mechanism is developed and four input process parameters such as arc rotational speed , ratio of wire feed rate to travel speed, wire feed rate and eccentricity are considered. The experiments were conducted on square butt joint...

Author(s):   Sanjay Kumar, P. Srinivasa Rao and A. Ramakrishna      

Probabilistic evaluation of performance point in structures and investigation of the uncertainties

June 2011

  The main goal of the performance based design of structures is to rationally predict the structures’ performance during earthquakes which may occur during the lifetime of the structure. In this sort of design, a specific displacement is defined as target displacement and the structure is subjected to a force in order to reach this target displacement. This design process includes uncertainties in...

Author(s):   F. Azhdary and N. Shabakhty  

Experimental approach to study friction factor and temperature profiles of fluid flow in circular microchannels

June 2011

  Heat dissipation in electronic components becomes an important issue in efficiency promotion and stable operation. Microchannel heat exchanger plays the major role for heat dissipation from such high heat generating electronic components. In this connection an experimental investigation was conducted to explore the validity of classical correlations of friction factor based on conventional sized channels...

Author(s):   Mohd Nadeem Khan, Mohd Islam and M. M. Hasan        

An integral treatment for combined heat and mass transfer by mixed convection along vertical surface in a saturated porous medium

May 2011

  Combined free and forced convection heat and mass transfer over an impermeable vertical surface embedded in a saturated porous medium is considered. A similarity transformation has been used to study the mixed convection boundary-layer flow over a semi-infinite vertical flat plate. Integral solutions are derived for the coupled nonlinear similarity equations of coupled heat and mass transfer in porous media...

Author(s):   V. J. Bansod and B. Ambedkar      

Construction of chain sampling plan-1 indexed through producer’s nano quality level and consumer’s nano quality level

May 2011

  Motorola (1980) introduced the concept of “six sigma” as a quality philosophy and a management strategy, which when adopted in a system of organization will reduce wastages, increase the profit to the management and enhance the satisfaction of the customer. If this concept of six sigma is adopted in an organization it can results in 3.4 or less number of defects per million opportunities in the...

Author(s):   Radhakrishnan R. and Vinotha P.        

Adhesive bonded single lap and over-lap joints of C/C, C/C-SiC composites and titanium alloy

May 2011

  Carbon-carbon (C/C), carbon-carbon-silicon carbide (C/C-SiC) composites and titanium alloy substrates were bonded in single lap and overlap joints with phenolic resin to study the differences in joint strength of two similar and dissimilar materials under shear load. The results indicate that the bonding strength of single lap joint of C/C, C/C-SiC is more than the other ceramic and titanium alloy, whereas...

Author(s):   V. K. Srivastava Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi- , India.and Shraddha Singh        

Evaluation of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) and RC (rapid cooling) cooling tower

May 2011

  An evaluation of applicable materials for an industrial cooling tower is presented in this study. Advantages and disadvantages of different sets of materials including reinforced concrete and FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites) for cooling tower structure are discussed. After evaluating each material characteristic, the one case study of cooling tower is considered for cost estimation. The results...

Author(s):   Ali Reza Keyvani Boroujeni,    

Study of multiple injections in (Homogeneous charge compression ignition) HCCI engine using computational fluid dynamics

April 2011

  Due to the stringent emission norms, the research in the field of internal combustion engines in general and diesel engines in particular gathered huge importance and also increasing demand on fuel consumption the importance of detailed simulation of fuel injection, mixing and combustion have been increased in the recent years.  In this research a CFD simulation is carried out on direct injection diesel...

Author(s):   Apparao K., Srinivasa Rao P. and Rajagopal K.      

Light-driven mobile robot based on light-induced bending polymer film

April 2011

  Light-induced bending polymer film can bend and return to flat under the light irradiation, and transform light energy into mechanical energy directly. A Light-driven wheel-type mobile robot is designed and manufactured based on this film. The experiment of the robot proves that this device can be driven by light energy. Driving mechanism of this film is revealed when driving moment is analyzed with energy...

Author(s):   Maolin Chen, Xiaozhen Wang, Xing Xing, Yutian Zhu, Zhao Liu, Futao Chengand Yanlei Yu    

Performance of a water ammonia absorption system operating at three pressure levels

April 2011

  The present study deals with a compression-absorption machine. The proposed hybrid cooling system uses water-ammonia as a working fluid and operates at three pressure levels. The absorber is at an intermediate pressure (Pint) taken between the evaporator pressure (PEV) and the condenser pressure (PCD), unlike the single stage machine, which works between two pressure levels. The proposed new system is studied...

Author(s):   Nahla Bouaziz, Ridha Ben Iffa and Lakhdar kairouani        

CAT-TRAP exhaust after treatment system for diesel engine

April 2011

  This paper presents development of new developed cost effective CAT -TRAP system for diesel engine to reduce NOx and particulate matter. CAT -TRAP system is a combination of pellets type catalytic converter (CAT) and foam type particulate Trap (TRAP). The CAT was developed based on catalyst materials consisting of combination of metal catalyst such as cerium oxide (CeO2), zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) and...

Author(s):     P. V. Walke N. V. Deshpande and S. C. Kongre          

Analytic prognostic for petrochemical pipelines

March 2011

  Pipelines tubes are part of vital mechanical systems largely used in petrochemical industries. They serve to transport natural gases or liquids. They are cylindrical tubes and are submitted to the risks of corrosion due to high PH concentrations of the transported liquids in addition to fatigue cracks due to the alternation of pressure-depression of gas along the time, initiating therefore in the tubes’...

Author(s):   Abdo Abou Jaoude , Seifedine Kadry, Khaled El-Tawil , Hassan Noura and Mustapha Ouladsine        

An experimental investigation of noise emission from a vehicle gearbox system

March 2011

  Nowadays, one of the most valuable criteria of vehicle quality assessment is based on acoustic emission levels: A car is judged comfortable Depending on the noise level transmitted inside. Consequently, there is a general attention to the design criteria aimed at improving the structural-acoustic behavior, to comply with the increasingly restrictive ergonomic standard. The aim of this paper is to study...

Author(s):   Essam Allam, Ibrahim Ahmed and Shawki Abouel-Seoud    

Kinematics and kinetic analysis of the slider-crank mechanism in otto linear four cylinder Z24 engine

March 2011

  Nissan Z24 is one of the numerous vehicles in Iran. MegaMotor's reports show high rate damaging in the crankshaft and connecting rod of this engine vehicle. It is necessary to carry out a complete research about slider-crank mechanism because of high expensive repairs and replacement of these parts and their reverse effects on the other parts such as cylinder block and piston. Results of initial...

Author(s):   Mohammad Ranjbarkohan, Mansour Rasekh, Abdol Hamid Hoseini, Kamran Kheiralipour and Mohammad Reza Asadi    

Stick-slip detection through measurement of near field noise

March 2011

  The paper presents an experimental investigation to recognize the occurrence of the stick-slip phenomenon. As a trial to detect and evaluate this phenomenon, a pin on disk test rig is presented. The test rig consists of two separate blocks to ensure that the vibration of the elastic disk and emitted noise are completely adverted to friction between the moving pin and stationary steel disk. The occurrence of...

Author(s):   Nadim A. Emira, Hamzeh T. Mohamad and Montasser S. Tahat    

Dynamic torque and response of geared rotors excited by random static transmission error

February 2011

  Dynamic torque is transmitted in geared rotors and the rotors response when the system is excited by random static transmission error is investigated. The static transmission error, which takes into account all the factors causing dynamic loading in gears, is consider as a random forces. This random force is assured in the form of the output of a second order linear filter excited by white noise and with the...

Author(s):   Hussien M. Al-Wedyan    

Enhanced power transfer capability by using SSSC

February 2011

  Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) is a voltage sourced converter based series FACTS device that provides capacitive or inductive compensation independent of line current. This paper presents the achievement of the required active and reactive power flow into the line for the purpose of compensation as well as validation of enhancement of the power transfer capability of a transmission line when...

Author(s): Akhilesh A. Nimje, Chinmoy K. Panigrahi and Ajaya K. Mohanty

Observing the compatibility of drape software with real life layup

February 2011

    The drape simulation software tool was introduced to digitalize the forming process before press forming of contour sensitive part structure. The design structural flaws detected were corrected in advanced through the simulation process prediction. This article presents the effect of drape simulation process with real life layup, for continuous fiber reinforced composite development in the...

Author(s):       T. A. Adegbola, I. E. A. Aghachi and E. R. Sadiku      

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