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Characterization of WPI-NaCas composite films modified by transglutaminase

May 2014

Synergistic effects of additive amount, reaction time and temperature of transglutaminase on properties of WPI-NaCas composite protein films were discussed by orthogonal experiments. Results indicated that transglutaminase (TGase) modification decreased D50 and D90 of film-forming solution particles, resulting in decrease in water solubility and increase in both mechanical and water barrier properties of films under...

Author(s): Lei Qiao, Pan Jiazhen, Huang Zhiying, Bao Jianqiang and Xun Qiannan

Safe and efficient mining technology for full-mechanized caving face of deep mine with capacity of ten million tons

May 2014

Based on a highly intensive mining mode of “one mine, one coalface, ten million tons”, safe and efficient mining technology for full-mechanized caving face of deep mine with capacity of ten million tons is proposed to deal with technical problems such as high ground pressure, high ground temperature, high water pressure and easy spontaneous combustion of coal seam in Longgu coal mine. The surrounding rock...

Author(s): Ma Liqiang,, Sun Hai,, Jin Zhiyuan,, Wang Fei, and Li Pan,

Rural residents’ acceptance towards a telehealth system: The integrative perspective of technology acceptance model and social cognitive theory

May 2014

The purpose of the study is to integrate technology acceptance model (TAM) and social cognitive theory (SCT) to explore the usage intention model of telehealth systems. A survey of valid 480 users of telehealth was conducted to validate the proposed model. The findings show that computer anxiety has negatively significant effects on computer self-efficacy. Computer self-efficacy has positively significant effects on...

Author(s): Chung-Hung Tsai

A novel fusion algorithm for infrared image and visible light image based on non-subsampled contourlet transform

May 2014

Aiming at the different characteristics of the infrared image and visible light image, the paper proposed a kind of fusion algorithm for the infrared image and visible light image based on non-subsampled contourlet transform. Firstly, the source images are made multiscale and multi-direction decomposition by using non-subsampled contourlet transform (NSCT). Secondly, to decomposed low frequency subband, a...

Author(s): Yucheng Liu and Yubin Liu

Air gap field-oriented vector control strategy for high-power electrically excited synchronous motor based on full-order flux linkage observer

May 2014

This paper raises a full-order flux linkage observer for the high-power electrically excited synchronous motor and proposes a design for its feedback matrix based on modern control theories which ensure excellent dynamic and static performances of this full-order flux linkage observer. On the basis of the said full-order flux linkage observer, an air gap field-oriented vector control strategy for the electrically...

Author(s): Jing Shang, Xiaohong Nian and Kean Liu

Assessment for the quality of rolling bearing parts based on fuzzy theory

May 2014

There are many factors leading to rolling bearing failure, and the issue of parts quality like roller error and inner ring error is one of the main influence factors causing premature failure of the bearing. Assessment for bearing parts quality can obviously eliminate or minimize the chance of potential failure, and can improve the service life of bearing, wear-resisting property and reliability. For the sake of the...

Author(s): Xintao Xia, Yanyan Meng, Yantao Shang and Ming Qiu

The reliability test assessment of three-parameter Weibull distribution of material life by Bayesian method

May 2014

This paper is mainly according to Bayesian formula and using Bayesian method to estimate parameter truth-values of three-parameter Weibull distribution to achieve material reliability evaluation. The parameter values estimated by maximum likelihood method as the prior information of Bayesian estimation, assume that the parameter obeys a certain distribution and let the certain distribution as the prior distribution of...

Author(s): Xintao Xia, Yuanyuan Qin, Yinping Jin and Ming Qiu

Calculating cyan-magenta-yellow-black (CMYK) printer’ gray component data based on polynomial modeling

May 2014

As gray color data is very important for printing quality, a method based on polynomial modeling is proposed to calculate the gray color data of different lightness. Firstly, the IT8.7/3 color target which defines input cyan-magenta-yellow-black (CMYK) signals is printed, and the corresponding CIELAB (Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage L*, a* and b*) values are obtained by a spectrophotometer with color...

Author(s): Sun Bangyong, Liu Han and Zhou Shisheng

Hydrochemical characteristics of groundwater in Tongchuan City, China

May 2014

In order to reveal the formation mechanism of hydrochemical characteristics in Tongchuan City, we collected and detected 39 samples of underground water. Correlation analytical method, hydrochemical method and ion ratio coefficient method were employed to investigate the hydrochemical characteristics, influencing factors and principles of changing. Results demonstrate that the main factors, controlling the shallow water...

Author(s): Zhang Yuxi, Zhang Yuanjing and Liu Jingtao

Research on the topology control algorithm to maximize the Ad Hoc life cycle

May 2014

For Ad Hoc network, nodes move randomly with limited energy and self-organization; there is multi-hop of complex network, however, in order to extend the life cycle of Ad Hoc network effectively. This research was aimed at improving LEACH algorithm clustering on Ad Hoc network, constructing Ad Hoc network topology based on small world, making nodes that can still continue to maintain communication under the...

Author(s): Wenbo Zhang, Yongxin Feng, Xiaobo Tan and Lidong Fu

Two-phase closed-loop system identification method based on the auxiliary model

May 2014

The two-stage recursive extended least squares parameter estimation algorithm based on the auxiliary model of a class of closed-loop identification system model is presented in this paper. The basic idea of the algorithm is a combination of the auxiliary model identification ideas and the decomposition technique in which the closed-loop system is converted to a two-step process and each step identified model is an...

Author(s): Jie Jia, Jiao Cao, Yong Yang, Zhiteng Liu and Shuying Huang

Analysis of the shape of bearing push-extend reamed affecting the bearing capability of the pile of push-extend multi-under-reamed pile through the finite element method

May 2014

In the paper, through use of ANSYS software of the finite element method to establish the simulation analysis model about the stress of soil around the pile, we obtained the normal and shear stress curve when the bearing push-extend reamed have different shapes under the same loads. It qualitatively analyzed the influence of bearing capacity on the push-extend Multi-under-reamed pile raised by the different shapes of...

Author(s): Yongmei Qian, Xihui Wang and Guanghan Xu

Design of indoor dust concentration monitor based on light scattering detection method

May 2014

Inhalable particles and fine particulates in dust will pollute the indoor environment and endanger people's health. It is an important task to take effective measures to control indoor dust pollution. The key is to keep abreast of the dust concentration, and to monitor, control and evaluate the sources of indoor dust pollution. This paper analyzes the main sources and characteristics of indoor dust and uses dust...

Author(s): Li Tianhua and Wu Ying

Effect of Ozone fumigation on morpho-physiology and yield of field-grown rice in Pearl River Delta, China

May 2014

Ozone pollution may cause a reduction in grain crops production. The response relationship between plants and Ozone is an important factor to assess the effect of Ozone pollution. In order to learn the effect of Ozone pollution on major grain crops in Pearl River Delta, this study used Open-top chamber (OTC) to fumigate the rice in the field, and researched the effects on the physical manifestations, physiological form...

Author(s): Qiong Wang,, Bilige Sude, Ming Dong,, Yuan Shi, Chunmei Geng and Xiaoke Wang

Development of a method to detect infectious rotavirus and astrovirus by reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) with propidium monoazide (PMA)

May 2014

Rotavirus and astrovirus are two kinds of water-borne pathogens that can cause severe diarrhea in children, infants and immunocompromised humans. Both can be present in untreated and inadequately treated water. Molecular methods, such as the reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), have been used to detect two viral genomes in a few hours, but they cannot distinguish between infectious and noninfectious...

Author(s): Wei Yumei , Liu Tingting, Wang Jingqi,  He Xiaoqing and  Wang Zijian

Research on the transient radial force of the centrifugal pump

May 2014

The three-dimensional unsteady flow field in centrifugal pump under different flows was numerically simulated based on the commercial fluent software, using standard k-ε turbulence model, SIMPLE algorithm and sliding mesh technique. The characteristics of the time domain and frequency domain of the pressure pulsations, as well as fluctuation strength were analyzed. The varying locus of transient radial force...

Author(s): Wei Li, Weidong Shi, Zhongyong Pan, Xiaoping Jiang, and Ling Zhou,

Sustainable development of landscape environment of traditional Changzhen

May 2014

Old town is like living fossil which has accumulated rich historical connotations; the one carrying the history of a region’s political, economic, cultural and ecological changes as well as the formative art created by collective labors and wisdoms of generations. The preservation of ancient Chinese dwellings and old towns began late; many historical architectures and traditional country fairs are forcibly removed...

Author(s): Jia Yuanyuan, Lu Junfu and Qing Ling

Biogas production potential of transgenic Vetiveria zizanioides in mesophilic batch anaerobic digestion

May 2014

Transgenic Vetiveria zizanioides were anaerobic digested in a batch laboratory scale reactor at mesophilic conditions (30°C). Grinding and shearing, two kinds of processing methods were used. During total fermentation time of 80 days, the production potential of biogas were 310 mL/g·TS, 332 mL/g·VS in the grinding processing group and 322 mL/g·TS, 349 mL/g·VS in the shearing processing...

Author(s): Peipei Sun, Wudi Zhang, Fang Yin, Xingling Zhao, Jing Liu, Yubao Chen and Shiqing Liu

Near-infrared spectra quantitative analysis for flue gas of thermal power plant based on wavelength selection

May 2014

This paper proposed a near-infrared (NIR) spectra quantitative analysis method for flue gas of thermal power plant based on wavelength selection. For the proposed method, the self-adaptive accelerated particle swarm optimization is presented for determining the most representative wavelengths of NIR spectral signals and is combined with partial least square for predicting the various contents of the real flue gas...

Author(s): Hui Cao and Yan Zhou

Risk analysis and assessment on construction operation based on human factors and empirical Bayesian theory

May 2014

This study was focused on the roles of human factors in construction accident and also dealt with the probabilities of fours levels of injury. We used an empirical Bayesian method and the human factors analysis and classification system framework to analyze the probability distributions of the severity of accidents of high risk operations in hydropower construction. Accident severity in four levels of injury was...

Author(s): Kai-Chang Sun and Jian-Lan Zhou

Geometry optimization for heat sinks using thermography and finite element

April 2014

Cooling systems based on Peltier cells have great advantages to be energized by renewable energy sources. This paper describes the optimization of operation of a heat exchanger which was located in the side cool on Peltier Cell. For this work, we performed infrared shots of the experiment in order to establish and analyze the pattern of heat distribution. Infrared results as well as boundary conditions fueled our...

Author(s): I. J. Valencia Gómez, F. Hernández Hernández , J. A. Duarte-Moller, O. Jiménez Sandoval, A. Marroquín de Jesús and J. M. Olivares Ramírez

A review on nanotechnology as a tool of change in Nigeria

April 2014

Nanotechnology has generated diverse awareness and attentions nowadays and stand as one of the foremost alternative modern clean technologies of the 21st century.  In spite of the essential benefits of nanoscience and technology, Nigeria is yet to key into nanotechnology initiative and strategy towards improving her socio-economic development as well as transformation of important sectors. The benefits and...

Author(s): M. T. Bankole, Jimoh O. Tijani, I. A. Mohammed, and A. S. Abdulkareem,

Effect of routine pathological procedure on morphometric parameters of the heart in rat models

April 2014

In this study, the aim was to investigate effects of routine protocols commonly used in pathology (formalin fixation, paraffin embedding, slicing and staining) on morphometrical parameters of hearts in rats. Six males and 6 females rats were used. All of the subjects were euthanized and then hearts were fixed in formalin solution. Hearts were cut at the level of musculus papillaris and cut surfaces area were...

Author(s): Ozgur Ozdemir, Orhan Yavuz and Fatih Hatipoglu

The driving forces of fertilizer use intensity by crops in China: A complete decomposition model

April 2014

Fertilizer plays an important role in raising agricultural production in China. However, the negative environmental consequences resulting from high fertilizer use intensity have posed serious challenges to agriculture sustainability in China. The goal of this study is to identify the underlying driving forces of fertilizer use intensity by crops that help to identify challenges and opportunities and provide advices for...

Author(s): Dan Pan

The improved generalized Riccati equation mapping method and its application for solving a nonlinear partial differential equation (PDE) describing the dynamics of ionic currents along microtubules

April 2014

In this paper we apply the improved Riccati equation mapping method to construct many families of exact solutions of a nonlinear partial differential equation involving parameters of a special interest in nanobiosciences and biophysics which describe a model of microtubules as nonlinear RLC transmission lines. As results, we can successfully recover the previously known results that have been found using other methods....

Author(s): Elsayed M. E. Zayed, Yasser A. Amer and Reham M. A. Shohib

Synthesis of Chebyshev-I filter using folding and retiming

April 2014

In synthesizing Digital signal processing (DSP) architecture, maintaining low silicon area and high performance becomes an important factor which can be achieved by various optimization techniques. To achieve this, we employ two design optimization techniques: folding and retiming, which are applied to 3rd order Chebyshev I high pass digital filter to minimize the functional units (adders, multipliers) and to reduce the...

Author(s): Nongmaithem Lalleima Chanu and Vimal Kant Pandey

Genetic diversity of Quercus liaotungensis Koidz populations at different altitudes

April 2014

To estimate genetic diversity and genetic structures of Q. liaotungensis at different altitudes in Xingtangsi, eight natural populations were surveyed by sequence-related amplified polymorphism (SRAP) markers. A total of 179 bands were amplified by 12 pairs of SRAP primer combinations. The average number of amplification band for each pair primers was 14.9. The percentage polymorphic band (PPB) of Q. liaotungensis was...

Author(s): J. Wang, Q. Y. Wei, S. J. Lu, Y. F. Chen and Y. L. Wang

4F_C: A conceptual framework for understanding architectural works

April 2014

This paper presents a conceptual framework for understanding an architectural building by qualitatively discerning the complex issues involved in building design and systematically integrating them into a theoretical construct. The premise behind this framework is that, in design, a better understanding of what to design leads to a more informed understanding of how to design, resulting in a more structured and...

Author(s): Saleem M. Dahabreh

Antidiabetic activity and phytochemical screening of Acalypha wilkesiana (Euphorbiaceae) Mull Arg. roots in alloxan-induced diabetic rats

April 2014

The aim of this study was to investigate the anti-diabetic effects and biochemical parameters of methanol root extract of Acalypha wilkesiana Mull Arg. (MEAW) in alloxan-induced diabetic rats. The effect of the extract (200 and 400 mg/kg, p.o.) on fasting blood glucose (FBG), total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides (TG), serum glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase (SGOT), serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase (SGPT) level...

Author(s): Odoh, U.  E., Ndubuokwu, R. I., Inya- Agha, S. I., Osadebe, P. O., Uzor, P. F. and Ezejiofor, M.

Estimation of number of generations of Spodoptera litura Fab. on peanut in India during near and distant future climate change scenarios

April 2014

Studies were conducted to estimate the impact of increase in temperature on number of generations of tobacco caterpillar, Spodoptera litura on peanut for seven different locations of various agro ecological zones of the country for baseline (1961 to 1990), present (1991 to 2005), near future (2021 to 2050) and distant future (2071 to 2098) climate change (A1B) scenarios. The daily minimum and maximum temperature (MinT...

Author(s): Rao, M. Srinivasa, Rama Rao, C. A., Vennila, S., Manimanjari, D., Maheswari, M. and  Venkateswarlu, B.

Comparative study of protective effect of separate administration of vitamin C and folic acid in act therapy induced hepatic injury

April 2014

Artemisinin and its derivatives are among the most effective antimalarial drugs used today. This study compared the effects of pre-treatment with vitamin C and folic acid on the hepatotoxic effect of artemisinin combination. Thirty male wistar rats randomly assigned to six groups of five rats each were used in the study. Group A was the normal control; groups B, C, D, E and F were placed on therapeutic doses of leonart,...

Author(s): Adegbesan, Bukunola O., Ogunlabi, Olugbenga O., Aroyewun,  Aramide, O. and Ajani, Emmanuel O.,

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation to analyze the performance of tube-in-tube helically coiled of a heat exchanger

April 2014

This work deals with a comparative performance study of two different helically coiled heat exchangers with two and three helical coils through a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation for heat transfer characteristics. The helically coiled heat exchangers are typical industrial equipments found in process applications, such as: chemical, food, energy, electronics, environmental, spatial, and cryogenic. Numerical...

Author(s): Chaves, C. A,  de Castro, D. R. F. ,  Lamas, W. Q., , Camargo, J. R., and Grandinetti, F. J.

Performance assessment of transferred irrigation management: Case study of Düzce Irrigation District in Turkey

April 2014

In this study, physical and financial performance criteria of transferred irrigation management of Düzce Irrigation District were evaluated between 2006 and 2012. Physical and financial performances are irrigation ratio and sustainability of irrigated land, and cost recovery ratio, maintenance expenditure to revenue ratio, operational cost per unit area, total cost per personnel employed on water delivery, revenue...

Author(s): ÖZMEN, Selçuk

Failure model and detecting method for MOSFET degradation in DC-DC power converters

April 2014

MOSFET is the most commonly used devices in DC-DC power converters, and its performance is important to the prognosis and health management of power. The paper proposes a degradation analysis model for MOSFET in DC-DC power converters. A method for detecting the degradation of MOSFET is also introduced. Simulations have shown that the method can predict deterioration in the performance of MOSFET. The simulation results...

Author(s): Wu, Li-Feng,, Dong, Peng-Fei,, Guan, Yong,, Wang, Guo-Hui,, and Li, Xiao-Juan,    

Sorption mechanism of some heavy metal ions from aqueous waste solution by polyacrylamide ferric antimonate

March 2014

Incorporation of a polymer material into an inorganic ion exchanger provides a class of hybrid ion exchangers with a good ion exchange capacity, high stability and high selectivity for heavy metals. We can see these properties in the present study. The kinetic of Fe (III), Pb (II), Cd (II), Cu (II), and Zn (II) ions on polyacrylamide ferric antimonate has been studied. The thermodynamic parameters such as activation...

Author(s): El-Naggar, I. M., Mowafy, E. A., El-Aryan, Y. F. and Abd El-Wahed, M. G.,

Capacity enhancement of multicarrier code division multiple access (MCCDMA) using orthogonal complete complementary codes and adaptive constellations

March 2014

The multicarrier code division multiple access (MCCDMA) is a strong candidate for the future wireless mobile communication systems put forth by service quality and system capacity. In order to exploit the maximum possible channel diversity and desirable correlation properties, the modification of MCCDMA system is addressed here to pave the way to remove the multiple access interference (MAI) effect and to increase the...

Author(s): Senthilkumar, G. and Amutha, R. 

Comparative osteometric differences in humerus of bari Goat and Dumbi Sheep

March 2014

Morphological studies were conducted on the Humerus of 60 clinically healthy animals (30 Bari goat and 30 Dumbi sheep) of both sexes, slaughtered at Tandojam and Tando Allahyar abattoirs. For comparative study, animals were divided in three age groups viz., lambs/kids (6-9 months), yearlings (13-21 months) and adult (21-24 months). The estimated age was determined through dental formula, whereas, the body weight was...

Author(s): Lochi, Ghulam Murtaza, Shah, Muhammad Ghiasuddin, Kalhoro, Illahi Bux, Gandahi, Jameel Ahmed, Khan, Muhammad Shoaib, Haseeb, Abdul, Khushk, Sheeraz Mustafa, Oad, Ameet and  Ansari, Mansoor Ibrahim

Application of statistical techniques to evaluate the reliability of ultrasonic and rebound hammer measurements of compressive strength in the concrete of bridges

March 2014

In order to assess the uncertainties in the experimental measurements, the use of statistical error analysis is essential for a reliable technical diagnosis on structural safety in reinforced concrete of bridges. Two non-destructive techniques (ultrasound and rebound hammer) were performed, resulting in conflicting technical diagnostics when analyzed without the study of the variability of experimental errors. It was...

Author(s): Carvalho, C. H., Severo Junior, J. B., Macedo, M. C. S. S., Griza, S., de Andrade, C. E. C., dos Santos, A. A. , and Barreto, L. S.

A Novel SPICE compatible behavioral model for molecular electronics having hysteresis effects

March 2014

Although molecular electronics is in its infancy, there are many significant advances in understanding and implementing computational functions based on molecular electronic devices. In order to evaluate a molecular electronic circuit, a model is needed. In existing literature, only a few models have been introduced for molecular electronics, all of which do not support the hysteresis phenomenon. To the best of the...

Author(s): Bahrepour, Davoud  and Sharifi, Mohammad Javad

Experimental study of anaerobic digestion of dog waste

March 2014

Bioconversion of dog waste (dung) to energy as one of the ways for proper disposal of the waste was carried out through anaerobic digestion for biogas production. The 59-day experiment was performed within the slurry temperature range of 28 and 44°C using a 50 L metallic biodigester. Prior to charging the digesters, physico-chemical properties and microbial content of the waste were determined using standard...

Author(s): Okoroigwe, E. C., Ibeto, C. N. and Ezema, C. G.

Variational cartographic projections for the Slovak Republic territory

March 2014

Disadvantages of currently used KÅ™ovák`s projection in Slovak Republic such as large scale distortion became evident after dividing of Czechoslovakia. The new proposal of the cartographic projection for the Slovak Republic (Lambert`s conformal conic projection in normal position) was created in 2010. The aim of this paper is to define an optimal oblique position of map projections for the Slovak Republic...

Author(s): Vajsáblová, Margita  and Szatmári, Daniel 

Toxicity and repellent effects of some botanical insecticides on the egg-larval parasitoid Chelonus oculator Panzer (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

March 2014

Chelonus oculator Panzer is an egg-larval parasitoid of the cotton leaf worm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) with a broad geographical area. Four botanical insecticides - azadirachtin (Neem Azal), pyrethrum (Spruzit Neu), capsaicin (Hotpepper wax) and d-Limonene (Orange guard) - were investigated regarding their side effects on C. oculator. Sub-lethal concentrations (LC25 and LC50) were determined for azadirachtin and...

Author(s): TUNCA, Hilal, KILINÇER, NeÅŸet and ÖZKAN, Cem

Development of a device adapted to perform the torch gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) hardfacing using alloys in powder form

March 2014

This work was aimed at developing a device adapted to any gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) torch, allows obtaining hard coatings by depositing alloys in powder form. For the purpose of verifying the feasibility of implementing this process, the results and parameters were compared with the plasma transferred arc (PTA) process. Due to good wear resistance was used as the substrate alloy SAE 1020 and alloy STELLITE 6...

Author(s): Moselli, Paulo Cezar,  de Oliveira, Marcelo Falcão and Moreno, João Roberto Sartori 

Regional sustainability assessment and its sensitivity analysis based on ecological footprint model: A case study of Xingguo County in China

March 2014

Based on the Ecological Footprint Model, a Sustainability Index is put forward to measure the degree of regional sustainable development. Using correlation and sensitivity analysis, this study explored the level of sustainable development in the Xingguo County of China from 1996 to 2005, and revealed the driving factors of human activities on sustainable development. The results indicate that the...

Author(s): Xie, Hualin, Liu, Qu , Wang, Peng and Liu, Zhifei,

Effects of physiological status and seasonal variation on plasma mineral profile of sheep in Kashmir valley

February 2014

Evaluating mineral profile of sheep, belonging to different physiological states and in different seasons, is an important indicator of their nutritional and health status. This is important to prevent health disorders which lead to production and reproductive disturbances. A total of 167 blood samples were collected in four different seasons of the year from sheep having varied physiological demands in Shuhama Alusteng...

Author(s): Dar, A. A., Jadhav, R. K., Dimri, U., Khan, A. A., Khan, H. M. and Sharma, M. C.

A review on Oat (Avena sativa L.) as a dual-purpose crop

February 2014

The multifunctional uses of oats include forage, fodder, straw for bedding, hay, haylage, silage chaff, human food; most commonly, they are rolled or crushed into oatmeal, or ground into fine oat flour. Oatmeal is chiefly eaten as porridge, but may also be used in a variety of baked goods, such as oatcakes, oatmeal cookies, oat bread and raw material for food, health care and cosmetic products. The major components of...

Author(s): Ahmad, Mushtaq, Zaffar, Gul, Dar,  Z. A.  and Habib, Mehfuza 

Comparative performance analysis of irrigation schemes in Kastamonu area located in northern Turkey

February 2014

Performance analysis of six irrigation schemes in Kastamonu area located in northern Turkey were assessed using comparative performance indicators between the years 2008 and 2012. Performance indicators used for the analysis included relative water supply, financial performance as cost recovery ratio, maintenance expenditure to revenue ratio, operational cost per unit area, total cost per personnel employed on water...

Author(s): ÖZMEN, Selçuk 

Evaluation of management transfer of irrigation scheme in Düzce valley located in Western Black Sea Region of Turkey

February 2014

Management transfer of Düzce irrigation scheme was evaluated using appropriate performance indicators and the effects of farmers' opinions on water using and agricultural effectiveness. The results of the analysis indicated that the transfer process was not useful for farmers generally. Transfer management had no effect on sufficiency, equality, and irrigation time. However, maintenance of irrigation channels...

Author(s): ÖZMEN, Selçuk 

Blood glucose level of plasma samples prepared from sodium fluoride and lithium heparin anticoagulants for diabetes mellitus diagnosis

February 2014

The aim of this study was to compare blood glucose levels, which were prepared from NaF and lithium heparin anticoagulants for diabetes mellitus (DM) screening test. DM-check up Clinic at Kutchap Hospital, Udonthani province collected the blood samples and filled sodium fluoride (NaF) and lithium heparin tubes (Greiner Bio-One, Austria) from 300 customers. Then, plasma was separated immediately from each blood sample...

Author(s): Sudjaroen, Yuttana

Metamaterials for performance enhancement of patch antennas: A review

February 2014

This review paper focused on the use of metamaterials for the performance enhancement of microstrip patch antennas. In this work, the definition of metamaterials used in literature is first reviewed and then we consider various challenging issues for the microstrip patch antennas. The paper hence concludes some thoughts on the future scope of research in the field of metamaterials, discussing the advantages that...

Author(s): Singh, Ranjeeta, Kumar, Nitin and Gupta, S. C.

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