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Agricultural Biotechnology and Sustainable Development

  • Abbreviation: J. Agric. Biotech. Sustain. Dev.
  • Language: English
  • ISSN: 2141-2340
  • DOI: 10.5897/JABSD
  • Start Year: 2009

JABSD Articles in press

Morphological and molecular genetic diversity of exotic melon germplasm.

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Morphological and molecular characterization helps identify desirable traits in exotic germplasm, expediting crop breeding. Genetic variability assessment of several domestic melon germplasm has been already analyzed in Bangladesh. There is a lack of information regarding the assessment of genetic variability in exotic melon germplasm. The study evaluated five exotic melon germplasm using morphological and molecular...

Author(s): Rafiqul Islam,Khadiza Khatun, Salma Akter,Mokaram Hanifa Koly,Kazi Meftahul Jannat,Nazmun Naher

Effects of Fertilization Experiment by Liquid of Anaerobic Fermentation from Livestock Field on Soil Properties and Plant Nutrition.

Article in Press

The liquid of anaerobic fermentation from Livestock (LAFL) can supply nutrients for plants such as mineral salts, humus and amino acids. Therefore, it should be beneficial to the growth of crops if it can be used as fertilizer. The experiment was seperated to the areas of LAFL and fertilization of chemical fertilizer (CK) for ten kinds of crops. The results showed that the organic matter content and plant nitrogen content...

Author(s): Lin Yong-Hong

Characterization of Milk Production and Marketing Systems In And Around Nekemte Town, East Wollega, Western Oromia, Ethiopia.

Article in Press

The study was conducted in Rural and Urban dairy production systems of Nekemte town and around at east wollega Zone, Oromia National Regional state. The data were collected with the following objectives to Characterize Dairy Production System in the study area, to Identify Milk and Milk Product Marketing System in the study area and to identify the Constraints of Dairy Production and Marketing in the study area. A single...

Author(s):Shibiru Legesse ,Ayantu Mekonnen,Tolesa Garoma

Characterization Of Tomato Germplasm Accessions For Breeding Research In Kenya.

Article in Press

Although, tomato is the leading vegetable crop in Kenya, not much work has been done to develop improved tomato varieties with farmer preferred and market demanded traits. This study aimed to characterize ten tomato genotypes for morphological and agronomic traits and to identify potential parental lines for use in the breeding program. The experiments were conducted in Kenya during the 2017 long and short rain seasons....

Author(s): Kathimba Francis Kamau

Gge Biplot Analysis of Genotype- by –Environment Interactions for Selected Yellow Root CassavaAcross Three Locations.

Article in Press

Ten yellow fleshed cassava genotypes with two checks were evaluated in a randomized complete block design with three replications at three locations. The combined analysis of variance across environments showed highly significant (P


On-farm Demonstration and Evaluation of Improved Variety of Black Cumin in Gemechis, Habro and Tulo Districts of West Hararghe Zone.

Article in Press

The experiment was carried out in Habro, Gemechis and Tulo districts of West Hararghe Zone with the objectives of evaluating improved varieties of black cumin under farmers` field condition and to create awareness and skill of production and management of the improved black cumin variety. Four kebeles were selected purposively based on black cumin production potential, two kebeles from Gemechis and the other two were...


Comparative Study of Three Solar Drying Methods of Baobab Leaves Using Drying Kinetics and Drying Models

Article in Press

A comparative study of three drying methods of baobab leaves have been conducted and reported. Mixed mode solar drying, indirect mode solar drying and open sun drying of baobab leaves was conducted based on three drying models viz a viz Lewis, Page and Henderson and Pabis models were employed in this research. Baobab leaves dried faster when dried under the mixed mode on-farm solar dryer. Drying time reduced considerably...



Article in Press

Sweet potato has a potential role in combating food shortage and malnutrition following the rapid population growth and limited farmland available. Therefore, invitro multiplication of some food security crops including sweet potato is important. In this study, an efficient and reproducible plant regeneration protocol is optimized for rapid and efficient in-vitro propagation of sweet potato (Ipomoea Batatas L.) cultivar...

Author(s):Adane Gebeyehu Demise

Efficacy of Integrated Weed Control Methods in Cotton

Article in Press

This study was aimed at determining the effectiveness of different weed control combinations in cotton crop. Treatments included different combinations of water extracts of brassica and sorghum, S-Metolachlor and manual weeding. A randomized complete block design (RCBD) experiment with split-split plot arrangements was laid out; where tillage was kept in main plot, water extract treatments at 12 and 15 L ha-1 in sub-plot...

Author(s):Mamoona Arooj, Ehsan Safdar Nasir Ali Tauqir, and Abdul Hannan

Evaluation of feeding options for Raya bull (3 years old) to attain export market weight (250-300kg): In the case of southern Tigray, Ethiopia:

Article in Press

The study was conducted with objective being to evaluation feed options for Raya cattle bulls to attain export market weight. A total of 15 pure Raya cattle breed at age of three years were purchased from local markets using phenotypic and dentition . Experimental animals were drenched with a broad spectrum anti-helminthic and sprayed against external parasites. Feeding trial was carried out for 90 days following 15 days...

Author(s):Temesgen Tesfay, Adehanom Baraki, Zelalem Tesfay, Tesfaye Alemu, Tesfay Atsebha, Solomon Wayu


Article in Press

Interest in developing most economical weed control method continues to increase because of the economic implications of repeated weeding. Costs, including those of man power and yield losses due to weed infestation lower the profitability of crop production in the tropics especially those of highly cherished but slow growing crops like water yam. Tithonia diversifolia, an aggressive weed has become a major economic...

Author(s):Ogunsola, A, Olabode, O.S, Oladapo O.S and Sangodele A.O

Evaluation of Open Pollinated Maize (Zea mays L.) Varieties for mid altitude areas of Western Guzi Zone, Southern Oromia, Ethiopia.

Article in Press

Maize is one of the most important cereals crop broadly adapted to different agro-ecologies worldwide. The experiment was conducted with the objective to evaluation of open pollinated maize varieties for the adaptability and stability of grain yield and yield related traits for mid altitude areas of Western Guji Zone. Different genotypes have different performance in each region that can be capitalized to maximize...

Author(s):Natol Bekele, Tolasa Taye, Yonas Shimeli

Growth and Phenological Response of Soybean to Bradyrhizobium Inoculation, Lime and Phosphorus Applications at Bako, Western Ethiopia.

Article in Press

Acidity and poor soil fertility are the major soil chemical constraints that limit crop productivity in western Ethiopia. This low productivity in leguminous crops is a result of declining soil fertility and reduced N2-fixation due to biological and environmental factors. Thus, a study was carried out to determine the influence of lime, Bradyrhizobium inoculation and phosphorus (P) fertilizer on soybean nodulation,...

Author(s):Alemayehu Dabessa


Article in Press

Urban pollution has had great impact on the environment. Several factors of contamination carry heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are suspended in the atmosphere or deposited on the earth's surface contaminating air, water and soil as well as the green cover substratum. In order to assess the contamination state and the properties of a green cover substratum in eight plots installed in the roof...

Author(s):Kelly del Cisne Ulcuango Ulcuango& Alberto Masaguer Rodriguez

Opportunities and Challenges of adopting Home garden Agroforestry Practices in Ethiopia: a Review

Article in Press

Home gardens enable farmers to secure their food availability, mitigate environmental change, increase consistency of social-cultural values and protect species provenance. In other hands, they conserve biodiversity and sequester carbon, and improve a biogeochemical process even if the home garden has multifunctional values. For the country, they have yet to be given special consideration by decision makers and scientists....

Author(s):Abay Bantihun Melese Woreku

Review on Phosphate Solubilizing Fungi and Its Inoculation to Seeds

Article in Press

Phosphorous is one of the most vital nutrients for plant development. It increases the strength of cereal straw in plants, stimulates flower formation and fruit production, as well as stimulates root development and it’s needed for seed development. Owing to their high retention in soil, movement of phosphate ions in the soil is very little. In this regard, the supply of P through biological systems is considered a...

Author(s):Chala Dandessa

Popularization of Engine Operated Maize Sheller to Selected Maize Growers of Tigray, Ethiopia:

Article in Press

Maize production has increased in the last few years in the region and country. Despite the increase, there are still many problems that are not solved in the production system, among them shelling system or operation is the first. The traditional methods of shelling; i.e. rubbing the cob together, fringe by hand finger, beating the cobs using sick, or by pestle and animal tramping . These methods are labor intensive, time...

Author(s):Dawit Hadera, Taddesse Tesfamariam


Article in Press

Soil and water resources are important for sustaining life on earth since they are the main components of sub-catchments. Despite the technologies that have been introduced in Maziba sub-catchment, farmers have variations in technology acceptance due to over cultivation of land, population pressure, and deforestation that accelerate soil erosion. The objective of the study was to characterize soil and water conservation...

Author(s):Ndemere Julius, Mary Makokha and Tenywa Moses

Growth inhibitory properties of Pseudomonas fluorescens against wheat pathogen fungus

Article in Press

Pseudomonas species possess a variety of promising properties of antifungal and growth promoting activities in wheat plant. The present study focuses on the variety of promising properties of the bacteria which grows at an optimum temperature of 25ºC; this makes it a better bio control agent. Different gram positive and gram negative bacteria were tested against wheat pathogenic fungi, T. indica for their antagonistic...

Author(s):Geetika Vajpayee, Sugandha Asthana, Shanthy Sundaram


Article in Press

Agricultural practices void of chemicals is the most current approach in sustainable agricultural system. Mutants of Glomus versiforme serves as an excellent source of bioactive compounds in the control of plant pathogens. UV mutagenesis was found to be one of the novel strategy for developing Glomus versiforme mutants with enhanced inhibitory activity. Secondary metabolites of Glomus versiforme (wild and mutant) were...



Article in Press

Home gardens are small land units for food production, usually within the homestead in rural and urban communities. These gardens are important component of subsistence living and an archive for plant species of mixed life cycles. In this study, a survey of 70 home gardens in the Senior Staff quarters of University of Benin, Nigeria was conducted. The study area was divided into three transects (P-quarter, A-quarters and...



Article in Press

Summary The recent efforts of Nigeria towards Agricultural transformation agenda (ATA) are receiving support from other stake holders in Agriculture. Among non- governmental organizations supporting government in this area is (NOAN), working and promoting organic agriculture in the country. Recently NOAN organized her third National technical workshop on organic agriculture where in papers were presented on various titles....

Author(s):A. R. Adedeji, R. A. Sanusi, A. O. Olaiya and V. O. Oyedokun

Production of indigenous mushrooms spawn using agricultural substrates

Article in Press

Indigenous oyster mushrooms occur naturally when conditions are favorable. Good quality spawn is a major challenge for the small scale farmers who would like to domesticate indigenous mushrooms. The use of wheat grain in mushroom growing industries for spawn production causes a threat to food security. The aim of this study was to test agricultural wastes as alternative substrates for indigenous mushrooms spawn production....

Author(s):Njeru P. W., Wagara I. N., Kariuki S. T., and Muchiri S. N.

Differential effect of NaCl and KCl salinity on dimorphic seeds of chicory (Cichorium pumilum L.) during germination and subsequent recovery

Article in Press

White and dark seeds of chicory were germinated in NaCl or KCl at 0, 30, 100 and 250 mmol L-1 for 7 days. The threshold salinity for germination capacity was 100 mmol L-1, beyond which NaCl exerted more toxic effect than KCl and white seeds had higher critical salinity (220 mmol L-1 NaCl and > 250 mmol L-1 KCl) than dark seeds (185 mmol L-1 NaCl and 200 mmol L-1 KCl). Germination speed was more salt-sensitive than...

Author(s):Taha Mohamed El-Katony, Mamdouh Mohamed, Nemat Alla and Mohamed Zaky Ahmad

Implementation of stewardship in African agricultural public research and development institutions

Article in Press

The commercial use of biotech crops developed using genetic modification (GM) technologies is very limited in sub-Saharan African agriculture. Efforts are on-going to address this. The need to implement best practices in stewardship to support the responsible and safe management of agricultural biotechnology and maintain the highest research standards on product integrity have received less attention. A pioneering...

Author(s):Walter S. Alhassan, Vivienne M. Anthony and Patrick Rudelsheim

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