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Inflation tends to be a relatively persistent process, which means that current and past values should be helpful in forecasting future inflation. Applying this intuition, we construct a basic stochastic model which exploits information embedded in past values of Ghana’s inflation data. Therefore the aim of this study is not to identify the drivers of Ghana’s inflation, but to identify and forecast with the best predicting...

Author(s):Francis Delali Baeta, John Tumaku and Emanuel Kwame Ahiave

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Savings, Remittances And Economic Growth In Nigeria

This study will uncover the effect and direction of causality between savings, foreign remittances and economic growth in Nigeria from 1980 to 2017.It will assess the effect of remittances in bridging the resource gap that is a vital for domestic savings to enhance economic growth. Using a single equation multivariate model approach, it employs Engel-Granger cointegration and causality tests to analyze the relationship....

Author(s):Job Pristine Migap

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Nigeria’s Domestic Debt Profile (1980 – 2017)

The study examined the Nigerian domestic debt profile between 1980 and 2017 with the use of Pooled OLS regression technique. The result indicates that holdings of Federal Government's domestic debt outstanding in the economy portends a serious fiscal crisis if the government does access greater domestic debt from the entire Banking system in Nigeria which is seen as being relatively manageable for the economy. The Nigerian...

Author(s):Kazeem Fasoye

Article in Press

Credit Risk Evaluation Modeling: A Logit Approach

Credit scoring is a method that is used to determine the risk factors relevant to undertake an obligatory task and wiliness to pay. This research paper is aimed at evaluating credit risk model, based on the logit model approach. Various performance indices were used such as; average success rate, sensitivity, specificity, and misclassification cost (type I and II errors). The measure of accuracy and reliability of the...

Author(s):Alabi, M.A and Issa, Suleman

Article in Press

Quantitative easing in the West African economic and monetary union (WAEMU).

This study aims to show first in a theoretical approach that changes in government bonds influences the real gross domestic product per capita in a monetary union in the short term. Indeed, in the long term, nominal government bonds will not have an effect on economic growth. The study also conducted empirical verification based on mainly secondary data on macroeconomic variables and the P-value of Hausman test the...

Author(s):OUEDRAOGO Nosseyamba Benjamin

Article in Press

Investigation of Trade-off between Binary logistic regression and linear discriminant Models on Credit risk: Evidence from real life data

Credit scoring is used to determine the risk factors relevant to undertake an obligatory task and wiliness to pay. The purpose of this study is to investigate trade-off between linear discriminant and logistic regression models for credit scoring and risk evaluation in banking system. Various performances indices such as percentage correctly classified (PCC), Sensitivity, Specificity, and misclassification cost (type I...

Author(s):Suleman Issa and Adebayo Alabi Mudasiru

Article in Press

An Empirical Test of the Agency Theory in Corporate Governance of SACCOs in Uganda

In a corporation, management is employed by owners for specified functions from which utility of owners and management is to be derived. While executing their roles and obligations, management may consider fulfilling their interests at the expense of owners’ interests and vice versa. This results into agency problems. This study tests the relevance of the agency theory and examines whether existing governance mechanisms...

Author(s):Kibs Boaz Muhanguzi

Article in Press

The Effect of Real Effective Exchange Rate on Balance of Payments in Ethiopia: A Co-Integrated VAR Approach

This study investigated the relationship between real effective exchange rate and balance of payment in Ethiopia using annual data spanning the period 1976 - 2015. The analysis is based on a cointegrated vector autoregressive approach. The methodology of the study begins with Augmented Dickey-Fuller stationarity tests of the data and the Johansen cointegration rank test that revealed current account, real gross domestic...

Author(s):Teamrat Kahssay, Muhdin Muhammedhussen Batu and Sisay Tola

Article in Press

The impact of trade liberalization on small and meduim scale enterprise growth in Nigeria (1986-2016)

This study examines the impact of trade liberalization on Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) growth in Nigeria, as a strategy for the diversification of the economy through trade liberalization especially on the SMEs sector. Data used for this study was sourced from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) 2016 statistical bulletin and bureau of statistics from 1986 to 2016. SMEs outputs was used as dependent variable, while...

Author(s):Likita Ogba, Disi Park, Charity Philip Sidi

Article in Press

The Speed of Mean Reversion: Regional Market Study

Volatility is measured as a risk and plays vital role in many financial decisions. The central part of this study is to capture the existence of the volatility in the regional financial markets (Karachi, Bombay, China, Korea and Hong Kong) have been included and the sample of daily stock return from Jan 1,2013 to Dec 31,2017 taken for the testing. The volatility and its stylized facts were under consideration by using...

Author(s):Rizwan Manzoor

Article in Press

Kenya-China Trade Relations: A Nexus of “Trade not Aid” Investment Opportunities for Sustainable Development

Kenya –China trade and investment are at a record high with China’s entry point being heavy infrastructural investments in Kenya. China now controls 66 per cent of Kenya’s bilateral debt. Given the rapid penetration of Chinese manufactured exports to the East African market, prospects for Kenya’s industrialization could be in jeopardy. The flooding of counterfeit products from China into the Kenyan local market reduces the...

Author(s):Prof SIRINGI EM

Article in Press


Stock market activities assume a crucial role in determining the level of economic activities in both developing and developed economies, by effectively facilitating capital for investment, providing a proper stage to incite best corporate practices that will bring about growing investment and hence leading to a rise in the growth rate of the economy. In this regard, this study sought to empirically examine the nexus...

Author(s):Mweembe Muleya Mudenda, Robert Becker Pickson, Wonder Agbenyo

Article in Press


Since 1999, successive Governments of Cross River State (CRS), Nigeria have successfully transformed the State to a preferred destination for business and leisure. But notwithstanding the impressive macroeconomic performance, youth inactivity has remained very high, and it is believed that Crossriverians suffer from acute skills deficiency syndrome (ASDS), which is not having the required skills to secure good jobs or...

Author(s):Mba Peter

Article in Press

The technical efficiency of Tunisian ports: Comparing data envelopment analysis and stochastic frontier analysis scores

Maritime transportation for Tunisia plays an important role in trade exchange with other countries. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to measure the efficiency scores of 7 seaports in Tunisia by applying the Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA) with Cobb-Douglas production function and data envelopment analysis (DEA) with CCR and BCC models. The annual data collected cover the 2003 to 2013 period for each port. Thus,...

Author(s):Rabeb kammoun

Article in Press

Currency portfolio optimization with an innovative covariance matrix estimator (QMLE)

With the advent of high frequency data, the sum of squared returns between trades which is the most common estimator, is biased by microstructure effects like bid-ask bounce thus the need to drop most of the data. Nonetheless, a number of alternative estimators that make efficient use of the available data have been developed. However, choosing an estimator is not trivial since the study of their relative merits focuses on...

Author(s):Rancy Chepchirchir

Article in Press


This study estimated the short and longrun Phillips curves for Kenya. The non- accelerating inflation rate of unemployment (NAIRU) was also estimated and the Lucas critique tested to prove whether it is evident in Kenyan data. This study was necessary since the Kenyan rates of inflation and unemployment were both simultaneously high contrary to what Phillips curve theory explains. Using secondary data covering 1977 to...


Article in Press

Monetary policy pass-through in Nigeria: An autoregressive distributed-lag (ARDL) bound testing approach

The paper investigates on the lingering issue of monetary policy transmission from the perspective of Nigeria from 1980 to 2016. Applying a two way techniques of Vector Autoregression and Autoregressive Distributed Lag, we found that jointly considered, monetary policy does not have any long run relationship with economic activity, credit transmission channel is ineffectual in monetary policy transmission in Nigeria, and...

Author(s):Uduak Michael Ekong

Article in Press

The Interest Rate Pass-through in Algeria: An Econometric Study 1990 - 2010

Among the main interests of the monetary policy after the financial liberalization in 1990 is the effectiveness of financial intermediation, since the lack of financial stability systems in countries may raise reasonable concerns about how monetary policy functions. The study of the relationship between the main benefit of the Central Bank and the interest rates of commercial banks, or what we opt for as the concept of...

Author(s):fethi fethi

Article in Press

Financial development and economic growth: A Vector Autoregression Approach

The paper models banking sector liberalisation variables between financial liberalisation and economic growth in Nigeria for the period of 1981 to 2012, based on time series econometrics using granger causality through Vector AutoRegression method. It examines the extent of banking sector liberalisation on growth of the economy using growth in credit to private sector to GDP, growth in demand deposit to narrow money,...

Author(s):Okunoye Ismaila

Article in Press


Every cake has its deforming tendencies and the handling of such matters in maximizing utility. This paper examined the relationship between external debt and economic growth in Nigeria from the period of 1981-2013. The study used both descriptive and econometric tools. The analysis of unit root was performed on each of the variables incorporated in the model specified and the result showed that, all the variables were...

Author(s):Ijirshar Victor Ushahemba

Article in Press


Urwibutso enterprise has been taken as a pilot of a study on analysis of the contribution of small and medium enterprise on wellbeing conditions of households in Rwanda. The study covered a period of 2012 to 2015. This paper aims at answering the question on how small and medium enterprise contribute on wellbeing conditions of households. Methods of data collection included questionnaires and interview on 91 personal of...

Author(s):HARELIMANA Jean Bosco

Article in Press

Determinants of the financial performance of private commercial banks in Ethiopia: Bank specific factors analysis

The main purpose of this paper is to investigate the bank specific factors which can affect the financial performance of private commercial banks in Ethiopia. A total of 6 private commercial banks (those having full organized financial data till 2017) were purposefully taken & their audited annual financial reports were analyzed for the period of 2011 to 2017. For this purpose, descriptive statistic, Pearson Correlation...

Author(s):Abdu Mohammed Assfaw

Article in Press


The validity of the Ricardian equivalence proposition remains disputed in spite of the numerous empirical work done on it. This study utilised panel ARDL estimation approach to investigate the evidence of Ricardian Equivalence Hypothesis in five Sub-Sahara African countries, namely Botswana, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, and Kenya over the period 1981-2014. From the long-run results obtained from the Pooled Mean Group...

Author(s):Robert Becker Pickson

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