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January 2012

Elements for the sustainable management of acridoids of importance in agriculture

  Acridoidea is a superfamily within the Orthoptera order that comprises a group of short-horned insects commonly called grasshoppers. Grasshopper and locust species are major pests of grasslands and crops in all continents except Antarctica. Economically and historically, locusts and grasshoppers are two of the most destructive agricultural pests. The most important locust species belong to the genus...

Author(s): María Irene Hernández-Zul, Juan Angel Quijano-Carranza, Ricardo Yañez-López, Irineo Torres-Pacheco, Ramón Guevara-Gónzalez, Enrique Rico-García,  Adriana Elena Castro-Ramírez and Rosalía Virginia Ocampo-Velázquez  

January 2012

Socio-economic, food and nutrient intake and nutritional status indicators associated with successful livestock development programmes in Western Kenya

  Dairy production and marketing dominates the livestock contribution to household economies and is one of the highest deliverer of the per capita milk availability in sub-Saharan Africa. Livestock activities are integrated within household consumption and production decisions, increasing drudgery among women. In Kenya the livestock projects were established to improve household food security and the...

Author(s): Mary Khakoni Walingo

January 2012

Effects of different bacterial inoculants on the fermentation and aerobic stability of whole-plant corn silage

  This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of bacterial inoculants on the fermentation and aerobic stability of whole-plant corn silage using different combinations of Lactobacillus plantarum, Pediococcus acidilactici, Propionibacterium acidipropionici, and Lactobacillus buchneri. Inoculation of silage with a combination of L. plantarum and P. acidilactici increased (P < 0.05) lactate concentration...

Author(s): Jianzhong Shi, Qiyu Diao and  Fadi Li#

January 2012

Evaluation of dielectric constant by clay mineral and soil physico-chemical properties

  Time domain reflectometry (TDR) has capability of distinguishing the dielectric property of solid, air and liquid phases of the soils and has become increasingly popular for determining the soil water content (SWC). The purpose of this study was to find a relationship between soil bulk density (BD), clay content, clay mineralogy with dielectric constant. The latter is a function of SWC. For this purpose 10...

Author(s): Davood Namdar-Khojasteh, Mahdi Shorafa and Mahmoud Omid

January 2012

Organic and inorganic fertilizers application on the growth and yield of Artemisia annua L. in the humid tropics of Ghana

  A study was conducted at the Agriculture Research Station, Anwomaso during the 2008 major growing season to evaluate the effect of organic (poultry manure) and inorganic (chemical) fertilizers on the growth and yield of Artemisia annua. The experiment also examined the effects of variation in the stage of harvest on artemisinin yield. The experiment was arranged in a randomized complete block design with...

Author(s): Yeboah, S., Akromah, R. and Quansah, C.

January 2012

The determination of the relationships between physical and chemical properties of soils to water erosion and crust strengths in Menemen Plain Soils, Turkey

  This study was carried out to determine the relationships between soil pyhsical and chemical properties to water erosion and crust strengths. The two consecutive rain storm (65 mm h-1) were applied on the experimental soils. Erosion plots were waited under a platform, which included 4 infrared lamps (4 × 250 W) at 16 h between the two consecutive simulated rainfalls for crust forming. Results showed...

Author(s): Gökçen YÖNTER and Huriye UYSAL

January 2012

A comparison of poultry litter applied like organic fertilizer and that applied like chemical fertilizer in corn development

  Poultry manure, applied like organic fertilizer on corn, has not been studied extensively; so, no one knows its effect on the genealogy of the soil. However, organic fertilizer does not cost much, it is easy to buy and it has less degree of environmental degradation as compared to chemical fertilizers. This study was conducted in the commercial fields of St. Helena / PR with corn, using the triple hybrid...

Author(s): Tiago Roque Benetoli da Silva, Tiago Bortoluzzi, Carolina Amaral Tavares da Silva and Claudia Regina Dias Arieira

January 2012

Distribution of lead, cadmium, copper and zinc in roadside soil of Sari-Ghaemshahr road, Iran

  This study was conducted to investigate the concentration of lead, cadmium, copper and zinc in different site of the Sari-Ghaemshahr road in Iran. The soil samples were collected along the sampling section at the distances of 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 100 m from the road edge of both sides of the road, while sampling depths were 0 to 5 and 5 to 15 cm from the surface. The concentrations of Cu, Zn, Pb and Cd were...

Author(s): S. Neda Masoudi, M. Ghajar Sepanlou and M. A. Bahmanya

January 2012

Molecular cloning and characterization of the HDR gene involved in the methyl-erythritol phosphate (MEP) pathway from sweet potato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam]

  1-Hydroxy-2-methyl-2-(E)-butenyl 4-diphosphate reductase (HDR, EC catalyses the last committed step of MEP pathway, which provides precursors for biosynthesis of isoprenoids in plant. This research is the first report of cloning full-length cDNA encoding HDR from sweet potato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam], which is designated as IbHDR (Genbank Accession Number: HQ596402). The full length of IbHDR was...

Author(s): Guijun Wang, Min Chen, Xiaoqiang Liu, Chunxian Yang, Lingjiang Zeng, Fanyu Fu, Xiaozhong Lan and Zhihua Liao

January 2012

Genetic and GGE biplot analyses of sorghum germplasm for stem sugar traits in Southern Africa

  Breeding of suitable sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) cultivars can boost biofuel production and farmer income in southern Africa. To generate the information necessary for breeding, eight female lines were crossed with 10 male lines in a North Carolina design II mating scheme. The 80 hybrids, parents and check varieties were evaluated across four environments during 2008 to 2009. Analyses were...

Author(s):  Itai Makanda, John Derera, Pangirayi Tongoona and Julia Sibiya

January 2012

Genetic variability of some rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) cultivars in Southern Iran

  Eight rapeseed cultivars were studied for variability, heritability and correlation analysis of seed yield and yield components in Southern Iran for two years (2009 and 2010). These genotypes were planted in field arranged on randomized completely blocks design with three replications at the Research Centre of Islamic Azad University of Firoozabad, 95 km of Shiraz. The studied traits were days from emergence...

Author(s): Mahdi Zare and Shahram Sharafzadeh

January 2012

Building long-term relationships between producers and trader groups in the non-timber forest product sector in Cameroon

  Emerging literature on agricultural marketing in developing countries recommend some form of partnership/strategic alliances between producers and traders in order to overcome weaknesses of market access orchestrated by a weak institutional environment, prominent of which are poor road infrastructures and inadequate market information systems. Conversely the literature fails to discuss what is necessary to...

Author(s): Foundjem-Tita D.,, Degrande A., D’Haese M., Van Damme P., Tchoundjeu Z., Gyau A., Facheux C. and Mbosso C.

January 2012

The expression patterns of the genes VvTFL1, VFL, VAP1, VvAG1 and VvSEP3 during bud and flower development in the “Xiangfei” grapevine (Vitisvinifera L.)

   In this study, the differentiation of buds, inflorescences and flowers of the “Xiangfei” grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) was examined, and the roles of the genes VvTFL1, VFL, VAP1, VvAG1 and VvSEP3 in the initiation and development of these organs were studied. We found that the structure of burst buds included an apical point, a leaf primordium, an inflorescence or tendril primordium, bract...

Author(s): Anyan Yao, Jianlou Wang, Suli Zhang, Yuyan Yang, Long Zhou and Jianfang Hu

January 2012

Evaluation of five bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea (L.) Verdc.) landraces to heat and drought stress at Tono-Navrongo, Upper East Region of Ghana

  The need to obtain crop varieties that are tolerant to heat and drought cannot be overemphasised especially with the threat of climate change to agricultural productivity in sub-Saharan Africa. Bambara groundnut has been identified as a drought tolerant crop; however, variations exist among landraces with respect to drought tolerance. An experiment was therefore conducted to evaluate the performance of five...

Author(s):   J. N. Berchie, M. Opoku, H. Adu-Dapaah, A. Agyemang, J. Sarkodie-Addo, E. Asare, J. Addo and H. Akuffo

January 2012

Changes in lignin structure with maturation of alfalfa leaf and stem in relation to ruminants nutrition

  In the present investigation, the major chemical constituents in leaf and stem of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) cv Elena at three different stages of maturity were studied. The experiment was designed as a randomized block replicated three times. During growth and development, crude protein content decreased and cell wall constituents (Neutral Detergent Fiber-NDF, Acid Detergent Fiber-ADF and ADL- Acid...

Author(s): Jordan P. Marković, Ratibor T. Štrbanović, Dragan V. Terzić, Dragoslav J. Djokić, Aleksandar S. Simić, Miroslav M. Vrvić and Sanja P. Živković

January 2012

Seed morphology and their systematic importance of Lathyrus taxa belonging to Platystylis (=Lathyrostylis) section (Fabaceae) from Turkey

  In this study, the seed morphologies and testa structures of 16 taxa belonging to the Platystylis section of the Lathyrus (Fabaceae) genus were analyzed. These taxa were the following; L. pallescens (Bieb.) Koch, L. brachypterus Cel. L. haussknechtii Širj. L. karsianus P.H. Davis, L. satdaghensis P.H. Davis, L. nivalis Hand.-Mazz, L. atropatanus (Grossh.) Širj.,  L. armenus (Boiss. &...

Author(s):    FATMA GÜNEÅž

January 2012

Food insecurity of smallholder farming systems in B72A catchment in the Olifants River Basin, South Africa

  Traditional smallholder farming systems are characterized by low yields and high risks of crop failure and food insecurity. Through a biophysical model, PARCHED-THIRST and a socio-economic farming systems simulation model, OLYMPE, we evaluated the performance of farming practices based on maize yield, gross margin and total family balance over a 10-year period in semi-arid Olifants River Basin of South...

Author(s): Manuel S Magombeyi Sylvie Morardet, Akpofure E Taigbenu and Christian Cheron

January 2012

Water storage for dry season vegetable farming as an adaptation to climate change in the upper east region of Ghana

  The climate is changing in Ghana and farmers in the upper east region are adapting to the situation. The study analyzed determinants of farmers’ adaptive capacity in dry season vegetable farming using an Ordered Logit Model. The effects of adaptive capacities on farm income were also analyzed using log-linear production function. The empirical results reveal that sex, access to land near a reservoir...

Author(s):   Tekuni Nakuja, Daniel B. Sarpong, John K. M. Kuwornu and Asante A. Felix        

January 2012

Production of wheat seeds with presence of humic fertilizer after anthesis drought condition

  Wheat is the most important crop in the world and drought is a worldwide challenge. Irrigated wheat production encounters water deficiency after anthesis stage in Ardabil Region. As a biologic fertilizer with natural origin, humic fertilizers have a balancing effect on plants encountering biotic and abiotic stresses. This experiment was conducted in split plot form based on completely randomized blocks in...

Author(s): Hadi Ranjbar, Reza Shahryari and Vahid Mollasadeghi

January 2012

Using Fairy Pitta as a case study for multimedia ecological learning materials

  Fairy Pitta is considered one of the most beautiful and mysterious birds, and is listed as an endangered species by the United Nations. During its reproduction period, they nest in Alishan of Chiayi County and Huben Village of Yunlin County in Taiwan. Under the increased awareness of ecological and environmental protection in recent years, many websites have especially introduced the fairy pitta. However,...

Author(s):   Ting-Sheng Weng  

January 2012

Gender´s efficiency in Mediterranean greenhouse agricultural labor

  In every economy, there are wage differentials depending on gender and profession. On average, women earn less than men, and this is attributed to two factors: differences in productivity and discrimination. So far, productivity by gender has been indirectly measured through production functions. For this project, we used time-study techniques to directly measure gender productivity in greenhouse agricultural...

Author(s): Francisco Manzano-Agugliaro and Amos Garcia-Cruz

January 2012

Effect of the technology of the additional sowing of drought-resistant clover-grass mixture and silage additives on fermentation process quality and nutritive value of baled grass silages

  Additional sowing is able to increase quality of grass stand. Consecutive use of silage additives ensures successful silage process. Additionally sown were semi-natural grass stands in the Czech Republic. Technologies of additional sowing differ in the degree of disruption of the original sward. The mixture that was used consisted of Arrhenatherum elatius, Festulolium pabulare, Dactylis glomerata and Lotus...

Author(s):   JiÅ™í Skládanka, František Mikyska, Petr Doležal, Jan Šeda, ZdenÄ›k Havlíček, OndÅ™ej Mikel and Šárka Hošková

January 2012

Distribution of biomass and site location of combustion and gasification power plants in western Sicily

  The substitution of conventional fossil fuels with biomass for energy production results both in the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and in the replacement of non-renewable energy sources. The use of biomass for energy production responds to the growing pressure of government policies towards the achievement of better environmental sustainability of power generation processes. This is particularly...

Author(s):   La Scalia G., Aiello G., Micale R. and Mario Enea        

January 2012

Thai botanical herbs and its characteristics: Using artificial neural network

  This paper proposed an explicit supervising technique with artificial neural network (ANN) which is associated with typical Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) systems. The main purpose of implementing this CBIR system with a unique supervising technique is for the system to apprehend various parts of Thai Botanical Herbs in the retrieving processing. This essential step prevents users from herbal usage...

Author(s):  P. Pattanasethanon and B. Attachoo