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Table of Content: 12 September 2011; 6(18)

September 2011

Multifractal analysais of particle-size distributions of alluvial soils in the dam farmland on the Loess Plateau of China

Multifractal techniques have been widely used in soil science to explore more intrinsic information, such as characterizing a distribution for the entire range of particle-size. A soil particle-size distribution (PSD) constitutes an important soil property correlated to soil properties and processes. For the alluvial soil, however, the study on its PSD information using multifractal techniques is important for soil...

Author(s): Pei Zhao, Ming-An Shao and Tie Jun Wang

September 2011

Evaluation of integrated KW-GIUH and MUSLE models to predict sediment yield using geographic information system (GIS) (Case study: Kengir watershed, Iran)

In this study, the Kinematic Wave-Geomorphologic Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph-Modified Universal Soil Loss Equation (KW-GIUH-MUSLE) model was tested for its sediment yield estimation potential on the Kengir watershed in Iyvan city of Ilam Province, Iran. The runoff factor was calculated for six storms during 2000. The spatial distribution of soil erodibility factor was taken from the attribute data pertaining to the...

Author(s): Saleh Arekhi, Afshin Shabani and Sayed Kazem Alavipanah

September 2011

The GIS assessment of changes in land use covers and hillslope conversion potential in the Loess Plateau

The Loess Plateau, which produces most of the deposited sediment of the Yellow River, is an area where the contradiction between human activities and environment has become more severe in recent years. The available land resources in this area are very limited, and the hillslope resource here has great modification potential for better utilization. Thus, it would be quite necessary to evaluate the land use rationality...

Author(s): Hui Shao, Jian’en GAO, Fei Wang, Chunhong Zhao, Hongjie Wang, Xiuquan Xu, Yuanxing Zhang and Lian’an Hao

September 2011

Numerical solution of the Boussinesq equation: Application to the agricultural drainage

Water flow to subterranean drains is described by the Boussinesq equation. To solve this equation, analytical solutions comprising constants, such as the transmissivity and drainable porosity have been developed; however, these solutions assume that free surface of the water falls instantly over the drains. The aim of this investigation is to present a finite difference solution of the differential equation using a...

Author(s): Carlos Chávez, Carlos Fuentes, Manuel Zavala and Fernando Brambila

September 2011

Impact of precipitation pattern on forage production in Pashylogh Rangeland, Iran

The responses of four steppe forage species in the Pashylogh rangeland to precipitation timing were assessed for a period of 7 years (2003 to2007 and 2009 to 2010). Regression analysis was used to examine the relationship between annual production and different periods of precipitation. Annual yields of the different steppe forage species responded differently to the periods of precipitation. Precipitation during...

Author(s): Abdultaher Mirzaali, Hossin Arzani, Mohammad Jafari, Ali Ehsani, Jamshid Khatirnamani and Idris Mirzaali

September 2011

Climate change and vunerability of fish farmers in Southwestern Nigeria

Production systems and livelihoods in South Western Nigeria are at risk of climate variability and change; the fisheries sectors are no exception. The study examined the vulnerability of fish farmers in Ondo and Ekiti States of Nigeria to Climate change. A total of 120 respondents were purposively selected, interviewed and used for data analysis.  Result indicated that the fish farmers in Ondo and Ekiti States...

Author(s): Grace Modupe Adebo and Tolu Anthony Ayelari

September 2011

Distribution of available micronutrients as related to the soil characteristics of Hissar; Haryana (India)

Profile distribution was investigated for DTPA-extractable Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe in relation to depth and important soil characteristics in ten representative soil profiles of Hissar. There was specific pattern of distribution of available Cu, Mn and Fe due to alluvial nature of soils. A decreasing trend for available Zn with increasing depth was observed. Mean values for available Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe were 27, 81, 4.38 and...

Author(s): N. Bassirani,  M. Abolhassani and M. Galavi

September 2011

Reclamation of saline and sodic soil by using divided doses of phosphogypsum in cultivated condition

In this method, while the land is under cultivation, small quantity of phosphogypsum (PG), which is less than the theoretically required doses and irrigation water, were applied for reclamation purposes. A field experiment was conducted in Saraykoy-ANKARA for three years. As amendments, a total of 7.5 and 15.0 t ha-1 PG doses were applied to the field plots of 100 m2 in three consecutive years. In this...

Author(s): Ahmet Ä°dris AÄžAR

September 2011

Characteristics and modelling of canopy conductance and transpiration of Platycladus orientalis (L.) Franco in Loess Plateau of China

Estimating plant water use is an important step in assessing the effects of increasing vegetation cultivation on the hydrological cycle especially in arid and semi-arid regions. In this study, meteorological measurements combined with sap flow techniques provided a low-cost option to study the canopy physiological transpiration of Platycladus orientalis response to environmental factors on a continuous basis....

Author(s): Lei Han, Kang-ning He, Xing-bo Hu, Dong Zhang, Jing Qin, Mei Dong and An-chao Li

September 2011

The changes of milk fatty acids profile and milk performances by using of whole sunflower oil seed (raw or treated) in lactating Holstein cow's diets

The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of dietary supplementation with sunflower oil seed (raw- or heat-treated) in two levels (7.5 or 15%) on UFA in milk fat and performances of high-yielding lactating cows. Twenty early lactating Holstein cows were used in a complete randomized design. Treatments included: 1) CON, control (without sunflower oil seed). 2) LS-UT, 7.5% raw sunflower oil seed. 3)...

Author(s): H. Mansoori, A. Aghazadeh and K. Nazeradl

September 2011

The effect of digestive enzyme in barley based rations on broiler performance

An experiment was conducted in order to investigate the effects of different levels of enzyme (control and 500 g/ton) and different levels of barley (0, 20 and 40% in ration) on broiler performance in a completely randomized design. Body weight and feed conversion ratio were measured weekly, and in the end of week 6, a hen and a rooster were slaughtered and the carcass percent and abdominal fat were measured. The result...

Author(s): Babak Asadi and Cyrus Eydivandi

September 2011

An analysis of the extent and determinants of crop diversification by cocoa (Theobroma cacao) farmers in Ghana

Agricultural diversification into non-traditional export crops has long been recognized as an important strategy by the Government to increase and stabilize export earnings for sustainable economic development and farmers’ incomes. The main purpose of this study, therefore, was to analyze the extent and determinants of crop diversification by cocoa farmers to inform policy makers for policy adjustment. A...

Author(s): Aneani, F., Anchirinah, V. M., Owusu-Ansah, F. and Asamoah, M.

September 2011

Efficient construction of a normalized cDNA library of the high oleic acid rapeseed seed

The cDNA library normalized by reassociation is a newly developed, effective platform for gene discovery and function analysis. In order to screen the genes related to high oleic synthesis, a normalized cDNA library was constructed. Total RNAs were prepared from high oleic acid rapeseed seeds using TRIzol reagent. CDS III/3´ primer was used to synthesize the first-strand cDNA with SMART technique; and the double...

Author(s): Zhang Zhenqian, Xiao Gang, Liu Ruiyang, Tan Tailong, Guan Chunyun, and Wang Guohuai,

September 2011

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in endemic and native tree species, wild pear (Pyrus glabra) and maple (Acer cinerascens)

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) form a tightly linked symbiotic association with many plant species. The arbuscular mycorrhizal potential (including fungal diversity, root colonization and sporulation) in two of the forest tree species Pyrus glabra and Acer cinerascens growing in a semi-arid area were analyzed both in wet and dry seasons. Measurements were recorded from October 2009 to April 2010....

Author(s): Touran Feyzi Kamareh, Anoushirvan Shirvany, Mohammad Matinizadeh, Vahid Etemad and Mostafa Khoshnevis

September 2011

Implantation with low-energy N+ beam changes the transcriptional activation of the expression sequence tags (ESTs) from the transposable elements in rice

Transposable elements (TEs) have played important roles in the evolution of the genes and genomes. As a new resource of mutagens, low-energy ion beam implantation is characterized as slightly physiological damages, wide mutation spectrum, and high mutation frequency comparing with other mutagenicity methods. In order to shed light on the expression profiles of the functional genes from the transposons responding to the...

Author(s): Huiyuan Ya, Huanli Zhang, Weisen Feng , Qiufang Chen, Weidong Wang and Zhen Jiao

September 2011

Identification of volatile compounds in solvent extracts of honeys produced in South Africa

Volatile organic compounds in honey are derived from numerous biosynthetic pathways and contribute in the organoleptic and aromatic properties of honey as well as aid in its floral and geographical origin determination. They are usually extracted from the sugar matrix using various methods associated with varying degree of selectivity and effectiveness. In this study, the volatile composition of three local South...

Author(s): Christy E. Manyi –Loh, Anna M. Clarke and Roland N. Ndip,

September 2011

Response of transgenic rice at germination traits under salt and alkali stress

Rice is a worldwide cereal crop. Rice yield is severely threatened by saline and alkali stresses. A transgenic rice variety and its wild type (Nipponbare) were treated with four different levels of NaCl / Na2CO3 solutions to study the germination traits (germination percentage, root length, dry weight) of transgenic rice. Rice was found to be more sensitive to Na2CO3 than to NaCl solutions. Germination...

Author(s): Xiang-Xiong Deng, Xiao-Qin Zhang, Xiu-Juan Song, Kai-Kai Lai, Long-Biao Guo, Yue-Yong Xin, Hui-Zhong Wang and Da-Wei Xue

September 2011

The study of factors affecting productivity in the agriculture sector of Iran

Production growth through the promotion of productivity is one of the main goals of countries. According to the country's fifth development plan; it is predicted that 33.3% of annual economic growth will be provided by improving productivity. Therefore, identifying factors promoting productivity is very important. This paper examined the causal relationship...

Author(s): Ali Besharat and Mohsen Amirahmadi

September 2011

Optimization of peptidase production conditions in koji making

Two experiments were conducted to study the effect of Banzyladenin and Gibberellin on increasing runner production and some vegetative traits of three strawberry cultivars in greenhouse. The experiments were carried out in a Completely Randomized Design (CRD), with two factors (hormonal treatments and three strawberry cultivars). In the first year (2006), hormonal treatments had two levels (a combination of BA at 1200...

Author(s): Zhang Yanfang and Gao Han

September 2011

Effects of banzyladenine and gibberellin on runner production and some vegetative traits of three strawberry cultivars

Two experiments were conducted to study the effect of Banzyladenin and Gibberellin on increasing runner production and some vegetative traits of three strawberry cultivars in greenhouse. The experiments were carried out in a Completely Randomized Design (CRD), with two factors (hormonal treatments and three strawberry cultivars). In the first year (2006), hormonal treatments had two levels (a combination of BA at 1200...

Author(s): Ali Momenpour, Toktam Sadat Taghavi and Shokofeh Manochehr

September 2011

Efficiencies of some vitamins in improving yield and quality of flax plant

Two field experiments were conducted during two successive winter seasons in the experimental farm of the Agriculture Research Center of Giza in Egypt to study the effect of some vitamins (vitamin B9, vitamin C and vitamin B12) on the yield and quality of flax plant. The results showed that foliar application of these vitamins significantly increased the growth parameters, as well as photosynthetic pigments...

Author(s): M. M. Emam, A. H. El-Sweify and N. M. Helal

September 2011

Groundwater artificial recharge assessment in Kangavar Basin, a semi-arid region in the western part of Iran

Increasing groundwater withdrawal combined with prolonged dry periods occurring in recent years in Iran, necessitated the importance of research on groundwater consumption management. One of the prevailing difficulties is the appearance of severe decline in groundwater table in the Kangawar Basin. To overcome the recent declination of groundwater, artificial recharge was evaluated and safe yield was calculated. MODFLOW...

Author(s): A. Taheri and M. Zare

September 2011

Differential equation model for durability of the tractor's engine with application to the model Massey Ferguson 8160

A novel mathematical model for the tractor engine durability, based on the appropriate differential equation and conditions, is formulated and presented in this paper. Its practical applicability is experimentally verified for the tractor type Massey-Ferguson 8160. The probability density function of the engine’s lifespan, as long as the overhaul is needed, is established and approximated by normal Gaussian...

Author(s): Kurt W. Tomantschger, Dragan V. Petrović, Zoran Ä. Golubović and Zoran I. Mileusnić

September 2011

Study on agronomic performances of ecotypes sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) under the Sudano-Sahelian climatic conditions of Mali

Sesame is a traditional crop relegated to poor soils with low yields. In recent years, interest for the production of sesame is increasing in Mali. The food of the rural Malian populations is cruelly lacking lysine and is very low in protein (8 to 10%), lipids (6 to 8%) and minerals. In order to diversify the source of protein, and to contribute to food security in the country side of Mali, twenty ecotypes sesame...

Author(s): Kansaye Aly, Togola Adama, Niangaly Ousmane, Dembele Sidiki Gabriel, Traore Aminata Koumaré and Song Weining,

September 2011

Nutritional potential of Echinochloa pyramidalis (Lam.) Hitchc. & chase, a forage plant used in constructed wetlands treatment of faecal sludge and wastewater

In Cameroon, Echinochloa pyramidalis used in constructed wetlands as alternative macrophytes revealed an attractive market potentials because of its quality as forage in addition to its pollutant removal capacity. The effects of salinity and the combined effects of salinity and flooding on the nutritional potential of E. pyramidalis under drained and flooded conditions were evaluated after 45 and 100...

Author(s): Marie-Madeleine Ngoutane Pare, Doulaye Koné, Ives Magloire Kengne, Kouassi Dongo and Amougou Akoa

September 2011

Evaluation of morphological characteristics in five Persian maize (Zea mays L.) under drought stress

A greenhouse experiment was carried out to assess the reaction of five maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes under drought stress. Seeds were planted in Petri dishes. The study was established in a completely randomized design with five replications. The plants were harvested 15 days after sowing, and leaf area per plant (LA), longest root length (LRL), plant height (PH), root fresh weight (RFW), root dry weight (RDW),...

Author(s): Kiarash Afsharpour Rezaeieh and Alireza Eivazi