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Table of Content: 13 November, 2012; 7(43)

November 2012

Response of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) genotypes to NaCl levels at early growth stages

  Salinity which affected approximately 7% of the world’s total land area is one of the factors which reduce productivity of sorghum. Exploiting genetic variability to identify salt tolerant genotype is one of the strategies used to overcome salinity. Petri dish experiment was conducted to evaluate the response of eleven sorghum genotypes for NaCl salinity tolerance at germination and early seedling...

Author(s):   Endalew Tigabu, Mebeaselassie Andargie and Kindie Tesfaye      

November 2012

Effect of drought stress on germination and seedling growth of Salvia species

  Medicinal plants play a key role in the human health and have a huge share in the global economy. Cultivation of Salvia species is increasing mainly due to high commercial worth of this plant in food, medicine, perfumery, and cosmetic industries. The aims of this research were: (1) to determine drought tolerant Salvia spp. and (2) examining drought stress effects on germination and...

Author(s):   Jaafar Abdollahi, Seyed Hassan Tafaroji, Mohsen Ebrahimi, Hossein Ali Ramshini, Ahamad Reza Dehghani Tafti, Mehdi Mortazavian, Mostafa Eftekhari, Amir Hossein Dezfoulian and Asma Bagheri        

November 2012

Determinants of willingness-to-pay a premium for organically produced tomatoes in Riyadh City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

  This article analyzes the determinants of consumers’ willingness-to-pay premium for organic tomatoes and explores the production potential. Descriptive statistics were used to summarize consumption characteristics and a logit model was used to understand the socioeconomic factors affecting consumers' choices. Results indicated that consumers are willing to pay higher prices for organic vegetables....

Author(s):   Kamaleldin Ali Bashir    

November 2012

The virgin olive oil production in Mediterranean basin: An empirical approach

  The present paper surveys the production volatility of the virgin olive oil in Mediterranean countries. European Union (EU) is the leading world producer and consequently the survey of its volatility attracts great interest. Especially, countries in the Mediterranean basin are the substantial producers of this crop and provide them with a comparative and competitive advantage in international...

Author(s):   E. Zafeiriou, T. Koutroumanidis, C. Karelakis and T. Trivellas      

November 2012

The effect of extruded rapeseed grain on the production parameters, carcass and breast meat quality of broilers

  This paper investigates the effect of extruded rapeseed grain on production parameters, carcass and breast meat quality of broiler chicken. There were three levels mixture of extruded rapeseed grain and corn meal used included with 10, 15 and 20%. Rapeseed grain is extruded with corn meal in ratio of 50:50%. At the beginning of the fattening period, four groups with 75 day-old chicks of hybrid Ross 308 were...

Author(s):   Vladislav Stanaćev, Dragan Milić, Vidica Stanaćev, Niko Milošević, Nikola Puvača, Zlatica Pavlovski and Jovanka Lević        

November 2012

Impact of effective microorganisms on yields and nutrition of sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) and microbiological properties of the substrate

  The objective of the performed investigations was to assess the effect of application of effective microorganisms (EM), employed in the form of substrate inoculant (I), seed inoculation (II) and foliar application in the form of a spraying solution (III), on growth, development and macroelement uptake as well as microbiological properties of the root zone in sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) cultivated...

Author(s):   Barbara FrÄ…szczak, Tomasz Kleiber and Justyna Klama        

November 2012

Effects of genotypes and medium on callus induction of proso millet derived from anther culture

  Proso millet is a promising species for rich nutrition and drought tolerance. Factors influencing anther-derived callus induction efficiency were investigated when microspores of anthers taken at the late-uninucleate to early- binucleate stage were used as explants. The results indicate that callus induction is strongly affected by genotype. Several highly responsive cultivars of proso millet with desired...

Author(s):   Limin Wu#, Tianyu Yang,#, Guojun Dong, Jihong He, Kongjun Dong, Huizhong Wang and Yanchun Yu        

November 2012

Yield evaluation of 13 sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) accessions in the derived savannah agro-ecology of south-eastern Nigeria

  A two-year study was carried out to evaluate the seed yield potentials of thirteen sesame accessions in the derived savanna agro-ecology of Southeastern Nigeria. It was aimed at selecting high yielding accessions for cultivation in this zone. This is a part of a research programme mounted to arouse farmer’s interest in the cultivation of sesame in the derived savanna zone of Nigeria. The accessions are...

Author(s):   P. E. Ogbonna and S. I. Ukaan        

November 2012

The comparative study on adult surface ultrastructure of Harmonia axyridis Pallas (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

  Scanning electron microscopy was used to line scan 7 positions (pronotum, scutellum, elytra, abdominal sternites, head, maxillary palpus and labial palpus) of 11 Harmonia axyridis Pallas with different color patterns to make up for the lack of general morphological observation, and at the same time it was also used to further study the relationship of ultrastructure and predatory behavior of Harmonia...

Author(s):   Xiaocan Li, Defu Chi, Yanpeng Zhu, Zhe Zhang and Jia Yu          

November 2012

Bulb and vegetative characteristics of garlic (Allium sativum L.) from in vitro culture through acclimatization and field production

  This study reports the field performance of tissue-cultured garlic plants (cultivar Balady) upon their acclimatization for four successive generations. Bulb weight reached 0.7, 3.4, 62.1 and 87.9 g at the first, second, third and fourth vegetative generations, respectively. The bulb was small and non-divided in the first vegetative generation. The number of cloves per bulb was 2.4, 45.8 and 54.0 at the...

Author(s):   E. I. Metwally, M. E. El-Denary, A. M. K. Omar, Y. Naidoo and Y. H. Dewir        

November 2012

Effect of bulb removal date on growth and flowering of Asiatic hybrid lily cv. "Brunello"

  The objective of the present study was to investigate the effect of different bulb removal dates during plant growth on growth and flowering of Asiatic hybrid lily cv. "Brunello". The study was carried out in the nursery of Floriculture Unit, Baghdad University, Iraq, from January to April 2012. During plant growth, the bulbs were not removed (control) or removed four, six, eight and ten weeks after...

Author(s):   Hassan M. Asker    

November 2012

Soil carbon dynamics, climate, crops and soil type –calculations using introductory carbon balance model (ICBM) and agricultural field trial data from sub-Saharan Africa

  A simple soil carbon model, the Introductory Carbon Balance Model (ICBM), is useful for projecting soil C dynamics in temperate and tropical land-use systems. A spreadsheet-based version of ICBM is presented, with an emphasis on African and short-and long term projections under variable conditions (climate, crops, soil). ICBM has two compartments, young and old soil C, and five parameters, intended to project...

Author(s):   O. Andrén, T. Kätterer, J. Juston, B. Waswa and Kristina Röing de Nowina,        

November 2012

Phosphorus distribution in Chinese albic black soil affected by land use

  In last decades, large area of dry-farming field has been converted to paddy field in the Sanjiang Plain of the Northeastern China. It is assumed that this land-use change might impact the level, chemical forms, and availability of phosphorus in the soils. Five soil cores were collected separately in the paddy field and dry-farming field and were analyzed for pH, soil organic matter (OM), aluminium (Al), iron...

Author(s):   Wenjing Yang, Hongguang Cheng, Chunye Lin and Wei Ouyang        

November 2012

Farmer perceptions of classical swine fever outbreak in communal pig production systems of South Africa

  After the outbreak of classical swine fever (CSF) in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, policy makers are expected to make decisions on the restocking of pigs. The objective of this study was to investigate farmers’ perceptions of CSF outbreak in coastal and inland communal production systems because of their differences in harbouring pathogens. Data were collected from 288 farmers in two...

Author(s):   James Madzimure, Kerstin K. Zander, Kennedy Dzama and Michael Chimonyo        

November 2012

Morphological changes of neurons involved in long-term memory in day-old chicks hatching from hypomagnetic field space

  Hatched from natural geomagnetic conditions, 1-day-old chicks were stimulated with Methyl Anthranilate (MeA) and labeled as the control group (CG). We found that the line density of dendritic spines (LDds) from the neurons in the memory-related nuclei [Intermediate Medial Hyperstriatum Ventrale (IMHV) and lobus parolfactorius (LPO)] was increased by 38.7%, and the total dendritic lengths (TLds) of individual...

Author(s):   Xuebin Wang, Guang-Zhe Lin, Junfeng Li, Xu Zhang, Muling Xu, Dongfeng Li, Jinchang Jiang, Yan-Lin Sun, Soon-Kwan Hong, Hyun-Yong Jang and Jong-Suh Shin        

November 2012

The use of hazelnut husk and biosolid in substrate preparation for ornamental plants

  Ornamental industry demanding large amounts of container substrate which is giving opportunity to recycle agricultural and urban organic waste materials. The study presents the physical and physico-chemical characterisation of hazelnut husk substrates supplemented with biosolid in different proportions (0, 25, 50 and 75%), comparing to the standard peat substrate. In addition, plants were planted into 10 L...

Author(s):   Omer Hulusi DEDE, Gulgun DEDE and Saim OZDEMIR        

November 2012

A comparative study on essential oil yield and composition of rose-scented geranium (P. c. v. Rose) commercially grown on three different sites of the Amathole region in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

  Rose-scented geranium, the cultivar Rose, is a cross between Pelargonium capitatum and Pelargoniumradens. They are all belonging to the Geraniaceae family. The essential oil from this plant is commercially viable. The Rose-scented geranium was planted in three sites within the Amathole region of the Eastern Cape. These sites were Auckland, Lushington and Cathcartvale. The essential oil...

Author(s):   Lwandiso Dyubeni, B. Mayekiso and M. L Magwa        

November 2012

Biochemical basis of defense response in plant against Fusarium wilt through bio-agents as an inducers

  Plant resists pathogen infection through physical and chemical defenses that may be application of some biotics and abiotics inducers. It has been found that pre treatment with bioagents Trichoderma harzianum,(Kan.), T. harzianum (Del.), T. harzianum (Pant), Trichoderma viride (Kan.), T. viride (Del.), T. viride (Pant),Aspergillus niger AN-27...

Author(s):   Mohd Rajik, S. K. Biswas and Shiv Shakti