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Agricultural Research

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  • ISSN: 1991-637X
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 16 October, 2014; 9(42)

October 2014

Optimization of furrow irrigation systems with continuous flow using the software applied to surface irrigation simulations - SASI

Surface irrigation systems still remain the most used irrigation system worldwide mainly due to its energy savings capacity and ease of operation. However, they show low performance level as a consequence to the general design and inadequate management. Therefore, the aim of this study was to develop a tool capable of optimizing the performance level of furrow irrigation systems with the continuous flow from successive...

Author(s): Valéria Ingrith Almeida Lima, Roberto Vieira Pordeus, Carlos Alberto Vieira de Azevedo, Joaquim Odilon Pereira, Vera Lúcia Antunes de Lima and Márcia Rejane de Queiroz Almeida Azevedo

October 2014

Influence of physical protectors with different filters on the initial development of Peltophorum dubium (Spreng.) Taub seedlings

The use of physical protectors has been considered as an efficient technique for tillage farming of different species, mainly native ones. Based on the importance of the species, Peltophorum dubium for revegetation of degraded areas, this study evaluated the emergence, survival and initial development of P. dubium seedlings under the influence of physical protectors with different filters. Thus, the following treatments...

Author(s): Jeferson Klein, João Domingos Rodrigues, Vandeir Francisco Guimarães,Leandro Rampim, Débora Kestring, Daniel Schwantes, Rubens Fey, Valdemir Aleixo, Alfredo Richart, Michelli Carline Ferronato and Augustinho Borsoi

October 2014

Efficiency impact of the agricultural sector on economic growth in Togo

The fundamental idea of this article is to study the efficiency of the Togolese agriculture and its relationship with economic growth on the basis of economies of scale. We tackled efficiency, in its input and output orientations, using parametric and non-parametric methods in which an annual product analysis is carried out. In this context, agriculture is modelled by the usual Translog and Cobb-Douglas functions and...

Author(s): Kamel HELALI, Koffi TSAGLI and Maha KALAI

October 2014

One and one half bound dichotomous choice contingent valuation of consumers’ willingness-to-pay for pearl millet products: Evidence from Eastern Kenya

Pearl millet is the fourth most important cereal after maize, rice and sorghum in terms of cultivation and production in the tropics, yet the least traded of all cereals in Kenya. New pearl millet varieties (KAT/PM1, KAT/PM2 and KAT/PM3) were introduced in response to low yield and birds’ menace that was wiping out the traditional pearl millet varieties in Kenya. Despite this, limited information exists on...

Author(s): Okech, S.O., Ngigi, M., Kimurto, P. K., Obare, G., Kibet, N. and Mutai B. K.

October 2014

Nitrogen application and inoculation with Rhizobium tropici on common bean in the fall/winter

The objective of this study was to evaluate doses of nitrogen in the cultivation of bean under field conditions, associated with seed inoculation. The study was conducted under field conditions in two traditional bean cultivation in Paraná northern (Cafeara and Florestopolis).The experiment consisted of plots with or without seed inoculation with Rhizobium tropici and use of five doses of nitrogen coverage(0, 20,...

Author(s): Antonio Carlos Rebeschini, Rita de Cássia Lima Mazzuchelli, Ademir Sergio Ferreira de Araujo and Fabio Fernando de Araujo

October 2014

Gender mainstreaming in smallholder agriculture development: A global and African overview with emerging issues from Swaziland

The paper presents a review of literature in gender mainstreaming in agricultural development. It begins by defining key terms related to gender mainstreaming, and then followed by the discussion of the historical background of gender mainstreaming. This is then followed by review of literature concerning the gender mainstreaming and agricultural development, and African perspective of gender mainstreaming and the...

Author(s): Robert Mabundza, Cliff S. Dlamini and Banele Nkambule

October 2014

Effect of tillage system and nitrogen fertilization on organic matter content of Nitisols in Western Ethiopia

Ethiopian soils, formed from old weathered rocks, are naturally low in fertility. Moreover, crop production is constrained by non-sustainable cropping practices, particularly repeated plowing and hoeing, which enhances loss of soil organic matter. Field trials were therefore conducted to determine the integrated effects of tillage system and nitrogen fertilization on organic matter content of Nitisols at five sites...

Author(s): D. Tolessa, C. C. Du Preez and G. M. Ceronio