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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 28 August 2014; 9(35)

August 2014

The effect of nitrogen supply on potato yield, tuber size and pathogen resistance in Solanum tuberosum exposed to Phytophthora infestans

Little is known about the effects of nitrogen supply on plant productivity and defensive response to pathogen exposure. Here, tuber yield and resistance to the fungal pathogen Phytophthora infestans were investigated in potato plants supplied with four different nitrogen levels (N1: 45 kg-hm-2, N2: 90 kg-hm-2, N3: 135 kg-hm-2, and N4: 180 kg-hm-2). The N2 level of nitrogen promoted the highest tuber yield and largest...

Author(s): Xuehui Jin, Na Hao, Feng Jiao, Yang Yang, Dan Wang, Chunying Xu and Ruichang Zhai

August 2014

An alternative procedure for evaluating the quality of castor seeds by the tetrazolium test

The use of fast technologies, which also permit efficient decisions on seeds lots quality, is fundamental to the seed industry. Five seeds lots of “IAC 80”and five seeds lots “AL Guarani 2002” cultivars were used to test an alternative procedure for evaluating the seed quality of castor seeds by the tetrazolium test. Seeds lots characteristics were determined by tests of germination, first count...

Author(s): Luciana Magda de Oliveira, Carla Massimo Caldeira, Luciana Aparecida de Souza Abreu, Maria Laene Moreira de Carvalho and Cláudia Denise da Silva

August 2014

Effect of tillage system and nitrogen fertilization on the pH, extractable phosphorus and exchangeable potassium of Nitisols in Western Ethiopia

Maize production in Western Ethiopia is constrained by non-sustainable cropping practices, particularly repeated conventional tillage and insufficient N fertilization.  A change in these cropping practices have usually a profound influence on soil chemical properties of which some may affect crop performance.  Field trials were therefore conducted to determine the integrated effects of tillage system and...

Author(s): D. Tolessa, C. C. Du Preez and G. M. Ceronio

August 2014

Hydrogel polymer in emergency and early growth of citrus rootstocks

The development of techniques for rapid and uniform emergence of seeds is the alternative to the diversification of citrus rootstocks that were little used due to low vigor compared to ‘Rangpur’ lime, the main rootstock used in Brazil, but it has shown susceptible to serious disease problems, such as the citrus sudden death (CSD). The addition of the hydrogel polymer to the substrate can increase the...

Author(s): Miriã Cristina Pereira Fagundes, Silma da Silva Camilo, Blenda Calazans Soares, Lana Ivone Barreto Cruz, Rodrigo Amato Moreira and Maria do Céu Monteiro da Cruz

August 2014

Banana irrigation management and optimization: A comparative study of researcher-managed and farmer-managed irrigated banana production in Shire Valley, Malawi

Banana yield and quality in Malawi is low due to drought, low fertility and poor management practices. Therefore, a comparative researcher-managed and farmer-managed irriagated banana study was initiated in 2004/2005 to develop guidelines and promote banana irrigation optimisation for small-scale farmers. Specifically, the research aimed to determine and compare researcher-managed and farmer-managed optimum irrigation...

Author(s): I. R. Fandika, D. Kadyampakeni, B. M. L. Mwenebanda and T. M. Magombo

August 2014

Modelling approaches for addressing complexity in plant health management

Harmful organisms affect the quality and quantity of food production. In a world of increasing changes in climatic, economic and social conditions, the design of effective measures against these organisms requires more accurate information. Mathematical models provide a scientific and quantitative language to describe the complex relationships that causes pest outbreaks. With the goal of analysing options to deal with...

Author(s): J. A. Quijano-Carranza, R. R. Peniche-Vera, J. I. López-Arroyo, J. A. Aguirre-Gómez, R. G. Guevara-González, E. Rico-García, R. Yáñez-López, M. I. Hernández-Zul, I. G. Herrera Ruiz and I. Torres-Pacheco    

August 2014

Study on winter bud dormancy in Red Bayberry (Myrica rubra) a forest, horticulture and ornamental tree

A study to prevent or brake bud dormancy in 3 to 4 years old Myrica rubra cv. ‘Biji’ plants under controlled green house and field conditions, was conducted using GA3 and WPM nutrient media as fertigation and drainage. Two batches of the plant were shifted in different growth stages “dormant” and “non-dormant”. Plants shifted in the month of October were in the late autumn growth...

Author(s): Syed Asghar , Sayed Jaffar Abbas, Ligeng Chen, Xinhua He, Yonghua Qin ­

August 2014

An overview of current agronomic practices of smallholder farmers in semi-arid Central and Western Zimbabwe

Smallholder farmer productivity in developing countries is limited by diverse biophysical, political and socio-economic factors. The objective of this study was to establish current agronomic practices of smallholder farmers in semi-arid Lower Gweru and Lupane areas of Zimbabwe and to identify possible research and extension interventions that may improve crop productivity of these farmers. Focus group discussions,...

Author(s): Makuvaro Veronica, Walker Sue, Munodawafa Adelaide, Masere Tirivashe Phillip, Murewi Cyril and Chagonda Ignatius

August 2014

Interactive effects of fertilizer and inoculum concentration on subsequent development of xanthomonas wilt in banana

Soil nutrient depletion and Xanthomonas wilt (Xanthomonas campestris pv. musacearum) are major causes of declining productivity in smallholder banana systems in East and Central Africa. This study examined the interactive effect of fertilizer and inoculum concentration on development of Xanthomonas wilt. Fertilization significantly (p<0.01) increased the plant height, plant girth and leaf area in banana compared to...

Author(s): Dennis Ochola, Walter Ocimati, William Tinzaara, Guy Blomme and Eldad Karamura

August 2014

Social and environmental aspects of family farming at Cacoal City, Rondônia State, Brazil

This study aimed to evaluate social and environmental aspects of family farming at Cacoal City, Rondonia State, in Brazil. This is applied in non-experimental (descriptive) research. Questionnaire was designed as the main tool of the study. Eleven (11) semi-structured interviews were conducted with family farmers from eleven cooperative associations. Quantitative and qualitative approaches were employed in the...

Author(s): Aurélio Ferreira Borges, Edmar da Costa Alves, Maria dos Anjos Cunha Silva Borges, Sérgio Nunes de Jesus, Jessé Alves Batista and José Luiz Pereira de Rezende