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Table of Content: 29 March, 2018; 13(13)

March 2018

Organomineral fertilization in growth, physiology and phytomass production of castor oil plant BRS energia

This work aims to study the effect of castor oil plant cake doses (0.0; 1,100; 2,200 and 3,300 Kg ha-1) associated with P doses (0.0 and 90 Kg ha-1) and K doses (0.0 and 60 Kg ha-1) on initial growth period of castor oil plant BRS Energia. The experiment was conducted under greenhouse's conditions at the Embrapa Algodão, located in Brazil. The experimental design of randomized blocks was used in a 4x2x2...

Author(s): Márcia Maria Bezerra Guimarães, José Félix de Brito Neto, Cláudio Silva Soares,  Alde Cleber Silva de Lima, Fabrícia de Fátima Araújo Chaves,   Adryageisa Figueiredo Cavalcante,  André Luiz Pereira da Silva and  Joaquim Alves de Lima Junior  

March 2018

Improving salt tolerance and weight percent reduction in tomato by exploiting physio-agronomic seedling traits

Salinity being a serious limitation to crop production is an established fact since ages. It has adversely affected the adaptive behavior of our field crops particularly at seed germination and seedling stages. Identification of particular plant traits conferring salinity tolerance is important for inducing genetic variation among the target traits and adjusting the selection pressure for them in field. This...

Author(s): Muhammad Ahsan Raza, Asif Saeed, Hassan Munir, Adeela Munawar, Atif Kamran, Fazal Rehman and Awais Riaz  

March 2018

Effects of aqueous and oil leaf extracts of Pterocarpus santalinoides on the maize weevil, Sitophilus zeamais pest of stored maize grains

The effects of aqueous and oil leaf extracts of Pterocarpus santalinoides at concentrations of 5, 10, 15 and 20%v/v, each as proctectant in the control of the maize weevil, Sitophilus zeamais, were compared with a conventional insecticide, pirimiphos-methyl at a rate of 0.5 ml / 50 g maize grains of Oba Super II variety in a Completely Randomized Design with four replicates. Parameters assessed, include adult mortality,...

Author(s): Ekeh Felicia Nkechi, Odo Gregory Ejike, Nzei Joy Ihuoma, Ohanu Chinenye Maria-goretti, Ugwu Francis, Ngwu Godwin and Reginald Njokuocha  

March 2018

Effect of seedling fibrous roots on field performance of hybrid coffee varieties

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of number of fibrous roots per seedling on plant growth and yield components of hybrid coffee varieties. A split plot experiment in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications was used. The main factor consisted of five varieties (N39-2, N39-3, N39-7, KP423-1 and KP423-2) whereas the sub-factor consisted of four types of roots (seedlings with...

Author(s): Jeremiah M. Magesa, Theodosy J. Msogoya and Cornel L. Rweyemamu  

March 2018

Allelopathic effects of aqueous extract of leaves and roots of Luetzelburgia auriculata (Allemão) Ducke on seeds germination and initial growth of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)

The secondary metabolism of plants produces allelopathic substances which are able to interfere with germination and growth of other species, when released in the environment. In order to evaluate the allelopathic effects of Luetzelburgia auriculata on the germination and early growth of lettuce (Lactuca sativa), leaf extracts and roots were tested in lettuce seeds sowing. The L. auriculata plant material was collected...

Author(s): PINTO Érika do Nascimento Fernandes, SOUTO Jacob Silva, PEREIRA Leonardo Francisco de Assis, BORGES César Henrique Alves and FERNANDES Tássia Rayane Nascimento  

March 2018

Efficacy of the decoction of cashew leaf (Spondias mombin L.) as a natural antiseptic in dairy goat matrices

Microorganisms resistant to conventional antimicrobial substances are becoming more prevalent. Accordingly, natural alternatives have been sought with the use of extracts from medicinal plants whose purpose is to find new compounds with recognized antimicrobial activity. This work aims to show the efficacy of the cajá (Spondias mombin L.) leaf decoction using the microplate dilution technique against...

Author(s): Camila Fernandes Leonêz, Francisco Marlon Carneiro Feijó, Nilza Dutra Alves, Caio Sergio Santos, Gardênia Silvana Oliveira Rodrigues, Fernando da Costa Fernandes and  Tayná Moura Matos  

March 2018

Plant extracts enhancers of defense response in ponkan mandarin Seedlings against Alternaria alternate f. spp. citri infection

The objective of this study was to determine the elicitor potential of plant extracts from Caatinga biome by enzyme activity and epidemiological components of Alternaria brown spot (Alternaria alternate f. spp. citri). These were prepared ethanolic, dichloromethanic, and aqueous extracts from 14 plants (Anadenanthera macrocarpa, Schinopsis brasiliensis, Maytenus rigida, Caesalpinia pyramidalis, C. ferrea, Peltophorum...

Author(s): Kedma Maria Silva Pinto, Paulo Alexandre Fernandes Rodrigues de Melo, Janaína Marques Mondego, Luciana Cordeiro do Nascimento, Maria Izabel Mendes Marques Cortez, Alfredo Augusto de Carvalho Aires, Antônio Pereira dos Anjos Neto, Robson Luís Silva de Medeiros, José Ribamar Gusmão Araújo and Hilderlande Florêncio da Silva  

March 2018

Effects of lime and fertilizer on soil properties and maize yields in acid soils of Western Kenya

Many soils in Western Kenya are acidic and deficient in nitrogen and phosphorus. Acidity hinders crop responses to fertilizers applied to remedy nutrient deficiencies. The common liming materials used to ameliorate acidity are Calcium Oxide (CaO) and Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) in powdery formulations. Broadcasting these materials by hand followed by incorporation is recommended on smallholder farms to enhance their...

Author(s): Peter A. Opala, Martins Odendo and Francis N. Muyekho