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Table of Content: 4 July 2010; 5(13)

July 2010

Research on agricultural search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) has practical significance for promoting farmers income and agricultural efficiency in China. Firstly, how to extract web page attributes contributed to the ranking in search engine is considered. And the attribute extractor in Java platform is built. Then, a batch gaining method noted AAA is proposed independent of Search Engine API by which a downloader is also designed....

Author(s): Wang Daoping, Wang Ying, Liu Guangli, Shen Cuihua and Liu Tong

July 2010

The legal aspects of public participation in forest management in Turkey

Dealing with forest resources management, “participation” emerged as a central theme. There has, for some time, been a growing recognition within the government and society at large that the future of sustainable forest management in Turkey depends on more effective participation of multiple stakeholders. Along with growing appreciation of the potential benefits, these has become more systematic in...

Author(s): Yusuf Günes and Aynur Aydin Coskun

July 2010

Unascertained number in grain emergency

Path selection problems for grain emergency are uncertainties. According to unascertained theory, the opinions of experts in related fields can be unascertained number, as well as the definition of mathematical expectation to rationally integrate. A new model and the algorithm for path choosing is proposed based on minimum risk in the process of grain emergency transportation. First of all, by the estimated time of each...

Author(s): Liu Guangli, Li Di and Gao Youjian

July 2010

Oil palm composted biomass: A review of the preparation, utilization, handling and storage

The preparation, utilization, handling and storage of oil palm composted biomass were reviewed in the present study. The preparation of the compost was found generally to be catalyzed by microorganisms aiding the decomposition and stabilization of organic material. The heat produced during the microbial build up helps to produce a final product that is stable, free of pathogens and viable plant seeds, and can be...

Author(s): P. O. Oviasogie, N. O. Aisueni, and G. E. Brown

July 2010

Assessing the agricultural sustainability of conventional farming systems in Samsun province of Turkey

The objective of this study was to evaluate the sustainability of the agricultural activities in Samsun province. Research data belongs to 2004-2005 production period and was gathered from randomly selected 93 farms by means of questionnaire. In this research, economical, social, bio-physical and environmental sustainability of agricultural activities were investigated. Total sustainability index, based on the selected...

Author(s): V. Ceyhan

July 2010

An analysis on the production of potato in Turkey according to NUTS level 1 regions

This study tried to determine the distribution shares of potato production and reasons of change in distribution with respect to NUTS level 1 regions. For this purpose, 43 year data of regional time series covering the years (1963 -1966)-(1980 -1983) and (1980 -1983) - (2002 - 2005) have been used in two periods and econometrically analyzed. The results obtained from the research show that dissimilar regions have...

Author(s): Nuray Demir and Esra Kadanali 

July 2010

The analysis of high school students’ perceptions towards “environment” concept

This research was carried out to put forward high school students’ metaphors towards “environment” concept. The study group of the research consisted of 136 students that attend Prof. Dr. Mümtaz Turhan Social Sciences High School in Istanbul Turkey in the second term of 2009/2010 academic year. The data of the research were gathered by completing “Environment is like…...

Author(s): Hüseyin Kaya, Mücahit CoÅŸkun and Fatih Aydın

July 2010

Effect of drought on water use efficiency, agronomic traits and yield of spring wheat landraces and modern varieties in Northwest China

A pot experiment with five typical landraces (Heshangtou, Hongnong No. 1, Dingxi 24, Damaizi and Jieba), three modern varieties (Qingchun 533, Plateau 602 and Abbondanza) and two water levels was carried out in the present study. The result showed that fertile spike, plant height, grains number of main spike (except Dingxi 24), above ground dry material, grain yield and grain yield water use efficiency of all varieties...

Author(s): Liu Yong’an, Dou Quanwen, Chen Zhiguo and Zhao Deyong,

July 2010

Expansion of mechanised rain-fed agriculture and land-use/land-cover change in Southern Gadarif, Sudan

This study was an effort to produce synthetic knowledge on the rapid land-use/land-cover (LULC) changes and on the integrating rates of change with fundamental patterns in southern Gadarif region, Sudan, for the period 1972 - 2003 using remote sensing imagery. The area is known for its sorghum and sesame production. Comparisons of LULC changes showed that the land-cover of the southern Gadarif region has changed...

Author(s): Hussein M. Sulieman

July 2010

Evaluating climatic potential for palm cultivation in Iran with emphasis on degree-day index

Climate is one of the major factors that affect all aspects of life. Realistic crops cultivation depends on proper understanding of climatic condition. Among agricultural products, date-palm has been a case of interest for scholars of agricultural sciences especially agro-climate researchers due to its importance in regard to nutritious elements and being full of carbohydrate materials. Date-palm has a product of great...

Author(s): Ali Shakoor, Gholamreza Roshan and Ali Akbar Najafi Kani

July 2010

Assessment of maize and dry bean productivity under different intercrop systems and fertilization regimes

The productivity of different maize-dry bean intercrop systems (single and double rows of dry bean planted between two maize rows at low and high bean population) was assessed in 2006/07-08 seasons at different fertilizer application regimes (unfertilized control, low, adjusted low and optimum). Sole maize and dry bean plots were included as checks and together with the intercrop systems, they constituted the main...

Author(s): F. R. Kutuand J. A. N. Asiwe

July 2010

Biomass accumulation, weed dynamics and nitrogen uptake by winter cover crops in a warm-temperate region of South Africa

Production of large biomass yields and weed suppression from cover crops have been major constraints affecting success and uptake of conservation agriculture technologies by smallholder irrigation farmers. A field study was undertaken to evaluate biomass accumulation and N uptake by oats (Avena sativa), grazing vetch (Vicia dasycarpa), faba bean (Vicia faba), forage peas (Pisum sativum) and Lupin (Lupinus...

Author(s): F. S. Murungu, C. Chiduza and P. Muchaonyerwa

July 2010

Olive cake usage as an alternative to cotton seed meal in dairy goat feeding

This study was carried out on 23 heads of Damascus (Shami) goats to investigate the utilization of olive cake in (OC) dairy goat feeding as an alternative to cotton seed meal (CSM) at Research Farm of Mustafa Kemal University. Animals, having similar live weight and homogenity for milk yield according to the first lactation (202.2 ± 10.30 kg per lactation), were assigned into three groups. Goats in each...

Author(s): Sabri Gül, Mahmut Keskin and Åžerafettin Kaya

July 2010

Monte Carlo simulation and remote sensing applied to agricultural survey sampling strategy in Taita Hills, Kenya

Remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are important tools used for assisting agricultural surveys. Such tools can be used to stratify the population samples in a study area, optimizing and reducing the costs of field work. Nevertheless, defining the number of samples to be visited in the field is a challenging task. In the presented research, the sampling strategy for agricultural survey was...

Author(s): Eduardo Eiji Maeda, Petri Pellikka and Barnaby J. F. Clark

July 2010

Studies on effect of organic amendments and bio-stimulants on morphology, yield and quality of Gymnema sylvestre R.Br

The experiment on effect of organic amendments and growth promoters on morphology and yield of Gymnema sylvestre was laid out in split plot design with three replications. The main plot consisted of different combinations of basal application of organic amendments and the sub plots consist of the foliar spray of biostimulants such as, humic acid, panchagavya and Manchurian mushroom. The results revealed that...

Author(s): S. Padmapriya, K. Kumanan and  K. Rajamani

July 2010

Spatial distribution of Monogenean and Myxosporidian gill parasites of Barbus martorelli Roman, 1971 (Teleostei: Cyprinid): The role of intrinsic factors

The gill parasite fauna of Barbus martorelli is much diversified and this raises up the problem of biotope partitioning by these pathogens. The gill colonization analysis of these organisms as well as four distribution gradients: transversal, lateral, longitudinal and vertical was undertaken as a function of the host’s side.The distribution of B. martorelli gill parasites did not reveal any...

Author(s): Tombi Jeannette, Nack Jacques and Bilong Bilong Charles Félix

July 2010

The effects of land use/land cover change and demographic processes (1950 -2008) on soil properties in the Gökçay catchment, Turkey

The objective of this study was to analyse the effects of land use/land cover change (1955 - 2008) and migration (1950 - 2008) on the hydrological processes and soil physical properties in the Gökçay river catchment. The study area is located in Çankiri province, Ilgaz district, and Gökçay river catchment (41°04'N, 40°55'E). The necessary data were obtained from forest...

Author(s): C. Göl, M. Çakir, S. EdiÅŸ and H. Yilmaz

July 2010

Effects of utilized trees’ diameter on the residual stand in the Savadkooh forest in Northern Iran

Cutting of trees, like other stages of utilization, causes many damages to the residual stand. Recognition of the type and severity of damages and the factors causing such damages may be important. This research was performed to study the effect of fallen trees’ diameter on the residual stand in the forest of Mazandaran province in northern Iran. At first, 50 trees (20%) out of 250 signed trees were selected at...

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Azarnoush, Ali Reza Gholamnia and Ali Reza Feiznejad

July 2010

Are national parks under legal protection or legal degradation? An analysis of national parks and the impact of economic investment in those areas regarding current Turkish national park legislation

The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of legislation in national parks protection and management in Turkey. As an introduction a brief summary of the development and legal basis of national parks are given. The national park system as a nature conservation method is introduced, as well as the development of national park system in Turkey is summarized. The legal basis, institutional structure and...

Author(s): Yusuf GüneÅŸ

July 2010

Effect of partially defatted soybean flour substitution on the proximate, pasting and sensory properties of banana flour

This study evaluates the proximate, pasting and sensory properties of banana flour fortified with partially defatted soybeans flour. Banana flours were substituted with soybeans flour at 10, 20, 30 and 40% proportions. The fat content ranged from 1.0 -1.18% while protein contents ranged from 6.99 - 11.59%. Peak viscosity values ranged from 81.58 to 293.13 RVU. Banana flour had higher peak viscosity while sample E had...

Author(s): Abiodun, Olufunmilola Adunni and Adeleke, Rafiu Olaposi

July 2010

Genetic diversity in doubled haploids wheat based on morphological traits, gliadin protein patterns and RAPD markers

Genetic diversity among 102 doubled haploid wheat accessions originating from CIMMYT were investigated using morphological traits, gliadin patterns and random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) variation. Among the morphological traits under study, the highest amount of diversity was related to grain yield per plant, number of total tillers and number of fertile tillers. Principle components analysis and cluster analysis...

Author(s): J. Ojaghi and E. Akhundova

July 2010

Involvement of nitric oxide synthase-dependent nitric oxide and exogenous nitric oxide in alleviating NaCl induced osmotic and oxidative stress in Arabidopsis thaliana

To elucidate the roles of endogenous nitric oxide on Arabidopsis thaliana tolerance to salt stress, a moderate concentration of NaCl was applied to wild-type (WT) and mutant (Atnoa1) plants which have an impaired in vivo nitric oxide synthase and reduced endogenous nitric oxide content due to T-DNA insertion in the first exon of the NOA1 gene. The exhibited greater inhibition of root growth, higher leaf...

Author(s): Bo Zhang, Haiqing Wang Pei Wang, and Huaigang Zhang

July 2010

Tannin dynamics in hypocotyls and pericarps of Aegiceras corniculatum fruits during dry storage

In this study, we investigated the changes in total phenolics, extractable condensed tannins (ECT), protein noncovalent bound condensed tannins (PNBCT) and irreversible covalent bound condensed tannins (ICBCT) in the hypocotyls and pericarps of Aegiceras corniculatum fruits during dry storage. The loss of moisture content and survival rate, as indicators of the viability and quality of plant tissues, were...

Author(s): Ping Xiang, Yi-Ming Lin, Shu Ju, Cheng Xiang and Peng Lin

July 2010

Evaluation of lyophilized and non lyophilized toxins from Trichoderma species for the control of Ceratocystis paradoxa

Lyophilized and non-lyophilized toxins produced from Trichoderma species were investigated against Ceratocystis paradoxa mycelial growth at different concentrations in-vitro. Lyophilized toxin inhibition on C. paradoxa by T. viride(28.14 and 28.14%) and T. polysporum (28.88 and 28.88%) at 70 and 100% concentrations were significant (p = 0.005) compared with T....

Author(s): E. I. Eziashi, N. U. Uma, A. A. Adekunle, C. E. Airede and E. E. Odigie

July 2010

Assessment of village chicken production system and evaluation of the productive and reproductive performance of local chicken ecotype in Bure district, North west Ethiopia

A survey was conducted in Bure district, North West Ethiopia, from 2007 to 2008 to assess the existing village chicken production system. A participatory rural appraisal and a formal survey were used to collect all the relevant data, using a multi-stage sampling technique. Seven farmer administrative kebeles (two from high land, three from mid altitude and two from low land agro-ecologies) and a total of 280 village...

Author(s): Fisseha Moges, Abera Mellesse and Tadelle Dessie