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Table of Content: 5 April, 2012; 7(13)

April 2012

Revitalisation of smallholder irrigation schemes for poverty alleviation and household food security in South Africa: A review

There seems to be a general consensus that improving agriculture and enhancing agricultural productivity through irrigation will remain a key strategy for rural poverty alleviation in most of the low income countries, where the majority of the rural poor depend directly or indirectly on agriculture. Nevertheless, Smallholder Irrigation Schemes (SIS) in South Africa have performed poorly and have not delivered on their...

Author(s): M. Fanadzo

April 2012

The land reform programme (LRP) as a poverty alleviation and national reconciliation tool: The South African story

With the first democratic elections, there was a great need to rebuild the South African (SA) economy. Some of the major pressing issues that needed priority included addressing the high poverty and unemployment levels in the country. This has resulted in debates from development economists on which approach to adopt to quickly get the rural poor out of the vicious circle of poverty. One of the most supported approaches...

Author(s): Tshuma M. C.

April 2012

Waterlogging stress in plants: A review

Waterlogging is the major obstacle for sustainable agriculture. Plants subjected to waterlogging suffer from substantial yield losses. Under natural environmental conditions, plants often get exposed to transient or permanent waterlogging. Flooding induces a number of alterations in important soil physiochemical properties like soil pH, redox potential and oxygen level. Thus, the plants growing on the waterlogged soil...

Author(s): Muhammad Arslan Ashraf

April 2012

Seasonal variation in food preference of the brown trout Salmo trutta macrostigma (T., 1954) from Uzungöl Stream, Turkey

The present study is aimed to provide information on the abundance of natural foods of Salmo trutta macrostigma (T., 1954). Fish were captured from Uzungöl Stream in Trabzon, Turkey between March 2009 and May 2010. It was investigated whether the dietary preferences of trout (S. t. macrostigma) change on account of seasons. Captured fish were measured 17.11 ± 4.65 cm (S.D.) (range 5 to 30 cm), 60.38 ±...

Author(s): M. Kocabas , M. Kayim , Ö. Aksu, E. Can, V. Kizak, F. Kutluyer, O. Serdar and N. DemirtaÅŸ

April 2012

Water distribution uniformity of the traveling rain gun

An experimental method combined with a computer simulation technique, specified for optimizing the water distribution of a traveling rain gun system is presented in the paper. For given operational pressure and flat terrain, this method enables accurate evaluation of track overlapping and carriage velocity of the traveling rain gun that guarantee uniform water distribution at desired water deposit level. The evaluation...

Author(s): Rajko M. Miodragović, Dragan V. Petrović, Zoran I. Mileusnić, Aleksandra Ž. Dimitrijević and  Rade L. Radojević

April 2012

Effect of eucalyptus (Camaldulensis) leaf meal powder on rumen fermentation characteristics in cattle fed on rice straw

Three, Holstein Friesian, non-lactation crossbred dairy cows were used to evaluate the effect of Eucalyptus (Camaldulensis) leaf meal powder (EUCAP) supplementation on feed intake, digestibility and rumen fermentation. The animals were randomly assigned according to a 3 × 3 Latin square design using three levels of EUCAP supplementation (0, 100 and 200 g/hd/d) and offered rice straw ad libitum, together with...

Author(s): N. S. Manh, M. Wanapat, S. Uriyapongson, P. Khejornsart and V. Chanthakhoun

April 2012

Determination of the best cotton cultivars and selection criteria to improve yield in Gorgan climatic region

The purpose of this research was to introduction cultivars of high products in Gorgan region climatic condition and studies the interrelationships between the seed cotton yields and several traits of 8 cotton genotypes at plant Institute, Gorgan, Iran. The experimental design was a randomized complete block design with four replications. A positive significant (P<1%) correlation was observed between yield and weight...

Author(s): Borzo Kazerani 

April 2012

Interaction of polygalacturonase enzymes from Fusarium oxysporum with tomato polygalacturonase inhibiting protein

The present study is aimed to provide information on the abundance of natural foods of Salmo trutta macrostigma (T., 1954). Fish were captured from Uzungöl Stream in Trabzon, Turkey between March 2009 and May 2010. It was investigated whether the dietary preferences of trout (S. t. macrostigma) change on account of seasons. Captured fish were measured 17.11 ± 4.65 cm (S.D.) (range 5 to 30...

Author(s): Ali Salehzadeh

April 2012

Flamingo is a new common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) genotype with tolerance of symbiotic nitrogen fixation to moderate salinity

Salinity is one of the major environmental threats to agriculture. In particular, soil salinization is a major limiting factor of symbiotic nitrogen fixation for legume growth. The adverse effects of salinity on the rhizobial symbiosis of common bean genotypes CocoT and Flamingo and the subsequent photosynthesis and plant-growth were investigated in glasshouse. Common bean plants were grown in sterilized sand and...

Author(s): Fatma Tajini, , , Jean-Jacques Drevon and Mustapha Trabelsi

April 2012

Genetic variations of m-type LMW-GS genes and their associations with dough quality in Triticum turgidum ssp. turgidum landraces from China

Genetic variations of the four subgroups of m-type low-molecular-weight glutenin subunits (LMW-GS) genes and their associations with dough quality parameters were investigated through the groupspecific markers in 68 landraces of Triticum turgidum ssp. turgidum from China. The number of alleles were two, three, three and two respectively by the markers Glu3A.2, Glu3B.1, Glu3B.2 and Glu3A.3, which was one-to-one...

Author(s): Wei Li, Zhen Gao, Yu-Ming Wei, Zhi-En Pu, Guo-Yue Chen, Ya-Xi Liu, Hua-Ping Chen, Xiu-Jin Lan and You-Liang Zheng

April 2012

Effective factors on the villagers’ use of rural telecentres (case study of Hamadan province, Iran)

Fast speed of the communication integration and information transmittal has caused something called information and communication technology (ICT). Because it is the first experience of e-services through rural ICT centers in Iran, different studies and investigations are needed to identify and apply the proper applications related to the village. This study is aimed at evaluating the factors affecting the...

Author(s): Farhad Lashgarara, Alieh Karimi and Seyyed Mehdi Mirdamadi 

April 2012

Antifungal activity of some actinomycetes isolated from Riyadh soil, Saudi Arabia: An evaluation for their ability to control Alternaria caused tomato blight in green house pot trial

A collection of 105 strains of actinomycetes isolated from the soils of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia were evaluated for their ability to inhibit plant pathogenic Fusarium oxysporum, Alternaria alternata, Aspergillus niger, and Aspergillus flavus in vitro. About 61.90% isolates were able to inhibit the growth of A. alternata, followed by 61.8, 52.24 and 50.9% inhibiting A. flavus, F. oxysporum and A. niger respectively....

Author(s): Ismet Ara, N. A. Bukhari, K. Perveen and M. A. Bakir

April 2012

Economic analysis of loan repayment capacity of smallholder cooperative farmers in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria

Farm credits played vital roles in the socio-economic transformation of the rural economies. However, their acquisition and repayment were characterized by numerous challenges including high levels of default among beneficiaries. This study analyzed the smallholder farmers’ loan repayment capacity using household data from 110 cooperative farmers from selected villages in Ogun State, Nigeria. Specifically, the...

Author(s): Ifeanyi A. Ojiako and Blessing C. Ogbukwa

April 2012

Dairy productivity in the Waikato region of New Zealand, 1994-2007

The dairy industry is a major contributor to both the New Zealand economy as a whole and to the Waikato regional economy in particular. The industry is experiencing a period of considerable change with increase in dairy conversion, increased intensification, and increasing use of nitrogen fertilizers, each of which has an associated environmental cost. In this paper, the productivity performance of the mature dairy...

Author(s): Michael P. Cameron and Kendon Bell

April 2012

Photosynthetic activity in leaves on laterals and top leaves on main shoots of Sila cultivar before grape harvest

Photosynthesis takes place in all green parts of the grapevine plant, but it is most intensive in the leaves of main shoots and laterals. Importance of various strata and categories of leaves is still not quite clear, even to experts. With this in mind, an investigation was undertaken of photosynthetic activity in leaves of main shoots and laterals of a newly developed Serbian grape variety Sila, which was grown under...

Author(s): Ivan D. Kuljančić, Djordje Paprić, Nada Korać, Predrag Božović, Milan Borišev, Mira Medić and Dragoslav Ivanišević