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Table of Content: September 2008; 3(9)

September 2008

An appraisal of landuse and landcover mapping in Nigeria

Land use and landcover change have emerged as a global phenomenon and perhaps the most significant regional anthropogenic disturbance to the environ-ment, especially in the 20th century.  Rapid   urbanization/industrialization and large scale agriculture and major changes in human activities have been identified as the major causes of the dramatic changes in land cover and land use patterns...

Author(s): Ademiluyi, I. A., Okude, A. S. and Akanni, C. O.

September 2008

Domestic wastewater treatment with a vertical completely drained pilot scale constructed wetland planted with Corchorus oliterius

A pilot scale constructed wetland planted with Corchorus oliterius was developed for domestic wastewater treatment. The reactor system was composed of rectangular beds realized in cement. Each bed was filled from the bottom to the top with 0.1 m of gravel (15/25 mm) and 0.30 m of a uniformly distributed medium grain (mean sand diameter = 426,66; uniformity coefficient = 0,37) white sand from the Ebrié...

Author(s): Lacina Coulibaly, Issiaka Savané and Germain Gourène

September 2008

Determining factors influencing rural entrepreneurs’ success: A case study of Mahidasht township in Kermanshah province of Iran

This exploratory descriptive study examined factors determining the success of rural entrepreneurs in Mahidasht township of Kermanshah province in Iran. The hypothesis is proposed that success of rural entrepreneurs is causally related to innovativeness, need for achievement, lack of bureaucracy, internal locus of con-trol, and marketing opportunities. The study was a census of 70 rural entre-preneurs currently active...

Author(s): Abdolhamid Papzan, Kiumars Zarafshani, Malekeh Tavakoli and Mahya Papzan

September 2008

A study of natural risk affecting adoption of crop insurance: A case study of Kurdistan, Iran December 2007

Crop insurance is an effective method which is being practiced by farmers in all economic sectors at all seasons in order to be able to minimize natural risk. Crop insurance is being considered as a proper mechanism for protecting financial resources of farmers. The purpose of this descriptive survey study was to investigate climate changes which are effective in the application of crop insurance in Kurdistan - Iran....

Author(s): H. Agahi and Abdolali Bahrami

September 2008

Competition between cultivated rice (Oryza sativa) and wild rice (Oryza punctata) in Kenya

This shade house study examined the effect of competition on the growth performance of cultivated (Oryza sativa) and wild (Oryza punctata) rice species in Kenya. Growth was assessed for the two species, grown together and separately, by measuring plant height and tiller number through the growing season, and flag leaf area and above and below-ground biomass at the end of the growing season.O. punctata grew to a...

Author(s): Jane T. Munene, Jenesio I. Kinyamario, Niels Holst and John K. Mworia

September 2008

Effect of poultry manure on selected soil physical and chemical properties, growth, yield and nutrient status of tomato

In order to study the effect of poultry manure additions on nutrient availability, soil physical and chemical properties and yield of tomato, five levels of the manure, namely 0, 10, 25, 40 and 50 t ha-1 were applied at Akure, Southwest Nigeria. The soil at the two experimental sites were slightly acidic, low in organic matter, N, P, and Ca. Poultry manure increased soil organic matter, N and P. Soil bulk density...

Author(s): Ewulo, B. S., Ojeniyi S. O. and Akanni, D. A.

September 2008

Variation and interrelationships for pod and seed yield characters in bambara groundnut (Vigna subterrenea) in Adamawa State, Nigeria

Entries of ten accessions of bambara groundnut were evaluated for variation and interrelationships for pod and seed yield characters in a randomized complete block design with three replication for two years. Seed and pod yield component characters were measured and evaluated. Significant differences (P<0.05) were recorded for seedling and seed yield characters. High broad sense heritability provides that to large...

Author(s): Adeniji, O. T, Peter, J. M and Bake, Ibrahim

September 2008

Comparative morphology, palynology and anatomy of five astraceous species from Pakistan

In this study, Scorzonera L. (Asteraceae) collected from Pakistan was investigated by its morphology, leaf epidermal anatomy and pollen grain characteristics.Scorzonera is a perennial herb growing in wet nutrient-poor grasslands and wet heathlands. The stem texture is glabrous in Scorzonera ammophila, Scorzonera picridioides and Scorzonera virgata while tomentose...

Author(s): Sohail Jamil Qureshi, Mir Ajab Khan and Maqsood Ahmad

September 2008

Effects of compost and green manure of pea and their combinations with chicken manure and rapeseed oil residue on soil fertility and nutrient uptake in wheat-rice cropping system

Farmers use huge chemical fertilizers for cereal production, which causes health and environmental hazards. Adoption of legumes in cereal based cropping systems and improvement of organic fertilizers are needed to reduce chemical fertilizer use. Pot experiments were carried out with compost and green manure of pea plant residue with dried chicken manure and/or rapeseed oil residue to find out effects of compost and...

Author(s): Amanullah Khan Eusuf Zai, Takatsugu Horiuchi and Tsutomu Matsui

September 2008

Effect of season and supplementation during late pregnancy and early lactation on the performance of Zebu cows and calves

The effect of supplementation 8 weeks before and/or 5 weeks after calving in the wet and dry seasons on cow and calf performance was studied using 24 pregnant Zebu cows in each season. During pregnancy the cows were randomly allocated to two treatment groups of 12 cows each and after calving six cows within each pregnancy group were allocated to two post-partum treatments. All cows grazed natural pastures for 8 h /day...

Author(s): A. G. Sidibé-Anago, G. A. Ouedraogo and I. Ledin

September 2008

Preliminary investigation of growth performance of giant land snail (Archachatina marginata) fed with selected household wastes

The effect of selected household waste fed to common giant land snail(Archachatina marginata) on growth performance was investigated in a twenty week experiment. Four experimental diets A (Paw paw leaves), B (maize bran) C (guinea corn bran) and D (Plantain peels) were used for the study. Proximate analysis of the diets showed that diets B (maize bran) and C (Guinea corn bran) were high in protein and mineral...

Author(s): Siyanbola Mojisola Funmilayo