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Table of Content: 23 August 2010; 9(34)

August 2010

Fatality of salt stress to plants: Morphological, physiological and biochemical aspects

Soil salinity affects various physiological and biochemical processes which result in reduced biomass production. This adverse effect of salt stress appears on whole plant level at almost all growth stages including germination, seedling, vegetative and maturity stages. However, tolerance to salt stress at different plant developmental stages varies from species to species. The plant response to salt stress consists of...

Author(s): Khalid Nawaz, Khalid Hussain, Abdul Majeed, Farah Khan, Shahid Afghanand Kazim Ali

August 2010

Quantification of substance P mRNA expression in the midbrain of ovariectomized migraine rats with SYBR green I real-time polymerase chain reaction

This study was designed to develop a SYBR green I-based real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) for quantitative detection of substance P (SP) mRNA in the midbrain of ovariectomized migraine rats and to evaluate the effects of estradiol on the mRNA expression of SP in order to shed light on the mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of migraine and estrogen-conferred protection against migraine. 24 female rats were...

Author(s): Ting-min Yu, Gang Yao, Yu-hong Man and Xi-jing Mao

August 2010

A highly efficient method for Agrobacterium mediated transformation in elite rice varieties (Oryza sativa L. spp. indica)

An Agrobacterium mediated transformation method was developed for the Thai rice variety, Pathumthani 1 (PT1), and the Indian rice variety, Pokkali (PKL). Various aspects of the transformation method, including callus induction, callus age,Agrobacterium concentration and co-cultivation period were examined, in order to improve transformation efficiency. Optimized transformation conditions were established...

Author(s): Praderm Wanichananan, Tharathorn Teerakathiti, Sittiruk Roytrakul, Chalermpol Kirdmanee and Surin Peyachoknagul

August 2010

Isolation and characterization of a novel Bacillus subtilis WD23 exhibiting laccase activity from forest soil

The strain Bacillus sp. WD23 exhibiting laccase activity was screened from forest soil. The M9 medium containing Cu2+ was used for enriching and isolating bacterial strains capable of oxidizing syringaldazine. One isolated strain was identified asBacillus subtilis WD23 based on the results of physiological and biochemical tests and 16S rDNA sequence analysis. The strain WD23 could grow at...

Author(s): Chun-lei Wang, Min Zhao, De-bin Li, Dai-zong Cui, Lei Lu and Xing-dong Wei

August 2010

Long term water integration in interconnected ramets of stoloniferous grass, buffalograss

Buffalograss (Buchloë dactyloides) is known for its drought resistant character. Natural resources are patchily distributed and resource sharing between interconnected ramets can enhance the performance of the whole genet. In order to examine whether there exists long term water integration between interconnected ramets of buffalograss, a greenhouse experiment was conducted. Interconnected ramet pairs of...

Author(s): Xiaoling Sun, Jianzhong Niu, Yuefei Xu and He Zhou

August 2010

Chemical constituents and antimicrobial activity of Goniothalamus macrophyllus (Annonaceae) from Pasoh Forest Reserve, Malaysia

The essential oils from the twig and root of Goniothalamus macrophyllus were obtained by hydrodistillation and subjected to Gas Chromatography (GC-FID) and Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) using CBP-5 capillary column in order to determine their chemical composition. Both twig and root oils and four reference standard compounds (α-pinene, linalool, geraniol and geranyl acetate) were evaluated...

Author(s): A. G. Siti Humeirah, M. A. Nor Azah, M. Mastura, J. Mailina, J. A. Saiful, H. Muhajir, and A. M. Puad,

August 2010

Development of a simple sequence repeat (SSR) marker set to fingerprint local and modern potato varieties grown in central Anatolian Plateau in Turkey

We aimed to investigate the potential harmful effects of valproic acid (VPA),  a widely used anticonvulsant in child delivery, and the protective effects of vitamin E (Vit E) and folic acid (FA) on kidney. Sodium valproate (400 mg/kg), folic acid (400 mg/kg) and vitamin E (250 mg/kg) were administered to rats on each of gestation days, 8 th, 9 th, and 10 th. The rats were sacrificed on the...

Author(s): Nejdet Kandemir, Güngör Yılmaz, Yasin Bedrettin Karan and Dilek Borazan

August 2010

The effects of seed coating treatment on yield and yield components in some cotton (Gossypium hirsitum L.) varieties

The use of delinted cotton seeds in cotton planting instead of fuzzy cotton seeds has spread recently. Cotton planting area of the world was 32,150,000 ha in 2003 - 2004. Approximately 45 - 50% of the planting seed in the world is delinted. This signifies that nearly 16,000,000 ha cotton area is planted by delinted cotton seed. In this study, coating fuzzy cotton seeds is proposed as an alternative to delintation....

Author(s): A. Zeybek, T. Dogan and I. Ozkan

August 2010

Comparative analysis of aggregate agricultural productivity between low and high external input technology farms in Nigeria

The study compared the aggregate agricultural productivity between the Low External Input Technology (LEIT) and High External Input Technology (HEIT) Farms in Imo State of Nigeria. The state is divided into three agricultural zones, out of which two were randomly selected for the study. Using a multistage sampling technique, 80 LEIT farmers and another 80 HEIT farmers were randomly selected, giving a total sample size...

Author(s): Anyanwu, S. O. and Obasi, P. C.

August 2010

Effect of stratification treatments on germination of Sorbus torminalis L. Crantz (wild service tree) seeds with different origins

Seed characteristics of wild service tree’s (Sorbus torminalis L. Crantz) fruits collected from 4 different regions of the Black Sea region in Turkey and their germination ratio in different environments were considered. The fruits used in the study were collected from trees that are very close to each other. Collected seeds were subjected to cold stratification of +2°C in an environment of 50% peat + 50%...

Author(s): Mustafa Var, Banu Bekci and Deryanur Dinçer

August 2010

Biological and pharmacological effects of Delphinium elbursense

Antidepressant, antihypoxic and antioxidant activities of aerial parts of Delphinium elbursense were investigated employing nine various assay systems. Antidepessant activity was examined by using forced swimming test and tail suspension test in mice. The extracts at all tested doses show significant activity as compared to control group. Antihypoxic activity was investigated in two models, haemic and...

Author(s): Ebrahimzadeh M. A, Nabavi S. F, Nabavi S. M, Mahmoudi M, Eslami Band Dehpour A. A

August 2010

Biological spectrum with some other ecological attributes of the flora and vegetation of the Asir Mountain of South West, Saudi Arabia

Based on the current available information on the flora and vegetation of the Asir mountain of SW Saudi Arabia, spectra on life form and some other ecological attributes were analyzed and reviewed in different sub-ecosystem of the investigated area. The floristic list of Asir Mountain of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia consists of 189 species belonging to 74 families, 65 dicotyledons (dicots), 4 monocotyledons (monocots),...

Author(s): Mohammad Al-Yemeni and Hassan Sher

August 2010

Breeding properties of Esox lucius (L., 1758) living in Kapulukaya Dam Lake (Kirikkale, Turkey)

This study involves the investigation of the breeding properties of Esox lucius (L., 1758) living in Kapulukaya Dam Lake in Turkey. It was observed that the fish reaches sexual maturity at the age of 3, and the breeding period starts in February and ends in March. The highest and lowest gonadosomatic index (GSI) values were determined in February and July, respectively. The average egg number per fish was...

Author(s): Semra Benzer, Ali Gül and Mehmet Yilmaz

August 2010

Effect of temperature, light intensity and growth regulators on propagation of Ansellia Africana from cuttings

Ansellia africana (Orchidaceae) is an important endangered medicinal plant species of South Africa which has been heavily exploited in recent years. Experiments were conducted in growth rooms at different temperatures (16, 26, 36°C) and in a nursery at different light intensities induced by shade cloth densities (200, 400, 600, 800 μmol m-2 s-1 light) at the University of Zululand, South Africa....

Author(s): Alpheus Mpilo Zobolo

August 2010

Effect of chitosan biopolymer and UV/TiO2 method for the de-coloration of acid blue 40 simulated textile wastewater

The purpose for this study is to de-color C.I. Acid Blue 40 simulated textile wastewater using chitosan and UV/TiO2 system. The methodology is to use chitosan biopolymer and UV/TiO2 to degrade textile wastewater and to measure the color removal by UV-visible spectrophotometer. The operational parameters are chitosan, TiO2, pH and reaction time. From the laboratory investigations, different efficiencies were...

Author(s): Sheau-Ming Chen, Ming-Shien Yen and Yun-Hwei Shen

August 2010

Detection of genetically modified maize (Zea mays L.) in seed samples from Nepal

Maize is the second major cereal in Nepal; its food biosafety and ecological conservation is an important concern. To address this issue, it is necessary to detect genetically modified (GM) maize and establish a monitoring and regulatory system in Nepal. Currently, Nepal does not have legal regulations or labeling directives for GM maize. Therefore, the authors aimed to survey the current status of GM maize seeds in...

Author(s): Hari Kumar Shrestha, Kae-Kang Hwu and Men-Chi Chang

August 2010

Fungal isolates and their toxicity from different ecosystems in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The fact that toxic species do not always produce toxins and that other species not known to produce toxins were found to be toxic in some environments have been previously reported. However, different fungal species behave unexpectedly in different ecosystems. That is why the main objective of this work was to detect the toxicity of some fungal species existing in some environmentally important ecosystem in Jeddah in...

Author(s): N. A. Al-Hazmi

August 2010

In vivo extracellular matrix protein expression by human periodontal ligament after stimulation with orthodontic force

It is well known that the orthodontic force applied to teeth generates a series of events that remodel the periodontal ligament (PDL). Extracellular matrix proteins (ECM) are described as molecular regulators of these events. However, the exact contribution of these proteins in human PDL modeling by orthodontic force application in vivo is not known. The aim of this present study was to evaluate the protein...

Author(s): José A. Morales-González, José Gutiérrez-Salinas, Eduardo Madrigal-Santillán, Jaime Esquivel-Soto, Cesar Esquivel-Chirino, Manuel García Luna y González Rubio and Marco A. Becerril-Flores

August 2010

The effects of valproic acid on renal corpuscle of pregnant rats and protective role of folic acid and vitamin E

We aimed to investigate the potential harmful effects of valproic acid (VPA),  a widely used anticonvulsant in child delivery, and the protective effects of vitamin E (Vit E) and folic acid (FA) on kidney. Sodium valproate (400 mg/kg), folic acid (400 mg/kg) and vitamin E (250 mg/kg) were administered to rats on each of gestation days, 8 th, 9 th, and 10 th. The rats were sacrificed on the...

Author(s): Ayfer Aktaş, Yusuf Nergız, Murat Akkuş and Yasemin Nasır

August 2010

Evaluation of Viburnum foetens for anticancer and antibacterial potential and phytochemical analysis

Viburnum foetens is an ethanobotanically important plant species traditionally used as purgative and also have sedative properties. Methanol extract from leaf explants was used to determine cytotoxic and antibacterial potential of this potent shrub. It was observed that cytotoxicity against MCF-7 cell lines gradually increases according to concentration of extract used. Further, the methanol crude extract was...

Author(s): Yamin Bibi, Sobia Nisa, Abdul Waheed, Muhammad Zia, Sadia Sarwar, Sabbir Ahmed and M. Fayyaz Chaudhary

August 2010

The effect of valproic acid on rat ovarium and the protective role of vitamin E and folic acid: An ultrastructural study

This study was undertaken to investigate the effect of valproic acid and protective effects of vitamin E and folic acid on rat ovary ultrastructural changes. Twenty-four Wistar rats were used. Animals were divided into four groups. The first group of rats was used as control. The second group was injected valproic acid. The third group was injected valproic acid + folic acid and the fourth group was given valproic acid...

Author(s): Ayfer Aktas, Yusuf Nergiz and Murat Akkuş