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Table of Content: 5 October 2009; 8(19)

October 2009

Molecular basis of powdery mildew resistance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

  Powdery mildew is one of the most destructive foliar diseases of wheat worldwide. Improving wheat resistance to Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici (Bgt) via modern bio-techniques to understand the molecular basis of powdery mildew resistance is very important. Powdery mildew resistance gene Pm3b was has been isolated, and its alleles were have been studied. Some other genes...

Author(s): Jishan Niu and Dexian He

October 2009

Constructing ecological-protecting barrier: Basic research of rainfall runoff regulation and application in the Loess Plateau of China and its implications for global arid areas

  Loess Plateau is one of most eco-fragile and poverty-stricken areas in China. Drought and soil erosion are the two major obstacles to restrict economic development here. Rainfall runoff is the leading factor causing soil and water loss in this region. Rainfall runoff regulation and utilization is the inheritance, innovation and development for scientific theories of soil and water conservation in the Loess...

Author(s): Zhao Xining, Wu Pute, Feng Hao, Wang Youke and Shao Hongbo,

October 2009

Recent advance in the support and technology used in enzyme immobilization

  In the industrial biotechnology, the skill to prepare the immobilized enzyme with stability has proven to be one of the key steps in rendering an enzymatic process that is economically viable. Availability of the immobilized enzyme biocatalyst with improved activity and stability is also expected to reduce the expense of products. If properly designed, enzyme immobilization is also a very powerful tool to...

Author(s): Tian Xie, Anming Wang, Lifeng Huang, Haifeng Li, Zhenming Chen, Qiuyan Wang and Xiaopu Yin

October 2009

Telomerase activity is not enough for tumor initiation in human cells

  Studies have reported that the telomerase could be detected in a majority of human tumor tissues, but not in most normal tissues. In tumorigenesis, the activation of telomerase seems to be an important step for somatic cells to gain the ability of indefinite proliferation and become immortal by a way of maintaining telomere length. In clinical, telomerase activity is correlated with outcomes of...

Author(s): Hai-Tao Liu, Fei Li, Rong-Hua Luan, Jin-Liang Xing, Rui-An Wang, Wen-Yi Guo and Hai-Chang Wang

October 2009

Production of protein nanoparticles for food and drug delivery system

  Proteins nanoparticles are one of the new methods for food delivery systems. The protein nanoparticles which represent promising carriers for delivery are fabricated based on different methods. Synthetic protein nanostructure acts as surrogate mimics such as viruses and plasmid for food and drug delivery system. The benefits of protein nanoparticles include non-toxicity, stability for long duration,...


October 2009

Polymorphism in NPY and IGF-I genes associate with reproductive traits in Wenchang chicken

  Alleles of physiological candidate genes for reproductive traits, insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and neuropeptide Y (NPY) were assessed to determine the association with total egg production (NE), average days of continual egg-laying (ADCE) and number of double-yolked eggs (DYE) in Wenchang chicken (Chinese indigenous breed). PCR-RFLP method was used for genotypes identification. The frequency...

Author(s): H. F. Li, W. Q. Zhu, K. W. Chen, X. Wu, Q. P. Tang, Y. S. Gao, W. T. Song, W. J. and Xu, H. L.,

October 2009

Mutations within folate metabolising genes of Plasmodium falciparum in Cameroon

  Sulfadoxine-Pyrimethamine (S-P) still used in some parts of the country was suggested as the second line drug to amodiaquine following widespread failure of chloroquine in Cameroon in 2002.  We investigated the efficacy of S-P and determined the baseline mutations on marker genes for folate metabolism (dhfr anddhps) in the forest and Guinea-Savanna ecozones of Cameroon, as a way of tracking...

Author(s): Wilfred Fon Mbacham, Marie-Solange Bebandoue Evehe, Palmer Masumbe Netongo, Innocent Mbuli Ali., Nfor Emmanuel Nfor, Ateh Isabel Akaragwe, Patrice Nsangou Mimche, Akindeh Nji, Cyrille Finyom Djoko, Bantar Tawe, Bidla Gawa, Theresia Asongna, Gang Boniface Toh, Barbara Atogho-Tieudeu, Nabi Nge, Raymond Ebeng, John Ahmadou Mokube, Christopher Kuaban, Jean Bickii, Veronique Penlap, Vincent Pryde Titanji and Njifutie Njikam

October 2009

Isolation and molecular characterization of a novel homogalacturonan galacturonosyl transferase gene (GbGAUT1) from Gossypium barbadense

  A novel gene, designated as GbGAUT1 (Gossypium barbadensehomogalacturonan galacturonosyl-transferase gene 1), was successfully cloned from G. barbadense (GenBank accession No. EF552432) by bioinformatics methods, RT-PCR and RACE. The open reading frame (ORF) was 1797 bp long and putatively encoded a polypeptide of 598 amino acids, with a predicted molecular mass of 69...

Author(s): J. N. Chi#, G. Y. Han#, X. F. Wang, G. Y. Zhang, Y. X. Sun and Z. Y. Ma 

October 2009

Random amplification of genomic ends (RAGE) as an efficient method for isolation and cloning of promoters and uncloned genomic regions

  Isolation of complete coding sequences and regulatory regions is critical for the complete characterization of a gene. Efficient methods to obtain complete genomic or regulatory is important in the process of isolation. The utility of the available genome walking methods are influenced by factors like the size of the genome and the length of the desired sequence. This study utilizes a genome walking method -...

Author(s): Boney Kuriakose, V. Ganesan, George Thomas, Arun Viswanathan,and Narayanaswamy Anand

October 2009

Isolation and preliminary function analysis of a Na+/H+ antiporter gene from Malus zumi

  A full-length cDNA Na+/H+ antiporter gene (MzNHX1) was isolated from Malus zumiaccording to the homologous Na+/H+ antiporter gene region in plants. Sequence analysis indicated that the cDNA was 2062 bp in length, including an open reading frame (ORF) of 1629 bp, which encoded a predicted polypeptide of 542 amino acids. The MzNHX1 protein shared high identity with other reported plant...

Author(s): Zhang Qingxia, Xu Xuefeng, Wang Yi, Li Tianzhong, Kong Jin and Han Zhenhai

October 2009

Genetic diversity and association of ISSR markers with the eleostearic content in tung tree (Vernicia fordii)

  Tung tree is a useful woody oil plant in the world. In this study, both the genetic diversity and biochemical traits were analyzed in order to improve the breeding methods on tung tree. The mean genetic similarity coefficient (Gs), the mean Nei’s gene diversity (h) and the mean Shannon’s information index (I) of tung tree were 0.7821, 0.2192 and 0.3424, respectively. In dendrogram based on UPGMA,...

Author(s): Peng Li, Yangdong Wang, Yicun Chen and Shanshan Zhang,

October 2009

Cloning and expression analysis of an E-class MADS-box gene from Populus deltoides

  An E-class MADS-box gene, PdMADS2, was isolated from Populus deltoides Bartr. ex Marsh male floral buds by RT-PCR. As shown by relative–quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction analysis, the expression of PdMADS2 was high in apical and floral buds, intermediate in immature xylem and roots and low in mature leaves of adult male P. deltoides. In...

Author(s): Bingyu Zhang, Xianghua Zhang, Hong Li, Xiangming Zhou and Xiaohua Su

October 2009

The effect of plant growth regulators, cultivars and substrate combination on production of virus free potato minitubers

  Nowadays large amounts of potato seed in the world is produced by in vitro virus free minitubers. Therefore, evaluation of commercial varieties in production of virus free potato minitubers is critical. In this study virus free plantlets of 4 potato cultivars of Agria, Marfona, Sante and Burren were achieved with meristem culture method. The meristem-derived plantlets which had optimum growth were...

Author(s): Taha Roodbar Shojaei, Niaz Ali Sepahvand, Mansour Omidi, Hamid Reza Abdi and Sepehr Mohajeri Naraghi

October 2009

Changes in carbon storage and oxygen production in forest timber biomass of Balci Forest Management Unit in Turkey between 1984 and 2006

  Decrease in forest areas world wide and the damaging of its structures is hazardous to human health, hinders and dries up the spread of oxygen in the air and also destroys carbon storage. In recent years, global warming and changes in climates depending on the increase in the green house gases have been affecting the whole world. The solution seeking, initiated in the international arena with various treaties...

Author(s): Hacı Ahmet Yolasığmaz⊃ and Sedat KeleÅŸ⊃

October 2009

Effects of solarization and vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus (VAM) on phytopthora blight (Phytophthora capsici leonian) and yield in pepper

  In this work, effects of soil solarization and vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal (VAM) fungus, Glomus intraradices on diseases caused by Phytophthora capsici Leonian in pepper plants and crop yields were studied. At the end of the growth season, 82.5% mortality of plants and 47.7% of yield loss caused by P. capsici were obtained in control plots. At the beginning of the vegetative...

Author(s): Ismail Cimen, Vedat Pirinc, Abuzer Sagır, Cagdas Akpinar and Sadettin Guzel

October 2009

Accumulation and distribution of dry matter in relation to root yield of cassava under a fluctuating water table in inland valley ecology

  Cassava an important staple food is grown both in upland and inland valley in the tropics. A trial to assess dry matter production and partitioning in relation to root yield was conducted in 3 positions along inland valley toposequence using 4 x 4 Latin square design. Dry matter partitioning differed among cultivars, toposequence positions, sites and years due to differences in water table depth and weather...

Author(s): Mohamed T. Lahai and Indira J. Ekanayake

October 2009

Evaluation of new generation maize steak virus (MSV) resistant maize varieties for adaptation to a southern guinea savanna ecology of Nigeria

  Five new generations of maize streak virus (MSV) resistant varieties were evaluated along with two checks in replicated trials and for two years in a Southern Guinea Savanna Ecology of Nigeria, which is an endemic zone for the disease. Difference in grain yield between favourable growing season in 2002 and unfavourable season in 2001 was 1.68 t/ha-1, representing 30.2% yield increase of 2001 performance....

Author(s): G. Olaoye

October 2009

Establishment of a high-efficiency plant regeneration and transformation system for the elite maize inbred lines from three heterotic groups

  Maize (Zea mays L.) is one of the most important crops in the world and its agronomic traits could be improved by genetic transformation with desirable genes. A successful transformation must depend on a high-efficiency in vitro plant regeneration and genetic transformation system. In our studies, six media compositions were used to induce callus from the immature zygotic embryos of seven maize...

Author(s): Xiaohong Liu, Hongmei Zhang, Chunlian Wu, Zhenbo Tan, Daowen He and Linhui Li

October 2009

Effects of salt stress on germination of some maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars

  This study was conducted to investigate the effects of salt stress on germination of six maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars (ADA-523, Bora, C-955, PR 3394, Progen 1150 and Trebbia). The degrees of salinity tolerance among these cultivars were evaluated at seed germination stage at six different salt concentrations (0, 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 mM NaCl). The results showed that in all cultivars as the salt...

Author(s): E. B. Carpıcı, N. Celık and G. Bayram

October 2009

Determinants of adoption and productivity of improved rice varieties in southwestern Nigeria

  The study examines the status of adoption of improved rice varieties and its impact on rice production among smallholder farmers in southwestern Nigeria. Data for this study were generated from a farm survey of rice farmers selected by multi-stage sampling technique in two of the rice producing states of the region. The study employed adoption index, logit model and stochastic frontier model to assess the...

Author(s): J. O. Saka and B. O. Lawal

October 2009

G×E interaction effects on yield and yield components of cassava (landraces and improved) genotypes in the savanna regions of Nigeria

  Genetic enhancement of cassava aimed at increasing production and productivity through the provision of broad-based improved germplasm is a major goal for cassava breeders. At the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Nigeria, 18 varieties comprising 12 landraces and 6 broad-based and improved varieties were evaluated at 4 locations in 3 years in a randomized complete block design in 4...

Author(s): O. O. Aina,, A. G. O. Dixon, Ilona Paul and E. A. Akinrinde

October 2009

The effect of sheep-manure vermicompost on quantitative and qualitative properties of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) grown in the greenhouse

  This experiment aims to evaluate the effects of vermicompost produced from sheep manure on growth, yield and quality of 2 fruit cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) varieties (cv. ‘Sultan F1’ and cv. ‘Storm F1’) under greenhouse condition. Four vermicompost treatments at the rate of 0 (control), 10, 20 and 30 t ha-1 were incorporated into the top 15 cm of soil. During the...

Author(s): Rasool Azarmi, Mousa Torabi Giglou and Behzad Hajieghrari

October 2009

Nitrogen rate and previous crop effects on some agronomic traits of two corn (Zea mays L.) cultivars Maverik and Bora

  A 2-year field study was conducted to evaluate effects of nitrogen (0, 12.5, 25 kg/da N) rates and previous crops on 2 hybrid corn cv Maverik and Bora varieties planted as second crop following either chickpea or wheat during 2004 and 2005. Split-split plot experimental design was used with 4 replications. Tasseling period, ear silk period, first ear height, plant height, stem diameter, ear length, 1000 seed...

Author(s): Leyla Idikut, Iskender Tiryaki, Selahattin Tosun and Huseyin Celep

October 2009

Effects of cold stratification and sulphuric acid pre-treatments on germination of three provenances of smoke-tree (Cotinus coggygria Scop.) seeds in greenhouse and laboratory conditions

  This study was carried out to determine which pre-treatments should be preferred to overcome dormancy problems of Cotinus coggygria seeds which were collected from three different provenances. Pre-treatments applied to the seeds were submersion in concentrated (98%) sulphuric acid (10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 min) and submersion in sulphuric acid (10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 min) followed by cold stratification...

Author(s): Z. Olmez, A. Gokturk, B. Karasah and H. Yilmaz

October 2009

Evaluation of selected fig genotypes from Southeast Turkey

  Turkey has great variations and distributions in wild fig forms as well as fig cultivars. This study was carried out in Mardin and Åžanlıurfa provinces during 2004 - 2005. Nine fig genotypes were evaluated in this selection study for two years. In this study, some morphological characteristics investigated were tree growth habit, tree vigour, relative degree of branching, leaf shape and leaf margin...

Author(s): Mikdat Simsek

October 2009

Spatio-temporal variations of phytoplankton community composition assayed by morphological observation and photosynthetic pigment analyses in Lake Taihu (China)

  Spatio-temporal variations of phytoplankton were assayed by morphological observation and photosynthetic pigment analyses at four sites in Lake Taihu from September 2007 to June 2008. Results showed that cyanobacteria abundance in water column decreased from autumn to winter but increased in the sediment; in spring, cyanobacteria abundance decreased in sediment but increased in water column. Since phycocyanin...

Author(s): Xiao Tan, Fan-xiang Kong, Yang Yu and Min Zhang

October 2009

Effects of light and temperature on the growth rate of potentially harmful marine diatom: Thalassiosira allenii Takano (Bacillariophyceae)

  Thalassiosira allenii is a potentially harmful marine diatom distributed along the Northern Aegean and Southern Black Sea coasts of Turkey. In order to better understand the effect of environmental factors on T. allenii, the effects of 6 different light intensities (6.5, 38.7, 77.5, 116.2, 15 and 193.7 mmol/m2s (PAR)) and 4 different temperatures (4, 11, 16 and 20°C) were...

Author(s):   Göknur ÅžiÅŸman Aydın, Ahmet KocataÅŸ and Baha Büyükışık

October 2009

Antibacterial studies and phytochemical constituents of South Indian Phyllanthus species

  Antibacterial activity and phytochemical tests of the methanol extracts of sixPhyllanthus species were evaluated. In agar well diffusion assay the diameter of inhibition zones ranged from 3 - 22 mm. Phyllanthus amarus showed maximum activity of 22 mm. The minimum inhibition concentration (MIC) and minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC) observed for Bacillus...

Author(s): Ananthagiri Komuraiah, Krishna Bolla, Kollu Narasimha Rao, A. Ragan, V. S. Raju and M. A. Singara Charya

October 2009

Production of freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria starter culture for cassava fermentation into gari

  Sixteen lactic acid bacteria, eight Lactobacillus plantarum, three L. pentosus, 2Weissella paramesenteroides, two L. fermemtum and one Leuconostocmesenteroides ssp. mesenteroides were previously isolated from cassava fermentation and selected on the basis of their biochemical properties with a view to selecting appropriate starter cultures during...

Author(s): Amenan A. Yao, Carine Dortu, Moutairou Egounlety, Cristina Pinto, Vinodh A. Edward, Melanie Huch (née Kostinek), Charles M. A. P. Franz, Willhelm Holzapfel , Samuel Mbugua, Moses Mengu and Philippe Thonart,

October 2009

Establishment of the callus and cell suspension culture of Elaeagnus angustifolia for the production of condensed tannins

  The objective of this work was the optimization of the conditions of callus and cell suspension culture of Elaeagnus angustifolia for the production of condensed tannins. The effects of different conditions on the callus growth and the production of condensed tannins were researched. The leaf tissue part of E. angustifolia was optimum explant of callus induction. The best callus growth and...

Author(s): Fan-Suo Zeng, , Wei-Wei Wang, Ya-Guang Zhan, and Ying Xin

October 2009

Phenotypic characterization of Lactobacillus strains isolated from different biotopes

  Thirty three strains of Lactobacillus were isolated from human milk and infant faeces, animal (cow and goat) milks and from plants (Anagalis arvensis andBromus mango species). The various strains were identified based on phenotypic tests. Amongst them, 12 strains belonged to group 1, which comprised L. acidophilus, L. helveticus and L....


October 2009

Antimicrobial activity of the essential oils of rosin from cones of Abies cilicica subsp. cilicica

  Essential oil from the rosin of cones of Abies cilicica (Ant. Et Kotschy.) subsp.cilicia Carr. grown in Turkey was obtained by the hydro-distillation method and the antimicrobial activities of the oil were evaluated. The antimicrobial results showed that the microbial activities of the oil were considerably dependent upon concentration and its bioactive compounds. The oil inhibited the growth...

Author(s): K. Sinan Dayisoylu, Ahmet D. Duman, M. Hakki Alma and Metin Digrak

October 2009

Immunohistochemical prognostic indicators of lymphoma tumors

  Lymphoma, or lymphatic cancer, is a broad term encompassing a variety of cancers of the lymphatic system. This prospective study was initiated to evaluate the expression of two potential biomarkers (p53 and Cyclin D1). Lymphoma tissues were obtained from 50 patients (Royal Medical Services 1990 - 1996), which were diagnosed as Hodgkin's and NonHodgkin's lymphoma. Specimens were reassessed by examining...

Author(s): Fawzi Alsheyab, Moh&#;d Abbas, Yousef Mosameh and Shawter Ali

October 2009

Effects of Allium hirtifolium (Iranian shallot) and its allicin on microtubule and cancer cell lines

  Allium hirtifolim Boiss. (Iranian Shallot) belongs to Allium genus (Alliaceae family). Microtubule proteins (MTs) are crucial in maintenance of cell shape as well as cell division and mitosis. The present study aims at defining the anti-microtubule activities of A. hirtifolium and its allicin and examining its effects on nerve cell microtubules. MTs were prepared from sheep brain...

Author(s): Hamideh Ghodrati Azadi, Gholam Hossein Riazi, Seyed Mahmood Ghaffari,Shahin Ahmadian and Tahereh Javdani Khalife

October 2009

Bioleaching of copper, cobalt and zinc from black shale by Penicillium notatum

  In this study, the recovery of metals from low grade black shale ore was attempted by employing fungal strain, Penicillium notatum using different organic wastes as substrates. Maximum recovery of copper (49.29%) and cobalt (53.51%) was found in media containing glucose (standard medium) and molasses as substrate at 28oC after 33 and 30 day of leaching period at 120 rpm. Whereas the maximum...

Author(s): Fozia Anjum, Haq Nawaz Bhatti, Muhammad Afzal Ghauri, Ijaz Ahmad Bhatti, Muhammad Asgher and Muhammad Rafique Asi

October 2009

Glucosinolates within a collection of white head cabbages (Brassica oleracea var. capitata sub.var. alba) from Turkey

  Glucosinolates of a population of white head cabbages collected from different geographical regions of Turkey were determined at two different plant developmental stages (early and late development). The glucosinolates detected were glucoiberin, glucoraphanin, sinigrin of aliphatics and glucobrassicin, neoglucobrassicin, 4-methoxyglucobrassicin and 4-hydroxyglucobrassicin of indoles. Variation were observed...

Author(s): Gölge Sarıkamış, Ahmet Balkaya and Ruhsar Yanmaz

October 2009

The effect of vitamin C and cobalt supplementation on antioxidant status in healthy and diabetic rats

  In the present study, liver, lung, heart and kidney superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px), catalase (CAT) activities, lipid peroxidation, nitrite and vitamin C levels were investigated in diabetic rats. Diabetes induced in rats by streptozotocin (STZ) and the treated rats were received 1 g/l vitamin C with 0.5 mM CoCl2 in drinking water for eigth weeks. In all tissues, superoxide...

Author(s): Özlem Yıldırım

October 2009

Comparative study of artesunate, ACTs and their combinants on the biochemical parameters of male guinea-pigs

  In this study, the effects of different doses of artesunate, artesunate/sulfadoxine/ pyrimethamine, artesunate/amodiaquine and their combinants (sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine and artesunate/ amodiaquine) on the biochemical parameters- alkaline phosphatase (ALP), total acid phosphatase (ACPT), prostatic acid phosphatase (ACPP), urea, creatinine, uric acid and total cholesterol of the male guinea-pig were...

Author(s): A. W. Obianime and J. S. Aprioku

October 2009

Cholic acid resistance and the adherence ability of Bifidobacterium pseudocaenulatum G4

  The adherence capacity of Bifidobacterium longum BB536 and Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum G4 on HT-29 human epithelium cell line with the presence of cholic acid were assessed. B. longum BB536 showed a higher adhesion level on HT-29 human epithelium cell line compared to B. psudocatenulatum G4. However, in the presence of physiological concentration (0.094 and 0.94...

Author(s): Ali Qahtan Sulaiman, Farid Azizi Jalilian, Shuhaimi Mustafa, Zamberi Sekawi, Hasanah Mohd Ghazali, Anis Shobirin Meor Hussin and Abd Manap Yazid

October 2009

Effects of the aqueous extract of fresh leaves of Calotropis procera on haematological and biochemical parameters in female rabbits

  Calotropis procera has been reported to be medicinal and toxic in animals. A toxicological evaluation of the aqueous extract of its fresh leaves was conducted in female rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus). Low levels of phytochemicals (alkaloids, saponins, tannins, cardiac glycosides, and flavonoids) were found while 0.23, 0.03, 0.82 and 9.5 mg/g of iron, lead, sodium and potassium, respectively, were...

Author(s): Jato Denis Mbako, Zainab Adamu, Jacob Kotei Afutu, Atiku Aliyu, Shamaki David, M. B. Umar, Chudy Nduaka

October 2009

Assessment of antimicrobial activity of crude extracts of stem and root barks from Adansonia digitata (Bombacaceae) (African baobab)

  This study seeks to validate the antimicrobial activity of crude extracts of stem and root barks from Adansonia digitata (Bombacaceae), investigate the minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) of the extracts and bioactive constituents present in the barks. Crude ethanolic and aqueous extracts of stem and root barks were evaluated for antimicrobial activities using agar-well method. Bioactive...

Author(s): S. N. Masola, R. D. Mosha and P. N. Wambura

October 2009

Parasiticidal, antifungal and antibacterial activities of Onosma griffithii Vatke

  Onosma griffithii was screened for possible pharmacological activities. The crude methanolic extract (MeOH) and its fractions demonstrated parasiticidal activity (IC50 (µg/ml ± S.D) = 31.03 ± 0.23) against Leishmania major. Based on the IC 50values, the potency of the standard drug (Pentamidine) and test fractions were of the order as: Pentamidine > crude...

Author(s): B. Ahmad, N. Ali, , S. Bashir, M. I. Choudhary, S. Azam and I. Khan

October 2009

Modal analysis of maxillary central incisor tooth

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the vibration modes of tooth and explain the vibration characteristics of tooth. By using the finite element method (FEM) software, the Eigen vibration of 3-D finite element model of maxillary central incisor tooth was analyzed. Crown vibration was dominantly present in the natural modes. In general, tooth vibration was mostly dominated by the first 4 natural modes...

Author(s): Li, Ming-Yong, Li, Bin, Yan, Hong, Li, Yu-Long, Zhao, Ling-Cheng, Yan, Zi-Qiang, Li, Zhun and Ma, Xuang-Xiang

October 2009

Study on antioxidant activity of Echinacea purpurea L. extracts and its impact on cell viability

  This study investigates the antioxidant activity of Echinacea Purpurea L. (EP) extracts and its impact on cell viability. The polysaccharides content of EP was 159.8 ± 12.4 mg/g dry weight (DW), with extracts obtained by applying 55% ethanol at 55°C containing 11.0 ±1.0 mg gallic acid equivalent/g DW of total phenolic compound. Trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity, 0.1 mg/mL of...

Author(s): Tzu Tai Lee, Chung Li Chen, Zhao Han Shieh, Jun Chen Lin and Bi Yu

October 2009

Effect of curcumin on Helicobacter pylori biofilm formation

  Helicobacter pylori is a leading etiologic agent causing peptic ulcer and gastric cancer. The alternative lifestyle as a biofilm facilitates H. pylori to survive in adverse environments. Here, we investigated effect of curcumin on H. pylori biofilm formation both qualitatively by pellicle assay and quantitatively by crystal violet...

Author(s): Panan Pattiyathanee, Ratha-korn Vilaichone and Nuntaree Chaichanawongsaroj

October 2009

Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial potential of transition metal complexes of triacetic lactone

  Seven novel and biological active transition metal complexes were prepared using 3-nitro- 4-hydroxy -6-methyl-pyran-2-one derivative of triacetic lactone as ligand. These complexes were characterized by elemental analysis, magnetic susceptibility measurement, UV/Vis, FTIR and NMR spectroscopy. These data showed that solid complexes of Ni (II), Co (II), Mn (II), Zn (II) and Fe (II) indicated octahedral...

Author(s): Samina Shahid, Muhammad Asam Raza and Shafiq-Ur-Rehman

October 2009

The impact of diabetes on the success of dental implants and periodontal healing

Dental implant is one of the restorative methods to replace missing teeth. As implants are directly anchored into bones, they provide stability, a more natural appearance, and minimize the risk of bone resorption and atrophy. However, studies found that diabetes mellitus patients had a slower healing process after surgery because of the reduction of vascular supply due to microangiopathies,...

Author(s): Wings T. Y. Loo, L. J. Jin, Mary N. B. Cheung and Min Wang

October 2009

Larvaecidal effects of azadirachtin on the pine processionary moth

  The effects of azadirachtin, a natural extract of the neem tree Azadirachta indica A. Juss, on larval growth and feeding activity of pine processionary moth (Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Schiff.)) was investigated in laboratory experiments conducted in 2007 - 2008. The organic insecticide NeemAzal-T/S (a commercial neem preparation) was applied as suspension in distilled water at concentration...

Author(s): Sabri Unal and Erol Akkuzu

October 2009

Solubilization and purification of Escherichia coli expressed GST-fusion human vascular endothelial growth factors with N-Lauroylsarcosine

  Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a potent mitogen for tumor angiogenesis. Clinically, VEGF detection in human blood can be expected to be used in the very near future for cancer screening, prognosis, monitoring of therapy and diagnosis. VEGF has been identified as the target for the treatment of cancer. Though prokaryotic expression of VEGF has been done, the solubilization and purification is...

Author(s): Jian-ping Zou, Jing Xu, Licheng Liu, Shuxiang Li, Chunfu Wu and Guanhua Du

October 2009

Effects of olive processing waste, chicken manure and Dazomet on weeds with or without soil solarisation

Three non-chemical weed control alternatives (chicken manure (10 t ha-1), olive processing waste (OPW) (30 t ha-1), and solarisation (6-7 weeks at > 40.9 - 47.1oC at a 15 cm soil) were applied to greenhouse grown tomatoes alone and in combination and were compared with a soil fumigant (dazomet) for the ability to control weeds. Both dazomet (485 kg a.i. ha-1) and solarisation provided excellent control of common...

Author(s): Özhan Boz