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Table of Content: October 2022; 21(10)

October 2022

Encapsulation by complex coacervation of total flavonoids and total phenols of methanol extract of Anacardium occidentale L. (Anacardeaceae) obtained by microwave assisted extraction

The study was carried out to produce a microcapsule powder of total flavonoids and total total phenols of methanol extract of the cashew, using a complex coacervation encapsulation method. In the search for optimal conditions for encapsulation, a three level factorial design was set up, while taking into account factors like time and proportions in Arabic gum and gelatin. The kinetic of encapsulation follows a kinetic...

Author(s): BETOLOUM Salomon Madjitoloum, MBAIOGAOU Abel, MBAIHOUGADOBE Severin, TALLA Emmanuel, NGASSOUM Martin Benoît and MAHMOUT Yaya

October 2022

Effect of temperature on lipid accumulation in three green microalgae species

The objective of this work was to analyze the growth of Scenedesmus acutus, Nannochloropsis oculata and Chlorella vulgaris at different temperatures (25, 30 and 38°C) in order to identify changes in lipid content, accumulation of neutral lipids and fatty acids profile. According to the results obtained, the temperature of 30°C does not affect the growth of the microalgae S. acutus, N. oculata and C. vulgaris;...

Author(s): Castro-Tapia Juan Marcos, Dibildox-Alvarado Elena and Soria-Guerra Ruth Elena

October 2022

Screening for phosphate deficiency tolerance and expression of phosphate uptake genes in Nigerian local rice landraces

Twenty-one Nigerian rice landraces were screened for tolerance to phosphate deficiency in nutrient medium using selected morphological indices from which Phosphate Deficiency Tolerance Index (PDTI) was evaluated. All landraces were analyzed for the presence of four phosphate uptake 1 (Pup-1) gene-linked markers while relative expression levels of two Pup-1 genes were evaluated in selected landraces under zero, normal...

Author(s): Ekeme Ewona, Peter Nkachukwu Chukwurah, Effiom Eyo Ita, Valentine Otang Ntui, Charles Opara, Shidoon Edna Apaa, Vera Ojong and Edak Aniedi Uyoh

October 2022

Cordycepin production by the potential fungal strains Cordyceps militaris BCC 2819 and Cordyceps cicadae BCC 19788 in submerged culture during batch and Fed-batch fermentation

Cordycepin is one of the most important bioactive compounds; the low productivity and long production cycle of cordycepin are barriers to its commercialization. The optimal media for cordycepin production by Cordyceps militaris BCC 2819 and Cordyceps cicadae BCC 19788, which are potent cordycepin-producing-fungal strains, were determined through statistical experiments. Six nutrients including glucose, adenine, glycine,...

Author(s): Borworn Werapan, Pumin Nutaratat, Siriporn Ariyaphuttarat and Wai Prathumpai

October 2022

Semi-artificial method of induced breeding of the African catfish (Clarias gariepinus, Burchell, 1822) under varying broodstock ratios using OvaprimĀ®

Modern methods of producing African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) fingerlings require that the male brooder is sacrificed to obtain milt for artificial fertilization of the eggs stripped from the female under hormonal induction. This study assessed the semi-artificial technique of producing catfish larvae with different broodstock ratios using Ovaprim®, a synthetic spawning inducing hormone. The treatments with 3...

Author(s): Addo Samuel, Ameti Kennedy S., Sowah Winnie, Diyie Rhoda Lims, Duodu Collins P. and Asamoah Eunice K.