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Table of Content: 14 July, 2013; 7(26)

July 2013

Common items in the companies’ information flow from the organizational structure and management of ideas through the perspective of the global cognitive theory

Companies have to adapt their structures to environmental continuous changes. In crisis time is important to identify and appreciate what people can bring to businesses (ideas, knowledge, innovation, etc.) in order to survive by creating competitive advantages and exploiting what the environment offers. In addition, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have a deep impact on organizations; ICT are often...

Author(s): Cristina Santandreu-Mascarell, Carlos Pons-Morera and Lourdes Canós-Darós

July 2013

A critical commentary on the business education debate in South Africa: The Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA) versus the Master of Arts Degree in Philosophy (MA)

This opinion is written in narrative style and does not follow the classical research approach. The opinion attempts to comment on the Philosophy of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree, with special reference to MBA degrees offered by   universities and business schools in Africa and South Africa and, similar management institutions on the continent, and makes certain salient comments on the MBA...

Author(s): Anis Mahomed Karodia

July 2013

A diagnosis of knowledge management measuring incubated companies’ performance: A study case

This study is aimed at recognizing how knowledge is captured, created, stored and used in two incubated companies. The survey was conducted at the “Intecponta Incubator”, located at the city of Ponta Grossa - PR, South - Brazil. The Knowledge Management Diagnostic (KMD) proposed by Bukowitz and Williams (2002) was applied. The efforts made were in regard to understand if the method could be used in...

Author(s): Winicyus Dihl, Diogo José Horst, Antonio Carlos de Francisco, João Luiz Kovaleski

July 2013

The effect of profit incentive of ICT industry on the relationship between ownership and corporate performance

ICT industry dominated the global economic development in recent years, and Taiwan ICT industry was an important center for the global ICT development. This study analyzed the relationship between the ownership structure and performance of ICT firms in Taiwan. The subjects in the study were 199 ICT firms from 1994~2004. The empirical results showed that the effect of profit incentive on directors and managers was...

Author(s): Wen-Chih Liao and Szu-Min Chien

July 2013

Key success paths theory: Navigator of new product development strategy

Rapid changes in high technology and amid global competition shorten life cycles of product and highlight the important role of new product development (NPD). Many studies explore key success factors (KSFs) and how they affect outcomes of NPD, but do not present recipes or combinations of KSFs for successful outcomes of NPD. The purposes of this paper are to explore the key success paths (KSPs) theory by creating and...

Author(s): Mei-Fang Wu and Pao-Long Chang

July 2013

Education is essential for economic growth in Pakistan

The role of enhanced schooling, a fundamental part of most development strategies, has become contentious because spreading out of school achievement has not assured improved economic setting. This paper reviews the role of education in promoting economic interests that spotlight the role of educational eminence. Much evidence from developing countries suggests that education has strapping persuasion on economic...

Author(s): Kiani, Adiqa

July 2013

Designing a model for “Business process-orientation” using interpretive structural modeling approach (ISM)

In today’s business world, organizations are continually striving to streamline their operations, increase their ability to respond to the market conditions and find new opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competitors; these conditions have caused them to focus more on business process and customer. There is extensive literature regarding the focus on business process and process orientation in...

Author(s): Adel Azar and Karim Bayat

July 2013

Research of personnel selection methods in the Greek private bank sector

This research aims to estimate the extent to which the Human Resource Management sector of a private bank is influenced by external candidate parameters such as gender, age, appearance, social status, family planning, and medical or criminal records. The sampling method which was used was the method of cluster sampling and the statistical analysis included factor analysis and Chi-square statistic tests....

Author(s): Miltiadis S. Chalikias

July 2013

Analysis of gender discrimination using the Gini index multiple decomposition method

Income inequality is a frequent research theme in economical literature, due to its importance in rendering the condition of economical cohesion within society. Income inequality has multiple causes: resource endowment, skills, competences, attitude towards risk, chances etc. Problems appear when income inequalities are casued by various forms of discrimination. A consecrated instrument used for analysing income...

Author(s): Dobre Mihaela Hrisanta, Ailenei Dorel, Mosora Liviu Cosmin

July 2013

The riba conundrum: The ethical appeal of Islamic banking

The rule of Islam is simple: if you advance a loan, you are entitled to receive your capital only and nothing more. If you wish to secure profit, you should enter into a partnership and become a shareholder. Prohibitions against interest are not peculiar to Islam.  If we were to trace back through history, a number of examples of such prohibitions can be found in the early Greek, Roman and Rabinnical thought. ...

Author(s): Nico P. Swartz

July 2013

Demographic dividend and literate life expectancy: The case of Pakistan

During the demographic transition from high mortality and fertility to low mortality and fertility, the age structure of a country changes, so that for a period the proportion of the population (which is of working ages) rises and then falls. This period during which the working-age population is relatively large is often termed the ‘demographic dividend’, a phenomenon which may be...

Author(s): Jamal Abdul Nasir, Andrew Hinde and M.H. Tahir

July 2013

Nokia and strategic agility

The high-tech industry is the competitive strength as well as major profit source for countries in the world. However, these companies face a lot of uncertainties including market demands, technology progress and new competitors that bring new strategies and technology into the market. Because of self-owned operating system, Nokia is facing patent issues with Apple and the increasing number of competitors. Nokia faces...

Author(s): Chen-Yuan Chen

July 2013

Price discovery in the South African White maize futures market

This study examined the price discovery process in the South African futures and spot markets for white maize. Engle-Granger and Johansen tests of cointegration were performed after which an Error Correction Model, Vector Error Correction Model and Impulse Response functions were formulated representing the long-run relationship between spot and futures prices for white maize. It was found that spot and futures prices...

Author(s): Barry Strydom and Kerry McCullough

July 2013

An empirical study into the impact of the executive development programme on individual level within a paramilitary organisation in South Africa

The objective of this research study was to determine the impact that the Executive Development Programme (EDP) had on employees of a paramilitary organisation in South Africa, who had successfully completed the programme. A stratified sample was used from the Limpopo, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape provinces. A random sample was used for the Head Office Divisions. The participants were divided into groups, namely those...

Author(s): Anton Grobler and Melissa van Niekerk

July 2013

Analysis of mergers and acquisitions in Brazilian companies

This article sheds light on how synergies arise through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and how best to evaluate them in Brazil. Through a review of the literature, it was analysed how generated synergies are assessed across different methodologies. This article analysed the synergy gains in Brazilian mergers and acquisitions between 2000 and 2007. The study employed three of the four techniques identified:...

Author(s): Edson de Oliveira Pamplona and Paulo Rotela Junior

July 2013

Evaluation method of product configuration design integrated customer requirements and application

Mass customization is an important production mode for the modern enterprise. Product configuration design is the core of mass customization. In the process of product configuration design, there are maybe many optional configuration schemes, but it needs the reasonable evaluation so as to scientifically and effectively select the optimal result from them. This paper takes the clear customer requirements as a part of...

Author(s): Changfeng Yuan and Wanlei Wang