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Table of Content: 18 December 2010; 4(18)

December 2010

Aditya Birla’s Alexandria Carbon Black operation: Global strategies for global markets

  The Alexandria Carbon Black Case Study examined initial and continuing investment in petrochemical manufacturing facilities in Egypt by an Indian multinational. The case brought together the various aspects of global strategy, cultural issues, social responsibility and developing world companies’ success in displacing current producers with operational strategies that include new plants, adherence to...

Author(s): Harold D. Harlow

  • Article Number: 3890D1E15910

December 2010

Shared vision invention: A case from the financial industry

  To not just survive, but also succeed, in today’s highly competitive global economic marketplace, a shared vision that allows an industry to develop a competitive advantage is required. In Taiwan, the financial industry was once helpful for Taiwanese economic growth, but it has currently lost competitive advantage and now needs support from the government. Although, past research has focused on how to...

Author(s):   Jui-Kuei Chen  

  • Article Number: 97ADE7F15927

December 2010

Factors affecting satisfaction levels of internal customers in Turkish automotive authorized services

  This study aims to determine the satisfaction levels of employees considered the internal customers in respect of the total quality management approach and the factors affecting the satisfaction levels. It can be stated that determination of the factors affecting the internal customer satisfaction can be provided to increase the services quality and to make better use from employees’ performance. In the...

Author(s): Şenol Okay and Mehmet Akçay

  • Article Number: 923FA2C15957

December 2010

Does lunar cycle effect exist? Lunar phases and stock return volatilities

  The idea that lunar cycles may influence human behavior dates back at least to ancient Greece and Rome. Even in modern societies, with their emphasis on science and technology, the legend of moon affecting human behavior is a steadily growing trend. This study thus adopts a behavioral finance perspective to examine the relationship between lunar cycle and investor behavior, and specifically analyzes stock...

Author(s): Yi-Hsien Wang, Chin-Tsai Lin and Wei-Ling Chen

  • Article Number: A9B18FB15991

December 2010

Bibliometric analysis of financial crisis research

  The bibliometric analytical approach has not yet been applied in financial crisis research. The aim of the study was to apply bibliometric analysis to financial crisis publications in 362 journals listed in the four ISI subject categories of economics, finance business, business, and management in the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI). Analyzed parameters were publication language, document type,...

Author(s): Chong-Chuo Chang and Yuh-Shan Ho

  • Article Number: 28464D616041

December 2010

SSME architecture design in reserving parking problems in Malaysia

  Parking industries are so vital that no one functions if these industries do not function efficiently. Though this industry is undergoing a revolution, applying new technologies such as Service Science Management and Engineering (SSME) to achieve better performance and customer satisfaction, in Malaysia this industry is lagging behind. Against this concern, this study was undertaken with the purpose to unfold...

Author(s): Ayad A. Yass, Norizan Mohd Yasin, Gazi Mahabubul Alam, B. B. Zaidan, and A. A. Zaidan,

  • Article Number: 88638E516073

December 2010

Effect of leadership style on organizational performance as viewed from human resource management strategy

  This study was to examine the relationships among the leadership style, the organizational performance and the human resource management strategy. In addition, this study also explored the effects of the interaction of both the leadership style and the human resource management strategy on the organizational performance. This study reviewed 246 valid questionnaires sent to the corporate owners, executors and...

Author(s): Fu-Jin Wang, Shieh Chich-Jen and Tang Mei-Ling

  • Article Number: 0B1696A16102

December 2010

The Impact of foreign lecturers’ recruitment on higher education: An analysis from the Malaysian standpoint

  This study examined the impact of foreign lecturers’ recruitment on the higher education of Malaysia in the following areas: publications in Web of Science journals, competition between local and foreign lecturers in terms of publications, the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process, and world ranking. A qualitative method was used, with data being collected mostly through interviews...

Author(s): Kazi Enamul Hoque, Gazi Mahabubul Alam, Faizah Shamsudin, Siti Zabedah Ali Akbar, Rose Nizeana Moktharuddin and Yew Sook Fong

  • Article Number: CF64C0416173

December 2010

An empirical study of the relationship between normlessness, business ethics and social responsibility

  This paper aimed to examine the differences of normlessness levels of university students according to their ages, genders, majors and classes. The study also investigated the relationship between normlessness, perceived business ethics and social responsibility. After a thorough review of the literatures of normlesness, anomie, business ethics and social responsibility, relevant measurement scales were...

Author(s):   Ela Burcu Uçel, Mert Günerergin and A. Guldem Cerit

  • Article Number: 28085C616484

December 2010

Initiating innovation in Serbian companies' organizational cultures

  This paper deals with an aspect of introducing innovations into organizational culture in Serbian companies. An ad hoc questionnairre was designed consisting of twenty one items in order to confirm our claim that questionnaire could be a useful tool for collecting data about employees’ assumptions (third cognitive level of organizational culture according to Schein). Answers from 1,206 employees in 75...

Author(s): Mladen Pečujlija, Branislav Nerandžić, Veselin Perović, Aleksandar Jevtić, Nenad Simić

  • Article Number: 6AD486116549

December 2010

Determinants of capital structure of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Buffalo City Municipality, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

  The study investigated the determinants of capital structure of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Buffalo City Municipality. The objectives were, to ascertain whether the use of internal equity was positively or negatively related to the size, age and profitability of the firm. The study also examined if the use of external equity was negatively or positively related to the age, size and...

Author(s): Ellen Rungani and Olawale Fatoki

  • Article Number: 8D2E15417496

December 2010

Efficiency, productivity change and corporate value during the period of financial crisis: Evidence from Asia banks

  This study explored efficiency in the banking industry and applies non-parametric frontier analysis (DEA) to measure the relative efficiency of the banking industry in nine Eastern-Asia countries from 1993 to 2002. Malmquist decomposition was carried out to distinguish efficiency changes from technical changes. The empirical results showed that after the Asian financial crisis (1998 to 2002), technical...

Author(s): Shu Ling Lin

  • Article Number: 553508117534

December 2010

Role of Islamic leadership in value based corporate management: The case of Pakistan

  Value crisis in corporate world around the globe significantly increased the need to find new management paradigm to deal with existing ethical dilemma. This study investigates inherent flaws of the contemporary corporate management in general and Value Based Management (VBM) in particular. This study identifies that weaknesses of current corporate management stem from two main factors first lack of values...

Author(s): Abdus Sattar Abbasi, Kashif ur Rehman and Ommar Hayat Abbasi

  • Article Number: BBA526017556

December 2010

Immigrants with disabilities in Spain

  The great worldwide increase in migration in the last half-century has given rise to many studies seeking to explain its causes, the various factors influencing its development or its effects on the host societies. But, to date, few studies have focused on migratory flows of people with disabilities, and there is little reliable data on the relationship between immigration and disability. In Spain,...

Author(s): María-Leticia Meseguer-Santamaría, José Mondéjar-Jiménez and Manuel Vargas-Vargas

  • Article Number: 118277C17588

December 2010

Dual sourcing strategy in cost-oriented and flexibility-oriented suppliers environment

  For a buyer, a multiple sourcing strategy can be adopted to take advantages of different suppliers with their different capabilities. This research studies how a retailer determines its ordering quantities when it has a cost-oriented supplierproviding discount and a flexibility-oriented supplier providing backup products. From the analysis results, although adopting dual sourcing...

Author(s): Fan-Yun Pai

  • Article Number: C158DE317626

December 2010

Relationship between corporate image and customer loyalty in mobile communications service markets

  This study examines the relationships among corporate image, brand awareness, service price, service quality, customer support services, and customer loyalty, and investigates the key drivers that establish and maintain customer loyalty to mobile telecommunications service providers. Four hundred and sixty-nine samples, which were collected from participants in a web-based survey in Korea, were analyzed using...

Author(s): Young-Ei Kim and Jung-Wan Lee

  • Article Number: 1D71E8F17674

December 2010

Multiple-level principal-agent model under adverse selection

  Almost all principal-agent models focus on single level situation, while there exist numerous cases of principal-agent relation with multiple levels in practice. This paper develops principal-agent models with multiple levels based on subcontract phenomena. The corresponding properties about principal-agent models with multiple levels under adverse selection are explored. There exists twist of the quantity in...

Author(s): Pu-yan Nie

  • Article Number: 9766F1417710

December 2010

Internationalization and firm performance: Exploring the moderating effects of regional diversification

  Previous studies provided mixed results on the impact of internationalization on firm performance. We argue that internationalization can be classified into two geographic dimensions: Country and regional diversification. This paper examines the configuration effect of country and regional diversification on firm performance. Using longitudinal data containing firm-level operation information during...

Author(s): Wei-Hwa Pan, Wei-Chun Tsai and Tsung-Yen Kuo

  • Article Number: 65EAE1717749

December 2010

Perceived risk of information security and privacy in online shopping: A study of environmentally sustainable products

  Consumers’ information security and privacy for online shopping is a fundamental concern of decision-making for purchase. In this study, the technology acceptance model was used as a framework to explore website characteristics related to perceived risk of information security and purchase intention. A survey was conducted with a sample size of 387 online shoppers, methodology was done using LISREL 8.54...

Author(s): Yao Chuan Tsai and Jong Chao Yeh

  • Article Number: F2ED53F17775

December 2010

Organizational learning and performance: Relationship between the dynamic and the operational capabilities of the firm

  This paper analyzes the relationship between organizational learning mechanisms, normally regarded as dynamic capabilities, and the operational flexibility of the firm, considered as an operational capability, within the context of the measurement of firm performance. Organizational learning is a dynamic process which enables the firm to adapt to changing environments, so making it easier for it to change...

Author(s): O. F. Bustinza, L. M. Molina and D. Arias-Aranda

  • Article Number: BDFC54917789

December 2010

Applying DEA and Taguchi methods in plant selection and optimal layout to increase commerce management environment quality

Author(s):   Hsi-Chin Chen, Shou-Yiing Hsu, Tsu-Liang Chang and Shiang-Li Yang

  • Article Number: E2F5AD817802

December 2010

Internet self-efficacy, computer self-efficacy and cultural factors on knowledge sharing behavior

  Knowledge sharing has been the focus of research within organizations, yet very few studies have been conducted on the influence of knowledge sharing self-efficacy and cultural factors on individuals’ knowledge sharing behavior. Given the unique social and cultural aspects of the Chinese community, this study aimed to examine the relationship between the internet self-efficacy, computer self-efficacy,...

Author(s):   Pei-Lee Teh, Chin-Wei Chong, Chen-Chen Yong and Siew-Yong Yew  

  • Article Number: D17D3C617910

December 2010

An empirical research of the effect of internet-based innovation on business value

  In recent years, much debate about the value of information technology (IT) in general and e-business in particular and has been raised. Aiming to contribute to the investigation of whether and how Internet/WWW technologies create business value, this paper develops a conceptual model, grounded on a well established theoretical foundation from the strategic management domain, the resource-based view (RBV) of...

Author(s): Pedro Soto-Acosta, Euripidis Loukis, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios and Miltiadis D. Lytras

  • Article Number: B86E60317923

December 2010

Factors influencing agricultural extension staff effectiveness in public institutions in Erzurum, Turkey

  In order to determine the effectiveness of the agricultural extension staff working in public, a survey was carried out on 131 extension staff employed in the counties and centre of Erzurum city. The data obtained from the survey was analyzed using OLS (ordinary least squares) model in GRETL software. The number of days an extension personnel spends on the land on a monthly base and the average number of...

Author(s): Ayşe Sezgin, Tuba Erem Kaya, Tecer Atsan and Hediye Kumbasaroğlu

  • Article Number: AFD40EF17946

December 2010

What should they do? Capital structure behavior in financially-distressed firms

  We set out in the present study to analyze the differences in capital structure within financially-distressed firms under the ‘trade-off’ and ‘pecking order’ theories, and to determine which financing approach is more beneficial to such financially-distressed firms. Our econometric analysis is performed under the following two steps. Firstly, we select a number of firms under financial...

Author(s): Hsu-Ling, Chang, Chi-Wei, Su, Liang-Chieh, Weng and Yahn-Shir Chen

  • Article Number: A9235E617983

December 2010

Drivers of hospitality industry employees’ job satisfaction, organizational commitment and job performance

  This study aims to combine empowerment, internal marketing, leadership and job stress to propose an integrated model of hospitality industry employees’ job satisfaction, organizational commitment and job performance. The subjects of this study were hospitality industry employees from Taipei City, and the structural equation modeling was adopted to validate path relationships in integrated model. The...

Author(s): Ming-Chun Tsai, Ching-Chan Cheng and Ya-Yuan Chang

  • Article Number: 852F2F018002

December 2010

Comparative legal perspectives on international models of corporate governance

  The present paper aims to provide an interpretation of leading corporate governance paradigms, through several case studies involving four developed economies (that is, the US, the UK, Canada and France) that have implemented either principle-based or rule-based corporate governance systems. A supplementary case study involving Romania, an emerging country, seeks to provide valuable insight into the...

Author(s):   Niculae Feleagă, Liliana Feleagă and Voicu D. Dragomir

  • Article Number: 20F441118025