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Table of Content: 18 May, 2011; 5(10)

May 2011

The impact of bank efficiency on share performance: Evidence from Pakistan

This study examines the relationship between bank efficiency and share performance. Data regarding seven banks listed on Karachi Stock Exchange were collected for a period of five years (2003 to 2007). Data analysis comprises three steps. Firstly, cumulative annual share returns (CASR) is calculated, secondly, Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is used to measure bank efficiency and finally, share performance is regressed...

Author(s): Muhammad Aftab, Sajjad Ahamad, Wasim Ullah and Rauf A. Sheikh

May 2011

Patent intelligence and business strategy

  Patents are one of the major sources of technological and competitive information. Patent intelligence is vital for future business success. This paper addresses how patent intelligence can be used to make intellectual property strategy. Many patent analysis methods were used in experimental examples to illustrate worldwide innovation distribution, a competitor's relative patent strength therein and new...

Author(s): Xiuhong Wang

May 2011

Mixed methods: A review of literature and the future of the new research paradigm

  There are three recognised methods for conducting research: quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods. Mixed methods research encourages researchers to use multiple approaches to collecting and analysing data within a single study, recognising the limitations of using a single method. Despite this, a number of controversial issues and debates such as the paradigm-method fit issue and the...

Author(s): Migiro S. O. and Magangi B. A.

May 2011

Evaluating the performance appraisal system in the bank of Botswana

  This article seeks to appraise the performance appraisal system in the bank of Botswana. A qualitative research design was used. The sample for the investigation was drawn from a population of 417 employees, all from nine departments. Proportionate stratified sampling was used to select representative units of measurement. A questionnaire was then distributed to the random sample of 79...

Author(s): Migiro S. O. and Taderera M. M.

May 2011

Addressing the knowledge of the trend rate of the company’s stock on the basis of information without financial content

  Analysts' forecasts of future stock prices are of interest for several categories of stakeholders: investors, brokerage firms, investment and merchant banks, etc. These forecasts are even more important since the amounts invested on these specific markets are quite substantial. The present paper focuses on several aspects related to the methods used to estimate the stock market trend by using...

Author(s): Ionel Bostan

May 2011

Financial management practices of small firms in Ghana: An empirical study

The contribution of small firms to the employment of the youth in Ghana is highly recognised, but their contribution towards revenue to the national budget seems to be negligible.  The reason for this situation is that these small firms do not have sound financial management systems in place which will help them to prepare financial reports.  The end result is that it becomes very difficult for tax authorities...

Author(s): Ben Kwame Agyei-Mensah

May 2011

The psychometric impacts of Karasek’s demands and control scale on employees’ job dissatisfaction

  The aim of this study was to provide the reliability and validity of job factors and to analyze its association with Demands-Control Model and job dissatisfaction in two time cross-sectional study of Distribution Companies of Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) in Pakistan. Two times self-reported cross-sectional surveys were conducted, the study samples consisting of 420 respondents at T1 and 388...

Author(s): Saif-ur-Rehman Amran Rasli and Bandar Alharthey

May 2011

The influence of the youth on their parents’ purchasing decisions of high-technology products

  This paper examines the influence of children’s choices on parents’ purchasing decisions of high-technology products. Various demographic variables such as age, gender, race, family size and family type were considered to assess the significant impact of the magnitude of a child’s influence on his/her parent’s purchasing decisions during the ‘initiation’ and ‘search...

Author(s): Justin Beneke, Grant Silverstone, Alastair Woods and Greg Schneider

May 2011

Identification of false financial statements: A pre-ante tool for investment decisions, solvency analysis and bankruptcy predictions

  This research paper tested the efficacy of ‘CPT Analyses’ model for identifying false financial statements. The CPT analyses model equation is represented thus. The paper examines further some relevant literatures in an attempt to develop analytical tool for detecting false financial statements. Three null hypotheses were formulated and tested with samples of fifty-one companies’ financial...

Author(s): Angus O. Unegbu, and George O. Tasie

May 2011

Novel performance modelling in small and medium-sized enterprises in the pistachio industry

  Among middle east non-oil paramount issues one can refer to pistachio production and its processing industry; Base on this fact, this study attempted to identify the major influences in enhancing success of Middle-East small and medium pistachio processing enterprises, according to their entrepreneur's strategic perception (ESP) and their entrepreneur's background (EB). This research tries to fill the...

Author(s): Shahryar Sorooshian, Norzima Zulkifli, Yusof Ismail, and Rosnah Yusuff

May 2011

An inventory model for deteriorating items with stock-dependent selling rate and partial backlogging under inflation

  This paper presents an inventory model for deteriorating items with stock-dependent selling rate under inflation and time value of money over a finite planning horizon. In the model, shortages are allowed and the unsatisfied demand is partially backlogged at the exponential rate with respect to the waiting time. We establish the theoretical results and provide an efficient solution procedure to find the...

Author(s): Kuo-Lung Hou, Yung-Fu Huang and Li-Chiao Lin

May 2011

Measuring readiness for RFID adoption: Reflection from Iranian supply chain companies

  In order to benefit from RFID adoption, entire RFID infrastructure must first be established and supply chain companies should conduct considerable up-front analyses to assess their readiness. The purpose of this study is to survey the readiness of supply chain companies in Iran for RFID adoption. Therefore, facilities, conditions and necessary readiness for the successful adoption of RFID systems in Iranian...

Author(s): Amir Fazel, Amir Forouharfar and Ali Fazel

May 2011

A study of the impact of collapse on financial reporting quality of listed companies: Some Iranian evidence

  With respect to the importance of financial reporting quality for decision-making of investors, on one hand and recent collapse of international corporations including Enron and WorldCom and the increase of financial reporting fraud that cause concerns about the quality of financial reporting and credit accounting is wasted; therefore, in this study the impact collapse on financial reporting quality of listed...

Author(s): Ghodratallah Talebnia, Mahdi Salehi and Saeed Jabbarzade Kangarluei

May 2011

A study of value creation criteria: An Iranian scenario

  Measuring shareholder value creation has been the subject of discussion all around the world. It has become crucial since companies are increasingly committed to creating shareholders’ value. The aim of this study is to induce voluble measures to users and increase their understanding. In this study, these measures are obtained by using informative contexts comprising accounting and economic...

Author(s): Mahdi Salehi, Hashem Valipour and Zahra Yousefi

May 2011

Quantitative model of multi-criteria analysis for the need of selecting a new product

The work gives a survey of a quantitative model of multicriteria analysis by means of which alternatives are ranked in full array. The model derives its basic idea and philosophy from Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Preference Ranking Organisation Method for Enrichment Evaluations (PROMETHEE) methods, so that it could be said to represent a combination of these two methods by applying appropriate elements...

Author(s): Milan Nikolić, Zvonko Sajfert, Milivoj Klarin, Dejan Đorđević and Dragan Ćoćkalo

May 2011

Entrepreneurial orientation, organizational capability, and competitive advantage in emerging economies: Evidence from China

  In order to understand how to leverage firm capabilities to support their entrepreneurial strategies in emerging settings, we examine whether the possession of an entrepreneurial orientation and the possession of its complementarities of market and guanxi capabilities, through which the entrepreneurial orientation is deployed into a successful entrepreneurial practice, are the key drivers of firm’s...

Author(s): Heng Liu, Jigang Hou, Pianpian Yang and Xiu-hao Ding

May 2011

Antecedents and consequences of subjective disconfirmation in e-service

  The e-service is a long term marketing thought for many organizations, established on the assurance of cost effective models of providing customer services. Recent growth in the use of internet services has also provided opportunities for service companies to offer better quality service to their consumers. The main aim of the paper was to carry out the theoretical perception on the role of e-service. The...

Author(s): Naveed Iqbal Chaudhry, Arshad Zaheer , Kashif ur Rehman, Syed Raza Ali and Zeeshan Akbar

May 2011

Water resources management for agricultural growth in dry lands in developing countries

Water resources are critical for human consumption, agriculture and industrial development. They have been and will remain very important commodities for human survival and economic development.  Addressing water resources management requires action at the local, national and international levels. The need to provide all people with adequate supplies of clean water is becoming a more challenging task. The need for...

Author(s): Mukole Kongolo

May 2011

A study of risk based auditing barriers: Some Iranian evidence

  In developing countries, such as Iran, since risk based auditing would be more benefited through progressive technology and its advantages than the traditional auditing method, auditors need to welcome risk based auditing as a common, as well as a desirable one. The aim of the current study is to find out the main barriers experienced due to risk based auditing in Iran. The results show firstly the individual...

Author(s): Mahdi Salehi and Mohammad Khatiri

May 2011

Redesigning the A 1 test suite through value engineering: A new approach for using economic efficiency methods

  Value engineering represents a good and proper method used by modern companies not only for improving the products quality, but also for increasing the economic efficiency of the production methods or applied technologies for old existent products. This method can successfully be applied also for increasing the capacities of new products imposed by a highly competitive business environment in the general...

Author(s): Ion Ioniţă, Florin Aurelian Popescu, Jean Vasile Andrei and Alexandru Voicu

May 2011

The factors influencing organizational culture in Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA)

  The article reviews the empirical studies which emphasize that the factors influencing organizational culture in Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA), which are very few, have been done in Malaysia. The factors studied are job satisfaction, job content, and distributive justice, which are studied towards the dependent variables (that is, organizational culture). In obtaining the employee opinion...

Author(s): Azizi Yahaya, Noordin Yahaya, Jasmi Ismail, Zainudin Shariff, Jamaludin Ramli, Muhammad Sukri Saud and Mohamed Afiq Mohamed Anwar

May 2011

How urban children process advertising message: Special reference to television advertising in Pakistan

  This study broadens the knowledge of cognitive processing of advertising messages by urban children in Pakistan. Data was collected from 230 children of age bracket 7 to 12 years, drawn by using the cluster sampling approach from four cities of Pakistan. Structured questionnaire using three point rating scale was used for data collection. Data analysis revealed that children’s capability to understand,...

Author(s): Zain-Ul-Abideen, Waqas Farooq, and Abdul Latif

May 2011

Technical efficiency of canola production in Turkey

  Canola production significantly increased in Turkey due to its high yield in recent years. In this study, the efficiency of canola production in Trakya region was determined by data envelopment analysis. Efficiency scores and differences were calculated from 100 canola producers. In the analysis, output variable is the total amount of canola production while land, labour, tractor pull-power, seed, nitrogen,...

Author(s): Gökhan Unakitan and Fatma Lorcu

May 2011

Engaging employees to their jobs: Role of exchange ideology as a moderator

  This article examines whether employees’ perceptions of supervisor support, distributive justice, procedural justice, and participation in decision-making are related to their job engagement. It also establishes if exchange ideology moderates between the relationships. A primary survey of 160 employees in Malaysia revealed that the four antecedents were positively and significantly related to...

Author(s): Cheah Chew Sze and Tay Angeline