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Table of Content: 18 November 2010; 4(16)

November 2010

The impact of knowledge management on SME growth and profitability: A structural equation modelling study

  This paper uses a structural equation modelling technique to verify a theoretically proposed model of knowledge management. The purpose of the study was to clarify the importance of different determinants of knowledge management with the aim to investigate its influence for the firm performance. The empirical analysis estimates the relationships in the structural model of the influence of knowledge...

Author(s):   Doris Gomezelj Omerzel  

November 2010

Media and social responsible business: A Serbian model

  In transitional society as Serbia is nowadays, electronic media pursuit is burdened with numerous problems. Bad economic situation, undeveloped market and constant struggle for survival are not leaving much space for media to accomplish the role expected from them in a modern society. Exposed to pressures from the owners or political structures, it is hard to set forth a path for the media to promote...

Author(s):   Vladimir Radenkovic, Miodrag Radenkovic and Kristina Engus

November 2010

Tourists’ nationalities and the cost efficiency of international tourist hotels in Taiwan

  This paper analyzes the effects of tourist nationalities on the cost efficiency of international tourist hotels (ITHs) in Taiwan. From 1996 to 2007, the numbers of overseas Chinese and European tourists have shown significantly negative effects on cost efficiency, while the numbers of Taiwan Nationals, North American, Japanese, and Australian tourists have had significantly positive effects on cost...

Author(s):   Chin-Tsu Chen, Jin-Li Hu and Jern-Jou Liao

November 2010

Financial sector reforms and household savings in Pakistan: An ARDL approach

  The study empirically examined the relationship between the financial sector reforms and household savings in Pakistan by applying the ARDL cointegration technique on annual time series data for the years 1988 to 2008. Empirical findings indicated that the financial liberalization index negatively created an impact on the household savings in the short-run, as well as in the long-run, suggesting that...

Author(s):   Rana Ejaz Ali Khan and Qazi Muhammad Adnan Hye

November 2010

A mediation of customer satisfaction relationship between service quality and repurchase intentions for the telecom sector in Pakistan: A case study of university students

  Organizations always look forward to long lasting success. For long lasting benefits and greater returns, organizations continuously try to satisfy their customers in order to retain them and get their future repurchase intentions. Future repurchase intentions of customers are outcomes of various organizational efforts. As such, one of the most important determinants of customer repurchase intentions...

Author(s):   Ishfaq Ahmed, Muhammad Musarrat Nawaz, Ahmad Usman, Muhammad Zeeshan Shaukat, Naveed Ahmed and Wasim-ul-Rehman

November 2010

Bank credit card and the selection criteria: An exploratory study

  This paper investigates the selection criteria of bank credit cards that contribute towards credit card selection among Malaysian credit card holders. There is a total of 17 providers’ of bank credit cards both from local and foreign banks. The selection of bank credit cards is empirically examined using five series of selection criteria and demographic factors. It is evident that the main crystallised...

Author(s):   Ravichandran Subramaniam and Maran Marimuthu

November 2010

Relationship between economic growth and stock market development

  The capital market plays an essential role in the growth of commerce and industry which ultimately affects the economy of the country to a large extent. This is the rationale that the industrial bodies, government advisors and even the central bank of the country keep a close eye on the activities of the stock market. This paper explores the relationship between the stock market development and economic...

Author(s):   Mian Sajid Nazir, Muhammad Musarat Nawaz and Usman Javed Gilani

November 2010

CSFs of e-commerce admission in small and medium size enterprises (SMEs)

  Indeed, leaders in e-commerce have achieved a 41% improvement in cycle times and 10% reductions in staff costs, whereas they have increased returns on investment to about 13-fold. Regarding these advantages and opportunities, it seems that identifying success and failure factors involved in e-commerce implementation is necessary. So, the SMEs could take faster and easier actions in developing e-commerce...

Author(s):   Mohammad Reza Abbasi, Mohammad Ali Sarlak, Ali Ghorbani and Hossein Abbaasi Esfanjani

November 2010

Cooperation with suppliers as a source of innovation

  This paper tries to analyze the association between cooperation with suppliers and the level of innovation achieved by the customer. Therefore, a supplier may serve as an external source for innovation and this paper studies the different models set up by a company with its suppliers. Special attention is drawn to the competitive and cooperative models. Next, the Spanish companies responding to the Spanish...

Author(s):   Marta Fossas-Olalla, Jose Ignacio Lopez-Sanchez and Beatriz Minguela-Rata

November 2010

Micro enterprise owner perspectives on performance: Insights from selected municipalities in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

  Interest in the performance of small, medium and in particular Micro enterprises (MEs) continues to grow around the globe including South Africa fuelled mainly by the notion, that small business development is a critical ingredient for the creation of new employment and for addressing high un-employment rates. There are a range of factors that have been associated with both successful and poor performance...

Author(s):   Edward M. Rankhumise and Robert O. Rugimbana

November 2010

Nepotism and tribalism in teams: An initial investigation

  Teamwork is recognized as one of the key strategies for the success of today’s business organizations. While organizations invest in building strong and cohesive teams, individual employees on the other hand may feel reluctant to participate in them. Their act of unwillingness to participate in the activities of teams is subject to investigation. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine...

Author(s):   Eugene Okyere-Kwakye, Khalil Md Nor and Nor Ghani Md Nor

November 2010

A quality function deployment approach to HR strategy formation and prioritization: Meeting client satisfaction in service organizations

  Client satisfaction itself is a criterion for assessing service organizations in public sector. To reach to organizational objectives, HR strategy plays an important role. Clients usually faced with the human elements of public entities. Therefore, a client driven approach to HR strategy formation would benefit both organizations and clients. QFD is an effective client driven service development tool for...

Author(s):   Gholamreza Jandaghi, Ali Naghi Amiri and Abdolazim Mollaee

November 2010

Decomposing productivity growth in Malaysian food manufacturing industry

  In this study, a mathematical programming-based optimization technique known as data envelopment analysis, DEA is used to compute and analyze the decomposition of Malmquist index of total factor productivity, TFP into technological change, technical efficiency change and scale efficiency change by utilizing an output-oriented DEA model under the assumptions of constant and variable returns to scale....

Author(s):   Nordin Hj. Mohamad and Fatimah Said

November 2010

The effect of purchasing situation and conformity behavior on young students’ impulse buying

  The objective of this research is to explore the effects of purchasing situations (time pressure, economic pressure) and personal characteristics (impulse, conformity, gender) on students’ impulse buying behavior. This study employed a two-way factor 2 (time pressure) x 2 (economic pressure) experiment design by two scenarios in Paris, France and Prague, Czech Republic, resulting in eight manipulation...

Author(s):   Wu-Chung Wu and Tzung-Cheng Huan

November 2010

How does CRM create better customer outcomes for small educational institutions?

    This study investigates the role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the effective management of parent satisfaction and loyalty in small or medium-sized educational institutions. We developed and tested a two-level model in which the implementation of CRM was related to parent satisfaction and loyalty. A total of 600 parents involving 60 children’s English cram schools in Taiwan...

Author(s): Mei-Ling Wang and Fei-Fan Yang

November 2010

Sustainability of fast moving consumer goods retail SMMEs

Author(s):   Juan-Pierré Bruwer and André Watkins  

November 2010

Consumer adoption of e-service: Integrating technology readiness with the theory of planned behavior

  Increases in labour costs and innovations in technology have contributed to the growth of Internet-based e-service. Customers use the new technologies to produce and consume services without direct personal contact with companies. The trends of e-service technologies will continue as e-service are increasingly implemented in customer-firm interactions. This study devoted effort for developing an integrated...

Author(s): Shih-Chih Chen and Shing-Han Li

November 2010

How downsizing affects the job satisfaction and life satisfaction of layoff survivors

  Organizations go for downsizing to increase their efficiency and reduce costs but it may result in dissatisfaction among employees. The current study examines the effects of downsizing on layoff survivors’ job satisfaction and life satisfaction. The sample for the current study is drawn from the two main organizations operating in Pakistan. A sample of 450 respondents took part in the study resulting in...

Author(s):   Muhammad Imran Malik, Ashfaq Ahmad and Saddam Hussain