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Table of Content: 21 November, 2012; 6(46)

November 2012

Information function for reducing uncertainty in feedback: Economics choices

  This study has proved the system control theory and economic analysis and concludes on the consistency between them. In order to achieve a stable system implementation and output for a socio-economic system, the feedback control is necessary. This result must be achieved through a negative feedback mechanism. However, feedback control must reduce uncertainty, without which information is impossible....

Author(s): Wang Jian

November 2012

Study of socio-economical and cultural factors on development in Dehloran, Iran

  In this study, we investigated the socio-economical and cultural factors on development in Dehloran (West south of Illam). The population selected for this study was 63000 based on the statistics of population published in Dehloran in the year 2006. The method used is simple random sampling and Kokran formula with sample size of 400 persons. The study is a measuring- descriptive research and we used the...

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Iravani, Kazem Ghopjavand, Saeed Sharifi and Abbas Dinarvand

November 2012

Performance measurement using balanced scorecard measures and strategy based on Miles and Snow’s typology in Iran

  This paper investigates the relationship between different types of strategy and application of different measures of balanced scorecard (BSC). The data used in this study were collected; using a questionnaire for a selective sample of 62 manufacturing companies listed on Iranian's Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE). The results indicate that there is a positive relationship...

Author(s): Abdullah Khani and Morteza Ahmadi

November 2012

Monetary policy management implications on the movement of agricultural prices in Nigeria

  Price instability is the most serious problem in Nigerian agricultural sector today. Money supply and exchange rate are some perceived factors causing instability in agricultural prices. This study evaluated the long-run neutrality of money supply on agricultural prices; the effect of money supply on agricultural prices; and effect of key macroeconomic indicators on agricultural prices in Nigeria. Using least...

Author(s): Hassan, Olanrewaju Makinde

November 2012

Revisiting the risk-return relation in the South African stock market

  We investigate the risk-return relation in the South African stock market using data covering the period from 1973 to 2011. Prior research for several countries reveals high sensitivity of the results to data details and models used. Therefore, our analysis of the risk-return nexus in South Africa are based on three different data frequencies (weekly, monthly and quarterly) and are derived from three...

Author(s): Ali F. Darrat, Bin Li and Leqin Wu

November 2012

The viability of informal micro businesses in South Africa: A longitudinal analysis (2007 to 2011)

  A five year longitudinal study (2007 to 2011) was conducted among a panel of informal micro businesses in the informal sector of South Africa. The study was aimed at examining micro business survival and attrition. A life-cycle analysis confirmed the survival of only 43.2% of these businesses in an increasing competitive environment over a period of five years. By contrasting the profiles of surviving...

Author(s): André Ligthelm

November 2012

Customer perception towards banking sector: Structural equation modeling approach

  In order to survive and excel in the competitive scenario, organizations have to understand the customers’ requirements. Service quality can be measured with the help of the two important instruments, namely SERVQUAL and SERVPERF. BANKSERV model can be used to measure the service quality of the banking sector. Customers’ perception with regard to various services rendered by the banking industry...

Author(s): R. Renganathan, S. Balachandran and K. Govindarajan

November 2012

Employer’s failure to adhere to its promotional policy and procedure: Implications for fair labour practices

  This paper highlights the importance of an employee adhering to its policy and procedure for promotion should there be need for any employee to be elevated in a workplace. The paper points that although it is desirable for an employee to adhere to its policy and procedure on promotion, where this was not done, this will not render any decision taken by the employee in this regard null and void provided there...

Author(s): M. J. Mokabane, Kola O. Odeku and Tokyo Nevondwe

November 2012

The knowledge-creating process in an industrial cluster

  This paper aimed at developing a model for knowledge creation within an industrial cluster on the basis of a case study of a cluster of shanzhaied cell phone producers. The paper examined the knowledge conversion process, the structure and forms of ba, the evolution of knowledge assets of different players, and the nature and the role of leadership in the operation of the shanzhaied cell phone cluster. Next,...

Author(s): Fu Xinshuang

November 2012

Social responsibility in the rural businesses of the North-West Province of South Africa: coerced or business-driven?

  Social responsibility and rural businesses seem to be unaligned in the North-West Province of South Africa. This paper establishes how rural businesses in the study area apply social responsibility issues in business. The rationale is to show the importance of incorporating social responsibility components to rural businesses to enhance their sustainability. This study used a mixed methods approach in which...

Author(s): Solly Matshonisa Seeletse and Mmboswobeni Watson Ladzani

November 2012

Disclosure of non-financial information on strategy in South African annual reports

  This study examined the extent to which South African companies disclosed non-financial information in their annual reports in 2005 and 2008. To this end, a sample of one hundred Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE) listed companies was selected in 2005 from the Financial Mail list of the top two hundred companies listed on the basis of their turnover in Financial Mail (2005). The same sample was...

Author(s): Nirupa Padia

November 2012

Product development time performance: Investigating the uncertainties on product conceptualization phase and the influence on time to market

  This empirical study identifies the main uncertainties present in the conceptualization phase of a new product development and their effect on time to market. In a previous study, 15 senior project leaders involved in the development of new products at a home appliance industry in Brazil were interviewed. In the study, the main uncertainty factors experienced by the project team where of the concept...

Author(s): Marcos  Vinícius de Barros, Osmar Possamai, Luis Veriano Oliveira Dalla Valentina and Marco Aurélio de Oliveira

November 2012

Challenges and opportunities in the implementation of electronic commerce: The case of Nigeria

  This research paper examines the statistical significance of various problems in implementation of e-commerce solutions in business organizations in Nigeria. Nigeria has witnessed substantial progress in the field of ICT-related infrastructural development in the first decade of the 21st century. However, despite these positive developments and abundant resources, Nigeria has not been able to catch up...

Author(s): Chris Adalikwu

November 2012

The predictors and performance-related outcomes of bi-directional work-family conflict: An empirical study

  The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship of the conflicting domains of work and life with employees' self-evaluated performance. Absenteeism has also been included in the study as a variable that has direct effects on both family-work conflict (FWC) and performance. Demographic variables have been taken in as background predictors of the independent variables of the basic model. The...

Author(s): Mariam Mohsin and Hammad Zahid

November 2012

Service quality assessment in the academic library: Use of hybrid fuzzy expert system

  Library is one of the most important elements in the scientific development of every country, especially academic libraries which are the centers of research and study for scholars. The assessment of service quality of these libraries can promote their performance and increase users’ satisfaction. In this paper, a hybrid fuzzy expert system is applied to investigate service quality assessment in the...

Author(s): Ali Akbar Pourahmad, Mehdi Neshat and Ahmad Baghi

November 2012

The business environment of sport organisations: A review

  The purpose of this review was to critically discuss an environmental analysis that considers the needs of sports organisations. The main objectives were to discuss the determinants in the micro environment, the market environment and the macro environment that will influence the strategic management and the development of a business strategy. Sport has progressed from a pursuit of leisure to a multi-million...

Author(s): P Bester

November 2012

Revisiting incentives and job satisfaction of Nigerian bank employees

  Incentives are external factors which an employee perceives whether rightly or wrongly as possible satisfiers of his felt needs. Incentives tend to hold some value propositions to an employee which persuades him to allocate particular behaviours to different circumstances. The main aim of this study was to understand how the different incentive elements impact upon Nigerian bank employees. The significance of...

Author(s): Chux Gervase Iwu and Wilfred I. Ukpere

November 2012

Labour pains: Lessons from South Africa for women employees and their employers

  South African women make a substantive contribution to the South African workforce. Many may argue that there are more women in certain sectors than others, or more than there used to be 20 years ago. With the emergence of democracy, South African women have benefitted from progressive Labour Legislation or so it may seem. South African women have not yet reaped the rewards of such legislation. Women in the...

Author(s): Jenni Gobind and Wilfred I. Ukpere

November 2012

Exploration of the learning model as a strategy in enhancing the quality of academic programme

  The intent of the study was to implore the learning model as process of improving quality at higher education institutions. This study was conducted through the use of semi-structured interviews and documental analysis process.  The study did attract responses from 45 academics who work closely with academic quality matters as heads of schools. Majority of the respondents considered a learning model as...

Author(s): Jacob M. Selesho

November 2012

The optimal pricing model in an uncertain and competitive environment: using possibilitic geometric programming approach

  Providing internet to the customers is a huge and highly competitive market. Offering internet with a competitive price and high level of quality to the customers is a challenging issue to all server-owners at large. Internet providers usually have a limited bandwidth which should try to allocate it to different services as such to maximize profitability. As a result, they should care about several factors...

Author(s): Ragheb Rahmaniani, Seyed Jafar Sadjadi, Mohammad Ali Shafia and Narges Rahmaniyan