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Table of Content: 23 November, 2011; 5(29)

November 2011

A review of philosophical assumptions in management research

    Epistemology, a branch of philosophy, examines and contributes as a theory of knowledge by considering the nature and definition of knowledge as being truth within certain limitations while ontology defines the nature of being, entities that can exist and their categories in groups, hierarchies, or divisions. The main aim of this paper is to embrace on the pre-understanding of epistemology and...

Author(s):   Kee Mun WONG, Ghazali MUSA and Edward Sek Khin WONG      

November 2011

Political competition and electoral participation: Is there any linkage?

  This paper analyzed empirically, in the case of 40 countries, the biunivoque relationship between political competition and electoral participation. The analysis was based on the construction of an unrestricted Vector Autoregressive Model (unrestricted VAR). The validity of the model was checked by using a series of tests, such as: Panel Unit Root Test (in order to verify the stationarity of the series),...

Author(s):   Florea Vlad, Mura Petru-Ovidiu and Mutaşcu Mihai    

November 2011

Grounded theory analysis of municipal supply chain management

  This article illustrates practical examples of theories built during a grounded theory process on the implementation of supply chain management in the Central District Municipality, North West province, South Africa. It provides an understanding of and evaluates some basic concepts that are associated with grounded theory. The article suggests theories and hypotheses about the implementation of supply chain...

Author(s):   Intaher M. Ambe and Johanna A. Badenhorst-Weiss      

November 2011

A survey of the attitude of faculty members at Islamic Azad Universities (Region Four) concerning the present and desired status of universities in providing human capital

  The present descriptive survey was an attempt to investigate a survey of the attitude of faculty members at Islamic Azad Universities (Region Four), concerning the present and desired status of universities in providing human capital. As long as the professional human resource, which is the major resource at the universities, can develop other resources, this research study aims at identifying and...

Author(s):   Fatemeh Ziglari, Mahmoud Ghanadan, Nader G. Gourchian and Abolghasem Naderi    

November 2011

Investigation of footnote disclosures related to on-going court processes: Cases from Istanbul Stock Exchange

  Turkish companies started to prepare their financial statements according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) since 2005. From law perspective, Turkey is a member of Continental Europe Law Family and also characterised as heavily tax-oriented and emerging market thus, switching to IFRS means more than a technical change. Footnote disclosures constitutes an important part of financial...

Author(s):   A. Fatih Dalkılıç and S. Alp Limoncuoğlu,  

November 2011

Controlling owner and transparency: Information transparency and disclosure rankings system

  In response to the public’s growing concern about low transparency and disclosure quality, the Taiwan Securities and Futures Institute (SFI) currently launched “Information Transparency and Disclosure Rankings System” (ITDRS). Based on the sample of ITDRS, this study explores whether the likelihood of firms being selected as transparent companies by SFI varies with the ownership structure,...

Author(s):   Hao-Feng Xu and Mei-Feng Lin      

November 2011

Information disclosure prediction using a combined rough set theory and random forests approach

  In recent years, corporate disclosure and transparency analysis has been of interest in the academic and business community. The objective of this study is to increase the accuracy of information disclosure prediction by combining rough set theory (RST) and random forests (RF) technique, while adopting corporate governance as predictive variables. The effectiveness of this methodology has been verified by...

Author(s):   Der-Jang Chi and Ching-Chiang Yeh    

November 2011

How the information precision and the information frequency observed affect the stock market equilibrium

    The traditional model in the competitive stock market assumes that the observational frequency of information is uniform, and concludes that the stock market equilibrium price which aggregates market information provides a sufficient statistic reflecting all the private information in the market. However, we are the first to assume that the observational frequency of an information is not uniform....

Author(s):   Tina C. Chiao and Chun-Yuan Wang      

November 2011

The study on organizational development for social enterprises in Taiwan

  In solving traditional public sector “government failures” and social problems not addressed by public charities, social enterprises trigger the imitation of enterprise management by non-profit organizations, thus displaying a trend of commercial development in the development of economic value and public welfare value. However, because of social and cultural background differences, European...

Author(s):   Shu-Chuan Chen  

November 2011

Statistical analysis for consumers’ intentions of purchasing cosmetics

  Due to the promotion of better standards of living and higher life expectations, cosmetics have being used more day by day. Nowadays, Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs is bent on placing the industry in a strategic position for the development of cosmetics prospects. This is a low pollution and high additional value industry, so it has been included in the main implementation properties by the...

Author(s):   C. W. Chen, T. H. Chen and Y. F. Lin    

November 2011

Corporate social responsibility in fortune magazine’s top 50 companies: State of action and salient trends

  The concept of corporate social responsibility constantly adapts to the needs of global business. Given the recent development of corporate social responsibility and sustainability ideologies, along with methodologies and criteria used to meet the standards of a “responsible” company, it becomes necessary to examine their realization in practice, by focusing on those responsible for the...

Author(s):   Cheng Wenhao and Kenneth Kaufman  

November 2011

Project managers’ ethical behaviors within modern organizations

  Ethical managers ‘behaviors are identified in this paper. This study is carried out to determine project managers’ thinking competencies in modern organizations and estimate some factors that influence people’s behaviors; whether they behave ethically or unethically within organizations. This paper proves that the role of managers is crucial and regarded as the high–level position in...

Author(s):   Mohammad Reza Najaf Torkaman, Ebrahim Moradi and Dhaifallah Obaid Almutairi,      

November 2011

Exchange rate volatility and foreign direct investment (FDI) behavior in Pakistan: A time series analysis with auto regressive distributed lag (ARDL) application

  This empirical study is an effort to find the impact of exchange rate volatility on foreign direct investment for the Pakistan economy. A secondary time series data set is utilized over the period 1980 to 2010. The most robust and modern technique of auto regressive distributed lag (ARDL) has been applied to find the short run as well as the long run estimates of the study. Furthermore, after establishing the...

Author(s):   Nazima Ellahi  

November 2011

Passenger service quality expectations as perceived by long haul airline managers in South Africa

  The elements of the service quality mix are an important consideration for airlines in deciding on the level of service provision offered by their airline. This study aims to determine passenger expectations of service quality as perceived by airline managers working at long haul airlines operating in South Africa. The extent to which passenger expectations inform airline strategy is also examined. Gap 1 of...

Author(s):   Adam Lambert and John M. Luiz    

November 2011

Multi-level postal network for improved efficiency: A case study of Slovenian post

  The purpose of this paper is to analyse the possible improvement in logistics solution of the Post of Slovenia through reorganisation of the hierarchy of the postal system with the introduction of regional postal centres and parcel post, based on the improvement of the transportation between the postal units. The hypothesis is that by changing the spatial hierarchy and allowing retention and transhipment of...

Author(s):   Andrej Lisec and Borut Rusjan  

November 2011

The performance of Spanish pension plans in the period 2006 to 2010

  Pension plans and funds represent a substantial part of the welfare systems in both Europe and Spain. One of the most important factors in the choice of a plan or fund is its performance, since if high returns are obtained; the participant will receive higher payments when the contingency covered by the plan or fund occurs. The main objective of this paper is therefore to analyse the performance of individual...

Author(s):   Carmen Pilar Martí

November 2011

Exploring formal information technology evaluation practices in African firms

  Despite its universal appeal, little has been done in the way of empirical research to probe into the role of formal information technology (IT) investment evaluation practices and its influence on IT governance and performance in African firms. A preliminary survey of 74 firms from South Africa, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, reveal that while firms are generally aware of formal IT investment appraisal techniques and...

Author(s):   Rennie Naidoo and Walter Palk    

November 2011

Enterprise individual characteristic and analysis framework of transnational corporations (TNCs’) origin and formation: Empirical study on Chinese listed companies from 2001 to 2009

  Based on the practice of transnational corporations (TNCs) and theories of new classical economics and new institutional economics, we demonstrated that the necessary condition for establishing TNCs is factor endowments dominance (FED) at the macro level, and the sufficient condition for establishing TNCs was enterprise individual characteristic at the micro level. On these grounds, an analysis framework of...

Author(s):   Xiaoguang Lu, Yanhong Zhou and Qingchun Lu    

November 2011

Does good corporate disclosure matter to investors?

  Good corporate disclosure is one principle of good corporate governance (GCG). Many of significant business failures over recent years were later shown to be the result of unethical behavior of management. In order to improve the growing concern, there was accountability and governance reform trigerred by Enron and WorldCom case in U.S. which in turn produced Sarbanes-Oxley Act. In the same time, there is...

Author(s):   Martin Surya Mulyadi and Yunita Anwar      

November 2011

De-coupling of front-back stages in service industries: developments from traditional operation to mass customization

  The traditional model of service operations separates the process into front and back stages. This concept has been re-examined and given a range of new industrial applications in recent years against the context of development of new technologies. This paper intends to generalize the logic path of the theory development of this concept by tracing back from its origins to its more recent applications. That...

Author(s):   Jue Chen