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Table of Content: February 2010; 4(2)

February 2010

Development and testing of a business process orientation model to improve employee and organizational performance

  This study developed and tested a business process orientation model to improve employee and organizational performance. The research team developed the model on the basis of theoretical background. Factor analysis and structural equation modeling techniques were used to test the model. The research team used a structured questionnaire to collect data from employees of private sector banks in Pakistan using...

Author(s): Arshad Zaheer, Kashif Ur Rehman and Muhammad Aslam Khan        

  • Article Number: C14C67A21145

February 2010

Delivering quality service to in- and out-patients in a South African public hospital

The evaluation of public healthcare is important for customers, healthcare providers and society. Understanding the determinants of healthcare satisfaction will lead to improvement of healthcare quality in developing countries. In this study in-patient and out- patients’ expectations, perceptions and satisfaction with the responsiveness provided by a public healthcare provider in South Africa is measured by...

Author(s): J. W. de Jager, A. T. du Plooy and M. Femi Ayadi        

  • Article Number: 18A172621085

February 2010

Achieving competitive supply chain through business process re-engineering: A case from developing country

Recent business development in the light of increased competition has caused many companies to explore new drivers in order to remain competitive. In this context, business process re-engineering is the key to the successful implementation of effective supply chain management which has become a potentially valuable way of securing competitive advantage. This paper presents the characteristics of business re-engineering...

Author(s): Ales Groznik and Marinko Maslaric    

  • Article Number: 04808C221104

February 2010

Managing corporate sustainability: Risk management process based perspective

  Sustainability risk management requires holistic and systematic integration of ecological, socioeconomic, and corporate risk factors in the business management. This paper presents an integrative conceptual framework for sustainability risk management in enterprise-wide. The development of this integrative framework is accomplished by tailoring of the enterprise risk management framework. In this paper, the...

Author(s): Ayse Kucuk Yilmaz and Triant Flouris    

  • Article Number: D666F9E21165

February 2010

The firm-level determinants underlying the profitability in brokerage institutions: Some evidence from Turkey

  Sampling the period of 2005-2007 on a quarter basis, this paper made a comprehensive empirical investigation on identifying the firm-level determinants underlying the profitability in brokerage institutions operating in Turkey. We performed multiple regression and panel data analyses for a large array of brokerage institutions and observations. Two sets of dependent variables were built to control for...

Author(s): Önder Kaymaz and Özgür Kaymaz  

  • Article Number: 5DB590521202

February 2010

Metaphors suggested by teachers and students on the concept of school health

  By virtue of this study, conducted among teachers and students from the Technical and Vocational High Schools in Elazığ province of Turkey, it has been aimed to identify their perceptions on the concept of “school health”. Within the framework of this general aim, participants were given blank questionnaires, including the statements, as “School health is like …; because...

Author(s): Mukadder Boydak ÖZAN and Tuncay Yavuz ÖZDEMİR      

  • Article Number: DE4388C21225

February 2010

Consumer perceptions of private label brands within the retail grocery sector of South Africa

  This exploratory study serves to investigate the perceptions of fast moving private label brands in the South African grocery food sector. Successful positioning of these brands has been achieved globally, most notably in developed markets. However, in a South African context this does not appear to be the case. To this end, research has been undertaken in order to better understand the current position these...

Author(s):   Justin Beneke       

  • Article Number: 6E7735721262

February 2010

Applying the theory of planned behavior to explore the independent travelers’ behavior

  This study analyzes the behavior of Independent traveler participators on the basis of projected behavior theory. The results are as follows: (1) key person’s opinion to the participator is the most significant to the participator’s willingness to spend time to actively learn related knowledge before joining in the Independent traveler. (2)The greater confidence and capability the participator has...

Author(s):   Chih-Yung Tsai  

  • Article Number: A8EEDBF21284

February 2010

Competency-based human resource practices in Malaysian public sector organizations

  Malaysian public service started to use competency-based human resource practices at the end of year 2002 as the response to increase the level of service quality.  In Malaysian public service, out of six competency-based human resource practices, only five practices were implemented. They were recruitment and selection, training and development, career development, performance management and reward....

Author(s):   Ilhaamie Abdul Ghani Azmi    

  • Article Number: 0E1923C21318

February 2010

The analysis of the effects of derivatives exchange (DE) transactions on the market efficiency of Istanbul stock exchange (ISE) national 100 index and on spot market transaction prices

  The objective of this work is to study the ISE National 100 market efficiency on the forward transaction and option exchange and its effect on the spot transaction prices by considering in-depth the contracts being carried out on the basis of (DE) Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) National 100 index in the Futures Transaction and Option Exchange in Turkey and the ISE National 100 index.  Within the context...

Author(s):   Ayhan Kapusuzoglu and Aslihan Tasdemir  

  • Article Number: 389C56921346

February 2010

Are educational background and gender moderator variables for leadership, satisfaction and organizational commitment?

  In this study the causal effects of transformational and transactional leadership and the mediating role of trust on follower outcomes are examined. Study data were collected from 150 employees who worked within 12 organizations in the IT Department of Research and Development in Shanghai, China. Data were analyzed based on path analysis and proposed research model. The results indicate that the level of...

Author(s):   Lien-Tung Chen, Cheng-Wu Chen and Chen-Yuan Chen    

  • Article Number: 0AA247A21372

February 2010

An application of Thirlwall’s law to the South African economy: Evidence from ARDL bounds testing approach

  This paper applies Thirlwall’s basic balance-of-payments constraint growth model to South Africa economic growth for the period of 1984:1 - 2006:1 by using Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Bounds Testing approach. The empirical results reveal that import is cointegrated with relative price and income, and the equilibrium growth rates coincide with actual growth rates. Our empirical results...

Author(s):   Ilhan Ozturk and Ali Acaravci        

  • Article Number: AEE197C21395

February 2010

A field study to determine the satisfaction levels of the candidate teachers attending the machine drawing and construction program at the faculty of technical education in Turkey

  The purpose of this study is to determine the satisfaction levels of the students studying at technical education faculties to become Machine Drawing and Construction teachers. The study has been devised as a survey and its scope consists of candidate teachers attending the machine drawing and construction education program of the technical education faculty of seven universities in Turkey. Sampling has been...

Author(s):   Şenol Okay and İsmail Şahin    

  • Article Number: 557568D21430

February 2010

Clarifying spiritual values among organizational development personnel

  Values lie at the core of all human behavior. Initially, it was believed that human behavior could be best explained in terms of one’s personality system, including needs, motives, beliefs, goals and attitudes. But eventually, the emphasis shifted towards values, as there are many aspects of human behavior that cannot be attributed to the former concepts, but where values play an important role. The...

Author(s):   Akbar Husain and Aqeel Khan    

  • Article Number: 6A99F3021450

February 2010

Mobile trading experiences and the endogenous trading signal system

  An important topic of financial and investment service provider is how to offer clients more attractive services to increase their psychological switching costs. Mobile trading services bring investors freedom from site restrictions, which may have impact on their trading behaviors and judgment patterns. This study employs expert knowledge analysis to explore whether there is any difference between...

Author(s):   Shih Kuang-Hsun    

  • Article Number: 7EE6ECA21475